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[l] at 2/28/24 2:00am
[educ8s.tv] has built weather stations before, but his latest is his best yet. Its all thanks to its low-power design, enabled by its e-paper display. The build is based around read more

[Category: Microcontrollers, display, e-paper, ESP32, weather station]

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[l] at 2/27/24 11:00pm
As part of his computer science curriculum at Texas AM University in the early 2000s, [Paul Krizak] took a computer architecture course on the basics of their functioning. This and read more

[Category: classic hacks, Retrocomputing, 7400-series, 8-bit computers]

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[l] at 2/27/24 8:00pm
If you want to draw schematics today, you probably sit down at your computer. Why not? There are a ton of programs made to do the work easily, and the read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, drafting template, schematic]

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[l] at 2/27/24 5:00pm
Telescopes are fun to point around the sky, but theyre even better when you have some idea of what youre actually looking at. Experienced sky-gazers love nothing more than whipping read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, astronomy, sky, telescope]

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[l] at 2/27/24 2:00pm
[packetandy] had a problem. He was still into classic analog photography, but local options for development were few and far between. After some frustration, he decided to take on the read more

[Category: Tool Hacks, darkroom, development, photography]

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[l] at 2/27/24 12:15pm
The 10BASE-T1 Ethernet standard is also known as single pair Ethernet (SPE), as its most defining feature is the ability to work over a single pair of conductors. Being fairly read more

[Category: Network Hacks, ethernet, single pair ethernet]

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[l] at 2/27/24 9:30am
Logarithms are a common idea today, even though we dont use them as often as we used to. After all, one of the major uses of logarithms is to simplify read more

[Category: Retrocomputing, logarithms, slide rule]

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[l] at 2/27/24 8:00am
For all of the semiconductor industrys legendary reputation for cleanliness, the actual processes that go into making chips use some of the nastiest stuff imaginable. Silicon oxide is nothing but read more

[Category: Engineering, Featured, Interest, News, Original Art, acid, AHF, apatite, Big Chemistry, etchant, fluorine, fluorspar, HFA, hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric]

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[l] at 2/27/24 5:00am
Most people dont think too much of vending machines. Theyre just those hulking machines that lurk around on train stations, airports and in the bowels of school and office buildings, read more

[Category: Security Hacks, privacy, surveillance, surveillance state]

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[l] at 2/27/24 2:00am
In the era of the smartphone, an electronic calculator may seem a bit old-hat. But they continue to hold a fascination in our community, both when used for their original read more

[Category: classic hacks, calculator, RPN, vfd]

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[l] at 2/26/24 11:00pm
For those of us who remember Radio Shack as more than just an overpriced cell phone store, a lot of the nostalgia for the retailer boils down to the brands read more

[Category: Retrocomputing, microcomputer, radio shack, science fair, TMS1100, Tower of Hanoi]

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[l] at 2/26/24 8:00pm
[Math the World] claims that your calculus teacher taught you integration wrong. Thats assuming, of course, you learned integration at all, and if you havent forgotten it. The premise is read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, calculus, integral, integration]

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[l] at 2/26/24 5:00pm
Are you making your own decisions and mainlining causality like a sucker? Why go through the agony, when you could hand over the railway switch of determinism to a machine read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, causality, philosophy, radioactive decay, random number generator]

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[l] at 2/26/24 2:00pm
A few days ago, KiCad 8 was released, and its a straight upgrade to any PCB designers quality of life. Theres a blog post as usual, and, this year, theres read more

[Category: News, Software Hacks, design tool, eda, KiCAD, kicad integration, pcb layout]

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[l] at 2/26/24 11:30am
Glow-in-the-dark projects arent that uncommon. You can even get glow-in-the-dark PLA filament. However, those common glowing items require a charge from light, and the glow fades very quickly. [Ogrinz Labs] read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, radioactive, Tritium]

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[l] at 2/26/24 9:30am
DietPi recently released version 9.1, which among other changes includes new images for the Raspberry Pi 5, Radxa Rock 4 SE and NanoPi R5S/R5C 6. The Radxa Rock 4 read more

[Category: Raspberry Pi, DietPi, Raspberry Pi 5]

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[l] at 2/26/24 8:00am
The news doesnt go long without some kind of superconductor announcement these days. Unfortunately, these come in several categories: materials that require warmer temperatures than previous materials but still require read more

[Category: Ask Hackaday, Current Events, Featured, Interest, Science, science, superconductivity, superconductor]

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[l] at 2/26/24 5:00am
Pinokio is billed as an autonomous virtual computer, which could mean anything really, but dont click away just yet, because this is one heck of a project. AI enthusiast [cocktail read more

[Category: Artificial Intelligence, ai, apps, browser]

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[l] at 2/26/24 2:00am
The phenomenon of prison electronics is by now relatively well-documented, with striking transparent radios, televisions, and kin easy to recognize. Yet what about prison laptops? As it turns out, these read more

[Category: laptops hacks, laptop, prison gear]

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[l] at 2/25/24 11:00pm
Most MIDI controllers are modelled after traditional instruments, like pianos, flutes, or guitars. [Oliver Child] went in a different direction for the TuneShroom, instead modelling his DIY controller after the read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, controller, midi, mushroom, notes]

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[l] at 2/25/24 8:00pm
There may be few cases where the maxim that you get what you pay for rings true, than a lathe. The less you spend on a lathe, the closer you read more

[Category: Tool Hacks, chinese lathe, lathe, machining]

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