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[l] at 12/4/23 12:39pm
The Israeli political theorist, Shlomo Avineri, a longtime friend of Dissent, died in Jerusalem on December 1. He made his reputation writing major books on Marx and Hegel, but he was never simply an academic. Throughout his life, he was …
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[l] at 12/4/23 8:50am
Matt and Sam interview historian Jennifer Burns about her new biography of Nobel Prize–winning economist and libertarian intellectual Milton Friedman.

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[l] at 11/30/23 1:23pm
Quick to make, quick to order, and quick to eat, platform foods expand workers’ mobility and compress the time they need to refuel.

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[l] at 11/28/23 6:12am
Special economic zones are not just a product of the effort to free capitalism from democratic authority. They are a response to a broader anxiety about power imbalance between multinational corporations and national governments.

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[l] at 11/20/23 6:30am
A discussion of Gary Willss 1982 book on the Kennedy family.

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[l] at 11/16/23 12:53pm
Boosters have promoted prison construction on abandoned mine lands as a tool of economic development throughout Appalachia. New federal funding provides the opportunity for more sustainable and socially beneficial investments.

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[l] at 11/14/23 7:12am
In his new book, Matthew Desmond argues that abolishing poverty will require an ambitious moral undertaking.

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[l] at 11/7/23 7:09am
For all the friendly feelings toward organized labor in the United States today, a new workers’ movement remains incipient.

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[l] at 10/31/23 9:21am
Many urban governments have outsourced public services to private entities. In Washington, D.C., Uber enlisted the city for its own goals.

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[l] at 10/30/23 9:27am
In the annual mailbag episode, Matt and Sam answer listener questions about topics ranging from the influence of post-liberal intellectuals on the right to their favorite Willie Nelson albums.

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[l] at 10/24/23 7:09am
The core analytic framework for economists on the left has not changed in nearly a century. We need a new paradigm to make sense of the world we inhabit.

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[l] at 10/20/23 4:00pm
It is beyond our power to bring back those innocents whose lives have already been lost, but we can work to prevent the calamity that will surely follow if Israel continues to retaliate as it has so far.

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[l] at 10/16/23 10:06am
John Ganz returns to discuss William F. Buckley Jr.’s 1992 book In Search of Anti-Semitism.

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[l] at 10/13/23 3:47pm
The right to grieve is no less a human right than the right to live. If the left cannot recognize this, then it has learned nothing from the catastrophes of the last century,

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[l] at 10/13/23 3:47pm
How to grieve, what meaning to give those tears, is cruelly a political question whether we like it or not.

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[l] at 10/13/23 8:04am
Elected leaders across the United States are in nearly complete lockstep offering full support for whatever military operations the Israeli government is about to undertake. It is imperative to challenge this consensus.

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[l] at 9/26/23 7:11am
A left that is ambivalent about liberalism can still seek to engage it.

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