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Urgent: life threatening illness used as weapon of abuse against PhotoJournalist Hussain Hubail

Today Hussain Hubail, 21, a photographer detained since July 31st, had a medical appointment at the hospital with him mum.

Hubail collapsed last Thursday, as he suffered from a heart spasm, and was taken to Salmaniya Hospital for treatment, where he remained in the intensive care unit for several hours and then in the short intensive care unit.

When his condition got stable he was transferred to the Dry Dock Prison again. Hubail stayed in Salmaniya hospital complex for nearly 12 hours and was unconscious.

Hubail suffered several months ago from beams contraction of the heart muscle, shortness of breath, high blood pressure and fainted several times in prison. He told officials about his condition, but they largely ignored it for two months before they allowed his visit to the doctors at the Salmaniya Medical Complex for treatment.The prison administration don’t give him his medication to reduce blood pressure, which he needs once a day, but only once a week.

The regime use the lack of medical care to control the prisoners which has lead to a number of deaths. Hubail goes to court on January 27th and we would like to get him out on bail immediately.

We’re looking at precedents for release due to illness. Nabil Taman was released because of cancer, and Naser Bader El Raas, for his heart condition. Ali Al Awani was released today because of cancer also.

I’m contacting Irish and British medics to get support. Please contact your Congressman to take action for Hussain.

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