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Sami Mira Ahmed Mushaymaa – A travesty of Justice

Sami Mira Ahmed Mushaymaa. A travesty of Justice.
26 March, 2014

An illiterate young man, 25 will be executed unless we take action. What can you do to help him and the other detainees? The Bahrain F.I. will take place on April 6th. Please condemn running this sports event in a
country where the human rights are terrible. Pressure needs to be brought on the Khalifa regime to release to over 3500 detainees, a third, children.

Sami Mira Ahmed Mushaymaa, Abbas Jamil Tahir Alsamee, Ali Mohamed Taher Alsamee and Yousuf Ahmed Mohamed Taher Alsamee were “pronounced guilty” of killing 3 policemen BEFORE their trial started. Only the dead UAE
policeman has been identified, not the 2 Bahrain victims. The Prime Minister called for the trial to be “expedited” and death sentences to follow.

The Prosecutor said on 4th March that four men had admitted to being influenced by “foreign agents”, Iran. Sami was soaked in cold water, chilled with an air conditioner, beaten on his genitals and forced to stand for long periods. Bader Ebrahim Ghaith, his torturer said the C.I.D. would tell the Judge to sentence him to at least 15 years.

The police dumped weapons and incriminating evidence at Sami’s house and photographed the evidence. His family saw him on 23rd March with teeth broken, burn marks and heavily clothed to hide torture marks. His family’s home has been attacked twenty times and they are terrified.

His co-defendant Abbas Alsamee was electrocuted on his genitals and faced the same freezing treatment. He is still at the Criminal Investigation Directorate, three weeks after his arrest. This raises great fears for his safety under constant interrogation.

The twenty five men are mainly from the Alsamee and Mushaymaa families. Are they known troublemakers or easy to pick up when the police want to make quick arrests in night raids after a colleague has been killed? Sami Mushaymaa is a relative of Hasan Mushaima, Secretary General of Haq, The Movement of Liberty and Democracy. Hasan is one of the thirteen Leaders of the Opposition, jailed for life. Sami has been questioned about the Haq leaders but knows nothing.

Sami was targeted by the Intelligence Department in 2010 and had all his teeth smashed. He was arrested as part of a “terrorist cell” in 2010 but released after eight months. He was picked up at the Pearl Roundabout in 2011 and charged with illegal gathering and making molotov cocktails, never found. He was released again due to lack of evidence. He has recently returned home. Why would he put himself and his family at risk again?

The Mushaima family have battled to get medical treatment for Hasan who suffers from cancer. Every time they raise this issue they are intimidated or a member of the family is arrested. Ahmed Mushaima, Hasan’s son was picked up at the airport returning from Iraq on 28th December 2013. He was jailed for thirty days for congregating and missed
important college exams. Ahmed was severely beaten on his previously injured knees and could not sit down when his family visited him. He goes to court on 27th March 2014.

The families of important leaders are continuously harassed and having the same surname is a liability. What can the international legal and political community do about this?

“when compassion acts beyond reason humanity is redeemed”

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