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[l] at 7/23/21 10:17am
Aaron Klein, senior adviser to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, denounced ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Israel as "wokeness gone insane" on John Batchelor’s CBS Radio show this week.

[Author: Deborah Brand ] [Category: Israel / Middle East, Media, Politics, Aaron Klein, antisemitism, BDS movement, Ben & Jerry's, Israel, John Batchelor, Naftali Bennett, Unilever] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:50am
EAGLE PASS, Texas -- Site preparation work for one segment of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recently announced border wall project is visibly underway south of the city. On Thursday, work crews could be seen clearing land and surveying property near a truck route leading to the Camino Real International Bridge.

[Author: Randy Clark ] [Category: Border / Cartel Chronicles, immigration] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:39am
A suspect carjacked an ambulance with a patient inside it around 3 a.m. Friday morning in Democrat-run Houston, Texas. 

[Author: AWR Hawkins ] [Category: 2nd Amendment, Crime, Politics, ambulance, Carjacking, Houston] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:31am
New York Magazine's Senior Art Critic Jerry Saltz said Friday to "imagine" if Donald Trump Jr. "made little watercolors" like Hunter Biden's "art" and "sold them at an iffy commercial gallery for upwards of $150,000."

[Author: Wendell Husebø ] [Category: Crime, Politics, Ben Davis, Hunter Biden, Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine, Peter Schweizer] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:16am
Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended eight large groups of migrants in the past five days, sector officials tweeted. They also continue to encounter human smugglers who fail to stop and lead agents and police on dangerous pursuits.

[Author: Bob Price ] [Category: Border / Cartel Chronicles, Biden border crisis, Brian Hastings, Human Smuggling, immigration, Large Group Migrant Crossings, Rio Grande City Station, Rio Grande Valley Sector, Texas Border Crisis, U.S. Border Patrol] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:08am
The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) opted Thursday not to investigate coronavirus-related nursing home deaths in Michigan.

[Author: Kyle Olson ] [Category: Health, Politics, Science, coronavirus, Department of Justice, Donald Trump, Gretchen Whitmer, Joe Biden, Michigan, Nursing Homes, Peter Lucido, Tudor Dixon]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:05am
Consumers are growing wary of high prices and snarled supply chains continue to drive up costs.

[Author: John Carney ] [Category: Economy, #Bidenflation, GDP, inflation] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 9:03am
American Marxism, the latest book authored by conservative radio host Mark Levin, is debuting as No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list after selling over 400,000 copies in the first week of its release. The conservative thought leader says there is a "big and growing movement that will surprise the hate-America crowd."

[Author: Hannah Bleau ] [Category: Politics, American Marxism, Mark Levin, Marxism, New York Times, New York Times Best Seller List] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:46am
Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicted himself one year ago Friday at a Washington Nationals baseball game by not wearing a mask or social distancing during the throes of a global pandemic.

[Author: Wendell Husebø ] [Category: Politics, Science, Sports, Anthony Fauci, masks, Washington Nationals]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:42am
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) urged the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) on Thursday to forcefully advocate for the shutdown of live animal meat markets in the interest of public health, particularly in light of ongoing concerns that they may have played a role in the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

[Author: Frances Martel ] [Category: Asia, Health, National Security, Animal Rights, Asia, China, coronavirus, Indonesia, PETA, wet markets, World Health Organization] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:23am
MSNBC's Donny Deutsch on Friday shamed people who are hesitant to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

[Author: Trent Baker ] [Category: Clips, Health, Media, coronavirus, Coronavirus vaccine, Donny Deutsch, Morning Joe, MSNBC]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:23am
Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi confirmed that the government will pursue vaccine passports as a condition of entry to nightclubs and is exploring an annual booster strategy against the Chinese coronavirus.

[Author: Victoria Friedman ] [Category: Health, London / Europe, Politics, Conservative Party, coronavirus, lockdown, Nadhim Zahawi, United Kingdom, vaccination, vaccine passport] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:22am
Former Obama Ethics Chief Walter Shaub on Friday weighed in on Hunter Biden’s arranged art exhibition with potential "anonymous" art investors.

[Author: Trent Baker ] [Category: Clips, Politics, CNN, New Day, Walter Shaub] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:21am
Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), formerly the White House physician, said Thursday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity" that he believes President Joe Biden will be forced to resign or be removed with the 25th Amendment.

[Author: Pam Key ] [Category: Clips, Politics, Joe Biden, Ronny Jackson]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:18am
In a Tom Hanks-narrated video just over two minutes in length, the Cleveland team formerly known as the Indians, announced that they were changing their name to the Guardians.

[Author: Dylan Gwinn ] [Category: Politics, Social Justice, Sports, Cleveland Guardians, Cleveland Indians, MLB] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 8:16am
Thirteen people were shot, one of them fatally, Thursday across Mayor Lori Lightfoot's (D) Chicago.

[Author: AWR Hawkins ] [Category: 2nd Amendment, Crime, Politics, Chicago, Gun Crime, Lori Lightfoot, street violence]

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[l] at 7/23/21 7:46am
A top pollster of President Joe Biden's war chest alerted the White House Thursday that "voters are really experiencing" inflation.

