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[l] at 3/29/23 2:00pm
If theres one thing weve learned from [Chris] at Clickspring, its that a clockmaker will stop at nothing to make a clock not only work perfectly, but look good doing read more

[Category: clock hacks, brass, clockmaking, fusee, gear, horology, lathe, machining, mainspring, wheel]

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[l] at 3/29/23 12:30pm
While we might all be quick to grab a microcontroller and an appropriate sensor to solve some problem, gather data about a system, or control another piece of technology, there read more

[Category: Parts, analog, body diode, control, diode, electronics, heater, mosfet, thermostat, transistor, voltage regulator]

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[l] at 3/29/23 11:00am
We often write quick bash scripts and judging by the comments, half of us use bash or a similar shell to pop out quick, useful scripts, and half of us read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, Linux Hacks, bash, gum, linux, scripting, scripts]

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[l] at 3/29/23 9:30am
Its been a long time since vacuum tubes were cutting-edge technology, but that doesnt mean they dont show up around here once in a while. And when they do, we read more

[Category: classic hacks, Radio Hacks, amateur, cw, ham, morse, oscillator, QRP, QSO, radio, spy radio, vacuum tube]

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[l] at 3/29/23 8:00am
When it comes to reducing emissions from human sources, were at the point now where we need to take a broad-based approach. Its not enough to simply make our cars read more

[Category: Featured, Interest, Transportation Hacks, boat, jet ski, jetski, ocean, personal watercraft, recreational water craft, recreational watercraft, sea, water, watercraft]

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[l] at 3/29/23 5:00am
While our desktop machines are largely limited to various types of plastic, 3D printing in other materials offers unique benefits. For example, printing with concrete makes it possible to quickly read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, 3d printer, aerospace, induction, metal, metal printer, robot, robotic arm, rosotics, wire]

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[l] at 3/29/23 2:00am
If you wanted to create a VGA card, you might think about using an FPGA. But there are simpler ways to generate patterns, including an old-fashioned EPROM, as [DrMattRegan] points read more

[Category: Retrocomputing, Video Hacks, eprom, vga]

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[l] at 3/28/23 11:00pm
Have you ever watched a movie or a video and really noticed the quality of the camera work? If you have, chances are the camera operator wasnt very skilled, since read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, Arduino Mega 2560, bearing, din, encoder, handwheel, pan, simulator, Tilt]

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[l] at 3/28/23 8:00pm
[RetroBytes] nicely presents the curious history of the SPARC processor architecture. SPARC, short for Scalable Processor Architecture, defined some of the most commercially successful RISC processors during the 1980s and read more

[Category: History, computer history, CPU architecture, risc, sparc]

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[l] at 3/28/23 5:00pm
For some gamers, having a light fast polling mouse is key. [Ali] of [Optimum Tech] loved his 23-gram mouse but disliked the cord. Not seeing any options for a comparable read more

[Category: Peripherals Hacks, 3D resin printer, computer mouse, industrial design]

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[l] at 3/28/23 2:00pm
Were not sure, but the number of recognizable alphanumeric characters that a seven-segment display can manage seems to have more to do with human pattern recognition than engineering. It takes read more

[Category: LED Hacks, 14 segment, common cathode, fourteen, IoT, led, raspberry pi]

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[l] at 3/28/23 12:30pm
ChatGPT might be making the news these days for being able to answer basically any question its asked, those of us who are a little older remember a much simpler read more

[Category: classic hacks, Toy Hacks, 3d printing, accelerometer, Magic 8-ball, microcontroller, oled, stm32, tech support]

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[l] at 3/28/23 11:00am
If you were anywhere near Hackaday over the weekend, you certainly noticed that we launched the tenth annual Hackaday Prize! In celebration of the milestone, we picked from our favorite read more

[Category: contests, Hackaday Columns, News, 2023 Hackaday Prize, Hackaday Prize]

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[l] at 3/28/23 9:30am
Running a debugger like gdb with real-mode 16-bit code on the x86 platform is not the easiest thing to do, but incredibly useful when it comes to analyzing BIOS firmware read more

[Category: Reverse Engineering, Software Hacks, debugging, x86 real-mode]

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[l] at 3/28/23 8:00am
On the technology spectrum, railroads would certainly seem to skew toward the brutally simplistic side of things. A couple of strips of steel, some wooden ties and gravel ballast to read more

[Category: Engineering, Featured, Interest, Original Art, acoustic, axle, bearing, defect detection, ir, journal, Microbolometer, rail, railroad, railway, sensor, train, wheel]

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[l] at 3/28/23 5:00am
After passing an exam and obtaining a license, an amateur radio operator will typically pick up a VHF ratio and start talking to other hams in their local community. From read more

[Category: Radio Hacks, Space, amateur radio, beacon, bounce, ham, meteor, radio, reflection, RTL-SDR, six meter, uk meteor beacon project]

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[l] at 3/28/23 2:00am
Sitting on a train leaving the Hackaday Berlin conference, and Hacker News pops up Julian Shapiro with a guide to HiFi. What Hackaday scribe wouldnt give it a click, to read more

[Category: home entertainment hacks, audio, audiophile, HiFi]

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[l] at 3/27/23 11:00pm
For a brief moment in the late 00s, netbooks dominated the low-cost mobile computing market. These were small, low-cost, low-power laptops, some tiny enough to only have a seven-inch display, read more

[Category: Retrocomputing, boot, filesystem, grub, hyperspace, instant-on, linux, master boot record, netbook, phoenix, samsung, virtualization, windows]

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[l] at 3/27/23 8:00pm
The amateur radio community often gets stereotyped as a hobby with a minimum age requirement around 70, gatekeeping airwaves from those with less experience or simply ignoring unfamiliar beginners. While read more

[Category: Radio Hacks, amater radio, colossal cave adventure, data, gaming, ham, packet, pdp-11, radio]

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[l] at 3/27/23 5:30pm
In celebration of the tenth running of the Hackaday Prize, we had a fantastic weekend event in Berlin. This was a great opportunity for all of the European Hackaday community read more

[Category: cons, Hackaday Columns, News, Hackaday Berlin, photos, talks, wrapup]

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[l] at 3/27/23 2:00pm
When it comes to placing a project underwater, the easy way out is to just stick it in some sort of waterproof container, cover it with hot glue, and call read more

[Category: how-to, encapsulating, encapsulation, underwater, waterproof, waterproofing]

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