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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global Debt Quickened in First Quarter, Outpacing World Economy The global debt binge begins anew The world's debt rose by $3 trillion in the first quarter of 2019 — an almost unprecedented borrowing binge that brought total global debt to $246.5 trillion. Recession Looms: Cass Freight Index Negative for 7th Month Growth Of the Global Prime-Est Of Prime Consumers Ends In 2020
Germany's Von der Leyen secures powerful EU executive top job Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day Foreigners Dump US Treasurys, Liquidate A Record $216 Billion In US Stocks In 13 Consecutive Months
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Trucking Bloodbath: 2,500 Truck Drivers Lose Jobs (US)

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Bitcoin drops more than 10% as scrutiny of cryptocurrencies grows The Downsides of the War on Cash
## Airline death spiral ##
The New Delay Of Boeing's 737 MAX Return Will Not Be The Last One Boeing 737 Max's grounding could hamper holiday travel Unresolved trade war dents air cargo industry Security Outage Causes Massive Delays At All Australian Airports Dubai International Airport terminal hit by temporary power outage Ryanair to cut flights due to Boeing 737 Max crisis
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkey 'studying' Patriot offer amid S-400 uproar Turkey awaits ninth delivery for Russian S-400 missile defense system Turkish S-400s Create 'New Order' In Mid East Airspace Trump pulls F-35 sale from Turkey after Russian missile defense purchase Erdogan Celebrates Delivery Of S-400s, Says Turkey Should Build New Weapons With Russia From crafts to Kalashnikovs: arms souk thrives in Yemen's Taez NATO Affiliate 'Accidentally' Reveals Locations Of 150 US Nuclear Weapons In Europe
• War on Iran Nuclear deal parties not ready to launch dispute mechanism against Iran, prefer more diplomacy: EU UK PM candidate Johnson: I would not back U.S. military action against Iran US Fears Iran Seized UAE-Based Tanker in Strait of Hormuz Iran Claims It Rescued "Missing" UAE Tanker After US Said IRGC "Forced" It Toward Iran
• War on Venezuela Under the bus? Norway, Bachelet, and the Twilight of Guaido's Insurrection

## Migrants/refugees ##
U.S. launches small-scale immigration raids as families hide
Guatemala court blocks signing of migration deal with US Trump administration moves to stop more immigrants from seeking U.S. asylum
The Trump administration on Monday moved to bar almost all immigrants from applying for asylum at the country's southern border, requiring them to first pursue safe haven in a third country through which they had traveled on the way to the United States. 70 current, former CBP employees under probe for sexist, racist social media posts
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hong Kong police chief condemns 'thug' protesters after extradition bill clashes in Sha Tin leave 22 people in hospital with 6 in critical or serious condition Paris protesters, police clash around Champs-Elysees after parade Climate activists arrested for disrupting London's biggest concrete supplier
## Energy/resources ## Shale Investors Fear Bloodbath As Earnings Season Kicks Off
Tigers in a southern reserve are victims of India's aggressive push towards nuclear energy New York facing 'Russian roulette' with future power outages, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Fracking Under Fire In California What's Behind The Drop In Renewable Spending?
## Got food? ##
Food Shortage Warnings Are Already Starting To Appear, And Now Tropical Storm Barry Is Going To Rip Through America's Heartland UK food banks fear busiest summer ever is ahead
## Environment/health ##
First Ebola case confirmed in Congolese city of Goma The world's largest-ever wildlife trafficking bust saves thousands of animals Deaths from torrential monsoon rains in South Asia reach 85 US Beekeepers Lost 40% Of Honeybee Colonies Last Year, UMD-Led Survey Finds CVS eye drops added to nationwide recall because they may not be sterile Dangerous hospital bacteria [sic] withstands disinfectants Thirty-year study reveals cause of coral bleaching crisis
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
How armies of fake accounts 'ruined' Twitter in the Middle East China's TikTok to store Russian users' data locally: watchdog UK, Philippines Side With Huawei: Why is the US Behind on 5G? EU's sat-nav system Galileo suffers major outage Agencies apologise for government tech outages
Australians once again let down by major failures. FBI To Ramp Up Social Media Surveillance Mark Zuckerberg Brags: We Didn't Allow Pro-Life Groups to Advertise Before Ireland's Abortion Vote Bahrain King Recruited al-Qaeda to Assassinate Shi'ite Opposition
• War on Julian Assange Western Elites Spruik Media Freedom While Torturing Julian Assange In Belmarsh Supermax While politicians, media and commentators strut the world stage crying 'press freedom' an actual journalist from Australia rots in a British prison for doing his job. New CNN Assange Smear Piece Is Amazingly Dishonest, Even For CNN
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Britain Ramps up Media War on Russia MSM Lies About Iran Deal and Repeats Unfound State Department Claims Pompeo's Big Lie on Iran
How The News About Italian Far-Right Fighters In Ukraine Got Confused
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Empty nets as overfishing and climate change sap Lake Malawi Quick fix: Leaders toy with ditching Manila and Jakarta as capitals In the realm of non-solutions, there's nothing like repeating the same mistake. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan's 'lost generation' facing bleak future Japan's 100-yen chains shrug off Amazon as shoppers pour in
Japan's 100-yen shops are stepping up store openings as they continue to gain ground among thrifty consumers, with supermarkets and drugstores seeking them out as tenants to draw customers, shifting the dynamic in the nation's retail landscape. Japan's defense chief has 'no plan' to dispatch SDF troops to the Middle East Suicide Rate for Youth in Japan Hit Record High in 2018
## China ##
Over 40 arrests, 22 hospitalised in Sha Tin clashes, as police chief condemns 'thugs' and defends decision to storm mall China second quarter GDP growth slows to 27-year low, more stimulus expected China cracks down on subsidies to zombie companies as US trade war hits economy Pro-Beijing populist to face Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen in presidential election
• War on Huawei
U.S. firms may get nod to restart Huawei sales in two-four weeks - official Senators' new 5G legislation would keep Huawei blacklisted