[Author: Wendell Husebø ] [Category: Economy, Politics, inflation, Joe Biden] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 7:44am
After winning a court case to allow his name to be on the Sept.14 recall election ballot seeking to remove Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom, a poll reveals conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is leading the pack of candidates in the race.

[Author: Penny Starr ] [Category: Politics, Caitlyn Jenner, California, Gavin Newsom, Larry Elder, Recall election] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 7:33am
Authorities in China's eastern city of Nanjing locked down at least 30,000 people on Tuesday to contain an outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus, China's state-run Global Times reported on Thursday.

[Author: Gabrielle Reyes ] [Category: Asia, Health, National Security, China, coronavirus, health, lockdown]

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[l] at 7/23/21 7:31am
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will put forward a referendum asking Hungarians if they want LGBT and gender issues taught to children.

[Author: Chris Tomlinson ] [Category: Education, London / Europe, European Union, gender ideology, Hungary, LGBT agenda, LGBTQ activism, Referendum, referendums, Transgender, Viktor Orbán] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 6:52am
India recorded its first bird flu death on Tuesday after an 11-year old boy in New Delhi succumbed to complications caused by an avian flu virus of the H5N1 strain, the Times of India reported on Thursday.

[Author: Gabrielle Reyes ] [Category: Asia, Health, National Security, bird flu, disease, health, India, New Delhi, poultry, Virus] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 6:51am
Gao Fu, the director of China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told Chinese state media this week he has received three different Chinese state-made coronavirus vaccines since May 2020, China's state-run Global Times reported Wednesday.

[Author: Gabrielle Reyes ] [Category: Asia, Health, National Security, CDC, China, coronavirus, Gao Fu, health, Vaccine] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 6:33am
The looming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom is preventing Southern California from shutting down, according to Prof. Marcia Godwin of the University of La Verne, given a rapid rise of COVID-19 cases that is nearing surge rates.

[Author: Joel B. Pollak ] [Category: Health, Local, Politics, California recall, coronavirus, COVID-19, Gavin Newsom] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 6:30am
Thursday on FNC's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," host Tucker Carlson lamented how President Joe Biden had lost control of the U.S.-Mexico border since becoming president.

[Author: Jeff Poor ] [Category: Clips, Immigration, Politics, Fox News Channel, Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson Tonight]

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[l] at 7/23/21 5:28am
First Lady Jill Biden made her solo debut on the diplomatic stage Friday, meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's wife Mariko before attending a reception at the Imperial Palace with Emperor Naruhito.

[Author: Simon Kent ] [Category: Asia, Politics, Sports, coronavirus, Japan, Jill Biden, Joe Biden, team usa, Tokyo Olympics, Yoshihide Suga] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 4:58am
My new hero politician (in an admittedly not very crowded field) is Gideon van Meijeren. He might be yours too after this exchange...

[Author: James Delingpole ] [Category: London / Europe, Politics, Gideon Van Meijeren, Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, Mark Rutte, Netherlands, new world order, World Economic Forum] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 4:43am
President Joe Biden and his deputies have allowed more than 600,000 migrants to come across the porous southern border in just six months since his January inauguration.

[Author: Neil Munro ] [Category: Economy, Immigration, Politics, Alejandro Mayorkas, Extraction Migration, Joe Biden, John Katko, Migrant Got-Away, Rick Scott] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 4:08am
Human rights groups joined Olympians past and present Thursday to demand athletes at the Tokyo Games be allowed to mount political protests on the medal stand.

[Author: Simon Kent ] [Category: London / Europe, Politics, Sports, IOC, John Carlos, LeBron James, Tokyo Olympics, Tommie Smith] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 3:26am
Apsana Begum, an MP for the left-wing Labour Party, cost taxpayers the equivalent of £63,928 by "deliberately and dishonestly" claiming social housing she was not entitled to, Snaresbrook Crown Court has been told.

[Author: Jack Montgomery ] [Category: Crime, London / Europe, Politics, Apsana Begum, benefits, Britain, Fraud, labour, Labour Party, London, Social Housing, tower hamlets, United Kingdom, welfare, welfare fraud] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 3:21am
Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced Thursday all students, teachers and staff must wear masks indoors when classrooms reopen in late August. There will be no exceptions to the rule.

[Author: Simon Kent ] [Category: Education, Health, Politics, Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, coronavirus, Education, masks] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/23/21 3:05am
Swedish police took three minors, two of them pregnant, into custody after they were found begging on the streets during an international operation against human trafficking.

[Author: Chris Tomlinson ] [Category: Immigration, Law and Order, London / Europe] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/22/21 10:47pm
U.S. life expectancy fell by a year and a half in 2020 due mostly to the coronavirus pandemic, but drug overdoses and rising homicides played a role as well, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released Wednesday.

[Author: Kristina Wong ] [Category: Crime, Politics, Science, CDC, coronavirus, Covid, COVID-19, Life expectancy, pandemic] [Link to media]

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[l] at 7/22/21 7:14pm
Elected officials from both parties are expressing anger over the Biden administration's decision Wednesday to keep the U.S. border with Canada closed.

[Author: Kyle Olson ] [Category: Health, Politics, Science, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Huizenga, Brian Higgins, Canada, Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan, New York, U.S. Customs and Border Protection] [Link to media]

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