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[l] at 12/6/23 8:52pm
Another victim was in stable condition at the hospital, the authorities said. The gunman died in a shootout with the police.

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[l] at 12/6/23 8:27pm
Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy showed their mutual disgust. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley by turns shone and shrank into the background. Only Christie aggressively denounced the absent Donald Trump.
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[l] at 12/6/23 8:04pm
Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy clashed in personal terms on the debate stage.

[Category: Christie, Christopher J, Ramaswamy, Vivek (1985- ), Presidential Election of 2024, Debates (Political), United States Politics and Government, Republican Party]

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Overlooked at its release, the Killers’ signature hit has become one of the most inescapable rock songs of its time.

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:59pm
Vivek Ramaswamy called the Jan. 6 attack an “inside job,” claimed that the 2020 election was stolen by “big tech” and suggested that the “great replacement theory” was Democratic policy.

[Category: Ramaswamy, Vivek (1985- ), Conspiracy Theories, Right-Wing Extremism and Alt-Right, Presidential Election of 2024]

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:28pm
The presidents of Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn faced a barrage of questions at a congressional hearing. Here are some of the most pointed exchanges.

[Category: Colleges and Universities, Anti-Semitism, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Gay, Claudine, Kornbluth, Sally A, Magill, Elizabeth, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Jews and Judaism, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Speeches and Statements, Israel, Hamas]

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:21pm
The proposal has elicited mounting opposition from tobacco companies, Black activists worried about police enforcement and small businesses, as President Biden moves into an election year.

[Category: Smoking and Tobacco, United States Politics and Government, Recalls and Bans of Products, Lobbying and Lobbyists, Race and Ethnicity, Black People, Menthol, Police, Politics and Government, Medicine and Health, E-Cigarettes, Convenience Stores, Political Action Committees, Advertising and Marketing, Altria Group Inc, Congressional Black Caucus, Food and Drug Administration, National Action Network, Reynolds American Inc, National Assn for the Advancement of Colored People, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Califf, Robert M, Carr, Gwen (1949- )]

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:00pm
After political pressure and repeated revisions, the College Board has reinstated some content, while steering clear of critical race theory and other ideas targeted by conservatives.

[Category: Black People, Race and Ethnicity, Critical Race Theory, College Board, Republican Party, DeSantis, Ron, Kaepernick, Colin, Rustin, Bayard, Florida]

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[l] at 12/6/23 6:54pm
The leaders of Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn appeared to evade questions about whether students should be disciplined if they call for the genocide of Jews.

[Category: Colleges and Universities, Jews and Judaism, Anti-Semitism, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Threats and Threatening Messages, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Gay, Claudine, Magill, Elizabeth, Magill, Liz, Shapiro, Josh (1973- ), Rowan, Marc J, Bok, Scott L, New York State, Pennsylvania]

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[l] at 12/6/23 6:38pm
One child in 150 in Gaza is already dead in this war, some from American weapons.

[Category: Israel-Gaza War (2023- ), Civilian Casualties, Terrorism, Children and Childhood, Palestinians, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Defense and Military Forces, United States International Relations, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Hamas, Gaza Strip, Israel]

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[l] at 12/6/23 5:30pm
The minority leader, who many believe could step down next year, has found himself out of step with many fellow Senate Republicans on the question of keeping money flowing to the U.S. ally.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Senate, Republican Party, McConnell, Mitch, Russia, Ukraine, Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), Immigration and Emigration]

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[l] at 12/6/23 5:21pm
The vote spotlighted waning support in Congress for backing Ukraine in the war, and left the fate of the effort uncertain.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), Immigration and Emigration, United States International Relations, House of Representatives, Republican Party, Senate, Biden, Joseph R Jr, McConnell, Mitch, Johnson, Mike (1972- ), Schumer, Charles E, Ukraine]

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[l] at 12/6/23 4:32pm
With “All in the Family,” Lear “tapped into something that nobody had ever done before or even since,” the star of the hit sitcom said.

[Category: Television, CBS Corporation, Content Type: Personal Profile, Lear, Norman, Reiner, Rob, All in the Family (TV Program)]

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[l] at 12/6/23 3:34pm
Thousands of people heeded Israeli orders to flee Khan Younis and nearby areas, but the places they were told to go had little shelter, water or food.

[Category: Israel-Gaza War (2023- ), Civilian Casualties, Terrorism, Palestinians, Kidnapping and Hostages, Shortages, Humanitarian Aid, Hamas, Security Council (UN), United Nations, Norwegian Refugee Council, Gaza Strip, Israel]

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[l] at 12/6/23 3:09pm
This is what’s keeping the Biden campaign up at night.

[Category: Presidential Election of 2024, Polls and Public Opinion, Democracy (Theory and Philosophy), United States Politics and Government, Presidential Election of 2020, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Greenberg, Stanley B, United States]

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[l] at 12/6/23 2:55pm
President Biden’s son has resisted testifying in private but volunteered to do so in public with House panels leading the impeachment inquiry against his father. The G.O.P. chairmen have declined.

[Category: Biden, Hunter, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Ethics and Official Misconduct, Republican Party, House of Representatives, United States Politics and Government]

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[l] at 12/6/23 12:27pm
As the producer of “All in the Family” and many other shows, Mr. Lear showed that it was possible to be topical, funny and immensely popular.

[Category: Lear, Norman, Deaths (Obituaries), Television, Writing and Writers, All in the Family (TV Program), Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (TV Program), People for the American Way, Emmy Awards, CBS Corporation]

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[l] at 12/6/23 11:33am
About two months after being ousted as speaker, Representative Kevin McCarthy said he would exit the House a year early.

[Category: McCarthy, Kevin (1965- ), House of Representatives, Republican Party, United States Politics and Government, California]

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:06am
They’re anxious about an uncertain future that is beyond their control.

[Category: internal-sub-only-nl, Huffman, Felicity, Colleges and Universities, SAT (College Admission Test), Anxiety and Stress, College Scorecard (Web Site), Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions (Book), Admissions Standards]

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[l] at 12/5/23 11:00pm
The country’s reputation is at stake.

[Category: Germany, Politics and Government, Scholz, Olaf (1958- ), Lindner, Christian W, Alternative for Germany, Immigration and Emigration, Anti-Semitism, Economic Conditions and Trends]

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