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[l] at 5/28/23 5:48pm
The bills’ passage was the culmination of a Republican effort to increase oversight of voting in Harris County, which includes Houston.

[Category: Law and Legislation, State Legislatures, Politics and Government, Elections, State Legislature, Voting Rights, Registration and Requirements, Electronic Registration Information Center, Texas]

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[l] at 5/28/23 5:06pm
Recep Tayyip Erdogan has given few indications that he intends to change course at home, where he faces a looming economic crisis, or in foreign policy, where he has vexed Western allies.

[Category: Erdogan, Recep Tayyip, Elections, Turkey, Politics and Government, International Relations]

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[l] at 5/28/23 4:47pm
The building conflict between moderates and hard-liners in one of the Republican Party’s most important states highlights tension over the future of the party.

[Category: Law and Legislation, Impeachment, State Legislatures, Conservatism (US Politics), Republican Party, Abbott, Gregory W (1957- ), Paxton, Ken, Patrick, Dan (1950- ), Texas]

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[l] at 5/28/23 3:33pm
Andrei Medvedev fought with Russia’s Wagner mercenaries in Ukraine, then requested asylum in Norway. The authorities there must now weigh his plea against solidarity with Ukraine.

[Category: International Relations, Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors, Asylum, Right of, Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Wagner Group, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Defectors (Political), Desertion (Military), Europe]

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[l] at 5/28/23 2:29pm
Our photographer followed the maestro when he came to town to conduct Mahler’s Ninth — his first time leading the New York Philharmonic since being named its next music director.

[Category: Classical Music, Appointments and Executive Changes, Music, Carnegie Hall, Geffen, David, Hall (Manhattan, NY), New York Philharmonic, Dudamel, Gustavo, Ninth Symphony (Mahler) (Musical Work)]

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[l] at 5/28/23 2:11pm
Shrieking on Twitter is not a masculine virtue.

[Category: Men and Boys, Right-Wing Extremism and Alt-Right, Conservatism (US Politics), Hawley, Josh D (1979- ), Kipling, Rudyard]

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[l] at 5/28/23 2:01pm
Marta Kostyuk of Ukraine had the crowd on her side initially, but then was booed after she did not shake hands with Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus after losing to her in straight sets.

[Category: Tennis, French Open (Tennis), Kalinina, Anhelina (1997- ), Kostyuk, Marta, Sabalenka, Aryna, Svitolina, Elina, Trevisan, Martina (1993- )]

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[l] at 5/28/23 1:44pm
The commemoration is intended to remember, honor and salute the nation’s fallen service members. But not all of those we should recognize fit neatly into that definition.

[Category: United States Defense and Military Forces, Memorial Day, Veterans, Civilian Casualties, Monuments and Memorials (Structures), Suicides and Suicide Attempts, Funerals and Memorials, Deaths (Fatalities), Iraq War (2003-11), Agent Orange (Defoliant), Afghanistan War (2001- ), American Red Cross, Iraq Body Count, United States Army, Veterans Affairs Department, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Biden, Joseph R Jr, MacArthur, Douglas, Columbus (Miss), Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan]

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[l] at 5/28/23 1:43pm
The move on Saturday was the culmination of years of official complaints and legal proceedings involving the three-term attorney general.

[Category: Texas, State Legislatures, Attorneys General, Impeachment, Republican Party, Politics and Government, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Paxton, Ken, Paul, Nate (1987- ), Ethics and Official Misconduct, Corruption (Institutional), Workplace Hazards and Violations]

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[l] at 5/28/23 1:24pm
Nothing delights the MAGA king more than curb-stomping the weak. Where does the Republican Party go from here?

[Category: Presidential Election of 2024, Christie, Christopher J, DeSantis, Ron, Trump, Donald J, United States Politics and Government, Primaries and Caucuses, Republican Party]

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[l] at 5/28/23 1:01pm
To make good on its promise, artificial intelligence needs to deepen human intelligence.

[Category: Artificial Intelligence, Computers and the Internet, Colleges and Universities, Language and Languages, ChatGPT, E-Mail]

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[l] at 5/28/23 12:46pm
With the right and the left up in arms about the agreement in principle reached by the president and the speaker, both sides started to make the case for its quick passage, a tall order in Congress.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Federal Budget (US), Conservatism (US Politics), United States Economy, National Debt (US), Welfare (US), Congressional Progressive Caucus, Democratic Party, House of Representatives, Republican Party, Senate, Biden, Joseph R Jr, McCarthy, Kevin (1965- )]

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[l] at 5/28/23 12:39pm
The California Democrat is surrounded by a large retinue of aides at all times, who tell her how and when to vote, explain what is going on when she is confused, and shield her from the press and public.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Feinstein, Dianne, Senate, Democratic Party, California]

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[l] at 5/28/23 10:47am
A judge is expected to rule as soon as this week on whether the new law banning “adult cabaret” in front of children is constitutional.

