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Bahrain: Revolution re-invigorated as Bissiouni’s committee discredited

Bahrain: Revolution re-invigorated as Bissiouni’s committee discredited
Bahrain Freedom Movement – 05/08/2011 – 4:56

Concern is rising for the health of the two women detainees; Jalila Al Salman and Dr Rola Al Saffar, who had started yesterday hunger strike to protest their continued detention without trial. They were part of the medical staff who were targeted by the Saudi occupiers when they invaded the country.

They were badly tortured by the Saudi and Al Khalifa officials who targeted doctors and nurses for treating injured Bahrainis. The hunger strike has become an international issue with several human rights bodies expressing concern and calling for their release. Amnesty International issued a statement expressing concern at the whole issue: “”Amnesty International is concerned that they are being held solely because they took part in protests, in which case they would both be prisoners of conscience who should be released immediately and unconditionally.” Frontline which defends human rights defenders said: “Front Line is deeply concerned for the safety and well being of Mrs Jalila Al Salman, vice president of the Bahrain Teacher’s Society and Mrs. Rula Al Saffar Assistant Professor at the College of Health Sciences and the Head of Bahrain Nursing Society, following reports received today that they have gone on hunger strike in protest at their continuing torture and ill treatment while in custody”.

Meanwhile, the Bahraini revolution has continued unabated. For the past few days, the people have protested in various parts of the country, calling for a regime change and demanding an immediate end to the Saudi occupation. Last night, the people of Bani Jamra staged their protest as the regime’s forces waged relentless attacks on the people, using chemical and tear gas weapons to subdue the youth. The regime’s thugs attacked the Bahrainis causing many injuries, some of which were horrendous. The people of Dair also went on protest but were also attacked mercilessly by the Al Khalifa mercenaries. The people are also calling for the right to self-determination. Disproportionate amounts of chemical and tear gas were used against the people. Some were hurled inside the houses to ensure maximum injuries. Similar demonstrations were held yesterday at Bilad Al Qadeem, Sitra and Mhazza. The youth have become more emboldened to stage these demonstrations under the eyes of the occupiers. A new feeling of nationalism is now motivating the youth to undertake daring steps to ensure the liberation of their land from the Saudi occupation. On Wednesday 3rd August, the people of Duraz demonstrated in support of the detained leaders who had been severely tortured. It has now been confirmed that the dictator’s son, Nasser had been involved in torturing the detainees directly. Sheikh Mohammad Habib Al Miqdad was one of his victims.

Few days ago Isa Ahmad Al Taweel, 50, was martyred as a result of an attack by chemical weapons that caused him to suffocate. His funeral was also attacked and more injuries were reported. The cases of these deaths have been reported to the Al Khalifa-appointed committee of investigation. Headed by Charif Bissiouni, the committee has been condemned as a tool to cover the crimes of the dictator and his sons. Yesterday, Bissiouni failed his neutrality test when he attempted to whitewash the dictator and his eldest son by describing them as democrats. He has ignored their role in the suppression and torture of Bahrainis. Moreover, there are authenticated reports that Bissiouni himself had reported some of the victims who presented their cases to him to the dictator. These victims have been betrayed by the discredited royal commission. Calls have been made by notable human rights activists for the more neutral members of the committee to resign lest their reputation be smeared more. It is now clear, especially after their visit to the torture chambers, that they have failed to make any difference to the plight of the victims. Attacks on demonstrators have become more tense and torture has not ceased. The committee has failed even to achieve the repeal of the notorious Law 56, decreed by the dictator to give immunity to those involved in torture. Bahrainis are insisting that only an independent fact-finding mission from the office of the UN Human Rights Commissioners, could establish some of the facts and expose the crimes of the Saudi and Al Khalifa crimes. Bissiouni’s commission has already decided to whitewash the Al Khalifa dictators, killers and torturers.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
5th August 2011