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[l] at 11/13/19 10:57am
Gambia’s former president ordered people he accused of “witchcraft” to be kidnapped and tortured. The victims now plan to tell a truth commission what happened.

[Category: Defense and Military Forces, Politics and Government, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations, Witchcraft, Kidnapping and Hostages, Jammeh, Yahya, Gambia]

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[l] at 11/12/19 9:16am
In the late 1800s, women explorers sailed the Nile, sending back vivid accounts of Egypt’s riches. A 21st-century writer travels in their wake.

[Category: Travel and Vacations, Egyptian Civilization, Books and Literature, Women and Girls, Cruises, Aswan (Egypt), Egypt]

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[l] at 11/11/19 2:50pm
Madagascar has little obvious strategic value for the Kremlin or the global balance of power. But Russians were there during an election, offering bribes, spreading disinformation and recruiting an apocalyptic cult leader.

[Category: Elections, Africa, Russia, Madagascar, Putin, Vladimir V, Prigozhin, Yevgeny V, Corruption (Institutional), International Relations, Mines and Mining, Rumors and Misinformation, Rajaonarimampianina, Hery, Rajoelina, Andry, Zafimahaleo, Rasolofondraosolo, Mailhol, Andre Christian Dieudonne, Social Media]

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[l] at 11/9/19 2:15am
Outrage over photographs of a politician appearing to sexually harass a student led hundreds of women to speak out about abuse. But how much change results may depend on a legal case.

[Category: Tunisia, #MeToo Movement, Sexual Harassment, Politics and Government, Makhlouf, Zouheir]

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[l] at 11/7/19 11:33am
Employees of the mining company, Semafo, have suffered three attacks in Burkina Faso in 15 months, including one on Wednesday that left at least 37 dead.

[Category: Burkina Faso, Mines and Mining, Foreign Workers, Semafo Incorporated]

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[l] at 11/7/19 5:12am
In July, the international court in The Hague found Bosco Ntaganda guilty of war crimes including murder, rape and sexual slavery.

[Category: War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Ntaganda, Jean Bosco, Murders, Attempted Murders and Homicides, Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking, International Criminal Court, Decisions and Verdicts]

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[l] at 11/7/19 1:43am
The ambush, which also wounded 60 people, was the third deadly attack on the Semafo mining company in 15 months.

[Category: Mines and Mining, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Semafo Incorporated, Africa, Burkina Faso, Canada, Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Mali]

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[l] at 11/6/19 2:28pm
Government workers say their earnings are disappearing under skyrocketing inflation.

[Category: Wages and Salaries, Strikes, Zimbabwe, Government Employees]

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[l] at 11/5/19 9:06am
Scientists discovered that vulturine guineafowl live in multilevel societies reminiscent of our own.

[Category: Birds, Kenya, Animal Behavior, Research, Monkeys and Apes, Brain, Current Biology (Journal), Africa, Farine, Damien, your-feed-science]

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[l] at 11/4/19 8:50pm
In some of the world’s saltiest, most acidic bodies of superheated water, even the most extreme forms of archaea couldn’t survive.

[Category: Extraterrestrial Life, Microbiology, Space and Astronomy, Nature Ecology & Evolution (Journal), Danakil Desert (Africa), Ethiopia, Acids, Salt, your-feed-science]

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[l] at 11/3/19 9:05pm
After leaving South Africa, she pressed colleges, churches, unions, philanthropies and others to unload their stock in companies profiting from a racist system.

[Category: Davis, Jennifer, Apartheid (Policy), Race and Ethnicity, Boycotts, Mandela, Nelson, Marshall, Margaret H, South Africa, Blacks, Deaths (Obituaries)]

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[l] at 11/2/19 3:57pm
At least 53 soldiers and one civilian died in one of the deadliest attacks to hit the nation’s military in recent memory.

[Category: Mali, Defense and Military Forces, Deaths (Fatalities), Terrorism, Civilian Casualties, Muslims and Islam]

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[l] at 11/2/19 7:42am
Women in West Africa who accuse men of sexual abuse have recently seen some change, but also an intense backlash — including threats and even a police investigation.

[Category: Nigeria, Women and Girls, Sexual Harassment, Sex Crimes, #MeToo Movement, Pentecostal Churches, Fatoyinbo, Biodun, West Africa]

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[l] at 10/31/19 1:13pm
New research shows the virus can have devastating effects on the immune system that persist much longer than the illness itself.

[Category: Measles, Vaccination and Immunization, Immune System, Viruses, Antibodies, Elledge, Stephen J, Science (Journal), Mina, Michael J, Science Immunology (Journal), Petrova, Velislava N, your-feed-science, your-feed-health]

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[l] at 10/30/19 4:18pm
Facebook said it removed three Russian-backed influence networks aimed at African countries. The activity by the networks suggested Russia’s approach was evolving.

[Category: Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates, Social Media, Cyberwarfare and Defense, Politics and Government, Elections, Facebook Inc, WhatsApp Inc, Prigozhin, Yevgeny V, Africa]

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[l] at 10/30/19 2:56pm
After a wave of violence against immigrants, hundreds had camped outside a United Nations refugee agency office, asking for help leaving the country.

[Category: Refugees and Displaced Persons, Immigration and Emigration, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Cape Town (South Africa), South Africa]

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[l] at 10/29/19 9:07am
The 52 Places Traveler visits the Tunisian capital, where the Arab Spring began, and finds artists, entrepreneurs and activists creating the future.

[Category: Travel and Vacations, National Bardo Museum (Tunis, Tunisia), Tunis (Tunisia), Bars and Nightclubs, Carthage]

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[l] at 10/25/19 4:33pm
President Mokgweetsi Masisi will serve another term after taking controversial steps to lift a ban on elephant hunting and usher in the decriminalization of homosexuality.

[Category: Botswana, Elections, Masisi, Mokgweetsi, Khama, Ian, Politics and Government, Voting and Voters, Legislatures and Parliaments, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations]

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[l] at 10/25/19 3:57pm
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was in Russia when the protests broke out and has yet to publicly comment on the violence.

[Category: Ethiopia, Ahmed, Abiy, Mohammed, Jawar, Politics and Government, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots]

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[l] at 10/25/19 3:53pm
A theologian and an Anglican priest, he argued that traditional African religions deserved the same respect as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

[Category: Mbiti, John (1931-2019), Religion and Belief, Christians and Christianity, Africa, Deaths (Obituaries)]

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