[Category: Law and Legislation, Drag (Performance), State Legislatures, LGBTQ Pride Month (US), Black People, Arkansas, Clarksville (Tenn), Englewood (NJ), Florida, Kyle (Tex), Kentucky, Miami (Fla), Nashville (TV Program)]

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[l] at 5/28/23 10:45am
Recent research shows that most pregnancy-related deaths occur in the year after a baby is born. The discovery is changing how doctors care for new mothers.

[Category: Maternal Mortality, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Deaths (Fatalities), Black People, Native Americans, Heart, Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Stroke, Preeclampsia, Suicides and Suicide Attempts, Depression (Mental), Mental Health and Disorders, Anxiety and Stress, Research, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States, your-feed-science]

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[l] at 5/28/23 10:24am
The deal to raise the debt ceiling bolsters President Biden’s argument that he is committed to bipartisanship, but it comes at the cost of rankling many in his own party.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Welfare (US), United States Economy, Medicaid, National Debt (US), Federal Budget (US), Food Stamps, Democratic Party, House of Representatives, Internal Revenue Service, Republican Party, Senate, McCarthy, Kevin (1965- ), Biden, Joseph R Jr]

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[l] at 5/28/23 9:47am
The extraordinary vote on impeachment exposed rifts among Texas Republicans and set the stage for a contentious showdown in the State Senate.

[Category: Impeachment, Attorneys General, State Legislatures, Paul, Nate (1987- ), Paxton, Ken, Trump, Donald J, Austin (Tex), Texas]

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[l] at 5/28/23 3:01am
The show’s costume designer, Michelle Matland, explained why she always starts “at the bottom.”

[Category: Costumes, Matland, Michelle, Content Type: Personal Profile, Fashion and Apparel, Succession (TV Program), Television]

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[l] at 5/28/23 3:01am
Ron DeSantis entered the presidential race last week along with Tim Scott, with others to follow. For the former president, the more candidates the better.

[Category: DeSantis, Ron, Trump, Donald J, Scott, Timothy Eugene, Pence, Mike, Presidential Election of 2024, Republican Party]

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[l] at 5/28/23 3:00am
Richard Revesz is changing the way the government calculates the cost and benefits of regulation, with far-reaching implications for climate change.

[Category: Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry, United States Politics and Government, Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (US), Biden, Joseph R Jr, Revesz, Richard L]

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[l] at 5/27/23 10:11pm
Details are trickling out about the accord that could avert a default on the national debt. Here’s what to know.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, National Debt (US), Federal Budget (US), Republican Party, House of Representatives, Treasury Department, Biden, Joseph R Jr, McCarthy, Kevin (1965- )]

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[l] at 5/27/23 1:33pm
The company chartered centuries ago to found the colony that became part of Canada last year gave a building to the Indigenous that is heavy in symbolism. The move is being criticized by some as hollow.

[Category: Indigenous People, Shopping and Retail, Real Estate (Commercial), Hudson's Bay Co, Canada, Manitoba (Canada), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Historic Buildings and Sites, Discrimination]

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[l] at 5/27/23 8:16am
Fox’s handling of the defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems, which settled for $787.5 million, left many unanswered questions.

[Category: News and News Media, Television, Libel and Slander, Compensation for Damages (Law), Suits and Litigation (Civil), Legal Profession, Presidential Election of 2020, Voter Fraud (Election Fraud), Voting Machines, First Amendment (US Constitution), Fox Corporation, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Dominion Voting Systems Corp, Smartmatic SGO Group, Bartiromo, Maria, Carlson, Tucker, Clement, Paul D, Murdoch, Lachlan, Murdoch, Rupert, Dinh, Viet]

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[l] at 5/26/23 4:03pm
Leyner Palacios’s push for dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation has made him the face of peace in Colombia — and subjected him to death threats.

[Category: Palacios, Leyner, Content Type: Personal Profile, Colombia, War and Armed Conflicts, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Peace Process, Defense and Military Forces, Civilian Casualties, Politics and Government, Bojaya (Colombia)]

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[l] at 5/26/23 1:33pm
The HBO drama, which ends on Sunday, updates past rich-people soaps like “Dallas.” But unlike those series, it argues that the problems of the hyper-wealthy inevitably become ours too.

[Category: Television, Succession (TV Program)]

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[l] at 5/26/23 3:01am
Stefanie Bassett and Elizabeth Peeples left their city lives behind to raise mollusks.

[Category: Oysters, Fish Farming, Real Estate (Commercial), Small Business, Content Type: Personal Profile, Cornelius & Little Ram Oyster Co LLC, Bassett, Stefanie (1980- ), Peeples, Elizabeth (1980- ), Little Ram Island (NY), Shelter Island (NY), Southold (NY), North Fork (NY), Long Island (NY), Suffolk County (NY)]

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[l] at 5/25/23 2:36pm
Summer is just around the corner. We’ll help you navigate all the city has to offer — with some help from New York-based experts.

[Category: New York City, Summer (Season), Memorial Day, Central Park Summerstage, Museums, Music, Parks and Other Recreation Areas, Theater, Art, Parties (Social), Bars and Nightclubs, Culture (Arts)]

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