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diviner.jpg A movie review of a film about war and personal loss. Crowe’s passion project is a mixed bag. AWSM read more

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[l] at 1/9/22 8:19pm
gelderloos.jpg A short summary of the first book club session held by Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM). Certain critiques of power have become infectious and contagious, as if we are worried we will catch “Rightwingitus”. AWSM read more

[Category: Peter Gelderloos, New Zealand, Corona World]

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[l] at 1/5/22 4:59pm
kazakh.png Over the past two days there have been mass protests, and talk of revolution in the central Asian Country of Kazakhstan. This Article will aim to give readers a very general idea of the situation as of January Fifth 2022. "it is imperative that we educate ourselves on the condition of the Kazakh workers and monitor their active fight for eventual liberation, whether that liberation be now or at a later date." read more

[Category: Andrew Heggie, journalism, Kazakhstan, 2022 Revolt, Kazakhstan]

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[l] at 1/1/22 4:20pm
casino.jpg A message of solidarity with striking casino staff in Aotearoa/New Zealand. ...this attempt by management to divide them needs to be called out through such actions as this. AWSM read more

[Category: Aotearoa/New Zealand, New Zealand, Casino Workers]

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[l] at 12/31/21 1:02pm
header.jpg Yesterday, in Sudan, during nationwide demonstrations against the military dictatorship that seized power on October 25, state forces repeatedly used live rounds against protesters, killing at least four people and wounding many more. Security forces have killed scores of demonstrators since the coup of October 25. Nevertheless, a powerful movement based in local resistance committees and courageous street demonstrations continues to resist the consolidation of power under the military. We present the following interview with anarchist participants in the demonstrations in hopes of helping people outside Sudan to understand the situation. read more

[Category: Sudan]

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[l] at 12/23/21 9:25pm
richard.jpg A movie review about somebody falsely accused of terrorism. In its own small way it serves as a warning about media bias and governmental overreach. LAMA read more

[Category: AWSM/LAMA, USA, terrorism]

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[l] at 12/19/21 2:43pm
101 Russian mathematicians sent the following letter to the International Mathematical Union Executive Committee, concerning the case of our colleague Azat Miftakhov. Dear members of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) Executive Committee, read more

[Category: Azat Miftakhov, Russia]

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[l] at 12/14/21 7:27am
Festival Feast After Plague (formerly Father Frost against Putin) is postponed to the next May, due to too slow opening of the external EU borders. Festival will be organised from 6th to 9th of May 2022. read more

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contro-il-green-pass.jpg | Italiano | English | Français | • Trieste, Italy: protest against the Green Pass intensifies • There is only one part of the fence… • The Draghi government uncovers its true nature at the service of big capital and the ruling classes! • Trento: Against the Green Pass, against the State and its Emergencies. Let’s block everything • Nothing will be the same as before, for you http://www.autistici.org/tridnivalka/italy-against-the-green-pass-against-the-state/ (IT) https://www.autistici.org/tridnivalka/italia-contro-il-green-pass-contro-lo-stato/ read more

[Category: Italy, class struggle, corona virus Corona Virus Covid-19, Covid-19, Protest, vaccination, internationalism]

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[l] at 11/29/21 4:39am
13161714_1070937076285702_5929566688465159722_o.png This text was written by a group of workers who left the ARK in early 2021 to form a new organisation. In the text we trace the history of the union, focusing on the events in which we were directly involved. In addition to the various workers’ struggles this text includes an analysis on both the successes and the many mistakes we made over the years. We hope the victories of the workers in this history will serve as inspiration to those of you who, like us, realize the need for organization and struggle. We also hope that the analysis of the mistakes we have made will help workers and trade unionists who have taken the path of autonomous, base unionism in order not to repeat them. read more
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[l] at 11/24/21 8:51am
Shoulder-to-shoulder-on-the-picket-line.jpg Education workers with the University and College Union (UCU) are preparing for another battle around pensions, casualization, pay, and discrimination. This article was first published by the Industrial Workers of the World. ...we need to institutionalize worker-student solidarity by building workplace councils and committees that listen, represent, and coordinate all workers regardless of the type of work they do or if they are workers to be. Industrial Workers of the World read more

[Category: education, IWW, UCU, UK, universities, PDFs, strikes] [Link to media]

