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The US government has filed an antitrust suit against Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, for allegedly abusing their dominance in the ticketing market to extinguish healthy competition.

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You finally caved and bought an Apple Watch. These are our favorite straps, screen protectors, chargers, and cases to go with it.

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Nothing ruins a great night of sleep faster than getting too hot. These five cooling mattresses are here to help.

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This week on Gadget Lab, we talk about the surging popularity of heat pumps, the ultra-energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances we’ve called “climate superheroes.”

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[l] at 5/22/24 4:30am
If Scarlett Johansson pursues legal action against OpenAI for giving ChatGPT a voice she calls “eerily similar to mine,” she might claim the company breached her right to publicity.

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OpIndia claims “Islamophobia does not exist.” A new report shared exclusively with WIRED finds Google’s programmatic ads are running next to its content.

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A disused church, a school, and a motorcycle garage are among the hyperlocal new coworking spaces cropping up to offer remote workers a place to go.

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Even if you aren’t technically inclined, this privacy-first mobile operating system helps you escape surveillance capitalism.

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[l] at 5/22/24 12:00am
Noland Arbaugh is the first to get Elon Musk’s brain device. The 30-year-old speaks to WIRED about what it’s like to use a computer with his mind—and gain a new sense of independence.

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[l] at 5/21/24 1:00pm
Black Twitter: A People’s History, Shōgun, and Under the Bridge are just a few of the shows you should be watching on Hulu this month.

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