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[l] at 8/19/22 12:33pm
Thousands of TV commercial production workers across the United States are in the midst of a historic union drive to join the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

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[l] at 8/18/22 2:31pm
The Biden administration’s latest reckless anti-China escalation is playing out on the economic front with newly-unveiled negotiations for a trade deal with Taiwan

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[l] at 8/17/22 1:34pm
The workers overwhelmingly voted in favor of unionizing by a margin of 55 to 5.

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[l] at 8/16/22 9:21pm
Despite Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability recommending Solano be fired for the fatal shooting of Alvarez on March 31, 2021, Police Superintendent David Brown disagreed with the punishment.

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[l] at 8/16/22 2:10pm
Only a bold program of social transformation aimed at tackling inequality in all its forms can mobilize people in sufficient numbers in a moment of crisis like this and turn back the rising tide of the far right

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[l] at 8/15/22 8:51pm
In the middle of a dinner rush, striking workers packed the lobby of the store, waving signs with their demands and chanting “MOD Pizza, you’re no good! Treat your workers like you should!”

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[l] at 8/15/22 1:09pm
From the launch of national initiatives, to putting organizers and speakers on the road, to supporting and coordinating local organizing, to producing PSL publications and other media, and to deepening the Party’s international solidarity work -- the National Fund Drive is essential.

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[l] at 8/15/22 12:40pm
Dr. Li Jiang, a post-doctoral researcher in the Pathology Department, is facing non-renewal of her position (essentially a firing), after she raised concerns that her supervisor had pressured her into falsifying data. 

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[l] at 8/15/22 8:53am
Transit workers from the Washington DC-metropolitan area reached a tentative agreement with management after a nine-day strike.

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[l] at 8/13/22 5:07pm
Liberation News spoke with anti-blockade activists about what they learned at the Fidel Castro Center and their reflection on his legacy.

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[l] at 8/13/22 6:42am
The fight is on.  Yellowhammer has no intentions of giving up in the struggle for abortion rights all reproductive rights and basic human rights.

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[l] at 8/12/22 8:25pm
Cuban leaders continue Fidel’s legacy especially in times of crisis

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[l] at 8/10/22 6:26pm
In Luverne, Alabama — the self-styled “Friendliest City in the South” — a Reuters report found that a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company has used child labor after the disappearance of a young migrant child from her home in Alabama.

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