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The European Commission unveiled on Wednesday (6 December) a set of measures and recommendations across policy areas to tackle hate crimes across Europe, especially against Jewish and Muslim communities - but some say it may fall short. 
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[l] at 12/6/23 9:38am
There is a possibility to finalise a deal on the EU’s plans on gene editing technology before next June's EU elections, rapporteur Jessica Polfjärd told Euractiv in an interview, stressing this is necessary to equip farmers in the face of growing environmental challenges.

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Foundation models, governance, and market concentration rank high on the list of stakeholders' concerns as EU policymakers prepare to finalise the world's first AI law.

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Innovators, stakeholders, and practitioners are looking at the first fields of application of Metaverse technology, ranging from making education more accessible to supporting medical professionals in their work. During Metas ‘Immersive Education Symposium’ in Brussels on 30 November, speakers discussed...

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The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will publish the first critical medicines list next week, as part of the EU's strategy aimed at avoiding shortages, which also foresees other measures like stockpiling and diversifying the supply chain. 

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[l] at 12/6/23 8:20am
Educators, industry practitioners and experts are looking at how extended reality could make education practices more accessible for students, by conducting research and modelling virtual classrooms. Meta’s ‘Immersive Education Symposium’ took place in Brussels on 30 November, with speakers discussing...

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This weekend saw a new episode in the battle of digital narratives in Israel and Palestine — the uncanny horrors of which were haunting, even by recent standards.

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Countries across the world, from Mexico to Russia and Japan, have completely banned smoking in outdoor places in an effort to halt tobacco-related deaths. But in Europe, experts suggest such a measure would not be effective.
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[l] at 12/6/23 7:43am
President Vladimir Putin was escorted to the Middle East by four Russian fighter jets on Wednesday (6 December) for a rare trip abroad, during which he will discuss oil, Gaza and Ukraine with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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As EU ministers gather to discuss the proposed ‘Net-Zero Industry Act’ on Thursday (7 December), representatives of the European solar industry have warned against the European Parliament's demand to exclude Chinese solar panels from solar auctions.
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[l] at 12/6/23 6:30am
The tax landscape has evolved over the last decade. There has been a perceived lack of trust in large businesses and a concern that globalisation has benefited larger companies rather than the population at large. The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated inequalities...
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[l] at 12/6/23 6:06am
Turkey has become internationally isolated and must dial down its rhetoric if it wants to win key concessions from the European Union, a leading MEP said Wednesday (6 December).

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[l] at 12/6/23 6:00am
Poverty and inequality are at the root of many of the human rights and the environmental issues in the global cocoa value chain. At the producer level poverty leaves those at the beginning of this chain with few choices. It forces them to rely on their children instead of fully-paid adult workers for labour. And to stay above water, it leads many to expand their farms into forest land in an effort to increase their income.

[Category: cocoa, corporate social responsibility, deforestation, due diligence law, Global value chains, good purchasing practices, promoted]

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European citizens want the fight against poverty and the issue of social exclusion to top the European Parliament's agenda ahead of next June's EU elections, according to Eurobarometer, the bloc-wide survey carried out on behalf of EU institutions and published on Wednesday (6 December).

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Hungary's ruling party submitted a resolution to parliament on 6 December, calling on the government not to support the start of talks on Ukraine's EU accession as Budapest steps up pressure on Brussels ahead of a crucial summit next week.

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[l] at 12/6/23 4:00am
GIGAEurope’s 2024-2029 Vision Paper is a call to action. The EU’s successful digital transformation requires the very best connectivity and a user-centric mindset that promotes a digitally engaged culture. Our vision is to ensure that no technology passes Europe by.

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[l] at 12/6/23 2:00am
Last Thursday, the new Spanish Health Minister Mónica García chaired her first and last health council under the Spanish presidency, an encounter where lawmakers reviewed the current legislative files and passed the baton to the Belgian presidency, which takes over from January.
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[l] at 12/6/23 12:55am
The COP28 climate conference is in full swing in Dubai and not a single day has passed since the grand opening on Thursday (30 November) without new announcements being made.

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The US on Tuesday (5 December) began imposing visa bans on people involved in violence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Washington officials said, after several appeals for Israel to do more prevent violence by Jewish settlers.

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[l] at 12/5/23 11:46pm
A year after a bribery scandal dubbed "Qatargate" engulfed the European Parliament, Belgium's investigation into the alleged wrongdoing of certain lawmakers and aides still seems far from resolution.

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[l] at 12/5/23 11:42pm
A Western price cap imposed a year ago Tuesday (5 December) on Russia's oil has had limited success with Russia increasingly finding ways to deliver crude at prices above the $60 limit.

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[l] at 12/5/23 10:45pm
The European Commission's preparatory reflection for the EU Defence industry strategy includes setting up and securing bloc-wide supply chains of defence products with mapping, monitoring, prioritisation of orders and facilitated intra-EU exports, according to a document seen by Euractiv.

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