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[l] at 5/21/24 2:00pm
If you use home automation these days, youre probably used to using smart speakers, your smartphone, or those tabletop touchscreen devices. If you wanted something cooler and more personal, you read more

[Category: Raspberry Pi, Fallout, home-assistant, pip-boy, terminal]

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[l] at 5/21/24 12:30pm
Decently useful AI has been around for a little while now, and robotic arms have been around much longer. Yet somehow, we dont have little robot helpers on our desks read more

[Category: Machine Learning, Robots Hacks, ai, machine learning, MARKERS, robot, robot arm, robotic arm]

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[l] at 5/21/24 11:00am
There was a time when real system administrators just logged into Unix systems as root. But as we all know with great power comes great responsibility. Its too easy read more

[Category: Linux Hacks, linux, sudo]

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[l] at 5/21/24 9:30am
You might have had a boombox back in the 1990s, but probably not like the Yamaha MDP-10. As [Nicole] explains, the odd little device played MIDI files from a floppy read more

[Category: Musical Hacks, floppy disk, midi]

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[l] at 5/21/24 8:00am
Helicopters are perhaps at their coolest when theyre being used as flying cranes from a long dangling cable, they can carry everything from cars, to crates, to giant hanging read more

[Category: Science, aerial, electromagnetic survey, geology, geomagnetic, geomagnetic survey, helicopter, usgs]

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[l] at 5/21/24 5:00am
Over the past few years a number of teams have been putting a lot of effort into taking beloved Nintendo 64 games, decompiling them, and lovingly crafting them into highly read more

[Category: Games, Reverse Engineering, Software Development, binary translation, nintendo 64, static recompilation]

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[l] at 5/21/24 2:00am
[Peter Holderith] has been on a mission to unlock the full potential of a DIY quad-motor electric go-kart as a platform. This isnt his first rodeo, either. His earlier vehicle read more

[Category: Transportation Hacks, electric, go-kart, hub motor, kart, racing]

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[l] at 5/20/24 11:00pm
[Markus] grabbed an ESP32 and created a good-looking e-ink dashboard that can act as a status display for Home Automation. However, the hardware is generic enough that it could work read more

[Category: home hacks, eink, home automation]

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[l] at 5/20/24 8:00pm
Stringing a badminton racquet is a somewhat complicated job. It needs to be done well if the racquet is to perform well and the player is to succeed. To that read more

[Category: Raspberry Pi, badminton, racquet, stepper motor, stringing, stringing machine]

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[l] at 5/20/24 5:00pm
Accessibility devices are a wonder of modern technology, allowing people with various needs to interact more easily with the world. From prosthetics to devices to augment or aid someones vision read more

[Category: 3d Printer hacks, 3d printer, accessibility, braille, open source, public domain, tpu filament, trainer]

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[l] at 5/20/24 2:00pm
You can get a red laser diode pretty cheap these days—as cheap as £1 in fact. [Beamer] had purchased one himself, but quickly grew bored with just pointing it at read more

[Category: Laser Hacks, laser, laser diode]

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[l] at 5/20/24 12:30pm
The Etch-a-Sketch was a great toy if you were somehow born with the talent to use it. For the rest of us, it was a frustrating red brick filled with read more

[Category: Toy Hacks, brushless motors, etch a sketch, motors]

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[l] at 5/20/24 11:30am
When you design an electronic badge, the goal is to make a device thats interesting and has enough depth to keep your attendees engaged for the duration of the con read more

[Category: cons, Hackaday Columns, 2023 Hackaday Supercon, assembly language, instruction set, Voja Antonic]

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[l] at 5/20/24 9:30am
Cable harnesses made wire management a much more reliable and consistent affair in electronic equipment, and while things like printed circuit boards have done away with many wires, cable harnessing read more

[Category: classic hacks, how-to, cable harness, cable lacing, cable wrapping, retrotechtacular, vintage]

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[l] at 5/20/24 8:00am
Reaching orbit around Earth is an incredibly difficult feat. Its a common misconception that getting into orbit just involves getting very high above the ground the real trick is read more

[Category: Space, orbit, rocket, rocketry, single stage to orbit, space, spacecraft]

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[l] at 5/20/24 5:00am
When something does zero-shot image classification, that means its able to make judgments about the contents of an image without the user needing to train the system beforehand on what read more

[Category: Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, computer vision, image classification, webgpu]

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[l] at 5/20/24 2:00am
Back in the innocent days of the late 1980s the Internet as we know it today did not exist yet, but there were still plenty of FTP servers. Since manually read more

[Category: internet hacks, archie, search engine]

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[l] at 5/19/24 11:00pm
The Valve Index VR headset has been around for a few years now. It doesnt come with eye or face tracking, but that didnt stop inspired folks like [Physics-Dude] from read more

[Category: Virtual Reality, eye tracking, face tracking, mouth tracking, valve, vr]

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[l] at 5/19/24 8:00pm
In the 1960s, if you were a teenager in the United States, a big part of your life was probably music. There was a seemingly endless supply of both radio read more

[Category: Radio Hacks, pirate radio, radio caroline]

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[l] at 5/19/24 5:00pm
If there was one question we heard most often this week, it was Did you see it? With it referring to the stunning display of aurora borealis and australis, read more

[Category: Hackaday Columns, Hackaday links, api, aurora, Carrington, Clippy, geomagnetic, grid, hackaday links, HOPE XV, IoT, northern lights, Rinnai, rubber, security, solar storm, Starlink, sunspot, tire, wheelwright]

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[l] at 5/19/24 2:00pm
Even though not all of us will do it, many of us are interested in the art of casting metal. It remains a process thats not out of reach, though, read more

[Category: how-to, casting, lost foam, metal casting]

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