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[l] at 4/17/24 1:14pm
We can look to the case of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president and prime minister, to understand some of the ways U.S. imperialism may potentially respond to the current developments in West Africa — and how those of us in the United States can better equip ourselves to challenge it.

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There is only one way to remove the threat of a regional war breaking out: End the genocide in Gaza. 

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[l] at 4/11/24 4:48pm
As the Biden administration launches yet another attempt to undermine Venezuela’s democratic processes, we reaffirm our commitment to fight for an end to all U.S. aggression and meddling in Venezuela.

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[l] at 4/11/24 10:20am
Walid Daqqa, el preso político palestino con mayor antiguedad  y líder revolucionario, falleció el pasado 7 de abril, a la edad de 62 años, tras cumplir 38 años de condena en una prisión israelí.

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[l] at 4/11/24 8:20am
Walid Daqqa, the longest-held Palestinian political prisoner and a revolutionary leader, passed away on April 7 at the age of 62, serving 38 years in Israeli prison.

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[l] at 4/9/24 10:18pm
On the afternoon of March 24, dozens of friends and community members gathered in a courtyard in Houston’s museum district to remember and honor the life of Diamond Brigman. Brigman, a 36-year-old Black trans woman, was murdered in southwest Houston earlier in the month.

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[l] at 4/8/24 10:35am
Auto workers have unleashed an unprecedented drive to organize the entire auto and battery manufacturing industry – particularly in the South.

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[l] at 4/3/24 2:54pm
The New York City Police Department is one of the most militarized police departments in the entire country, in its size, funding, and equipment.

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[l] at 4/1/24 6:59pm
The U.S. government is set to give leading microchip manufacturer Intel an $8.5 billion grant, in addition to up to $11 billion in loans and additional tax credits

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[l] at 3/31/24 8:15pm
What does it mean to celebrate Women’s History Month at a time when the struggle against U.S. empire is front and center? How can our feminism reflect this reality for women both in the U.S. and abroad?

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[l] at 3/31/24 7:23pm
On March 29, the Constitutional Court of Senegal confirmed Bassirou Diomaye Faye as the next president-elect of the West African country, assuaging fears of a constitutional crisis after the political outsider won the election the previous week. But what do these developments mean for Senegal, West Africa, and the world?

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[l] at 3/31/24 11:59am
El 29 de marzo, el Tribunal Constitucional de Senegal confirmó a Bassirou Diomaye Faye como el próximo presidente electo del país de África occidental, disipando los temores de una crisis constitucional, luego de que el político independiente ganara las elecciones la semana anterior. 

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[l] at 3/31/24 9:28am
The question is not if the Republicans intend to eliminate trans people from public life in the United States, but if the Democrats can be trusted to stop it, and if a better option doesn’t exist.

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[l] at 3/28/24 11:54am
A principios de este mes, Níger, el país más grande de África occidental, puso fin a su antiguo acuerdo militar con Estados Unidos y declaró "ilegal" la presencia de los 1,000 soldados y contratistas estadounidenses.

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[l] at 3/28/24 10:22am
It is clear that Niger and a growing number of other African states view China and Russia as an important counterweight to Western imperialism that increases their own leverage in relation to the United States, and opens up new development possibilities.

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[l] at 3/28/24 6:54am
Only a militant movement can protect abortion care as a human right.

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[l] at 3/27/24 8:43pm
At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduate students work in the library system teaching research skills to undergraduates, maintaining archives and staffing information desks.

[Category: Militant Journalism, Illinois, labor, Urbana-Champaign]

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[l] at 3/21/24 11:50am
An Israeli real estate entity has been making a push to sell illegally confiscated Palestinian land to Americans and Canadians in an effort to expand its settlements in the Occupied Territories

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[l] at 3/18/24 4:09pm
After protests took place in the city of Santiago over blackouts and food shortages, the Biden administration is hoping to provoke a crisis inside of the country. But the hardships in Cuba are the making of the U.S. government itself.

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[l] at 3/17/24 8:46pm
Research has demonstrated that police presence does not keep students safer, while restorative justice practices have shown significant benefits.

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[l] at 3/16/24 5:22pm
On March 13, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 7521. This bill, called the “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act,” but more commonly known as the TikTok ban, was passed just eight days after its introduction in the House.

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