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[l] at 3/3/24 7:27pm
Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) was the projected winner in the Washington, DC, Republican primary election on Sunday evening.

[Author: Katherine Hamilton] [Category: 2024 Election, Politics, 2024, 2024 Presidential Election, 2024 presidential race, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Republican Primary, Washington DC]

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[l] at 3/3/24 6:53pm
Lefty NFL legend Emmitt Smith is blasting the University of Florida for following state law and eliminating its diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) positions.

[Author: Warner Todd Huston] [Category: Education, Sports, Dallas Cowboys, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), NFL, Ron DeSantis]

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[l] at 3/3/24 6:23pm
Vice President Kamala Harris made headlines Sunday when she called for an "immediate ceasefire" in Gaza. However, she qualified her demand by stating the pause would last "six weeks," and include a deal for Hamas to release hostages.

[Author: Joel B. Pollak] [Category: Israel / Middle East, National Security, Politics, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Kamala Harris, Palestinians]

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[l] at 3/3/24 5:51pm
Officials are investigating after students were captured on video sucking on and licking each other's toes at a high school in Edmond, Oklahoma, on Thursday.

[Author: Amy Furr] [Category: Education, Local, Pre-Viral, Fundraiser, High School, investigation, Oklahoma, students]

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[l] at 3/3/24 5:21pm
As high inflation vexes the U.S. economy, a solid majority of registered voters say Biden's policies will make prices rise.

[Author: John Carney] [Category: 2024 Election, Economy, Politics, #Bidenflation, inflation]

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[l] at 3/3/24 5:20pm
Congress unveiled the first six appropriations bills on Sunday to fund the government for most of 2024.

[Author: Sean Moran] [Category: Politics, Chuck Schumer, House Appropriations Committee, Mike Johnson, Rick Scott]

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[l] at 3/3/24 3:34pm
Longtime ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen has passed away at the age of 72.

[Author: Dylan Gwinn] [Category: Media, Sports, ESPN, NFL]

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[l] at 3/3/24 3:24pm
A young woman remains on a ventilator in the ICU after a deadly hit-and-run car crash happened in Dallas, Texas, on February 11, which claimed the life of her friend.

[Author: Amy Furr] [Category: Crime, Health, Pre-Viral, arrest, Car Crash, death, Texas, Texas Tech University]

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[l] at 3/3/24 3:03pm
A former Missouri middle school principal pleaded guilty to charges related to a murder-for-hire plot he orchestrated against a woman, with whom he was having an affair, after she became pregnant.

[Author: Olivia Rondeau] [Category: Crime, Education, Pre-Viral, elementary school, Hitman, Middle school, Missouri, murder for hire, Principal, St. Louis, Teacher]

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[l] at 3/3/24 2:43pm
Colonel Richard Kemp said international allies, including Arab states, tacitly support Israel's actions, especially considering the broader context of Iran's influence, which threatens the world.

[Author: Joshua Klein] [Category: Israel / Middle East, Media, Politics, anti-Israel attacks, Col. Richard Kemp, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Hamas, Hezbollah, IDF, insurgency, Joe Biden, Jordan, Rafah, Rishi Sunak, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)]

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[l] at 3/3/24 12:50pm
Leaders of the major Palestinian terror groups have called for Arab states and the Muslim world to engage in "terror" during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan -- even as the Biden administration aims for a Ramadan truce in Gaza.

[Author: Joel B. Pollak] [Category: Israel / Middle East, National Security, Politics, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinians, Ramadan, Terror]

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[l] at 3/3/24 12:09pm
Virginia Republican Senate candidate Hung Cao says former President Donald Trump’s project to domestically produce personal protection equipment (PPE), such as medical gloves, that the Biden administration has dropped the ball on, would have led to thousands of new jobs in southwest Virginia.

[Author: Nick Gilbertson] [Category: 2024 Election, Health, Politics, Breitbart News Saturday, Donald Trump, Hung Cao, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine]

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[l] at 3/3/24 11:17am
Former President Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee in 2024, has opened a consistent and firm lead over incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden to begin the general election season.

[Author: Matthew Boyle] [Category: 2024 Election, Politics, 2024 Presidential Election, border, CBS News, Cornel West, Donald Trump, economy, Fox News, immigration, Jill Stein, Joe Biden, New York Times, polls, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Wall Street Journal]

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[l] at 3/3/24 10:19am
Six alleged members of the Islamic State group were killed in a shootout in Russia's volatile North Caucasus region on Sunday.

[Author: Breitbart London] [Category: Israel / Middle East, London / Europe, National Security, ISIS, Islamic State, Islamic terrorism, North Caucasus, Russia]

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[l] at 3/3/24 10:00am
Chris Huttman, Fulton County Deputy District Attorney Jeff DiSantis's business partner, works with the Biden campaign, sources told Breitbart News.

[Author: Wendell Husebø] [Category: 2024 Election, Politics, Donald Trump, Fani Willis, Fulton County, Joe Biden, Nathan Wade, On the Hill]

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[l] at 3/3/24 9:38am
On this week's broadcast of the Fox News Channels's "Sunday Morning Futures," Government Accountability Institute president and Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer discussed his new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans and stated that President Joe Biden will not hold China responsible for the fentanyl crisis in America becuse of his families "financial entanglements."

[Author: Pam Key] [Category: Clips, Politics, Blood Money, China, Joe Biden, Peter Schweizer]

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[l] at 3/3/24 8:52am
Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that she might not endorse former President Donald Trump even though she signed a Republican National Committee (RNC) pledge to do so.

[Author: Pam Key] [Category: 2024 Election, Clips, Politics, 2024 Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Republican Party, RNC]

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[l] at 3/3/24 7:45am
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) was purposefully "trying to wreak havoc in other cities and states across the country."

[Author: Pam Key] [Category: Clips, Immigration, Politics, Alejandro Mayorkas, Greg Abbott, immigration, Joe Biden]

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[l] at 3/3/24 5:39am
Some criminal defendants charged in connection with the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, had their sentences improperly increased, a federal appeals court in Washington, DC, has ruled.

[Author: Simon Kent] [Category: Politics, Capitol riots, January 6]

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[l] at 3/2/24 10:06pm
Former New York Giants offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was sentenced to 81 months in prison following his convictions for first and second-degree domestic violence.

[Author: Dylan Gwinn] [Category: Crime, Sports, Domestic Violence, New York Giants, NFL, Seattle Seahawks]

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