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[l] at 7/16/19 4:56pm
Haka at Sask powwow

Indigenous cultures converged at a Saskatchewan powwow when a New Zealand softball team performed the haka, a traditional dance of that country's Māori people.

[Author: Heidi Atter] [Category: News/Canada/Saskatchewan]

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[l] at 7/16/19 12:54pm

People in Attawapiskat continue to speak out about their water problems with some high profile visitors this week.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/Sudbury]

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[l] at 7/16/19 12:45pm
Dale Culver

B.C.'s police watchdog has finished its investigation into the death of an Indigenous man who died in Mounties' custody nearly two years ago.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/British Columbia]

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[l] at 7/16/19 12:08pm
Chief Spence

Former Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence says she is embarking on another hunger strike, this time over the state of her community’s water and infrastructure along with its ongoing social struggles. 

[Author: Jorge Barrera] [Category: News/Indigenous]

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[l] at 7/16/19 11:58am
Bethany Maytwayashing

The women's council for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs says it will no longer be involved in accusations against the organization's leader.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/Manitoba]

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[l] at 7/16/19 10:44am
Terry Ree and Bruce Williams (r)

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is asking Country Thunder organizers to ban Williams and Ree after the comedy duo made a joke about Indigenous people supposedly not being able to pay their rent on time.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/Saskatchewan]

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[l] at 7/16/19 9:19am
Oil bleeding off Bella Bella spill near sunken tug

Texas-based Kirby Corp. pleaded guilty after a tugboat ran aground spilling diesel and oil in a First Nation's fishing territory on British Columbia's central coast in 2016.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/British Columbia]

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[l] at 7/16/19 3:00am
Jordan at FFCNWT Office

The program aims to help N.W.T. youth in foster care, or those who have just aged out, prepare for their future by teaching them life skills.

[Author: Kate Kyle] [Category: News/Canada/North]

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[l] at 7/16/19 2:00am
Wei Xie

The Métis National Council (MNC), facing its second federal audit in the last seven years, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to two companies directed by the same MNC policy adviser for IT-related work, according to records obtained by CBC News.

[Author: Jorge Barrera] [Category: News/Indigenous]

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[l] at 7/16/19 2:00am
QC Hotel design

'They are all assembled — TVs assembled, chairs assembled,' said Harry Flaherty, president of the Qiktaaluk Corporation.

[Author: CBC News] [Category: News/Canada/North]

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[l] at 7/15/19 2:59pm
Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation

The Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation wants to take caribou management more fully into their own hands.

[Author: Gabriela Panza-Beltrandi] [Category: News/Canada/North]

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[l] at 7/15/19 11:39am
Randy Cochrane, 30,

The family of a father of three who died in Winnipeg police custody Sunday wants to know more about what led to his sudden death.

[Author: Austin Grabish] [Category: News/Canada/Manitoba]

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[l] at 7/15/19 10:57am
Bethany Maytwayashing

A 22-year-old woman who said she was messaged multiple times online by a Manitoba First Nations leader wants a full accounting for what she calls 'creepy' messages and an in-person, public apology.

[Author: Laura Glowacki] [Category: News/Canada/Manitoba]

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[l] at 7/15/19 9:20am
Eabametoong First Nation

Eabametoong First Nation, a fly-in Ojibway community that sits about 360 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, passed a band council resolution declaring a state of emergency Friday after test results showed levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) in the tap water between 122 to 182 per cent above Health Canada safety standards.

[Author: Jorge Barrera] [Category: News/Indigenous]

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[l] at 7/15/19 5:00am
logging clear cut Vancouver Island

You may have never heard of the Forest and Range Practices Act but it's a piece of legislation that manages B.C.'s trees, wildlife, helps slow climate change and supports reconciliation with B.C.’s Indigenous communities. It's about to change.

[Author: Chad Pawson] [Category: News/Canada/British Columbia]

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[l] at 7/15/19 3:30am

The Rooms says it is taking another look an exhibit that describes the first inhabitants of Newfoundland and Labrador as “Indians.”

[Author: Patrick Butler] [Category: News/Canada/Nfld. & Labrador]

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[l] at 7/15/19 2:00am
David Chartrand

The federal government launched an ongoing financial probe of a national Métis organization following a meeting with investigators with the RCMP, CBC News has learned.

[Author: Jorge Barrera] [Category: News/Indigenous]

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[l] at 7/14/19 10:17am
Bison calves

The herd of wild plains bison, which was reintroduced in the park in 2017, has been free to roam in 1,200 square kilometres of backcountry on the park's northeast side for the past year.

[Author: The Canadian Press] [Category: News/Canada/Calgary]

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[l] at 7/14/19 2:00am

A new partnership has been forged between Parks Canada and Algonquin people in northwestern Quebec to co-manage a national historic site together.

[Author: Olivia Stefanovich,Christina Romualdo] [Category: News/Politics]

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[l] at 6/28/19 7:45am
Rebecca Labillois

As we drive along the shore of the Bay of Chaleur to the Aboriginal Heritage Garden in Ugpi'Ganjig, Rebecca Labillois is picturing her grandmother walking along that same beach as a girl, crying.

[Author: Vanessa Blanch] [Category: News/Canada/New Brunswick]

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