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She was believed to be the first Western scientist to study the animals in their natural habitat, but she struggled to overcome sexism in academia.

[Category: Anne Innis Dagg, Deaths (Obituaries), Giraffes, Biology and Biochemistry, Research, Africa, Canada, Discrimination, Women and Girls]

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[l] at 4/17/24 3:00am
Bus stations. Traffic stops. Beaches. There’s no telling where you’ll find the next story in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Peace Adzo Medie shares some of her favorites.

[Category: Books and Literature, Writing and Writers, Content Type: Service, University of Ghana, Aidoo, Ama Ata, Blay-Miezah, John Ackah, Gyasi, Yaa, Soyinka, Wole, Yeebo, Yepoka, Accra (Ghana), Poetry and Poets, Homegoing (Book), His Only Wife (Book), Nightbloom (Book), literaryguides]

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Their capture set off a global campaign to “Bring Back Our Girls.” But many are still missing, and kidnappings in Nigeria have proliferated.

[Category: Women and Girls, Kidnapping and Hostages, Chibok (Nigeria), Nigeria, Boko Haram, Terrorism, Islamic State West African Province]

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[l] at 4/13/24 9:32pm
Trainers and equipment from Russia landed in the West African nation this week, putting the continued presence of 1,000 U.S. military personnel there in doubt.

[Category: Defense and Military Forces, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors, United States Defense and Military Forces, Sahel (Africa), West Africa]

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[l] at 4/11/24 1:00am
Known for its annual fashion week, the region’s influence on style has been expanding, with the help of these designers.

[Category: Nigeria, Fashion and Apparel, Textiles, Design, Shopping and Retail]

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[l] at 4/10/24 6:02pm
Hasan Minhaj and Ramy Youssef joined hundreds of Muslims dressed to the nines at a morning prayer gathering in New York for the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

[Category: Eid al-Fitr, Muslims and Islam, Fashion and Apparel, Ramadan, Prayers and Prayer Books, Minhaj, Hasan (1985- ), Youssef, Ramy, Washington Square Park (Manhattan, NY)]

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[l] at 4/10/24 12:48pm
The 81-year-old former leader has been cleared to appear on the ballot as an opposition candidate in May’s parliamentary election. Unless the decision is reversed, he could become a kingmaker — or even president once again.

[Category: South Africa, Zuma, Jacob G, Spear of the Nation (MK) (South African Political Party), African National Congress, Politics and Government, Legislatures and Parliaments, Elections]

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[l] at 4/10/24 2:53am
The law, which includes the death penalty as a punishment in some cases, has been strongly condemned, including by the United States.

[Category: Uganda, Homosexuality and Bisexuality, Discrimination, Law and Legislation, Museveni, Yoweri, Constitutions, Politics and Government, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Decisions and Verdicts, Capital Punishment, International Relations, United States International Relations]

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[l] at 4/9/24 8:53am
Russ Cook of Britain overcame danger in a year of running from South Africa to Tunisia.

[Category: Ultramarathon Running, Africa, Cook, Russ (Runner), Philanthropy]

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[l] at 4/8/24 9:36am
Some of the victims were en route to a fair and others were fleeing for fear of being affected by a cholera outbreak, a local official said.

[Category: Drownings, Deaths (Fatalities), Maritime Accidents and Safety, Ferries, Mozambique, Africa, Boats and Boating, Cholera]

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[l] at 4/7/24 11:06am
The Central African country is marking the anniversary of a monthslong rampage by militiamen that killed some 800,000 people.

[Category: Rwanda, Kigali (Rwanda), War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Kagame, Paul, Hutu Tribe, Tutsi Tribe, United States International Relations, Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), Clinton, Bill, Macron, Emmanuel (1977- ), Africa]

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[l] at 4/7/24 9:20am
Thirty years after a devastating genocide, Rwanda has made impressive gains. But ethnic divisions persist under an iron-fisted president who has ruled for just as long.

[Category: Rwanda, Politics and Government, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Tutsi Tribe, Hutu Tribe, Kagame, Paul, Content Type: Personal Profile]

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[l] at 4/4/24 10:12am
She explored the history and culture of Africa, the West Indies and Europe in work that made her a perennial favorite for the Nobel Prize.

[Category: Conde, Maryse, Deaths (Obituaries), Books and Literature, Writing and Writers, Black People, Race and Ethnicity, Guadeloupe, Segu (Book), Heremakhonon (Book)]

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[l] at 4/4/24 8:49am
The legal problems of Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula expose the governing African National Congress to one of its biggest weaknesses — corruption allegations — before a crucial national election.

[Category: South Africa, Corruption (Institutional), Elections, Ethics and Official Misconduct, Bribery and Kickbacks, Apartheid (Policy), Legislatures and Parliaments, Mapisa-Nqakula, Nosiviwe, African National Congress, Democratic Alliance (South Africa), Zuma, Jacob G, Ramaphosa, Cyril, Politics and Government]

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[l] at 4/3/24 6:36am
Forty-five church pilgrims from Botswana, along with the driver, were killed when the bus plunged off an overpass into a rocky ravine in South Africa. The only survivor was a little girl.

[Category: Traffic Accidents and Safety, Buses, Deaths (Fatalities), Botswana, South Africa]

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[l] at 4/3/24 6:26am
Senegal’s new president, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, took the oath of office in Tuesday’s ceremony. Close behind him sat the popular opposition leader who had clinched the win.

[Category: Africa, Senegal, Politics and Government, Sall, Macky, Faye, Bassirou Diomaye, Sonko, Ousmane]

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[l] at 3/30/24 3:02am
Hundreds of newcomers from Africa have filled a shortage of workers in Rouyn-Noranda, creating a new community in a remote mining town.

[Category: Quebec Province (Canada), Africa, Immigration and Emigration, Foreign Workers, Labor and Jobs, Rural Areas]

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[l] at 3/29/24 11:32am
The bus, which was carrying people from Botswana to an Easter weekend pilgrimage in South Africa, fell 165 feet into a ravine.

[Category: South Africa, Traffic Accidents and Safety, Botswana, Buses, Deaths (Fatalities)]

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[l] at 3/28/24 5:26pm
A human rights committee that examined a range of concerns called on Britain to abandon its controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

[Category: Great Britain, Asylum, Right of, Rwanda, Immigration and Emigration, Illegal Immigration, Law and Legislation, United Nations, Conservative Party (Great Britain), Surveillance of Citizens by Government, Facial Recognition Software, Privacy, Politics and Government, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Northern Ireland]

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[l] at 3/28/24 8:29am
How did Bassirou Diomaye Faye, age 44, go from obscurity to a resounding win in Senegal’s presidential election? At the family homestead, one relative explained, “This family is not new to ruling.”

[Category: Senegal, Faye, Bassirou Diomaye, Sonko, Ousmane, Sall, Macky, Elections, Politics and Government, Youth, Content Type: Personal Profile]

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[l] at 3/25/24 1:43pm
Bassirou Diomaye Faye, who turned 44 on Monday, was little known until he received the backing of Ousmane Sonko, Senegal’s most formidable opposition politician. Both men were released from jail only 10 days ago.

[Category: Senegal, Africa, Faye, Bassirou Diomaye, Sonko, Ousmane, Sall, Macky, Ba, Amadou (1961- ), Elections, Politics and Government]

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