## UK ##
'Cocktail of chemicals' found in UK mothers' breast milk due to home furnishings Extinction Rebellion protests block traffic in five UK cities True cost of cheap food is health and climate crises, says commission
Radical change needed to make UK food and farming system sustainable within 10 years Rough sleepers denied access to healthcare, pushing them into 'repeat cycles of homelessness', study says Food bank use among children over school holidays surges by 20% in a year, figures show
Theresa May refuses to criticise police for warning journalists not to publish Kim Darroch leaks Green is the new black: How eco-friendly funerals are becoming the only way to go
## US ## WH projects $1 trillion deficit for 2019 The White House projects that the federal deficit will surpass $1 trillion this year, the only time in the nation's history the deficit has exceeded that level, excluding the four-year period following the Great Recession.
America is insolvent, broke, deep into the red As Wall Street Celebrates Rising Stock Prices, Companies Are Literally Shutting Down All Over America U.S. proposes barring big tech companies from offering financial services, digital currencies
Trucking, Rail Sink Deeper into "Transportation Recession" "Transportation Recession" Gets Uglier Epstein and the Explosive Crisis of the Deep State The Deception Behind "Strong" Employment Reports China isn's the only one that massages its data. -- RF The Untold Story of Christian Zionism's Rise to Power in the United States
Well before Theodore Herzl founded political Zionism and published The Jewish State, Christian Zionists in the United States and England were already seeking to direct and influence the foreign policy of both nations in service to a religious obsession end times prophecy. Recession fears rise for middle-class families Texas may waive taxes on gold and silver stored at state depository US Industrial Production Slows In June Despite Jump In Auto Manufacturing

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Singapore's GDP badly misses forecasts, shrinking 3.4% from the prior quarter
Places like Singapore, which have lots of people but hardly any farmland, are where you don't want to be when the SHTF. -- RF
DHL Sounds Alarm On Collapsing World Trade: "Significant Downturn" Underway
De-Dollarizing the American Financial Empire (interview with Michael Hudson)
A 'sharp correction' is brewing for the next 18 months, strategist says
The World Acquires More Gold While China Is Dumping U.S. Treasuries Is There a Stealth Financial Crisis? Alarm Bells Are Ringing. Rich People Become Poorer For The First Time In 8 Years Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Sales Collapse In 2019, No Bottom Until 1Q20?
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Huawei Planning "Extensive" US Layoffs
ArcelorMittal the latest to add to SA's jobs blood bath
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
China police pull plug on bitcoin miners after US$3 million power tip-off
Crypto Carnage Continues After Earlier Ethereum Flash-Crash
## Airline death spiral ##
37 people injured in severe turbulence on Air Canada flight
United Airlines to extend Boeing 737 Max grounding through November 'We kind of couldn't believe it:' American passenger recounts 21-hour delay as airline struggles Serious "issues" continue to plague the airline industry! -- RF Two women thrown off flight for complaining about 'terrorist' Muslim passengers London airports to be hit by series of strikes during summer Severe turbulence seen on Air Canada flight will only get worse China's airport subsidies soar as smaller facilities sink in red ink Passenger traffic has surged, but it has not kept pace with the rapid expansion of airport capacity, leaving 70% of small and midsize local airports in the red.
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Despite US warnings, Russian S-400 systems land in Turkey Will Trump Keep Turkey In F-35 Program? Washington Mum on Russian S-400 Delivery Turkey Announces The Targets Of Its New Air Defense System President Macron announces creation of French military space command Cuba debuts modern Chinese train as rail overhaul begins It's Always the Oil: The Missing Three-Letter Word in the Iran Crisis (Michael Klare) Evangelical Christians Risk Setting Middle East on Fire
On Monday Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the annual summit of Christians United for Israel, espousing Christian Zionist support for the state of Israel.
• War on Iran "Dangerous Game": UK Deploying 2nd Warship To Protect Tankers In Gulf Gibraltar police release all crew members of detained Iranian tanker Merchant ships urged to avoid using private armed teams in Mideast Gulf
Shipping companies sailing through the Middle East Gulf are being urged to avoid having private armed security guards onboard as the risk of escalation in the region rises, industry associations say. Iran v. Trump Enters the Next Stage
UK Says They Will Release Iranian Tanker After Guarantees of Destination
## Migrants/refugees ##
France detains 21 after African migrants occupy Pantheon US VP Pence visits overcrowded migrant camp, deplores 'crisis'
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hong Kong protests approach border of mainland China
Thousands protested in a mainland China border town Saturday against China traders, riding on the momentum of weeks of extradition bill protests in Hong Kong.

