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[l] at 12/6/23 6:15pm
In a dangerous precedent, the House of Representatives passed a controversial bill equating anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Pro-Israel lawmakers quickly followed with a bill to establish a congressional commission aimed at Palestine solidarity.

[Category: News, AIPAC, Anti Defamation League, anti-Zionism, antisemitism, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic Party, House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler, Lara Friedman, McCarthyism]

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[l] at 12/6/23 1:09pm
From college campuses to mosque gatherings, Muslim leaders in North America have displayed a disheartening lack of moral courage to speak out in support of Palestine. 

[Category: Opinion, Canada, Ilhan Omar, Islamophobia, Mehdi Hasan, Muslim Students Association, Muslim-Americans, Yale]

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[l] at 12/6/23 7:46am
Israeli forces approach Khan Younis as the destruction of north Gaza continues. Despite Israeli hopes of neutralizing Palestinian rocket capability in the early days of the war, resistance fighters are still launching rockets on Tel Aviv.

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[l] at 12/5/23 3:06pm
Anas Abu Srour is the Director of the Aida Youth Center, a community organization in the Aida refugee camp. Anas was abducted by the Israeli army and sentenced to 6 months in prison, without charge. We need your help to free him.

[Category: Opinion, administrative detention, Aida Refugee Camp, Aida Youth Center, Anas Abu Srour, military court, political arrests]

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[l] at 12/5/23 12:50pm
Our Nakba is being recorded by us in real-time for the entire world to see. Everyone can witness our slaughter and collective death. Our simple dream has been destroyed by Israel, for no greater sin than being born under occupation.

[Category: News, ethnic cleansing, Gaza, Gaza massacre, Genocide, Khan Younis, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Rafah, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 12/5/23 11:12am
MSNBC’s decision to cancel Mehdi Hasan’s show has drawn backlash from Palestine advocates

[Category: Media Analysis, AIPAC, Ali Velshi, Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC]

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[l] at 12/5/23 9:50am
Human Rights Watch’s misleading report on the Al-Ahli Hospital attack was published without a genuine investigation or conclusive evidence. Such double standards are putting Palestinian lives at risk.

[Category: Opinion, al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, Gaza, Human Rights Watch, Operation al-Aqsa Flood]

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[l] at 12/5/23 9:30am
As journalists, we know that silencing a free press is a key tactic of authoritarian governments. Israel’s repression of Palestinian journalism shows us what is possible under the guise of “democracy.” Attacks on journalism are dangerous to us all.

[Category: Opinion, Gaza, journalism, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Palestinian journalists]

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[l] at 12/5/23 8:16am
Israel cut off internet and phone signals in the Gaza Strip as it pummeled areas across the Strip. Israeli forces have surrounded Kamal Adwan hospital in the north, shooting “at anything that moves.”

[Category: News, Gaza, Gaza hospitals, gaza strip, Israeli Government, Israeli occupation, North Gaza, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 12/4/23 7:07pm
Zakaria Bakr and his family were forced from their home in Al-Shati refugee camp by Israeli bombs on November 7. As they traveled south over 15 kilometers they witnessed incredible horrors and not everyone survived the journey. This is their story.

[Category: Opinion, Gaza, Gaza massacre, Genocide, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Salah al-Din]

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[l] at 12/4/23 1:17pm
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to even meet with constituents demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, and many have given up on him. "How many thousands of more lives lost will it require for you to take a stand?"

[Category: Opinion, Becca Balint, Bernie Sanders, Biden, ceasefire, Peter Welch, u.s. politics, Vermont]

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[l] at 12/4/23 9:40am
The ongoing genocidal war on Gaza is not about Hamas or Israeli captives, but the depopulation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people which is being implemented in brutal but deliberate stages. 

[Category: Opinion, ethnic cleansing, Gaza, Genocide, Operation al-Aqsa Flood]

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[l] at 12/4/23 7:35am
In Gaza, no building is too sacred to be flattened, leaving civilians with nowhere to run and hide. In the West Bank, Israeli officials are handing out guns to settlers "like candy."

[Category: News, Gaza, Gaza massacre, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 12/3/23 8:44am
This open letter is a starting point for the climate movement to develop principled solidarity with Palestine that connects climate justice with the struggles of colonized peoples worldwide.

[Category: Activism, climate justice, settler colonialism]

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[l] at 12/3/23 8:35am
The history of anti-Zionism in the U.S. Jewish community is as long as the history of Zionism itself. Today, anti-Zionist Jews are standing up against the institutions in our community that are supporting death and destruction in Gaza.

[Category: Activism, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Gaza, Jewish anti-Zionism, Jewish Voice for Peace, Philadelphia, Rodeph Shalom]

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[l] at 12/3/23 7:18am
At least 700 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombing in Gaza over the past 24 hours as Israel pushes people south to Rafah. In Jerusalem, Israeli forces stormed the house of Al-Aqsa Mosque Iman Shiekh Ekrima Sabri. Above, Israeli warplanes flatten an entire residential block in the Qatari-funded Hamad City development in Khan Younis.

[Category: News, Al Aqsa mosque, Gaza, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Shiekh Ekrima Sabri, Sufyan Al-Tayeh, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 12/2/23 10:24am
Israel’s assault on Gaza has recommenced and the United States has remained steadfast in its backing. But there are signs the Biden administration is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

[Category: Opinion, Antony Blinken, Biden administration, David Satterfield, Gaza, Operation al-Aqsa Flood]

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[l] at 12/2/23 9:57am
The prosecution of Palestinian protest in Israel vacillates between two poles: the messianic hardliners aiming to jail as many Palestinians as possible, and the "establishment" types trying to subtly balance their regime.

[Category: Opinion, Israeli dictatorship, Israeli High Court]

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[l] at 12/2/23 9:12am
Following the passage of H.R. 888 it is clear that organizers and activists will have to adopt new strategies to hold elected officials accountable.

[Category: Activism, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman, the Squad]

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[l] at 12/2/23 9:02am
Academy Award winning actress Olivia Colman is among more than 1300 artists who are accusing cultural institutions of Palestine censorship.

[Category: Culture, artists, censorship, Gaza]

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[l] at 12/2/23 7:46am
Israeli forces have killed over 250 Palestinians since Friday, including devastatingly deadly strikes in Khan Younis and Jabalia, as humanitarian agencies condemned the resumption of mass killings.

[Category: News, Artificial intelligence, Bezalel Smotrich, Gaza, Hezbollah, Israeli Government, israeli hostages, Israeli occupation, Israeli settlers, Lebanon, Netanyahu, Netanyahu government, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Qatar, settler violence, southern gaza, Top Headlines]

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