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[l] at 7/13/19 9:55am

The worst of a weekend heat wave is forecast to hit Southern California this weekend.

Here is what you need to know:


The heat is expected to peak Saturday as a high-pressure zone extends from the Southwest and lingers over the region, the National Weather Service said. Temperatures should...

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[l] at 7/12/19 2:52pm

Officials have issued a heat advisory for most of the Los Angeles County valleys and mountains, as well as the Inland Empire, where triple-digit temperatures are forecast through the weekend.

The advisory is in effect through Sunday for the Santa Clarita, San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, with...

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[l] at 7/8/19 5:05pm

President Trump on Monday held himself out as a leader in the fight to protect America’s air and water, despite two years of policies that have weakened environmental regulations.

In a speech at the White House, Trump said his administration was working “harder than many previous administrations,...

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[l] at 7/1/19 6:00am

Three years after the Environmental Protection Agency began investigating alleged diesel emission cheating in Mercedes-Benz cars, vehicle owners and environmentalists say the Trump administration appears to be allowing the inquiry to stall.

Daimler AG, the German parent company for Mercedes, is...

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[l] at 7/1/19 4:00am

The war on smog has been called one of America’s greatest environmental successes. Decades of emissions-cutting regulations under a bipartisan law — the 1970 Clean Air Act — have eased the choking pollution that once shrouded U.S. cities. Cleaner air has saved lives and strengthened the lungs of...

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[l] at 7/1/19 4:00am

The war on smog has been called one of America’s greatest environmental successes. Decades of emissions-cutting regulations under a bipartisan law — the 1970 Clean Air Act — have eased the choking pollution that once shrouded U.S. cities. Cleaner air has saved lives and strengthened the lungs of...

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[l] at 6/26/19 11:30pm

The Trump administration is throwing a lifeline to the massive Pebble Mine planned near Alaska’s Bristol Bay, as regulators move toward undoing Obama-era environmental restrictions that have thwarted the project.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday said it was resuming consideration...

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[l] at 6/26/19 6:30pm

Congressional Democrats are chiding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for thwarting a House committee’s investigation into the agency’s actions during Hurricane Harvey.

The investigation was spurred by a March 5 Los Angeles Times report revealing that officials from the EPA and Texas Commission...

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[l] at 6/26/19 11:35am

A top Environmental Protection Agency official who helped lead the Trump administration's rollback of Obama-era restrictions of carbon emissions is resigning amid a congressional probe into whether he improperly aided former industry clients.

EPA Assistant Administrator Bill Wehrum is expected...

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[l] at 6/19/19 1:10pm

The Trump administration on Wednesday unveiled its final plan to rewrite a major Obama-era climate change policy, scrapping proposed regulations that would have cracked down on coal-burning power plants.

The administration’s plan would gut the so-called Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s signature...

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[l] at 6/12/19 10:35am

After baking Southern California with a record-breaking heat wave, temperatures are set to return to a semblance of the cooling “June gloom” that had soothed the region.

In the wake of morning low clouds near the coast and a sunny high of 84 degrees on Wednesday, Los Angeles is on track for temperatures...

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[l] at 6/11/19 11:45am

Grab a hat and find a shady spot, Angelenos, because sweltering summer temperatures that broke heat records across Southern California this week are expected to stick around a little longer.

A ridge of high pressure that settled across California over the weekend is responsible for the summer’s...

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[l] at 6/6/19 6:05pm

Some of the world’s largest car manufacturers have delivered a unified message to President Trump: go back to the negotiating table on vehicle emission standards or risk crippling their industry.

Seventeen major automakers, including General Motors, Ford, BMW and Toyota, wrote in a letter released...

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[l] at 5/16/19 2:50pm

Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s scandal-plagued first Environmental Protection Agency administrator, spent nearly $124,000 on “excessive” travel costs during a 10-month period, according to an internal audit released Thursday.

Pruitt took 40 trips, at a cost to taxpayers of $985,037, for himself,...

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[l] at 5/8/19 10:55am

The nation's most productive agricultural state will ban a widely used toxic pesticide blamed for harming brain development in babies, California officials said Wednesday.

The move would outlaw chlorpyrifos after scientists deemed it a toxic air contaminant and discovered it to be more dangerous...

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[l] at 4/29/19 6:05pm

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered key state agencies to develop a blueprint for meeting California’s 21st-century water needs in the face of climate change.

The executive order includes few details and doesn’t appear to set a dramatic new water course for the state.

Rather, it reaffirms Newsom’s...

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[l] at 4/15/19 8:00am

Researchers say the end of California’s drought could offer a surprising benefit: reduced transmission of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus.

Drought is the most important weather-related factor that affects the rate of West Nile infection, scientists say. Mosquito eggs need water to hatch, but...

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[l] at 4/1/19 6:45pm

A massive emergency aid bill for victims of hurricanes, wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters was defeated in the Senate on Monday amid a fight between Democrats and President Trump over relief for Puerto Rico.

Senate Democrats opposed the $13.45-billion legislation, saying the $600 million...

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[l] at 3/29/19 1:10pm

To Andrew Wheeler, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, global warming is a problem for the future. “Most of the threats from climate change are 50 to 75 years out,” he said in a recent interview, expressing a common sentiment.

But scientists say that taking action on climate change...

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[l] at 3/21/19 10:35am

Authorities on Thursday warned surrounding residents to stay indoors after high levels of benzene were detected in the air near a scorched petrochemical storage facility outside Houston.

Firefighters on Wednesday extinguished the blaze at the Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park that started...

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[l] at 3/15/19 2:50pm

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a partial ban Friday on a toxic chemical used to remove paint and varnish, angering groups that have advocated for a complete prohibition of a substance that’s been linked to dozens of deaths.

Once the rule takes effect later this year, consumers will...

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[l] at 3/12/19 5:20am

President Trump’s third budget request, released Monday, again seeks cuts to a number of scientific and medical research enterprises, including a 13% cut to the National Science Foundation, a 12% cut at the National Institutes of Health and the termination of an Energy Department program that funds...

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[l] at 3/6/19 6:45pm

Congressional Democrats are launching an investigation into the fate of NASA’s offer to fly a pollution-analyzing jet over the Houston region in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The investigation was spurred by a Los Angeles Times report Tuesday revealing that officials from the U.S. Environmental...

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