## Energy/resources ## Finance Costs Are Killing The Shale Industry Signs Of Slower Permian Oil Growth Continue To Emerge Massive power outage reported in New York City Pentagon races to track U.S. rare earths output amid China trade dispute Tropical Storm Barry shuts 70% of U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil output The Energy Storage Industry Is Exploding Don't get excited. Everyone makes a big deal out of supposed technofixes, but fail to see that the need for storage is one of the factors making renewable energy more expensive. -- RF Can Thar coal address Pakistan's power crisis?
## Got food? ##
Millions of acres of Midwest farmland eligible for U.S.-backed insurance A roller-coaster ride ahead for U.S. farmers thanks to extreme weather Hong Kong Says China Pork Supply May Not Recover Quickly Plenty Unveils Its Largest, Most Efficient Farm Yet Count on this for your food and starve. This makes about as much sense as taking up residence in Singapore. -- RF Climate change is affecting crop yields and reducing global food supplies
## Environment/health ##
World races to develop African swine fever vaccine
Cutting calories leads to significant health benefits, study shows Canada produces the most waste in the world. The US ranks third A new drinking water crisis hits US military bases across the nation The U.S. military's use of firefighting foam that contains potentially dangerous chemical compounds could have serious health consequences for the workers who handle it and those who live nearby. "Massive Loss Of Life": 3,500 Deaths As Simultaneous Ebola & Measles Outbreaks Hit Congo The Problem With Plastic EPA expands use of pesticide considered 'very highly toxic' to bees The trouble with fruit juice Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers A World Without Ice Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death; experts fear for humans
Spreading invasive tick spawns without mating and can transmit deadly disease. The World Population Is Topping Off 11 billion by 2100? Ain't gonna happen! -- RF
Why ocean acidification could make some geoengineering schemes irrelevant
Climate Litigation Has Become a Global Trend, New Report Shows France is trying to get rid of pesticides
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
"Alexa, How Do We Subvert Big Tech's Orwellian Internet-of-Things Surveillance?"
Convenience is the sales pitch, but the real goal is control in service of maximizing profits and extending state power. Definitely take the time to watch The 5G Dragnet. But keep in mind also that the world's leaders and business community see 5G as the economy's savior. Markets quickly become saturated and tilt into stagnation, a state which spells doom for the perpetual-growth economy. It's imperative to keep coming up with new gimmicks — the larger the scale and the more consumptive the better — and 5G is the latest. -- RF Facebook to be slapped with $5 billion fine for privacy lapses, say reports A Plausible Theory Of What Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Doing Microsoft Office 365: Banned in German schools over privacy fears
State of Hesse says student and teacher information could be "exposed" to US spy agencies. This certainly puts all the fear-mongering about Huawei in a different perspective. -- RF Glenn Greenwald becomes focus of Brazil press freedom debate Leaked UK Memo Says Trump Axed Iran Deal to Spite Obama The bug in Zoom that could've let hackers spy on video meetings tapped into people's deepest fears about tech License Plate Readers Are Creeping Into Neighborhoods Across the Country
Cheap surveillance software is changing how landlords manage their tenants and what laws police can enforce. Snowden Warns, Big Tech Will "Indenture Entire Populations Into Servitude" To Corps & Govts Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost Was a Member of Secret Facebook Group
• War on Julian Assange U.N. Report Condemns Torture of Assange
Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter
One of the biggest Twitter accounts dedicated to circulating information and advocacy for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, @Unity4J, has been completely removed from the site. The operators of the account report that they have been given no reason for its removal by Twitter staff, and have received no response to their appeals.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ## A rare glimpse of what the members of the elite think: What are they going to do when things get really tough? 'Disgusting dumpsters': Rome garbage crisis sparks health fears

## Japan ##
Japan firm says $32 mn missing in cryptocurrency hack Japan sets up working group on impact of Facebook's Libra ahead of G7 King coal rules in Japan as power utilities in thrall to low-cost fuel Japan increases military-related support to Fiji Russia rejects territorial talks with Japan
## China ##
U.S. Threatens China With Sanctions On Iranian Oil Imports China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms that sell arms to Taiwan 'Reclaim Sheung Shui': Thousands of Hongkongers protest influx of parallel traders from China China's corporate bond defaults tripled to $8.7bn in first half Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan deleted from website for mainland China's controversial 'social credit system' as rumours swirl of implementation 'Record high' pork prices to continue, health secretary says, as African Swine Fever strangles supply to Hong Kong
## UK ##
Police warning to media over diplomat's leaked memos stirs anger
Senior British politicians, including both contenders to be the next prime minister, joined journalists on Saturday in criticising police for warning media not to publish leaked government documents, saying it was a "dangerous road to tread". BBC hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn immediately backfires as Labour takes remarkable poll lead Mountain bikers warn 'lives are at risk from medieval-style' traps placed on Peak District trails Liquidity Crisis at Woodford Equity Fund Is Symptomatic of Systemic Problem, Bank of England Warns
## US ##
US budget deficit jumps 23% through June More store closings coming: An estimated 12,000 shops could close by the end of 2019 Charts Suggest the Dow Index Is Being Painted to Get "New Highs" in the Market
These pension plans are at risk of going broke. Now lawmakers need to agree on a fix More student loan borrowers carry six-figure balances 39% of Americans couldn't manage an unplanned $400 expense Storm Barry threatens to overwhelm New Orleans' century-old pump system Housing Bubble Reblown: Last Chance for a Good Price Was 7 Years Ago Many Americans Will Never Stop Working A Long Shadow Creeps over the Economy This Summer Barneys New York explores options that include bankruptcy - sources "Where the American Dream Goes to Die": Changes in House Prices, Rents, and Incomes since 1960 by Region & Metro Another reason your wages are low: it's cheaper to hire convicts
Chain gangs are not a thing of the past — more than a million inmates are working for pennies Getting poorer while working harder: The 'cliff effect' New Elections Systems Vulnerable to Hacks, AP Analysis Shows Trump calls for 4 congresswomen to go back to 'broken' places they came from How do Americans feel about US arms sales? Not great. House Passes Amendments to End War Authorizations, Preemptively Defund Iran War

