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Al Khalifa Regime victims languish in Bahrain Prisons while guests celebrate Formula One

Al Khalifa Regime Victims languish in Bahrain's Prison While World enjoy the Royal Formula One
12 March, 2014

The Bahrain F.1. Race will take place on April 6th 2014 in flood lit conditions. This is appropriate as it will mask the reality of life for Bahrain’s citizens behind the glitz of the F.1.

3500 people are detained in overcrowded cells with inadequate water for drinking and washing, poor food, no medical care and no winter clothes. Homes are attacked without warrant at night to pick up suspects and intimidate the community.

After the 2013 F.1. 60 people were detained, including Rihana al Mousawi, who was tortured, stripped and exposed in public. Over 1000 detainees are children who are regularly abused.

Torture is systemic although the Minister of the Interior says there is no torture and the Jordanians are experts. Two young photographers, Sayed Ahmed Al Mousawi and Mohamed al Orabi were both tortured for six days in February, hung on doors, electrocuted and sexually abused. Should the international sporting community be running a high profile race that supports the Khalifa regime?

Mohamed Mirza’s case shows what happens to peaceful opponents of the regime.

Mohamed was arrested on 27th June 2012 after being on the run for eight months. He was convicted in absentia for illegal gathering and vandalising a police car in November 2011, 24th January 2012 and May 2012. His total sentence was 2.5 years. Illegal gathering means nothing in Bahrain – you can be watching a march and get detained.

Mohamed is seriously ill. He was hit by birdshot, beaten when he arrested and has problems with his sight as his eyes were sprayed with incendiary material. His hearing and teeth were affected by torture. He finally went to a specialist at Salmaniya Hospital in September 2013 about his back who recommended a CT Scan and a medical brace. Nothing has happened. There is ONE DOCTOR for 800 men in Mohamed’s building.

The case against Mohamed was dismissed by the Appeal Court Judge in August 2013. But the Samaheej police station won’t release him. He was due to leave prison this month but another trumped up charge will keep him in Jaw Prison until October 2014. The police may then accuse him of another crime to illegally detain him. Mohamed is jus one example of the Bahraini prisoners, denied a fair trial and sentenced on the basis of unseen confessions after torture.

The FI is an opportunity to put on some pressure to improve conditions for the prisoners.
Please contact the F.I. Sponsors – Gulf Air, Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lotus, McClaren and Cosworth. Approach the drivers and suggest they should not be racing in Bahrain with its terrible Human Rights record. All the drivers should state they will boycott the race unless human rights improve. Please act.

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