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[l] at 2/23/24 7:21am
Benjamin Netanyahu's postwar plan would see Israel exerting direct control over a demilitarized Gaza Strip while permanently dismantling UNRWA and assigning "local officials" to govern civilian affairs.

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[l] at 2/23/24 6:03am
The Israeli army is now killing resistance fighters in the Jenin Brigade using drones after several failed assassination attempts by Israeli special forces on the ground, an associate of the Jenin Brigade told Mondoweiss.

[Category: News, armed resistance, armed struggle, Jenin Brigade, Jenin Refugee camp, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 2/22/24 12:38pm
Israel says it is circumventing Yemen’s Red Sea blockade with a “land bridge” connecting it to Saudi Arabia and the UAE via Jordan. This is simply a charade to hide that Yemen’s blockade is working.

[Category: Opinion, India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridors (IMEC), land bridge, normalization, Yemen]

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[l] at 2/22/24 7:42am
The situation in Gaza grows worse by the day as Palestinians are starved and Israeli forces turn hospitals into morgues. In the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, tensions rise as Ramadan approaches. 

[Category: News, aid trucks, Al Amal Hospital, Andy Ogles, Gaza, Gaza hospitals, humanitarian crisis, Israel Lobby, Israeli Government, Israeli occupation, Khan Younis, Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF, Nasser Hospital, North Gaza, Rafah, Top Headlines, UNRWA, US Politics]

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[l] at 2/21/24 12:00pm
Haaretz is widely considered Israel's leading liberal news source, but it has published and promoted some of the most harmful propaganda in support of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. 

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[l] at 2/21/24 11:00am
Canada’s remarkable fidelity to an apartheid state committing genocide is driven by imperial geopolitics, settler solidarity, Christian Zionism and the Israel lobby in Canada, and the weaponization of antisemitism.

[Category: Opinion, Bnai Brith Canada, Canada, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Canada, Honest Reporting Canada, Justin Trudeau, Lester Pearson, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, The Holocaust Industry]

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[l] at 2/21/24 9:56am
The Israel lobby is attempting to indoctrinate Americans that the context for the October 7 attack is the Holocaust. This is a misrepresentation. The Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

[Category: Media Analysis, American Jewish Community, Holocaust, Israel lobby, liberal Zionism, Ori Nir, US Politics]

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[l] at 2/21/24 7:14am
The U.S. vetoed another resolution in the UN Security Council calling for a Gaza ceasefire as the WHO evacuates 32 critical patients from besieged Nasser Hospital, and the World Food Program is forced to suspend distribution amid mounting famine.

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[l] at 2/20/24 2:04pm
Activists are calling for a ballot protest at Michigan's February 27 primary, in an effort to push President Joe Biden to support a ceasefire and end the administration's support for Israel's brutal assault on Gaza.

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[l] at 2/20/24 11:41am
When I left Gaza two weeks ago, my colleagues at the European Hospital in Khan Younis were already overwhelmed. Now, they are terrified Israel will invade the hospital and kill patients like they did at nearby Nasser Hospital.

[Category: Opinion, European Hospital, Gaza, Nasser Hospital, Palestinian doctors]

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[l] at 2/20/24 10:37am
Israel’s genocide in Gaza is the defining political moment of our generation. We recently ended a week-long hunger strike against Brown University's complicity, but we are not letting up the pressure.

[Category: Activism, Brown University, hunger strike, student activism]

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[l] at 2/20/24 7:23am
Several patients evacuated Nasser Hospital while dozens remain trapped under the Israeli siege of Khan Younis. Meanwhile, Palestine called on the ICJ to end the Israeli occupation, and Brazil’s Lula likened Israel’s Gaza genocide to Nazi Germany.

[Category: News, Gaza, Gaza massacre, Genocide, International Court of Justice, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 2/19/24 2:06pm
Twenty years after the International Court of Justice issued an Advisory Opinion on Israel's Separation Wall, the ICJ is now considering the legality of Israel's 56-year belligerent occupation of the Palestinian territories.  

[Category: News, International Court of Justice, Israeli occupation, legality of the occupation]

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[l] at 2/19/24 12:13pm
Rep. Nancy Pelosi claims no U.S. weapons have been used to carry our Israeli atrocities in Gaza since October 7, but the evidence proves otherwise.

[Category: News, Biden administration, Democrats, Gaza, military aid, Nancy Pelosi, US aid to Israel]

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[l] at 2/19/24 9:55am
Israel has been clear about its plans to force Palestinians from Gaza, and Egypt is now reportedly building an area to receive them. Palestinians need a respite from Israel's brutality, but mass displacement into the Sinai would be a catastrophe.

[Category: Opinion, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt, ethnic cleansing, Gaza, Sinai, Sinai plan]

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[l] at 2/19/24 7:51am
Hamas slams Israel over plans to restrict access of Palestinian worshipers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, more Palestinians die from preventable causes as Israel besieges hospitals in Gaza.

[Category: News, aid trucks, Al Aqsa mosque, food shortages, Gaza, Gaza hospitals, Israeli military, Jerusalem, Nasser Hospital, negotiations, Netanyahu, occupied west bank, Palestinian statehood, Palestinians killed, Ramadan, starvation, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 2/18/24 11:00am
The Palestinian people practice resistance through "sumud" and steadfastness in every aspect of their lives, including in music. After October 7, Palestinian music can serve as the moral compass pointing toward decolonization.

[Category: Culture, book review, Louis Brehony, music, Palestinian Music]

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[l] at 2/18/24 10:00am
Musa, Moses, fled the then all-powerful pharaohs to this side of the Sinai. Now, my daughter and I will, with God’s grace, flee the Israelis to the land of Egypt, to save our lives.

[Category: Opinion, Gaza, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Rafah]

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[l] at 2/18/24 9:00am
Many Palestinians are fleeing Rafah ahead of Israel’s impending invasion, but when they return to their destroyed neighborhoods they still face bombardment. "We escaped death to walk into a different kind of death,” Jamila Eleywa tells Mondoweiss.

[Category: News, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Nuseirat refugee camp, Rafah, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 2/18/24 6:58am
Nasser Hospital, the second-largest medical facility in the Gaza Strip, was forced closed Sunday following an Israeli siege, storming, and arrest of medical staff and patients. Meanwhile, Israel also bombed Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis.

[Category: News, Al Amal Hospital, Marwan Barghouti, Nasser Hospital, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 2/17/24 10:30am
Palestinian Christians are viewed by the West as "bad Christians" because they refuse to act as a minority. To be considered a "good Muslim" or a "good Christian" in the Middle East, you must be aligned with Israel and the U.S.

[Category: Opinion, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Gaza massacre, Genocide, Palestinian Christians]

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