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Jerome Powell Flags Rate Cut as Global Chill Outweighs Good U.S. News
Global economy heading for trouble as manufacturing and construction shrink
India may need major rainfalls to reverse its economic slowdown
Predatory "Green Capitalism" Is Monetizing the Air, and It's Going to Cost You Zombification Perfected: Negative Yield Junk Bonds Take Hold in Europe Warning Bells Sound For Europe's Biggest Exporter German Economic Heart Troubles Poland's Central Bank Increases Gold Reserves by Over 125 Tonnes U.S. to probe French plan to tax tech companies U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered an investigation into France's planned tax on technology companies, a probe that could lead to the United States imposing new tariffs or other trade restrictions. Vehicle Sales Plunge amid India's Shadow-Bank Debt Crisis & Contagion Fears
Shadow banks provided 40% of new loans for vehicle purchases. US-China Feud Is Accelerating The Biggest Shift In Trade Since The Cold War, Away From Globalisation Ceasefire Over? Trump Demands New Sanctions On Beijing Over Iranian Oil Imports Who Are The Gold Buyers That Pushed The Price Over $1,400?
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Bombardier to lay off 550 workers at Thunder Bay, Ontario, plant

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ## Stripe Users Hit With Rare Downtime Issues
The tech industry is starting to doubt Facebook will be able to launch its Libra currency by 2020 Goldman Sachs Ramps Up Development of New Secret Crypto Project Bitcoin falls sharply as Fed's Powell flags 'serious concerns' about Facebook's cryptocurrency ATM and Eftpos services went down across Australia on Thursday — and it looks like Telstra is to blame
## Airline death spiral ##
Delta flight forced into emergency landing after engine problem
Passengers described hearing a "loud bang" and seeing smoke in the cabin followed by a burning smell. Flights restart at Gatwick after air traffic control outage Ryanair CEO May Pare Growth Plans If Max 737 Grounding Drags On France to tax flights from its airports, airline shares fall 35 passengers injured on Air Canada flight heading to Australia
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The Pentagon Looks to Virtual Reality to Prepare Troops for Nuclear War Boomerangs to A-bombs: Australia debates acquiring nukes Skeptics Pan Netanyahu Plan For Formal US-Israel Treaty Done Deal: Russian S-400s Begin Arriving In Turkey Bombs VS Bridges – How Two Empires Are Competing For Their Version Of The New World Order Israel's separation wall endures, 15 years after ICJ ruling
The separation wall, deemed illegal by ICJ, cuts into occupied West Bank territory, and will be 712km upon completion. Milley Warns That War with Iran Would Disrupt Strategy to Confront Russia, China North Korea Wows to Respond to South's Deployment of F-35s China Poses Top Threat for Decades Ahead, Top U.S. General Says
• War on Iran US Proceeding with Plan for Coalition to Deter Iran Threats Mark Esper, the acting secretary of defense, raised the issue last month with allied officials at NATO headquarters, but no nations were ready to commit to participating. TankerTrackers Denies Report Of Detained Tanker With Iranian Crude Trump threatens to 'substantially' increase sanctions on Iran Europeans call for urgent meeting of Iran nuclear deal parties Iran Keeps Calm While U.S. And Britain Continue Their Provocations (MoA on British tanker) Iran's Revolutionary Guards deny trying to stop British tanker in Gulf-Fars news Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War Trump's Version of Iran Accord: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
The US, after walking out of the Iran accord, is now shouting foul as Iran has breached the 300 Kg enriched-uranium stockpile limit of the accord. Does the US expect Iran to live up to the accord while it happily reneges on it? Lawmakers Still Fighting to Keep US Out of War With Iran How Iran Would Battle the U.S. In a War (It Would Be Bloody)

## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrants report abuse, misconduct, poor conditions at Arizona border facility Plan to Send 1,400 Migrant Children to Fort Sill on Track Despite Protests Immigration Officials Use Secretive Gang Databases to Deny Migrant Asylum Claims ICE Just Quietly Opened Three New Detention Centers, Flouting Congress' Limits
The facilities are all run by private prison companies, and one experienced a violent riot. Marines arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants near southern border
Immigration advocates brace for ICE roundups across country: 'The goal is to terrorize'
## Energy/resources ##
Why stimulus can't fix our energy problems Energy from subway tunnels could heat and cool thousands of homes Sounds sensible, doesn't it? Or does it? Like waste-to-energy schemes, this feeds off the waste of industrial society and therefore mistakenly assumes that this energy-intensive system is sustainable. -- RF Pennsylvania Willing To Let Shuttered Oil Refinery Die China's state construction giant sees more energy projects in Iraq Iran To Offer Oil Future Contracts To Foreign Firms Despite Sanctions Peak scarcity: Top supply shocks humanity isn't prepared for

## Got food? ##
United Nations predicts global food prices will drop over next decade Major grain traders face one-two punch from U.S. floods, trade war Wall Street banks bailing on troubled U.S. farm sector Cargill quarterly profit dives 41% on trade tensions, U.S. floods

## Solutions ##
What You Need to Know About Militant Groups And How to Prepare for Them

## Environment/health ##
Flash flooding hits New Orleans as Mississippi River forecast to rise to dangerous levels 'There's Nothing to Give Them': The Hunt for Lifesaving Epipens
Parents and pharmacists are grappling with a continuing shortage of the allergy shots and hurdles that stymie alternatives. India's Worsening Drought Is Forcing Doctors to Buy Water for Surgery
Hospitals in its third-largest city are now almost completely dependent on a fleet of privately-owned tankers. How Much Will Healthcare Cost You in Retirement? Try $369,000. (US) Not rich? Then consider a medicinal herb garden. -- RF Winter monsoons became stronger during geomagnetic reversal: Revealing the impact of cosmic rays on the Earth's climate Cholera Rips Through War-Torn Yemen: Nears 500,000 Cases In 2019 High Cost of Nukes Even Higher If Medical Expenses Included
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
US-China tech war and the US intelligence community
China's 5G leadership means US eavesdropping will be blocked, spies unemployed LinkedIn was down for some users, but it's back up Twitter suffered a massive outage due to an 'internal change' Hacked Border Surveillance Firm Wants To Profile Drivers, Passengers, and Their "Likely Trip Purpose" In New York City Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak's Dire Warning: Delete Your Facebook Account Now! US-Made Weapons Found In Libya Originally Sold to France US Fast-Food Drive-Thrus Will Soon Use License Plate And Facial Recognition Technology Russian spy sub crew prevented nuclear accident at cost of their lives Google says it uses humans to listen to Google Assistant conversations Amazon and Microsoft compete for Pentagon's "war cloud" contract

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
"Go Forth and Lie" Israel Rolls Out Mandatory Course for Students Travelling Abroad
Israel's new course to prepare high school students traveling overseas to be good "ambassadors" includes training on how to combat BDS, claims of apartheid and more. How American Corporations Are Policing Online Speech Worldwide
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
These 5 crumbling states have the worst infrastructure in America Trump Presides Over Dwindling Greatness
Russia and China are forging stronger ties, gaining ground on the U.S. and rattling Washington. Negative-Yielding Junk Bonds Have Arrived in Europe
NIRP is systematically rotting out basic brain functionality. As NASA Aims For The Moon, An Aging Space Station Faces An Uncertain Future The World's 2-Billion-Ton Trash Problem Just Got More Alarming
## Japan ##
Children with EHS/MCS and environmental issues in Japanese schools Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't There could be no better news for any country on the planet. -- RF Japan Unlikely to Join Coalition to Safeguard Waters in Middle East Why Japan's 'wandering salarymen' spending boom has been a bust What were they thinking? Workers only have so much money to spend. -- RF Deer in Japan's Nara died with numerous plastic bags in stomach Crop-damaging fall armyworms found in Japan for first time
## China ##
A Red Flag For Oil? China's Crude Consumption Is Faltering
China's ZTE follows Huawei with Brussels cybersecurity lab China's Brightest Grads Find High-Paying Jobs Harder to Land China's June auto sales fall, extending year-old decline Chinese expert warns Australia against investing in new coal mines China's loans to rest of the world worth US$5 trillion, 6 per cent of global economy, new study reveals
• War on Huawei Trump used 'innuendo and assumption' to claim that Huawei is a security risk, says Yale's Stephen Roach

