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[l] at 8/19/22 11:00am
Ask the average person about steam power and theyll probably imagine a bygone era, a time when the sky was thick with smoke belched out by coal-burning locomotives and paddle-wheel read more

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[l] at 8/19/22 10:00am
Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Managing Editor Tom Nardi are here to bring you the best stories and hacks from the previous week (and maybe a little older). Things kick off read more

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[l] at 8/19/22 9:00am
Pantographs were once used as simple mechanical devices for a range of tasks, including duplicating simple line drawings. [Tim] decided to make a modern electronic version that spits out G-Code read more

[Category: cnc hacks, geometry, hall effect sensor, pantograph, tracing]

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[l] at 8/19/22 8:00am
Its debatable just how useful Secure Boot is for end users, but now theres yet another issue with Secure Boot, or more specifically, a trio of signed bootloaders. Researchers at read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, News, Security Hacks, Attack on Titan, KASLR, sonic, This Week in Security]

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[l] at 8/19/22 5:00am
One of the more recent trendy builds weve seen is the slow-motion movie player. We love them displaying one frame for a couple of hours to perhaps a full read more

[Category: Art, Microcontrollers, art, coprocessor, e-ink, e-paper, ESP-32, movie, seven-color, waveshare]

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[l] at 8/19/22 2:00am
Mecanum wheels are popular choices for everything from robots to baggage handling equipment in airports. Depending on their direction of rotation, they can generate forces in any planar direction, providing read more

[Category: Robots Hacks, ESP32, mecanum, mecanum wheels, playstation 4, ps4, ps4 controller]

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[l] at 8/18/22 11:00pm
If youve ever been at an eatery and thought the server was a bit robotic, you should try San Franciscos Mezli. The restaurant claims to be the first one to read more

[Category: Robots Hacks, restaurant, robot, vending machine]

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[l] at 8/18/22 8:00pm
Imagine for a moment that you design products for a living. But you cant design all the things, so you have to buy some of your stuff from big-box stores read more

[Category: Tool Hacks, die-cast, forging, laser-cut tools, plastic, single-use plastic]

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[l] at 8/18/22 5:00pm
In the old days, it wasnt uncommon to put an AM radio near a computer or a monitor and deliberately cause interference to have a crude form of sound generation. read more

[Category: Misc Hacks, Musical Hacks, tempest, van eck]

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[l] at 8/18/22 2:00pm
If youve ever tried to drill a hole on an angle with a power drill, youve probably drilled some pretty shocking holes. To do it right, you really need some read more

[Category: Tool Hacks, drill, drill guide, power drill, tool hacks, tools]

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[l] at 8/18/22 12:30pm
Have you ever been tempted by those metal 3D printing services? [Carter Hurd] has, and puts them to the test with a wristwatch. (Video, embedded below.) Its fair to say read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, metal 3d print, sls, wristwatch]

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[l] at 8/18/22 9:30am
If youre a die hard sports fan, theres nothing you love more than staying abreast of developments in the league, from top to bottom. [Kiu] had a family member that read more

[Category: Robots Hacks, american football, football, mini helmets, NFL, sports, stepper motor]

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[l] at 8/18/22 8:00am
Theres a dreaded disease thats plagued Internet Service Providers for years. OK, theres probably several diseases, but today were talking about bufferbloat. What it is, how to test for it, read more

[Category: Featured, Interest, internet hacks, Network Hacks, bandwidth, Bufferbloat, internet, latency, openwrt, TCP, tcp/ip]

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[l] at 8/18/22 5:00am
Have you ever found that, despite having a central heating and air conditioning system, that not all the rooms in your home end up being the temperature you want them read more

[Category: home hacks, Microcontrollers, home automation, hvac, mqtt, smart home]

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[l] at 8/18/22 2:00am
Lets be real, yanking the ATX power supply out of an old desktop computer and turning it into something you can use on the workbench isnt exactly an advanced project. read more

[Category: classic hacks, Tool Hacks, atx power supply, atx psu, bench power supply]

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[l] at 8/17/22 11:00pm
If theres no circuitry on a printed circuit board, does it cease being a PCB and perhaps instead become just a PB? Call them what you will, the fact that read more

[Category: clock hacks, LED Hacks, clock, diffuser, ESP32, FR-4, led, mask, ntp, pcb, Wemos]

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[l] at 8/17/22 8:00pm
An increasing phenomenon over the years since mobile phones morphed from simply telephones into general purpose pocket computers has been that of the dead device taking with it some treasured read more

[Category: Raspberry Pi, Reverse Engineering, data recovery, emmc, flash]

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[l] at 8/17/22 5:00pm
PrusaSlicer has a new feature: the ability to import a CAD model for 3D printing. Starting in version 2.5.0-beta1, PrusaSlicer can import STEP format 3D models. An imported STEP file is read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, 3D Printering, 3d printing, cad, step, stl]

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[l] at 8/17/22 2:00pm
Rolling codes change the signal sent by car keyfobs unpredictably on every use, rendering them safe from replay attacks, and we can all sleep well at night. A research team read more

[Category: car hacks, classic hacks, keyfob, rolling code, RollJam]

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[l] at 8/17/22 11:00am
If you are a bibliophile, going to a used bookstore is a distinctly pleasant experience. Sure, you might discover an old book that you want to read. But at least read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, Microcontrollers, Rants, Retrocomputing, parallax, retrocomputing]

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[l] at 8/17/22 10:00am
You wake up in the morning, and check Hackaday over breakfast. Then its off to work or school, where youve already had to explain the Jolly Wrencher to your shoulder-surfing read more

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