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The Committee to Protect Journalists today expressed concern over an Argentine court's summons of journalist Daniel Santoro and urged authorities to respect the confidentiality of journalistic sources.

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University of Havana. By Joel Fernandez (Florida, USA). Camera Phone Ine 6T plus

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In El Salvador, Evelyn Hernandez, a rape survivor who was jailed and later freed after she had a stillbirth is being retried for aggravated homicide.

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On May 10th 2002, the late Oswaldo Jose Paya Sardinas, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, presented 11,020 signatures to the National Assembly of People’s Power, for reforms so that democratic change could be brought about in Cuba, through Socialism’s legal channels. This became known as the Varela Project.

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Several days ago Irina Echarry wrote a post related to gender violence, specifically about the denunciation made by Dianelis Alfonso -known as La Diosa de Cuba-, and the way in which that case had impacted on Cuban society, which, as Irina rightly says, is a country accustomed to defending and justifying the abuser and offending the victim.

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Throughout the peak period, Venezuelan oil cooperation played a key role. It was its strongest lever. It can be stated correctly that Ortega never could have built his regime without the considerable resources provided [by Hugo Chavez] from Venezuela.

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Cuba is an underdeveloped or developing country, whatever one wants to call it. It is not a country that has large industries, it depends on revenue from tourism, tobacco, rum and sugar. And that it is not enough to cover our needs and resolve our problems.

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Alvaro Leiva Sanchez, executive secretary for the Nicaraguan Association for the Protection of Human Rights, left for the US this past weekend to begin contacts needed to formally accuse Nicaraguan rulers Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo of genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of the Nicaraguan peoples’ human rights before the international criminal courts. 

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Dog on Enramada Street in Santiago de Cuba. By Ariel Fuentes (Cuba). Camera Samsung Note 8

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I have just read a Facebook comment by a young woman who says she is Cuban and left Cuba for Ecuador, before finally arriving in the US. She dedicated the rest of her comment to criticizing Cuba’s political system.

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Bia Ferreira is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and activist hailing from Minas Gerais, Brazil. She was born into an evangelical family and followed her mother’s footsteps (her mother was a singer, choir conductor and pianist), entering the world of music at the tender age of 3 when she began studying piano.

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There were 17 hours of continuous gunfire, as witnessed by neighbors who recorded the sounds of the attack on their cell phones. That Friday, July 13, 2018, the Ortega Murillo regime sent their paramilitaries to mount a merciless attack on the students who were peacefully occupying the Nicaraguan National Autonomous University (UNAN).

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A retired US diplomat, Gary Maybarduck’s optimism with regard to our national situation comes as a surprise, as he says that Cubans have their own forces to get the national economy up off the ground, it’s just a matter of overcoming the arteriosclerosis which the regime has imposed.

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Stiltwalkers, Havana, Ciuba.  By Rafiki Shemanski (USA).  Camera: Canon Mini-Elph

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The months of July and August coincide with the vacations of a significant part of Cubans. It is the longest school break of the year, which is between one academic year and another, and many workers and non-essential workplaces plan their vacations to coincide with their children.

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Nicaraguan student leaders met in Washington D.C. with Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, who was updated on the crisis in Nicaragua under the regime of Daniel Ortega, who the young people affirmed, does not govern, but rather represses the rights and guarantees.

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Cuba's parliament on Saturday approved a new electoral law which calls for both a president and a prime minister but does not allow for a multi-party system, maintaining the Communist Party as the only permitted political organization.

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Cooling off in Vinales.  By Irina Echarry (Cuba).  Camera: Nikon D3000

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A drunk, one accused of beating women, two irresponsible fathers and two marked as rapists have come together in the best stamp of hegemonic masculinity of a free, prosperous and victorious Nicaragua.

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Cuba’s Weather Forecast Center (Insmet) is monitoring hurricane Barry, even though it presents no danger to the island. At 11:00 am. this Saturday (Cuba time), the center of Hurricane Barry was approaching the Louisiana coast 40 miles south of Lafayette and 50 miles west of Morgan City.

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The priests have been attacked and threatened, and at least two have chosen to go into exile. The churches have been profaned, damaged and looted. The Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa reviewed the incidents and counted at least 30 separate attacks on the Catholic Church over the last year.

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