## UK ##
Britain's new aircraft carrier springs a leak — again A spokesperson for the ministry described the leak as a "minor issue with an internal system." OMG, "issues" strike again! -- RF Seven up: the last operating coal plants in the UK The Darroch Affair Boris Johnson has Already Won the UK PM Election With 12 Days Remaining to Vote
## US ## U.S. government posts $8 billion deficit in June
No longer rich on oil, Alaska may slash money to universities: 'We have a lot to lose'
The University of Alaska could lay off more than 1,000 and cut dozens of programs, thanks to a dramatic slash in money it gets from the state – a 41% cut from a line-item veto by Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy. At least 2% of US public water systems are like Flint's – Americans just don't hear about them Net Wealth Distribution: The Bottom 50% Have 1% of the Wealth
Those in the bottom half have nothing. The top 10% have 70% of the wealth. Truck Makers Are Going to Have to Fess Up Soon
"Orders" of Heavy Trucks Collapsed by 70% but "Sales" Rose to Highest Level Since 2006: There's a Lag. And Sales Are Next Tariffs on Chinese products are the 'new normal,' says former US ambassador Female Veterans Are Fastest Growing Segment of Homeless Veteran Population Ford knew Focus, Fiesta models had flawed transmission, sold them anyway Earnings season is almost here and companies are warning the results won't be pretty Deflation Coming: CPI Supposedly Headed Nowhere, But Let's Dive Inside Most Veterans Say Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Weren't Worth It: Pew Report Here's How Much the 'Salute to America' Flyovers Cost the Military DC mayor says Trump's Fourth of July celebration emptied security fund What is Behind U.S. Obesity? Not Just Too Much Food and Too Little Exercise, Research Reveals Court: It's Cool If The (Federal) Government Searches A Phone The (Local) Government Seized Illegally Voting Machine Makers Claim The Names Of The Entities That Own Them Are Trade Secrets
And finally... A Missouri suspect was hiding from police. A loud fart gave him away

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Stocks drop as trade dims earnings outlook; Mexican peso tumbles
Morgan Stanley downgrades global stocks: Weak growth to trump easier monetary policy
China announces seventh month of adding to gold reserves
Poland joins Hungary with Huge Gold Purchase and Repatriation
When Everything from Bat Guano to Quatloos Is Soaring, Speculative Euphoria Has Reached an Extreme Japan-Korea Spat Threatens to Upend Global Technology Chain Update on the Worsening Housing Bust in Vancouver, Canada: Spring Hopes Got Crushed Weaponizing the Dollar
The Trump administration's incessant sanctions wars are curbing the dollar's global hegemony and speeding the demise of U.S. empire. Borrowing against art is growing at a stunning rate Deloitte, an accounting firm, estimates that the outstanding value of loans against art in America reached $17bn-20bn in 2017, up 13% from the previous year. Industry insiders say such lending has continued to grow at double-digit rates since then. Summer doldrums turned upside down: Gold's June upturn separates 2019 from the pack Donald Trump pushed Xi Jinping to commit to buying US farm goods at G20, but Xi avoided firm pledge
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
France's Canal Plus confirms plan to cut up to 500 jobs
Newsroom employment has dropped by 25 percent in last decade: analysis

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
New ECB Boss Christine Lagarde Made A Serious Bitcoin Warning WikiLeaks Has Received More Than $46 Million in Bitcoin Trading Bitcoin Is Illegal in Iran, Central Bank Official Warns Facebook's Libra Currency Monetizes Identity and Threatens Privacy
## Airline death spiral ## Americans Shocked to Find Their Rights Literally Vanish at U.S. Airports
The number of people detained, their phones and laptops searched without warrants, is exploding. British Airways faces record 183.4 million pounds fine over data theft Boeing Loses $5.9 Billion 737 MAX Order To Airbus As Saudi Airline Loses Patience Boeing reports no new orders for 737 Max amid grounding
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Nelson Mandela's Grandson: We have a Moral Duty to Boycott Israel over its Apartheid against Palestinians
South African MP and the grandson of Nelson Mandela, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, addressed a sold out crowd at the Palestine Expo in London yesterday, saying "We have a moral duty to support the BDS and to support the Palestinian struggle".
Good luck with that. -- RF Estonia Inks 'Big' New US Defense Deal, Eyes On Russia Oil Tankers Avoid Fujairah In Wake Of Attacks British Oil Tanker Seeks Shelter Over Fears It Could Be Seized By Iran So far, Iran's maximum-pressure strategy seems to be enjoying a modicum of success. -- RF
Turkey proceeds with deal for Russian missile system despite US and NATO warnings Bolton Losing Ground on Venezuela, Iran – But Far From Down and Out Sri Lanka's President Vetoes Military Deal With U.S. State Department proposes $2 billion sale of arms to Taiwan US, Australian forces kick off massive, monthlong military drills Down Under
Greece Turns Right: Prime Minister Tsipras Concedes Election Defeat Pompeo Launches Commission to Study Which Human Rights Deserve Respect
Pompeo said that the proliferation of human rights claims have required "one of the most profound reexaminations of the unalienable rights in the world." This being the US, and human rights, a lot of critics are expecting it to go poorly.

