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[l] at 5/15/24 8:25pm
On May 15, 2024 — the 76th anniversary of the Nakba — UAW 4811 members across the University of California took the historic step to authorize a strike in defense of workers’ rights to peacefully protest in support of Palestine.

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[l] at 5/15/24 10:30am
The Indian Supreme Court ordered the immediate release of author and journalist Prabir Purkayastha on Wednesday, May 15 terming his arrest by the Delhi Police in October last year illegal.

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[l] at 5/13/24 8:40pm
A recent report published by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that Tyson Foods is guilty of dumping hundreds of millions of pounds of pollutants into U.S. waterways from 2018 to 2022.

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[l] at 5/12/24 10:56am
The next weeks and months will undoubtedly show that, no matter how intense this repression has been, the youth movement will continue to expand so long as the genocide in Gaza does not end.

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[l] at 5/10/24 7:15am
A unit of 78 paraprofessionals in rural Minnesota ratified their contract after a months-long battle with school administrators. The unit has engaged in an impressive organizing campaign to win one of the largest package increases for paraprofessionals in the area.

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[l] at 5/9/24 5:21pm
As university administrations, police forces, and right wing mobs brutalize and threaten students for standing with Palestine, Congress is continuing to call educational officials from across the country to testify about the “crisis of antisemitism” on campuses.

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[l] at 5/8/24 11:54am
In a system based on labor exploitation, a “good” economy does not automatically mean better conditions for workers in either an absolute or relative sense.

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[l] at 5/6/24 5:59pm
Today, academic institutions have become increasingly controlled by corporate and military interests. Instead of intellectual freedom, the research we pursue is defined by those that have the resources to fund it.

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[l] at 5/5/24 5:10pm
Ultimately, it will be neither the Democrats nor the Republicans that defend our bodily autonomy, our healthcare, or our basic right to an abortion.

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[l] at 5/2/24 7:36pm
The “transitional council” is packed with elites from the traditional establishment.

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[l] at 5/2/24 2:20pm
Several reports have appeared in the media reproducing allegations from the Delhi Police’s chargesheet against NewsClick and its Editor-in-Chief Prabir Purkayastha. Many of these reports have been published without seeking a response from NewsClick.

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[l] at 5/1/24 7:24am
May Day is a time to take to the streets and say that it is the working class that should have the power. Our labor makes every aspect of society run. So why shouldn’t workers make the decisions instead of leaving that to the ultra-rich who contribute nothing of value to society?

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[l] at 5/1/24 7:17am
On May Day, let us intensify the struggle to stop the war and reclaim the revolution.

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[l] at 4/30/24 11:43pm
The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemns the outrageous police attack against student encampments at colleges and universities around the country that have been organized in opposition to U.S. support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

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[l] at 4/23/24 6:04pm
The idea of our building takeovers playing a role in promoting similar struggle 56 years later is truly encouraging to me.

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[l] at 4/22/24 11:10pm
The strikers cited below-market pay, eroding medical and dental benefits, as well as perpetual under-staffing and overtime, as key drivers of their struggle.

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[l] at 4/22/24 10:51pm
Several new pieces of anti-union legislation have advanced in the Senate, constituting an all-out war on Louisiana workers.

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[l] at 4/21/24 8:24pm
Imagine a future where the one trillion dollars that goes to the military every year, along with the millions of workers currently employed in related industries, could instead build a sustainable world — contributing to life instead of destruction and domination.

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[l] at 4/21/24 8:12pm
An Earth Day protest in Chicago opposes a massive warehous project in south Tacoma, Washington

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[l] at 4/21/24 8:02am
To casual observers of Israeli atrocities — and to many Zionists around the world — the idea that one of the most well-equipped, so-called advanced militaries in the world could be resoundingly, even totally, defeated is a shocking proposition.

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[l] at 4/19/24 10:32am
This exploits women's oppression for imperialist ends and hides the fact that Palestinian liberation is a feminist issue.

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