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[l] at 3/27/23 7:39am
Antonio López-Istúriz breaks European Parliament rules by refusing to protest against war crimes.

[Category: Antonio López-Istúriz, NGO Monitor, Benny Gantz, Samidoun, American Jewish Committee, European Leadership Network]

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[l] at 3/27/23 7:32am
Solar power is a lifeline for Gaza’s business owners.

[Category: Solar energy, Electricity crisis in Gaza, Gaza business, gaza economy, Israeli siege]

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[l] at 3/27/23 5:30am
Israel broke Sharm al-Sheikh deal before the ink was dry.

[Category: Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces, Bezalel Smotrich, Sharm al-Sheikh, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hussein al-Sheikh, Fatah]

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[l] at 3/24/23 5:59pm
Congresswoman Susan Wild thinks grassroots Democrats don’t know enough to be more sympathetic to Palestinians than Israelis.

[Category: Susan Wild, polls, Gallup, Democratic Majority for Israel, Archie Gottesman, Jewish Insider, US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, Benjamin Netanyahu, Democratic Party, Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania, J Street, AIPAC, Susiya, Hebron, Breaking the Silence, Charles Schumer, Katie Porter, Arutz Sheva, US State Department, Vedant Patel, Biden administration, Chris Van Hollen, Antony Blinken]

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[l] at 3/24/23 2:43pm
Amir Abu Khadijeh, 25, “assassinated” on first day of holy month.

[Category: Ramadan, Tulkarm, Amir Abu Khadijeh, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Damascus Gate, Jerusalem]

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[l] at 3/24/23 12:01pm
Kareem Tannous says he is now blacklisted from teaching.

[Category: Kareem Tannous, Israel Lobby, Cabrini University, Pennsylvania, Jewish Federation of North America, Jewish Federations of North America, Jewish Community Relations Council, IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, Steven Salaita, Kenneth Roth, StopAntisemitism.org]

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[l] at 3/23/23 4:29am
Israeli prime minister visits London under a cloud of obfuscation.

[Category: Rishi Sunak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bezalel Smotrich, UK Israel 2030 trade deal]

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[l] at 3/21/23 3:25am
Sabreen Wael Abu Jazar was hoping to reach her husband in Belgium.

[Category: Sabreen Wael Abu Jazar, Mahmoud Abu Tair, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics]

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[l] at 3/21/23 3:21am
Israel responded to the Great March of Return with live bullets and sniper fire. In Gaza, people are still dealing with their injuries.

[Category: Great March of Return, Gaza blockade, medical apartheid, Gaza health care system]

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[l] at 3/20/23 11:40am
Ultra-far-right ministers claim Palestinian people do not exist reflects Israeli consensus.

[Category: Bezalel Smotrich, zionism, genocide, Golda Meir, Brooke Goldstein, Sheldon Adelson, David Ben-Gurion, ethnic cleansing]

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[l] at 3/19/23 12:07pm
Lawyer found racism in Labour was not treated seriously apart from alleged anti-Semitism.

[Category: Labour witch hunt, Martin Forde, Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Starmer, Diane Abbott, Owen Jones, Aaron Bastani, George Monbiot, Panorama, John Ware, BBC]

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[l] at 3/17/23 2:07pm
Ruling is a blow to French governments effort to silence Salah Hammouri.

[Category: France, Salah Hamouri, censorship, free speech]

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[l] at 3/17/23 10:40am
New York keeps investment in Israel Bonds as a State Department spokesperson confirms an Israeli settler attacked a US citizen.

[Category: Rosa DeLauro, Jan Schakowsky, Jim McGovern, Joe Biden, Isaac Herzog, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid, israeli apartheid, apartheid South Africa, Jerrold Nadler, Brad Schneider, Jamie Raskin, Josh Gottheimer, Jared Moskowitz, Moody's, S&P, Israel Bonds, Bezalel Smotrich, David Ben-Gurion, Mark Johnson, Huwwara, Tom DiNapoli, Cassandra Auren, Tammy Baldwin, Gwen Moore, Netzah Yehuda Battalion, Omar Assad, Tuba, Masafer Yatta, south Hebron hills, Fitch Ratings]

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[l] at 3/16/23 2:27pm
Video shows undercover forces shooting mans head at close range.

[Category: Jenin, Nidal Khazem, Yousif Salih Shrayim, Omar Awadin, Luay al-Zughayir, extrajudicial executions, Nablus, Palestinian Authority]

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[l] at 3/16/23 7:41am
Without official IDs, Palestinians in Gaza find their lives restricted.

[Category: Undocumented, Palestinian ID, PLO, Syrians, Gaza]

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[l] at 3/16/23 7:18am
Three times, Israel has bombed Muhammad Hajjaj’s photography studio. Three times he has rebuilt.

[Category: Gaza blockade, 2021 May attack on Gaza, unemployment, gaza economy]

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[l] at 3/16/23 4:36am
Rights groups condemn government harassment aimed at stopping human rights lawyer from speaking out.

[Category: France, censorship, Salah Hamouri, CRIF, Gérald Darmanin]

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[l] at 3/14/23 11:59am
Monumental new book details the long history of Zionist affinity with fascism.

[Category: Tony Greenstein, Holocaust, zionism, Rezso Kasztner, Transfer Agreement]

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[l] at 3/14/23 4:14am
Teenage boy fatally shot in the chest by soldier of occupation.

[Category: Nablus, Lions Den, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces]

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[l] at 3/13/23 1:40am
Racist police force takes part in efforts to fight cybercrime.

[Category: Itamar Ben-Gvir, Benjamin Netanyahu, Al Mezan, Israel Aerospace Industries, CEPOL] [Link to media]

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[l] at 3/10/23 11:16am
Palestinians invisible to many protesting in defense of Israeli “democracy.”

[Category: racism, apartheid, Nationality and Entry into Israel Law]

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