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[l] at 1/26/22 7:44am
Event comes as UAE kills 80 in Yemen.

[Category: Arab normalization, United Arab Emirates, AEEDC dental conference, Jordan Dental Association, Ayman Abu al-Ouf, Abu al-Ouf family, Al-Wihda Street massacre, Gulf Coalition Against Normalization, Muin al-Aloul, May 2021 attack on Gaza]

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[l] at 1/26/22 6:21am
Union of Agricultural Work Committees provides vital support to Gaza's farmers.

[Category: Ibrahim Abu Ghoula, Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Yasir al-Jbour, Union of Palestinian Women's Committees, Randa Harara, Tagreed Jummah, Saad Ziyada]

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[l] at 1/26/22 5:15am
Israel’s blockade, Egyptian closures and COVID restrictions render domestic tourist resorts unaffordable for most

[Category: Gaza tourism, economic growth, Gaza blockade, infrastructure destruction, closure, Electricity crisis in Gaza]

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[l] at 1/24/22 2:14pm
Meanwhile, Palestine solidarity supporters face lawsuit in Austria.

[Category: Germany, censorship, Austria, anti-BDS laws, Vienna, BDS Austria]

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[l] at 1/22/22 10:11am
Sheffield Hallam University must not capitulate to smear campaign against Shahd Abusalama.

[Category: Shahd Abusalama, Sheffield Hallam University, Israel Lobby, The Jewish Chronicle, Campaign Against Antisemitism, Jewish News, academic freedom]

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[l] at 1/21/22 9:43am
Morton Klein and Dov Hikind attack Naomi Dann over her previous work with Jewish Voice for Peace.

[Category: Morton Klein, Zionist Organization of America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hussain Altamimi, Naomi Dann, Brad Lander, Jewish Voice for Peace, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Dov Hikind, Meir Kahane, Washington Free Beacon, Jewish Defense League, BDS, Ben & Jerry's]

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[l] at 1/20/22 10:56am
Charges dropped in drone landlord case.

[Category: Palestine Action, Elbit, Birmingham, UAV Engines, Shenstone]

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[l] at 1/20/22 9:06am
Pandemic and financial collapse combined with UNRWA shortfalls have left marginalized Palestinians desperate.

[Category: UNRWA, Lebanon, Palestinian Refugees, COVID-19, international donor aid]

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[l] at 1/20/22 2:41am
Woman whose son was killed in May attack had another baby soon afterwards.

[Category: May 2021 attack on Gaza, Mai al-Masri, UNRWA, COVID-19, Adnan Radi]

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[l] at 1/19/22 2:01pm
International bodies, lawmakers and diplomats perpetuate impunity by asking it to do so.

[Category: Haj Suleiman Hathaleen, UNRWA, Impunity, Benny Gantz, Omar Assad, accountability]

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[l] at 1/19/22 11:27am
Occupation authorities’ claim that destruction will “benefit” community doesnt hold water.

[Category: Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem]

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[l] at 1/19/22 1:55am
Olivér Várhelyi fails to correct false claims by lobbyists.

[Category: Olivér Várhelyi, David Harris, American Jewish Committee, Gabi Ashkenazi, Operation Cast Lead, May 2021 attack on Gaza, UNRWA, European Jewish Association, Charlie Weimers, Karina Gould, Georg Eckert Institute, Daniel Schwammenthal, Viktor Orban, Orit Farkhash-Hacohen]

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[l] at 1/18/22 4:52pm
Western diplomats pretend to be helpless as their governments aid Israels crimes.

[Category: Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem]

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[l] at 1/18/22 3:17pm
Palestinian protester dies after being run over by police tow truck.

[Category: Haj Suleiman Hathaleen, Jahalin Bedouin, south Hebron hills, Ali Awad, Awad Hathaleen, Jewish National Fund, Israel Lands Authority, al-Atrash Bedouin]

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[l] at 1/17/22 9:46am
We talk with Palestine Action members who did it.

[Category: Podcast, Elbit, Elbit Systems, Palestine Action, Max Geller, Adie Mormech, direct action, BDS] [Link to media]

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[l] at 1/16/22 9:24am
Palestinians condemn “desperate” attempt to force normalization with their oppressors.

[Category: Arab normalization, David Grossman, Bushra Khalfan, Muna al-Shamari, Ali Ashour al-Jaffar, Sultan al-Musa, Osama Muhammad al-Muslim, Ahmad al-Ali, BDS, United Arab Emirates, Gulf Coalition Against Normalization, PACBI, Abraham Accords]

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[l] at 1/13/22 1:43pm
Grégory Chelli is still wanted in connection with the death of Thierry Le Corre.

[Category: Gregory Chelli (Ulcan), Benoit Le Corre, Thierry Le Corre, France]

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[l] at 1/12/22 4:33pm
Dozens of artists refuse to cross the international picket line.

[Category: BDS, BDS Australia, Sydney Festival, Creative Community For Peace (CCFP), StandWithUs, Israel Lobby, PACBI, cultural boycott]

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[l] at 1/12/22 1:21pm
With spare parts expensive, many vessels are not properly maintained.

[Category: Beirut al-Aqraa, May 2021 attack on Gaza, Khader al-Saidi, Muhammad Musleh]

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[l] at 1/12/22 12:38pm
ZOA is demanding that legislative aide be fired for his criticism of Israel.

[Category: Morton Klein, Hussain Altamimi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Zionist Organization of America, B'Tselem, Human Rights Watch, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, HIAS, Robert Bowers, Tree of Life synagogue]

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[l] at 1/10/22 4:09pm
Ali Abunimah and Rania Khalek talk about “progressive” politicians who pander to Israel.

[Category: Palestinian resistance, Jamaal Bowman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, May 2021 attack on Gaza, Iron Dome, Rania Khalek]

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