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Donald J. Trump’s lawyers mounted a minimal defense after prosecutors called 20 witnesses. Closing arguments in the first prosecution of an American president will take place May 28.

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There were reports of extensive damage in two counties in the state on Tuesday as a wide swath of the Midwest braced for another round of severe weather.

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The White House suspended a secret mission to transfer detainees to Oman in October after Congress members expressed concerns about Middle East instability.

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Donald J. Trump’s lawyers called two witnesses and he was not one of them. Closing arguments will happen May 28.

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Also, lawyers defending Donald Trump rested their case. Here’s the latest at the end of Tuesday.
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“Shoot down what’s in the sky over Ukraine,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times. “And give us the weapons to use against Russian forces on the borders.”

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s sister has become the face of the Kennedy family effort to block his candidacy and re-elect President Biden. She has more at stake besides her relationship with her brother.

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At the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting, a patient described a restraint that haunts him, more than eight years later.

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