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A security company flagged to the European Commission that cybercriminals used its official website to spread hundreds of malicious links. Twenty days on, the EU executive is still struggling to regain a firm grip on the situation.

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[l] at 3/29/23 9:28am
Following the downfall of multiple US banks, Credit Suisse, as well as uncertainty about Deutsche Bank, the EU should close its gaps in its banking regulation, argues Rasmus Andresen.

[Category: banking crisis, Banking Package, Christine Lagarde]

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[l] at 3/29/23 8:58am
The EU must change direction to achieve its migration objectives in the Mediterranean, write James Dennison and Andrew Geddes.

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[l] at 3/29/23 8:20am
Dear French protesters, there is a saying in German: “Ihr habt wohl den Schuss nicht gehört?” Loosely translated, it describes someone who has missed a crucial signal, like, say, the start of a footrace, and it's quite fitting for an outsider’s look at the ongoing French protests.

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EU energy ministers were divided into two camps at the EU Council meeting on Tuesday (28 March): the pro-nuclear alliance, which includes France and 10 other member states, and the "renewable friendly" group, composed of 10 EU states.

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[l] at 3/29/23 8:14am
As 2023 is the European year of skills, one question inevitably springs to mind: Is the healthcare sector ready to upskill and unlock advancements in digital technologies? 
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[l] at 3/29/23 7:47am
The legal basis of the European Media Freedom Act (MFA) has been upheld by the influential EU Council legal service, weakening a push by some to unpack chunks of the regulation into a directive. 

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[l] at 3/29/23 7:16am
President Joe Biden on Wednesday (29 March) urged unity among democracies in the face of Russia and China as he committed nearly $700 million to halt global democratic backsliding and forged an alliance against surveillance technology.

[Category: António Guterres, Benjamin Netanyahu, China, Hungary, India, Israel, Joe Biden, Narendra Modi, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey, United Nations, United States, Viktor Orbán]

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Ukraine struck a railway depot and knocked out power in the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol, deep behind the front line, on 29 March amid growing talk of a counterassault against Russian forces worn out by a failed winter offensive.

[Category: Belarus, IAEA, nuclear power plant, nuclear weapons, Rafael Grossi, Russian invasion, Ukraine]

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While the cocaine market continues to grow around the world, a new report by the French Observatory of Drugs and Addictive Tendencies (OFDT) found that consumption has been steadily increasing across Europe and especially in France.

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[l] at 3/29/23 4:29am
Ten European cities took part in a pioneering experiment to gather citizens’ ideas on how to address air pollution and present possible solutions to policy-makers, through a crowdsourcing process that experts believe could become part of the EU participatory toolbox.

[Category: Air Pollution, air quality, cities, citizen participation, crowdsourcing, ECAS, EU policy-making, participatory democracy]

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[l] at 3/29/23 4:15am
Two rival alliances of EU countries held final-hour talks in Brussels on Tuesday, ahead of negotiations on whether to recognise nuclear power under the EU's renewable energy goals.

[Category: EU renewable energy directive, Renewable Energy Directive]

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[l] at 3/29/23 4:00am
The packaging industry is fully committed to the journey towards packaging circularity but we cannot fix the problems alone. The circular economy will not take off without a functioning Single Market and significant improvements to infrastructure for sorting, collection, recycling and reuse.

[Category: infrastructure, packaging, reuse, single market]

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[l] at 3/29/23 3:41am
Nuclear fusion, which replicates the sun's energy production, is a carbon-free technology that could help secure Europe's energy supply and slash its emissions, according to European Commission official Massimo Garribba.

[Category: ITER, nuclear fusion]

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[l] at 3/29/23 2:39am
Barriers to lifelong learning and limited investment in training are slowing down the European Union’s efforts to fill the digital skills gap by 2030, according to EU representatives and experts, who pointed to the need for increased upskilling and reskilling support.

[Category: Digital Education, Digital skills, digital skills gap, European Commision, European Year of Skills, lifelong learning, training]

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[l] at 3/29/23 2:19am
The fight against the as old as humanity disease in Europe stagnated: Most recent data suggests that eliminating tuberculosis (TB) by 2030 is impossible if nothing changes.  In ancient Egypt, around 600 BC, a 50-year-old woman called Irtyersenu died. After...

[Category: TB, tuberculosis]

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[l] at 3/29/23 12:56am
King Charles travels to Germany on 29 March in his first state visit abroad since becoming British monarch, as part of efforts to turn the page on years of rocky relations between Britain and the EU after Brexit.

[Category: Frank Walter Steinmeier, Germany, King Charles III, royalties, United Kingdom]

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Welcome to EURACTIV’s Green Brief, our weekly selection of energy and environment news from across Europe. To subscribe, follow this link. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter here and to our comprehensive weekly update here. European Commission President...

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[l] at 3/29/23 12:55am
The CEO of Italian truck and bus maker Iveco has condemned as "plain stupid" the Euro 7 standards which tighten vehicle emission limits for pollutants including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide in the European Union from 2025.

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[l] at 3/29/23 12:25am
European Union countries agreed on Tuesday (28 March) to seek a legal option to stop Russian companies sending liquefied natural gas to EU nations, by preventing Russian firms from booking infrastructure capacity.

[Category: EU sanctions, Kadri Simson, LNG, Russia, Russian gas, Russian invasion]

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[l] at 3/29/23 12:03am
EU prosecutors on Tuesday (28 March) carried out searches at Belgium's Liege airport and arrested four people in an operation against an alleged €300-million tax fraud ring run by Chinese exporters.

[Category: Belgium, China, EPPO, VAT fraud]

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