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[l] at 11/23/21 8:03am
India header.jpg In the following report, Pranav Jeevan P explores the conflict between the farmers and the far-right government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the character of the movement that the farmers initiated, and the means by which they triumphed. This article was originally published by Crimethinc. The fact that these protests succeeded, thanks to so many people collectively organizing and cooperating for such a long time, shows us that we can self-organize and create communities without externally imposed institutions. Pranav Jeevan P read more

[Category: agriculture, CrimethInc., Pranav Jeevan P, India]

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[l] at 11/22/21 7:17am
title photo.jpg For several months now, Ukraine has been engulfed in social unrest, which periodically subside before flaring up again. On the other hand, the biggest own action of Kharkov anarchists at this moment stills be anti-police street intervention during LGBTQ march on 12th September which was announced much previously than semi-spontaneous gas unrests. assembly.org.ua, Favela 61 read more

[Category: assembly.org.ua, Favela 61, Ukraine, Eastern Europe]

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[l] at 11/1/21 5:13am
great.png This article looks at the phenomenon of the Great Resignation and what it means now and for the future. it has led workers to openly question what the fuck it’s all about. Pink Panther/AWSM read more

[Category: New Zealand]

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[l] at 10/21/21 2:16pm
IATSE header.png MK Lees offers context to the recent IATSE strike vote and potential settlement. This article was first published by Organizing Work. However, even as the leadership is ready to call it a day and send their members back to work, even in a relatively anemic, top-down union like IATSE, the workers still have the final say in what action they will take to stand up for their own needs... MK Lees read more

[Category: film, IATSE, media and culture, MK Lees, Organizing Work, television, USA, strikes]

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[l] at 10/15/21 9:30am
image-1.--300x300.png This leaflet was distributed in Boulogne-sur-Mer by the comrades of “La Mouette Enragée” [The Enraged Seagull] on the occasion of the demonstration of October 5th, 2021 “against the pension and unemployment insurance reforms, against precariousness and for the increase of wages”. This “inter-union day of strike” is obviously only an umpteenth counter-fire aimed at putting out the flames of proletarian revolt… read more

[Category: La Mouette Enragée, France, corona virus Corona Virus Covid-19, Covid-19, Protest, vaccination, internationalism]

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[l] at 10/14/21 12:19am
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-14 at 08.12.26.jpeg Bishop Rubin Phillip, a partisan of liberation theology and a former deputy to Steve Biko in the Black Consciousness Movement remains committed to the self-organisation of the oppressed. He has just released a statement of solidarity with the eKhenana Commune, a land occupation organised by Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban, that has faced sustained state violent, and now a series of arrests on trumped up charges. The Commune includes the Frantz Fanon Political School, which is used for radical education for activists around South Africa. The eKhenana settlement in Cato Manor, Durban, is an inspiring model of what can be achieved by democratic forms of self-organisation. Rubin Phillip read more

[Category: Abahlali baseMjondolo, Rubin Phillip, South Africa, The eKhenana Commune]

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[l] at 10/12/21 5:36am
Amazon SI Cobas.jpg Monday 11th October saw a general strike called by several base unions in Italy, which was marked by a mass blockade against an Amazon warehouse and a violent attack against picketers. Content warning for violence and graphic videos. read more

[Category: COBAS, distribution, SI Cobas, textiles, USI, Italy, Amazon, base unions, general strikes, repression, strikes]

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[l] at 9/30/21 4:37am
sciopero-11-ottobre.jpg Base and grassroots unions in Italy have called a general strike in October, which has now been moved forward to October 11th. This article was previously published by the International Confederation of Labour. We continue the build-up, in every workplace and everywhere, to the nation-wide general strike called jointly by grassroot unions on October 11th in Italy against the policies of the Draghi government and the EU. Joint statement of Italian base unions read more

[Category: COBAS, International Confederation of Labour, SI Cobas, USI, Italy, base unions, general strikes, strikes]

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[l] at 9/29/21 10:00am
Obreros-Unidad-Popular-1024x630.jpg Text from VAMOS HACIA LA VIDA group about anniversary of September 11 coup in Chile read more

[Category: Vamos hacia la vida, Chile, Chilean coup of 1973, class struggle, internationalism]

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[l] at 9/29/21 3:30am
Review of a dystopian survival drama. ...a well-made, bloody and accurate indictment of capitalism. LAMA read more

[Category: Sth Korea, South Korea, Drama]

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