• War on Iran
Iranian scientists accused of violating US sanctions Trump's Economic War on Iran: 88% reduction in Oil Exports, 6% Shrinkage of Economy "Pretty Please" - Trump Asked Iran To Allow Him To Bomb It U.S. to keep raising pressure until Iran abandons nuclear arms program: Bolton Iran Boosts Uranium Enrichment, Says Measure Is Reversible Report: Egypt Detains Tanker Carrying Iranian Oil Iran's 'Misery Index' Jumps As U.S. Oil Sanctions Cripple Economy UAE Withdraws from Yemen
The pullback suggests that the UAE is preparing for the possibility of a US military confrontation with Iran in which the UAE and Saudi Arabia could emerge as prime battlegrounds. Bolton Demands Iran Abandon Non-Existent Nuclear Arms Program Iran FM: There Won't Be a Better Nuclear Deal Than 2015 Version
Iranian, US Delegations Reportedly Held Secret Talks In Iraq Last Week
• War on Venezuela
Guaido says talks with Venezuela govt to resume, move to Barbados
## Migrants/refugees ##
Malta to relocate 65 migrants after rescue ships defy Italy ban Heatwave adds to the woes of migrants stranded Bosnia US Dept of Homeland Security requests 1,000 soldiers to manage migrant crisis Dozens of boat people found stranded in Myanmar's Rakhine: official United Nations slams US for detention facilities: 'This should never happen anywhere'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ## British naturalist warns climate change may bring social unrest
Hong Kong protesters stage peaceful rally, 1 week after violent break-ins Hong Kong protesters to continue after bill declared 'dead' Swiss police detain dozens of climate protesters outside bank 'Mother, Don't Let Me Be the Next Victim': Protests Resume Over Police Shooting of Ethiopian Israeli
## Energy/resources ## Is US Shale Cannibalizing Itself?
Power outage hits Venezuela's largest refinery complex: lawmaker Persian Gulf Conflict Could Send Oil Beyond $325 Nuclear Power, Once Seen as Impervious to Climate Change, Threatened by Heat Waves
The nuclear power sector is often portrayed as resistant to unpredictable weather associated with climate change. Heat waves, however, are punching holes in that narrative. Groundwater Pumping Diminishes Streams Across The Country, Study Finds (US)
## Got food? ##
All that online grocery shopping is causing a cold storage shortage Nothing in the article on the sizable power consumption of all this cold storage. -- RF A tortilla shortage at Taco Bell could hurt sales and Yum Brands' stock, analyst says
## Environment/health ## Drug prices in 2019 are surging, with hikes at 5 times inflation (US)
Toxic algae bloom forces closure of 21 Mississippi beaches
Turn back trash: Importers have 90 days to return waste to US, Europe, Australia (Indonesia) Dangerous flash flooding hits Washington DC during morning commute US sets rain record for 3rd time this year as Gulf prepares for tropical system The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim US life expectancy has been declining. Here's why AFM: Cases of polio-like illness could rise in August, CDC warns 'Rat lungworm' parasite spreads in Hawaii
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook Has Ignored Its Secret Hate Groups for Years Ransom hackers hit Georgia courts after cities pay $1M FBI and ICE use DMV photos as 'gold mine' for facial recognition data 5 best ways to keep your Android apps from spying on you
Over 1,000 Android apps grab your data even if you tell them no. Facebook not invited to White House social media summit: company Cambodia's Smart Axiata tests 5G network with China's Huawei Ex-FBI, CIA Officials Draw Withering Fire on Russiagate Major outages at Rogers and Freedom disrupt Canadian cellular services Bombshell – Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' The Jeffrey Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In American History Mozilla blocks UAE bid to become an internet security guardian after hacking reports
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Netanyahu uses DNA claim to deny Palestinian right to homeland UK bars RT, Sputnik from conference for 'disinformation'
Britain said Monday it had barred Russia's RT and Sputnik news organisations from a global conference on media freedom in London because of their "active role in spreading disinformation". Meanwhile, the UK mainstream media shamelessly peddle the fabricated Skripal fairy tale. Chutzpah knows no bounds. -- RF Isikoff, Who First Peddled The Fake Steele Dossier, Invents New 'Russian Influence' Story
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
As Systems Collapse, People Rise: Seven Faces of an Emerging Global Movement Very interesting, but I think we should prepare ourselves for a rising tide of global authoritarianism as a corollary of net energy decline. -- RF

## Japan ## Nuclear safety costs in Japan surge to staggering heights
Japan's nuclear plant operators face ballooning costs for meeting safety requirements imposed six years ago, potentially throwing a wrench into the government's policy of promoting the atom as a low-cost, reliable energy source. Japan's machinery orders fall most in 8 months in worrying sign for economy
Japan urges Iran to keep nuclear deal, refrain from further action
In Japan, whale watching biz is bigger than hunting them
Japan, South Korea raise stakes in dispute over forced labor
Report discovered detailing Japan's wartime use of nerve agents

