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[l] at 1/18/22 8:44am
Seven people died after being shot at demonstrations in the northeast African country, a doctors’ group said, bringing the civilian death toll since the military seized back power to 71.

[Category: Sudan, Khartoum (Sudan), al-Burhan, Abdel Fattah, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Hamdok, Abdalla, United States International Relations, Deaths (Fatalities), Defense and Military Forces, Politics and Government, Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat]

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[l] at 1/17/22 3:00am
The stretch of coastline in southwest Africa is a strange and beautiful reminder that, in the end, we are powerless against nature and time.

[Category: Travel and Vacations, Namibia, Deserts, Quarantine (Life and Culture), Road Trips, Shipwrecks (Historic)]

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[l] at 1/16/22 11:57am
Mr. Keita was elected in 2013 with a mandate to stem the country’s many crises. But during his tenure, they escalated.

[Category: Deaths (Obituaries), Bamako (Mali), Mali, Keita, Ibrahim Boubacar]

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[l] at 1/16/22 11:41am
Pitso Mosimane enjoyed a better 2021 than almost any coach in world soccer. Just don’t expect FIFA, or soccer, to notice.

[Category: Soccer, Mosimane, Pitso, Coaches and Managers, International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), Al Ahly (Soccer Team), Content Type: Personal Profile]

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[l] at 1/14/22 2:07pm
The trial of Jeffrey Moyo, accused of having fabricated accreditation cards for two New York Times journalists, will resume next month.

[Category: Accreditation, News and News Media, Freedom of the Press, New York Times, Moyo, Jeffrey, Zimbabwe]

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[l] at 1/13/22 5:21am
The social media site had been blocked after it deleted a post from President Muhammadu Buhari about secessionist groups that was widely seen as threatening.

[Category: Social Media, Politics and Government, Censorship, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Twitter, Buhari, Muhammadu, Nigeria]

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[l] at 1/12/22 3:30pm
A former Africa correspondent, who covered the height of the AIDS epidemic there 15 years ago, finds lessons in the remarkable progress against that virus for our current fight.

[Category: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Drugs (Pharmaceuticals), Two Thousands (Decade), Africa, South Africa, Zambia]

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[l] at 1/12/22 10:54am
Cameroon’s 25-year-old goalkeeper has already had his career interrupted twice by bans. Now he’s back, and eager to move on.

[Category: Soccer, Ajax (Soccer Team), Andre Onana, UEFA Champions League (Soccer), Barcelona (Soccer Team), Doping (Sports)]

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[l] at 1/12/22 8:40am
The explosion, one of a string of recent attacks, comes as the country grapples with a political standoff and a growing humanitarian crisis.

[Category: Somalia, Mogadishu (Somalia), Roble, Mohamed Hussein, Mohamed, Mohamed Abdullahi, Shabab]

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[l] at 1/11/22 10:02am
If the man is found fit to stand trial, he will face charges that now include terrorism. His lawyers said he would protest with a hunger strike.

[Category: Mafe, Zandile Christmas, Arson, Historic Buildings and Sites, Legislatures and Parliaments, Cape Town (South Africa), Mental Health and Disorders, Hunger Strikes]

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[l] at 1/11/22 9:54am
The reporter, Jeffrey Moyo, has been accused of helping two Times journalists enter Zimbabwe from South Africa using bogus credentials, a charge that even the government admits is on ‘shaky ground.’

[Category: Freedom of the Press, Zimbabwe, New York Times, Moyo, Jeffrey]

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[l] at 1/11/22 9:44am
The attack came days after over 50 people were killed in a strike on a refugee camp, highlighting the growing role of armed drones in a destructive war.

[Category: Ethiopia, Biden, Joseph R Jr, Ahmed, Abiy, Tigrayans (Ethnic Group), War and Armed Conflicts, Africa]

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[l] at 1/10/22 4:45pm
Many countries have closed classrooms on and off, but Uganda had kept more than 10 million students at home since March 2020. Critics say it took a heavy toll.

[Category: Uganda, Kampala (Uganda), Museveni, Yoweri, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Coronavirus Reopenings, Shutdowns (Institutional), Education (K-12), Children and Childhood, Politics and Government]

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[l] at 1/7/22 3:54pm
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the amnesty on Orthodox Christmas and offered to start a dialogue with some opponents after 14 months of war.

[Category: Ethiopia, Political Prisoners, Ahmed, Abiy, Mohammed, Jawar, Tigray (Ethiopia), Tigray People's Liberation Front, War and Armed Conflicts, Politics and Government, Tigrayans (Ethnic Group), War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Defense and Military Forces]

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[l] at 1/6/22 1:43pm
Holdings from Ancient Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa come together in a masterpiece show. Now the Met should make clear how the wondrous works got here.

[Category: Art, Sculpture, Museums, Colonization, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The African Origin of Civilization (Exhibit), Africa, Egypt, Benin]

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[l] at 1/4/22 3:17pm
The man was also accused of possessing explosives, stealing laptops and breaking security laws. Former neighbors were shocked. His lawyer said the government was rushing to find a scapegoat.

[Category: Arson, Fires and Firefighters, Historic Buildings and Sites, Cape Town (South Africa), South Africa]

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[l] at 1/3/22 5:19pm
With the departure of the civilian prime minister Abdalla Hamdok on Sunday, the military and security forces are now fully in control of Sudan again.

[Category: Sudan, Khartoum (Sudan), Hamdok, Abdalla, Coups D'Etat and Attempted Coups D'Etat, al-Burhan, Abdel Fattah, Politics and Government, International Relations]

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[l] at 1/3/22 1:00pm
A 49-year-old man is facing charges of arson and theft in the blaze, which started Sunday and heavily damaged legislative buildings in Cape Town.

[Category: South Africa, Fires and Firefighters, Historic Buildings and Sites, Legislatures and Parliaments, Ramaphosa, Cyril, Cape Town (South Africa)]

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[l] at 1/3/22 12:52pm
His discoveries of ancient human skulls and skeletons, including the famed “Turkana Boy,” helped cement Africa’s standing as the cradle of humanity.

[Category: Leakey, Richard, Paleontology, Fossils, Deaths (Obituaries), Archaeology and Anthropology, Turkana Basin Institute, Africa, Kenya, Lake Turkana (Kenya)]

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[l] at 1/3/22 6:43am
When President Kais Saied seized power in July, he vowed to rescue the failing economy. Tunisians are still waiting for him to fulfill that pledge.

[Category: Tunisia, Saied, Kais (1958- ), Constitutions, Economic Conditions and Trends, Referendums, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Politics and Government, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots]

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