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Was the first so-called “Summit on Peace in Ukraine”, held in Switzerland on June 15 to 16, a failure? Certainly not, if you listen to the fairly upbeat reactions of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Western backers. And, to be fair, the summit has enabled Zelensky to keep Russia’s war against Ukraine high on [] The post Ukraine summit fails to provide coherent path to peace appeared first on Asia Times.

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The outcome of the upcoming presidential election is going to have major consequences for the relationship between the United States and its allies. While President Joe Biden is a firm believer in the value of the transatlantic alliance, Republican contender Donald Trump has for years railed against US participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [] The post Limited unity: the loopholes in NATOs mutual defense vows appeared first on Asia Times.

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China’s property crisis is back in global headlines for all the wrong reasons as Asia’s biggest economy goes wobbly. The nation’s property boom was among the engines that turned China into an international powerhouse. Now, a years-long housing downturn is presenting Xi Jinping with arguably the biggest challenge of his decade-plus as Chinese leader. Data [] The post Chinas GDP troubles point to need for bolder reform appeared first on Asia Times.

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In April 2024, extreme heat hit South and Southeast Asia, affecting nations like India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. These heat waves severely impacted some of the world’s most densely populated regions, taking a heavy toll on health, the economy, and education. In May and June, tens of millions of people faced dangerous [] The post Heatwave crisis bearing down on developing Asia appeared first on Asia Times.

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Condemnation of Israel’s invasion of Gaza has dominated the news, mobilized civil society groups to launchprotests, and drawn rebukes from world leaders. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has called the death and destruction in Gaza “unprecedented.” On June 10, the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries similarly criticized the “unprecedented escalation of violence” in Gaza and “Israel’s continued blatant disregard [] The post Why Gaza gets more attention than Xinjiang appeared first on Asia Times.

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Shortly after the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War and the beginning of the widescale destruction of Gaza in October 2023, McDonald’s executives in Chicago found themselves inadvertently entangled in the conflict. Local owners of McDonald’s restaurants are given significant autonomy over profits and operations, and franchisees had begun taking sides. Social media posts by McDonald’s [] The post Multinational corporations make the war go round appeared first on Asia Times.

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The Philippines construction of its first BrahMos anti-ship missile base highlights a bold military modernization move amid rising tensions with China in the South China Sea. However, the move’s success is imperiled by inadequate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and air defense capabilities, potential logistical challenges and the complexities of regional geopolitics. This month, Naval [] The post Philippine BrahMos missile base drops a sea gauntlet on China appeared first on Asia Times.

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US presidential candidates are fond of talking about what they’ll do “on day one” if elected. Donald Trump is no exception. Yet they routinely omit to speak – and apparently forget to think – of how they might use the almost limitless discretion that a president enjoys about how he does the one thing that [] The post US no longer needs a physical political capital appeared first on Asia Times.

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MANILA – Barely one month since China imposed new maritime regulations for the South China Sea and yet another major incident involving Philippine and Chinese maritime forces has erupted in the disputed waters. Manila and Beijing have traded accusations following a collision on Monday (June 17) between their vessels over the Second Thomas Shoal, a [] The post China-Philippines one step closer to armed conflict appeared first on Asia Times.

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Russian energy giant Gazprom is reported to have been hit particularly hard by sanctions imposed as a result of the war with Ukraine. An internal report – obtained and published by the Financial Times – has forecast that the company is unlikely to recover gas sales lost as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [] The post How Putin projects as a modern-day Peter the Great appeared first on Asia Times.

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AI’s increasing presence on the battlefield is a major concern for strategic stability. In the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the alleged use of AI for targeting should raise alarm bells and motivate greater efforts towards regulation and arms control. It is only a matter of time before similar concerns become visible in the Indo-Pacific, where [] The post Time for an AI arms control agreement? appeared first on Asia Times.

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US President Joe Biden raised tariffs on Chinese-made goods sharply in May, claiming that the “Chinese government has cheated by pouring money into Chinese companies … hurting competitors who play by the rules.” The tariffs are 25% on steel and aluminum, 50% on semiconductors and solar panels and 100% on electric vehicles. Under Biden’s presidency, [] The post US cheats more than China on free and fair trade appeared first on Asia Times.

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China is incorporating more advanced stealth drones, drone carriers and novel unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) into its military mix, signaling a shift to a drone-focused naval strategy for a potential Taiwan conflict against the US. This month, The War Zone reported that recent satellite imagery has revealed mockups of China’s stealthy GJ-11 Sharp Sword unmanned [] The post China going all-in on drone-led seizure of Taiwan appeared first on Asia Times.

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China has launched an anti-dumping investigation into pork imports from the European Union after the bloc decided to impose new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. The investigation could eventually lead to an increase in Chinas tariffs on EU pork products, hitting Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France. Currently, China levies a 12% tariff on [] The post China targets EU pork in tit-for-tat trade spat appeared first on Asia Times.

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Jens Stoltenberg,the 13th secretary general of NATO, says that the alliance is in talks to deploy more nuclear weapons and modernize their delivery systems.Stoltenberg told theTelegraphin the UK:I wont go into operational details about how many nuclear warheadsshould be operational and which should be stored, but we need to consult on these issues. Thats exactly [] The post Why is NATO expanding its nuclear force? appeared first on Asia Times.

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China’s recent economic data presents a mixed, yet promising, picture of its ongoing and evolving economic recovery.  While industrial expansion showed signs of slowing in May, retail spending surged past forecasts, suggesting a potential easing of the deep imbalances that have long-plagued China’s economy. This development indicates that government efforts to boost consumption might finally [] The post China retail surge hints at economic rebalancing appeared first on Asia Times.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he and Chinese Premier Li Qiang discussed improving military-to-military communications to avoid future incidents involving their armed forces in their wide-ranging meeting on Monday. This follows an encounter last year in which Australian Navy divers were targeted with sonar and one this year when flares were dropped on an [] The post Albanese-Li meeting not all peaches and cream appeared first on Asia Times.

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The Economist hasa good storyon the rise of Chinese science. In terms of “high-impact” (i.e. highly cited) publications, China has soared past the US and Europe: Now, these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt. Measuring the impact of papers by looking at how many other papers cite them can be a [] The post Putting Chinas science surge in proper perspective appeared first on Asia Times.

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KINMEN, Taiwan – The Shun Da was kilometers off course. Authorized by China’s Maritime Safety Administration todredge the seafloorfor a new bridge near Xiamen, the Chinese-flagged vessel was instead buzzing the Taiwanese coast guard on Taiwan’s Dadan Island, about 16 kilometers to the southwest. “It’s not supposed to be here,” said Asheng, a deckhand aboard [] The post China’s war with Taiwan is already underway appeared first on Asia Times.

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During his visit to the Adelaide Zoo on Sunday, Chinese Premier Li Qiang announced that two “equally beautiful, lively, cute, and younger” pandas would be given to Australia to replace Wang Wang and Fu Ni, who will return to China later this year after calling Adelaide home for 15 years. The gifting of pandas to [] The post Chinas long and fuzzy history of panda diplomacy appeared first on Asia Times.

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The US seeks to revolutionize drone warfare through the rapid, iterative development and procurement of adaptable, cost-effective Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) drones, now seen as essential for maintaining air superiority against near-peer adversaries. This month, The Warzone reported US Air Force (USAF) Chief of Staff General David Allvin has recently emphasized the necessity of shifting [] The post US doubling down on drone swarm war for Taiwan appeared first on Asia Times.

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