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[l] at 5/23/24 3:01am
A “major non-NATO ally” is a country whose military has a strategic working relationship with the United States.

[Category: Computer Chips, Kenya, United States International Relations, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Ruto, William, White House Building (Washington, DC)]

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[l] at 5/22/24 3:49am
The White House is hosting President William Ruto of Kenya for a state dinner this week, an embrace that both countries urgently need.

[Category: Ruto, William, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Kenya, United States, Africa, United States International Relations, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Democracy (Theory and Philosophy)]

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[l] at 5/21/24 11:48am
A White House proposal to allow the billionaire Dan Gertler to sell off his assets in the Democratic Republic of Congo sparks a bipartisan rebuke.

[Category: Gertler, Dan (1973- ), Cobalt, Metals and Minerals, Embargoes and Sanctions, Congo, Democratic Republic of (Congo-Kinshasa), Mines and Mining, Blinken, Antony J, Yellen, Janet L, Joe Wilson, Cardin, Benjamin L]

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[l] at 5/20/24 10:54am
With elections just over a week away, the political comeback of the former president has presented a major test for the country’s young democracy.

[Category: South Africa, Zuma, Jacob G, Politics and Government, Decisions and Verdicts, Spear of the Nation (MK) (South African Political Party), African National Congress]

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[l] at 5/19/24 1:22pm
The U.S. ambassador said she was “very concerned” that Americans may have participated in what officials of the Democratic Republic of Congo called a failed coup attempt early Sunday.

[Category: Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat, Congo, Democratic Republic of (Congo-Kinshasa), Tshisekedi, Felix, Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), United States International Relations, Malanga, Christian (1983-2024)]

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[l] at 5/17/24 10:01pm
When the director and crew of “Io Capitano” toured Senegal with their acclaimed movie, audiences responded with their life stories.

[Category: Dakar (Senegal), Illegal Immigration, Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Italy, Africa, Io Capitano, vis-photo, internal-truncator]

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[l] at 5/16/24 6:56am
A deal to allow the Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler to cash out his mining positions in the Democratic Republic of Congo has enraged human rights activists and some government officials.

[Category: Congo, Democratic Republic of (Congo-Kinshasa), Mines and Mining, Metals and Minerals, Embargoes and Sanctions, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Gertler, Dan (1973- ), Biden, Joseph R Jr, Treasury Department, State Department, United States International Relations, United States Politics and Government, Cobalt, Copper, Brass and Bronze, internal-truncator]

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[l] at 5/16/24 12:55am
Ousman Sonko, who served under an autocratic president now in exile, was found guilty of multiple counts of intentional homicide, torture and false imprisonment against citizens of the West African country.

[Category: Gambia, Sonko, Ousman (1969- ), Switzerland, Decisions and Verdicts, Politics and Government, Torture, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat, Jammeh, Yahya]

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[l] at 5/15/24 9:00am
New research shows the “upside-down trees” originated in Madagascar and then caught a ride on ocean currents to reach mainland Africa and Australia.

[Category: Trees and Shrubs, Evolution (Biology), Madagascar, Research, Nature (Journal), your-feed-science]

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[l] at 5/14/24 8:04am
The East African country is preparing to send hundreds of police officers as the first wave of a multinational force aimed at stabilizing the chaos-ridden Caribbean nation.

[Category: Kenya, Haiti, Police, Gangs, Ruto, William, International Relations, Port-au-Prince (Haiti), United Nations]

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[l] at 5/11/24 8:24pm
Witnesses and human rights groups claim the West African country’s military killed more than 220 people, including women and children, in February. It was neither a mistake nor a one-off, they say.

[Category: Burkina Faso, Defense and Military Forces, Traore, Ibrahim, Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Civilian Casualties, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, News and News Media, Muslims and Islam]

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[l] at 5/10/24 6:56pm
Memory Banda’s battle, which she has been waging since she was a teenager in a village in Malawi, started with a poignant question: “Why should this be happening to girls so young?”

[Category: Malawi, Child Marriages, Women's Rights, Women and Girls, Law and Legislation, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Teenagers and Adolescence, Banda, Memory, Content Type: Personal Profile]

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[l] at 5/10/24 11:05am
Spurred by his anger at the African National Congress, Mr. Zuma formed his own political party and is gathering support among voters aggrieved by the failures of South Africa’s governing party.

[Category: Zuma, Jacob G, South Africa, Spear of the Nation (MK) (South African Political Party), African National Congress, Decisions and Verdicts, Politics and Government, Elections, Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), Kwazulu-Natal Province (South Africa)]

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[l] at 5/10/24 6:01am
The Central African country’s incumbent president and his prime minister both ran. Shortly after the prime minister claimed victory, the president was declared the winner.

[Category: Chad, Elections, Deby, Mahamat Idriss, Politics and Government]

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[l] at 5/9/24 3:52pm
Three days after the collapse of a four-story building that was under construction, rescuers were still combing through some 3,000 tons of concrete rubble even as signs of life faded.

[Category: Accidents and Safety, Building (Construction), Rescues, South Africa, Western Cape (South Africa), Buildings (Structures)]

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[l] at 5/9/24 1:12pm
The authorities in Senegal said the incident involving the aircraft, a Boeing 737 that was flying to Mali, was under investigation.

[Category: Air Senegal, Aviation Accidents, Safety and Disasters, Boeing Company, Airports, Dakar (Senegal)]

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[l] at 5/7/24 10:01am
More than half a dozen nations have pledged personnel to a multinational effort to stabilize Haiti, where gangs have taken over much of the capital, setting off a major humanitarian crisis.

[Category: Haiti, Defense and Military Forces, Kenya, Gangs, Ruto, William, United States International Relations]

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[l] at 5/7/24 4:38am
Although a resident confessed to setting the August 2023 blaze that killed 76 people in a dilapidated building, a report found that officials had ignored warning signs for years.

[Category: Fires and Firefighters, Squatters, Politics and Government, South Africa, Johannesburg (South Africa), Deaths (Fatalities)]

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[l] at 5/6/24 9:31am
Nine months after a coup in Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, an ally of France and the U.S., remains locked in the presidential residence, cut off from contact with anyone but his doctor.

[Category: Niger, Bazoum, Mohamed (1960- ), Russia, Sahel (Africa), Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat, Political Prisoners]

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[l] at 5/4/24 1:02am
Until now, key players had blocked the establishment of a court that could hold them accountable for atrocities like murder, rape and torture.

[Category: War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Liberia, Reparations, Executive Orders and Memorandums, Boakai, Joseph, Taylor, Charles G]

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[l] at 5/3/24 2:39am
For years, activists and politicians have led discussions about whether disputed museum objects should go back to their countries of origin. At this year’s Biennale, artists are entering the fray.

[Category: Venice Biennale, Venice (Italy), Arts and Antiquities Looting, Art, Brazil, Nigeria, Benin]

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