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[l] at 2/4/23 7:58pm
China responded that it reserved the right to “take further actions” and criticized the U.S. for “an obvious overreaction and a serious violation of international practice" for shooting down its spy balloon.

[Author: Breitbart News] [Category: Asia, Politics, China, Chinese spy balloon]

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[l] at 2/4/23 7:49pm
Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the Chinese spy balloon that recently flew over the country, telling Breitbart News that “A circus clown knows how to better handle a balloon than the White House.”

[Author: Jordan Dixon-Hamilton] [Category: Politics, Radio, Breitbart News Saturday, Chinese spy balloon, Joe Biden, On the Hill, Steve Daines]

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[l] at 2/4/23 7:06pm
Radical progressive Los Angeles City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez – a vocal supporter of the “Defund the Police” movement – is facing criticism after one of his staffers reportedly requested the Los Angeles Police Dept.  (LAPD) Wednesday night to increase patrols to protect his car.

[Author: Michael Foster] [Category: Local, Politics, Pre-Viral, Defund the Police, Hugo Soto-Martinez]

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[l] at 2/4/23 6:42pm
Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) is boycotting President Joe Biden's State of the Union address taking place on Tuesday, February 7, telling Breitbart News Saturday that she will not sit there and listen to the 80-year-old commander in chief "continue to lie."

[Author: Hannah Bleau] [Category: Politics, Radio, Breitbart News Saturday, Mary Miller, On the Hill, State of the Union, State of the Union Address]

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[l] at 2/4/23 6:02pm
Spy Balloon-gate is much serious than the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon because China’s spy balloon potentially affects the safety and well-being of 335 million Americans. Here are ten questions President Biden needs to answer.

[Author: James P. Pinkerton] [Category: Asia, Politics, Antony Blinken, China, Chinese spy balloon, Joe Biden, Penn Biden Center, Red-Handed]

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[l] at 2/4/23 5:04pm
Multiple states are set to consider legislation that would shut down immigrant detention facilities.

[Author: Spencer Lindquist] [Category: Immigration, Politics, Colorado, illegal immigration, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York]

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[l] at 2/4/23 3:22pm
A seventh grade boy's shot of a lifetime during a recent high school basketball game made fans go wild for one big reason.

[Author: Amy Furr] [Category: Education, Pre-Viral, Sports, B Inspired News, Basketball, North Dakota, Student]

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[l] at 2/4/23 2:13pm
David Balogun of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, enjoys all kinds of activities like other children do, but learning is his favorite.

[Author: Amy Furr] [Category: Education, Local, Pre-Viral, B Inspired News, David Balogun, graduation, High School, Pennsylvania]

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[l] at 2/4/23 1:46pm
During an interview on Newsmax TV on Friday, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) stated that the Chinese spy balloon incident needs to be a Sputnik moment for the United States. Waltz stated, I think a potential silver lining from this spy

[Author: Ian Hanchett] [Category: Asia, Clips, Politics, China, Chinese spy balloon, Michael Waltz, Sputnik, Sputnik Moment]

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[l] at 2/4/23 1:42pm
The U.S. military has shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been in the sky above the continental United States this week.

[Author: Alana Mastrangelo] [Category: National Security, Politics, Atlantic Ocean, China, Chinese spy balloon, South Carolina, U.S. military]

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[l] at 2/4/23 1:21pm
Sam Altman, the CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, recently spoke to Forbes in an interview about the future of AI and the development of ChatGPT which Altman hopes could one day "break capitalism."

[Author: Lucas Nolan] [Category: Economy, Politics, Tech, A.I., AI, chatGPT, Masters of the Universe]

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[l] at 2/4/23 12:40pm
Christian Ziegler, the vice chair of the Republican Party of Florida, who is running for the chairmanship, told Breitbart News Saturday about the successes the Sunshine State has seen over the past four years, noting that Republicans are in a strong position politically, particularly in terms of voter registration in Florida.

[Author: Hannah Bleau] [Category: Politics, Radio, Breitbart News Saturday, Christian Ziegler, Florida, Ron DeSantis, voter registration]

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[l] at 2/4/23 12:08pm
An amateur detectorist in England made an incredible discovery that history experts almost did not believe.

[Author: Amy Furr] [Category: Local, London / Europe, Pre-Viral, B Inspired News, British Museum, England, Henry VIII, Metal Detectors, necklace]

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[l] at 2/4/23 11:21am
Temperatures at Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire approached an all-time low Friday into Saturday morning and reportedly set a new windchill record for the United States, hitting levels feeling as low as -109 degrees.

[Author: Michael Foster] [Category: Pre-Viral, Weather, Mount Washington Observatory, New Hampshire, temperature, windchill]

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[l] at 2/4/23 10:56am
Major European grocery chain Lidl will seek to reduce the amount of meat products sold in its stores in favour of alternative protein sources to promote the global green agenda. Lidls purchasing director for the German market, Christoph Graf, said this

[Author: Kurt Zindulka] [Category: Environment, London / Europe, Politics, Climate Change, Food, Germany, Global Warming, globalism, Globalists, Great Reset, grocery, grocery shopping, grocery store, grocery stores, Lidl, Meat, Supermarket, supermarkets, The Great Reset]

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[l] at 2/4/23 10:06am
Most Americans believe public calls for prayer after a national tragedy are "helpful," a Summit.org/McLaughlin and Associates survey released this week found.

[Author: Hannah Bleau] [Category: Faith, Politics, Sports, Damar Hamlin, faith, poll, prayer]

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[l] at 2/4/23 10:04am
On Fridays Mike Gallagher Show, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) stated that the Chinese spy balloon over the United States is not the first time and Weve seen these before. He also stated that China can get the information it gets

[Author: Ian Hanchett] [Category: Asia, Clips, Politics, China, Chinese spy balloon, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio]

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[l] at 2/4/23 10:04am
On Fridays Mike Gallagher Show, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said that there are people in the Biden administration who think the most important goal of U.S.-China policy is to strike a climate deal and stated that the administrations green push

[Author: Ian Hanchett] [Category: Asia, Clips, Politics, China, Electric Vehicles, green energy, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio]

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[l] at 2/4/23 7:35am
Former President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday made his first formal public appearance since concluding his term at the helm of Brazil, bringing his message of "God, fatherland, family, and freedom" to Turning Point USA's "Power of the People" event in Miami.

[Author: Frances Martel] [Category: Latin America, National Security, Politics, Brazil, Charlie Kirk, Jair Bolsonaro, Latin America, Lula da Silva, socialism, TPUSA, Turning Point USA]

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[l] at 2/3/23 9:43pm
The Pentagon on Friday evening announced that another Chinese spy balloon had been identified and is flying over Latin America.

[Author: Jordan Dixon-Hamilton] [Category: National Security, Politics, China, Chinese spy balloon, Latin America, Pentagon]

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