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[l] at 4/17/24 12:05pm
The UK media's coverage of the killing of World Central Kitchen workers shows how much Palestinian life is devalued.

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[l] at 4/17/24 10:16am
The House Committee on Education and the Workforce is aiming to silence support of Palestine. After targeting notable private universities it is now going after public institutions starting with Rutgers. The school must stand up to this intimidation.

[Category: Activism, Rutgers, Virginia Foxx]

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[l] at 4/17/24 7:30am
On Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, rights groups report at least 5,000 Palestinians have been detained from Gaza since October 7, and at least 16 Palestinians have died in Israeli detention amid unprecedentedly inhumane conditions.

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[l] at 4/16/24 12:00pm
Since October 7, activists across Puerto Rico have stood in solidarity with Palestine, as Palestinians’ determination to stay on their land and resist colonialism echoes their own struggle.

[Category: News, colonialism, Conor Tomás Reed, international solidarity, Natalia Ibrahim Abufarah Davila, Puerto Rico]

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[l] at 4/16/24 11:11am
The shocking revelation of the New York Times's offensive internal style guide on language it will not permit in its Palestine reporting should prompt a broad examination of the paper's longtime bias.

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[l] at 4/16/24 7:52am
Israel says it is considering a strike against Iran “that would not lead to a war” as it continues to restrict aid access to the Strip. Meanwhile, settlers in the West Bank escalated attacks against villages, killing two Palestinians.

[Category: News, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 4/15/24 2:09pm
Over a dozen Yale Students have launched a hunger strike over the school’s complicity in the Gaza genocide.

[Category: Activism, campus, campus activism, hunger strike, Yale]

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[l] at 4/15/24 10:34am
Organizations are raising money for medical students from Gaza to continue their studies abroad. Continuing their medical education is vital to ensuring the future of healthcare in Gaza.

[Category: News, doctors, Gaza, Gaza genocide, healthcare, Palestinian healthcare]

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[l] at 4/15/24 9:11am
After letting a limited number of women, children, and elderly back into northern Gaza, the Israeli army opened fire on thousands of refugees who attempted to do the same.

[Category: News, Al-Rashid Street, Deir al-Balah, forced displacement, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Nuseirat refugee camo]

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[l] at 4/15/24 7:43am
Germany, France and the UK called upon Israel “not to escalate” after Iran’s strike on Saturday. Israel killed 43 Palestinians attempting to return home to north Gaza as Hamas presents a new counter-proposal for a ceasefire.

[Category: News, ceasefire, Gaza, gaza strip, Hamas, hostage, Iran, Iran attack, Israeli Government, Israeli occupation, negotiations, occupied west bank, Palestinian prisoners, Top Headlines, US Policy in the Middle East, US Politics, West Bank]

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[l] at 4/14/24 4:45pm
Inflated claims of Israel's remarkable military success in thwarting Iran's strikes ignores the fact that Iran was deliberately restrained to avoid regional war, while the strikes forced Israel to give away its defensive positions.

[Category: News, Axis of Resistance, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Iran, Top Headlines, Unity of Fields]

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[l] at 4/14/24 2:01pm
The assertion that Israel is trying to provoke a wider regional conflict appeared nowhere in the mainstream media coverage of Iran’s retaliatory strike.

[Category: Media Analysis, Ayman Mohyeldin, CNN, Iran, MSNBC, New York Times, Wolf Blitzer]

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[l] at 4/14/24 9:20am
Israeli settlers went on a two-day rampage in the region northeast of Ramallah when a settler teenager was reported missing on Friday. They burned dozens of houses and killed two Palestinians, while effectively blockading some ten villages.

[Category: News, al-Mughayyir, pogrom, settler attacks, settler pogrom, settler rampage]

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[l] at 4/14/24 4:09am
Iran said that its retaliation for Israel's April 1 attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus would be "deemed concluded," while Biden reportedly told Netanyahu that the U.S. would not back an Israeli counterattack.

[Category: News, Iran, Iran attack, settler attacks, settler rampage, Top Headlines, West Bank Pogrom]

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[l] at 4/13/24 11:00am
J Street is reportedly losing staff and support as they prioritize Israeli militarism over Palestinian rights. The Gaza genocide is revealing the tension between Zionism and liberal Jewish values, a divide which will only continue to grow more stark.

[Category: Opinion, Gaza, J Street, liberal Zionism]

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[l] at 4/13/24 10:00am
Despite hundreds of arrests, Jordanian protesters keep coming out to demonstrate in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman. They are calling for an end to Jordan's 1994 peace treaty with Israel in response to the genocide in Gaza.

[Category: News, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Genocide, Jordan, normalization, Wadi Araba Treaty]

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[l] at 4/13/24 9:30am
Berlin police raided and cut off electricity to the Palestinian Congress conference before banning the three-day event. Organizers say Germany’s antidemocratic authoritarian response to Palestine activism is growing by the day.

[Category: News, Berlin, Germany, Ghassan Abu-Sittah, Nancy Faeser, police state, Salman Abu Sitta]

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[l] at 4/12/24 11:15am
For us, all of us, part of our resistance to the erasure of genocide is to talk about tomorrow in Gaza, to plan for the healing of the wounds of Gaza tomorrow. We will own tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a Palestinian day.

[Category: Opinion, Ghassan Abu-Sittah, Glasgow University, Top Headlines]

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[l] at 4/12/24 11:00am
Israel has always punitively killed the families of leaders and resistance figures as collective punishment. It is a sign of Israel’s inability to extract a military victory on the ground.

[Category: Opinion, armed resistance, armed struggle, collective punishment, Dahiya doctrine, Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh]

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[l] at 4/12/24 10:08am
Since October 7, many in the U.S have have grown to understand how our tax dollars fund the genocide in Gaza. This knowledge is inspiring a boom in an old form of resistance — tax resistance.

[Category: Activism, Gaza, tax resistance]

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[l] at 4/12/24 7:06am
The U.S. and Israel intensify preparations for a potential Iranian strike in response to Iran’s Damascus consulate attack. Meanwhile, Hamas has conditioned a ceasefire and prisoner swap on the return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza.

[Category: News, armed resistance, armed struggle, Gaza, Gaza genocide, Gaza massacre, Genocide, Iran, massacre, Operation al-Aqsa Flood, Top Headlines, Tubas Brigade]

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