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[l] at 4/18/24 5:00am
Apple has developed a proprietary even mysterious fisheye projection format used for their immersive videos, such as those played back by the Apple Vision Pro. Whats the mystery? read more

[Category: Reverse Engineering, Video Hacks, 3d video, fisheye, immersive video, stereoscopic]

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[l] at 4/18/24 2:00am
You know things are getting real when the Dremel is one of the first tools you turn to after unboxing your new oscilloscope. But when your goal is to hack read more

[Category: Teardown, Tool Hacks, breakout, CH32F103, debug, DSO152, firmware, FNIRSI, reverse engineering, risc, ST7789]

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[l] at 4/17/24 11:00pm
Its pretty important in 2024 to be able digitize documents quickly and easily without necessarily having to stop by the local library or buy an all-in-one printer. While there are read more

[Category: Raspberry Pi, document scanner, Pi camera, raspberry pi, Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspberry pi camera]

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[l] at 4/17/24 8:00pm
On April 16th of this year, [Kevin Bentley] released the source code to the Sci-Fi FPS game Descent 3. Originally released in 1999 for Windows, it was the third part read more

[Category: Games, News, first person shooter]

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[l] at 4/17/24 5:00pm
This week Jonathan Bennett and Dan Lynch sit down with Andy Stewart to talk about Andys Ham Radio Linux (AHRL)! Its the Linux distro designed to give hams the tools read more

[Category: Podcasts, amateur radio, FLOSS Weekly, ham radio, linux distro]

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[l] at 4/17/24 2:00pm
Many beginner woodworkers, looking to offset the introductory costs of starting a hobby, will source their wood from pallets. Generally theyre easily found and can be low or no cost, read more

[Category: News, engine, four speed, go-kart, pallet, transmission, woodworking]

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[l] at 4/17/24 12:30pm
When a friend of [Lawrence Kesteloot] found a stack of 3.5 floppy disks, they found that it contained Turbo Pascal code which the two of them had worked on back in read more

[Category: Software Development, Pascal, turbo pascal]

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[l] at 4/17/24 12:00pm
I knew something had changed before I even paid for my ticket to this years Vintage Computer Festival East at the InfoAge Science and History Museum in Wall, New Jersey. read more

[Category: cons, Featured, Retrocomputing, VCF, VCF 2024, VCF East, Vintage Computer Festival]

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[l] at 4/17/24 9:30am
Riley, an 8 lb pug, has more beauty than brains, and a palate as unrefined as crude oil. While we hate criticizing others interests and tastes, his penchant for eating read more

[Category: Arduino Hacks, home hacks, arduino, cat poop, dog, dog poop, magnets, poop, reed switch]

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[l] at 4/17/24 8:30am
In the previous two HID articles, we talked about stealing HID descriptors, learned about a number of cool tools you can use for HID hacking on Linux, and created a read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, Peripherals Hacks, Reverse Engineering, device, hacking, hid, i2c, peripheral, reverse engineering]

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[l] at 4/17/24 5:00am
There are many facets to being a radio hobbyist, but if youve ever had the urge to dabble in radio astronomy, check out The Novices Guide to Amateur Radio Astronomy, read more

[Category: Radio Hacks, Radio Astronomy, society of amateur radio astronomers]

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[l] at 4/17/24 2:00am
Todays hack is an unexpected but appreciated contribution from members of the iFixit crew, published by [Shahram Mokhtari]. This is an ROG Ally Asus-produced handheld gaming console mod that has read more

[Category: Battery Hacks, handhelds hacks, how-to, battery swap, gaming console, handheld gaming console, ifixit, rog ally]

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[l] at 4/16/24 11:00pm
Sometimes, whether we like it or not, ordering PCBs results in extra PCBs lying around, either because of board house minimums, mistakes on either end, or both. Whats to be read more

[Category: Musical Hacks, 7 segment leds, battery, Circuit Playground Express, RGB LEDs, sound reactive]

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[l] at 4/16/24 8:00pm
Most of the time FDM 3D printing involves laying down layers of thermoplastics, but the layer lines also form the biggest weakness with parts produced this way. Being able to read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, non-planar 3D printing, non-planar layer FDM]

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[l] at 4/16/24 5:00pm
If you think you cant do investment casting because you dont have a safe place to melt metal, think again. Metal casting in the kitchen is possible, as demonstrated by read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, brass, casting, ceramic, forge, investment, Kapton, microwave, silicon carbide, vacuum]

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[l] at 4/16/24 2:00pm
It is easy to take things for granted, but if you work with students, you realize that even something as simple as a breadboard needs explanation. [0033mer] recently shared a read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, breadboard, breadboard hacks]

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[l] at 4/16/24 12:30pm
At Hackaday, the projects we cover are generally a one-off sort of thing. Somebody makes something, they post it online, we share it with our audience rinse and repeat. read more

[Category: Cyberdecks, Raspberry Pi, pelican case, portable computer, Recovery Kit, ruggedized]

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[l] at 4/16/24 11:00am
As a professional writer, I rack up thousands of words a day. Too many in fact, to the point where it hurts my brain. To ease this burden, I choose read more

[Category: Featured, Peripherals Hacks, Rants, dongle, keyboard, keyboards, logitech, microsoft, Rant, replacable]

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[l] at 4/16/24 9:30am
[Wendy] asked a very good question. Could putting liquid resin into an ultrasonic cleaner help degas it? Would it help remove bubbles, resulting in a cleaner pour and nicer end read more

[Category: Fail of the Week, Tool Hacks, bubbles, degas, epoxy resin]

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[l] at 4/16/24 8:00am
Last time, I gave a whirlwind introduction to a very small slice of systemd. If you arent comfortable with systemd services, timers, and mounts, you might want to read that read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, Linux Hacks, linux, systemd]

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[l] at 4/16/24 5:00am
For as much capacity lithium-ion batteries have, their useful lifespan is generally measured in the hundreds of cycles. This degradation is caused by the electrodes themselves degrading, including the graphite read more

[Category: Science, lithium ion, Lithium-ion battery]

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