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“Gavin Newsom, let them go!” Five hundred participants marched on San Quentin’s West Gate on Aug 2 protesting California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s cruel decision to keep thousands of incarcerated people exposed to the virus in prison. Two prisoners called into the protest, reporting the disorganization at the state’s oldest prison. “They still haven’t cleaned out …

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Longtime San Francisco labor and anti-war activist Gloria La Riva was chosen Aug. 1 as the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for U. S. President.

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What people need is not more profits for private companies and corporate bailouts, but a universal, socialist healthcare system.

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Pompeo openly called for regime change in China, saying that “if we don’t change China, China will change us.”

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The facility has seen four workers fall ill to COVID-19 in the past month, but management has not taken responsible action to ensure the safety of their workers by stopping operations and cleaning the warehouse.

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[l] at 7/31/20 10:10pm
For 63 days, every possible attempt to derail a people’s movement in defense of Black lives has been made against protesters in Portland, Oregon. Every red-baiting, reactionary talking point has been deployed. On the ground, the Portland Police Bureau, the National Guard and three different types of federal paramilitary police have attempted to crush dissent. …

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We demand an end to the war on Black America!

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Everyone wants students back in the schools, but not at the risk of losing lives.

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On Aug. 1, Amazon workers and community supporters in the Bay Area will hold an early-morning car caravan to deliver a petition to the San Leandro Amazon Warehouse.

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Everywhere the march went, it received cries, whistles and honks of support from sidewalks, apartment building windows, and drivers passing by.

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On July 21 an article published by Pittsbugh local news channel, WTAE, seemed to signal that the demands by Dannielle Brown, the mother of Jaylen Brown, were met by Duquesne University. Immediately people online began celebrating that the hunger strike is over and that Dannielle could finally go home. Read more about Dannielle Brown’s struggle …

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July 25 protest in Portland, Oregon. Liberation photo. With more than 50 million people having lost their jobs, a wave of evictions and foreclosures is beginning to sweep the country. Instead of providing real relief, the government is unleashing police departments to evict people from their homes, harass the homeless and continue to carry out …

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[l] at 7/27/20 8:56pm
Despite continued increases in COVID-19 cases, Nevada is now looking to reopen the economy. Casinos have already begun operating again across the state.

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The fight is sure to intensify as millions face homelessness in the coming period.

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What are the Henry Reeve Brigades and who is Henry Reeve?

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Nashville cops not observing mask wearing regulations, community member fights back.

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The protest was organized in response to an incident in which a 13-year-old BLM activist was threatened with lynching.

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Liberation photoThe action occurred on the four-year anniversary of the original occupation of Freedom Square in 2016. The

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Far from being intimidated, Portland residents were outraged when unannounced paramilitary units started grabbing protesters off the street.

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Protests in as many as 100 cities that day rang out with a strong message that Black Lives Matter is a labor issue, an issue that affects the entire labor movement, and affects every individual worker.

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Preparations for the protest march against Washington football team name Minneapolis, Minnesota November 2, 2014 Several thousand protesters marched through Minneapolis to TCF Stadium where the Vikings were playing the Washington DC football team. The protesters called for the Washington team to stop using the name "redskins" for their name and stop using the image of a Native American as their mascot. Another group from the University of Minnesota marched to the stadium too. 2014-11-02 This is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Give attribution to: Fibonacci BlueThe decision to change the name came swiftly after the start of protests following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others.

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