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Sa’adat is the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and has been a political prisoner for nearly two decades.

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Sheik Jarrah became a flashpoint of struggle in May when occupation forces attempting to expel Palestinian families and replace them with Israeli settlers.

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[l] at 1/23/22 1:19pm
In commemoration of the 49th anniversary of the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, activists and community members came out into the streets of Chicago to protest crisis pregnancy centers and demand the federal legalization of abortion.

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[l] at 1/23/22 1:11pm
vetoing LD 1711, a bill that would have granted farmworkers the ability to bargain for better wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions.

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Ever since the landmark 1973 case, reactionary forces have waged a war to reverse this decision by any means necessary.

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It has been proven time and again that without mass pressure from the people, these patterns will continue – the Democrats will give in to the right-wing forces in their party, and will fail to pass even the smallest reforms. 

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[l] at 1/18/22 8:54pm
On Jan. 16 union members approved a five year contract with Republic Services by a vote of 137-70.

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Organizers' success depends not just on the correctness of their ideas but on the ability to share these ideas with other working class people...

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[l] at 1/17/22 6:48pm
Employees of Austin, Texas-based pizzeria Via 313 and their supporters protested on Jan. 8 for better sick pay, better COVID-19 protocols and transparency in the company's management of worker health.

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[l] at 1/16/22 7:53pm
Students across Boston walked out of their schools at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 14 in protest against unsafe learning conditions. Their demands align with the Boston Teachers Union — that state officials strengthen COVID-19 safety protocols and make remote learning an option. 

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The early release of Van Dyke is not only a failure of the justice system, but also a testament to the U.S. capitalist system’s protection of their lethal and criminal police force.

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Short-staffing is an intentional practice where hospitals don't schedule enough RNs to safely care for patients in order to increase hospital profits.

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[l] at 1/16/22 11:55am
"If you have each others’ backs there is nothing that Starbucks can do to stop you."

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[l] at 1/15/22 9:49am
Jose Cortes, a socialist candidate for U.S. Congress in 2022, filed to run in California’s new 51st congressional district (CA51).

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Counter protesters confronted the anti-abortion marchers and their fascist allies at multiple points along their route.

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[l] at 1/15/22 2:45am
Opponents of the mandate argue that their position is intended to protect the freedom of workers. But the reality is the opposite.

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[l] at 1/13/22 10:39pm
The U.S. government runs Guantánamo prison on Cuban soil, territory illegally held since 1898.

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[l] at 1/13/22 7:37pm
Andira Ture asked for sex education at the Timilty Middle School, and her son faced retaliation. After her concerns were dismissed by administrators, Ture began a campaign to demand better from Boston Public Schools, and she wants parents and teachers to join her. Some already have.

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[l] at 1/13/22 6:40pm
"I think management, the bosses are always going to oppose it but literally everybody else is on our side."

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[l] at 1/13/22 5:43pm
The Party for Socialism and Liberation offers its heartfelt solidarity to the millions taking to the streets to oppose Sudan’s coup regime in the face of beatings, arrests and bullets

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'We refuse to die, we refuse to see our neighbors pushed out.”

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