## China ##
Chinese economists warn Beijing to prepare for decoupling from US China struggling with slow progress on high-speed rail network expansion due to local financing problems
Beijing's policy moves to reduce debt and cut taxes are hampering local governments' ability to fund new projects Why the chaos and polarisation in Hong Kong should be blamed on Carrie Lam's regime, not the protesters Hong Kong's Carrie Lam declares extradition bill 'dead', but stops short of full withdrawal Apple: iPhone info requests from Chinese government have exploded Chinese Thirst For Crude Oil Growing; Nearly Equals The Total Production Of Saudi Arabia China's elite lost $530 billion in 2018
• War on Huawei U.S. to approve sales it deems safe to blacklisted Huawei
## UK ##
Britain's death toll from asbestos at crisis level, figures reveal UK housing crisis deepens as benefit claimants priced out by high rents Secret plan to use charities to help deport rough sleepers
Home Office accused of turning 'outreach workers into border guards' as emails reveal new scheme targeting non-UK homeless British Government Stands Behind Ambassador Who Called Donald Trump 'Incompetent' and 'Insecure' Kim Darroch – the Simple Explanation (Craig Murray) We can therefore be certain this was not a wikileaks style disclosure in the interests of freedom of information about public servants and their doings, but the agenda was much more specific. What a shed in Cornwall tells us about Britain's shameful housing crisis Britain should be 'more militarily engaged' in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia's Defence Minister has said Most UK news coverage of Muslims is negative, major study finds UK shoots for new laser weapons against drones, missiles
## US ##
Some big farms collect big checks from Trump aid package $15 minimum wage would boost pay for 17 million but 1.3 million would lose their jobs, CBO says WSJ Exposes Conflicts Of Interest Involving Amazon, Pentagon Over $10B JEDI Contract Congratulations Debt Slaves! You Owe the Banks a New Record Amount of Money
Consumer credit hit another all-time high today of nearly $4.1 trillion. Bloated SUV Market No Longer A "Silver Lining" Catalyst For Auto Industry Mired In Recession Treasury could hit debt limit in first half of September, much earlier than estimated 'Protesters as terrorists': growing number of states turn anti-pipeline activism into a crime Gallup: Confidence in church or organized religion falls to 36 percent Apartment rental demand soars as more millennials believe it's cheaper than owning a home Kamala Harris's Distinguished Career of Serving Injustice
The presidential hopeful's record in California undermines her claim to progressive credentials.
And finally... Florida man pretending to be police pulls over real police, ends badly, claim cops Snowball the dancing parrot stuns scientists with 14 separate moves to Eighties classic hits

[Author: noreply@blogger.com (Rice Farmer)]

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[l] at 7/7/19 5:51pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## America's Record-Long "Expansion" Was Just The Rich Getting Richer As The Middle Class Died
Warning light flashing for Slovakia's auto industry
Goodbye Dollar, It Was Nice Knowing You!
What's Left to Monetize? Tempered expectations of Fed rate cut sink stocks globally
Drop in German industrial orders bodes ill for coming months Deutsche Bank will exit global equities business and slash 18,000 jobs in sweeping overhaul Deutsche Bank Planning to Close Most Asia Equity Businesses Meet the New European Union, Same as the Old One US-China feud is accelerating the biggest shift in trade since the cold war, away from globalisation Deglobalization? You ain't seen nothin' yet. -- RF Democracies are on track to lose their global economic dominance as 'authoritarian capitalism' rises
The author fails to identify net energy decline as the main driving force behind the global shift away from democracy and toward authoritarianism. In the US, Trump is just a symptom of this transition. -- RF Turkey fires central bank governor as policy differences deepen Corporate profits have been falling since last summer but buybacks came to the rescue Economic 'game changer'? African leaders launch free-trade zone China and Japan Stepping Up Efforts to Keep Korean Shipbuilders in Check
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
In "Radical Overhaul" 20,000 Deutsche Bankers Will Be Fired As "Bad Bank" Soars To €80BN, 5x Its Market Cap

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Fugitive U.S. tech guru: Cryptocurrency is next Cuban revolution
On the run from U.S. tax authorities, tech guru John McAfee puffs a cigar aboard his towering white yacht in a Havana harbor and says he can help Cuba evade the U.S. government too - by launching a cryptocurrency that defeats a U.S. trade embargo. President Maduro Orders The Bank of Venezuela to Accept Petro Crypto 7-Eleven Japan shut down a mobile payments app after only two days because hackers exploited a simple security flaw and customers lost over $500,000 Bitcoin uses more energy than the whole of Switzerland – and it's getting worse Bitcoin's Survival Depends on an Uncensorable Internet Cryptos also depend on an internet and power grids that do not crash. Good luck with that. -- RF

## Airline death spiral ##
If you care about your impact on the planet, you should stop flying
The Netherlands' national airline is encouraging people not to fly Boeing, Airbus and Airline Overcapacity in Asia & Europe
And 200 miracle orders — well, just a letter of intent — for the Boeing 737 MAX at the Paris Air Show.
Saudi airline flyadeal won't continue with Boeing 737 MAX order Boeing 737 Max's Autopilot Has Problem, European Regulators Find Boeing 737 Max crash: Did foreign pilots have enough training to fly commercial jets? EASA Tells Boeing To Fix 5 Major 737 MAX Issues More 737 Max Delays: Boeing's Corner Cutting Cost a Fortune and 346 Lives [T]here simply is no way past thorough and sound engineering in aerospace. Any shortcuts will cost the company many times more than what was saved in the first place.
Woman Smashes Up Check-In Desk Computer After Missing Flight Supersonic flight meets another challenge besides noise reduction Burning battery pack forces emergency landing of Virgin flight Airline passenger identified after storming cockpit, sparking hijack alert Delta Air Lines crew detains passenger who tried to enter the cockpit If he was really God, then how were mere humans able to subdue him? -- RF Canadian airlines fight passenger rights bill in court
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US banks on Libya strongman Haftar, experts say
Washington's refusal to condemn an airstrike on a detention centre that killed dozens of migrants blamed on Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar by his rivals shows tacit US support, experts say. Netanyahu Says Israel Preparing Large-Scale Gaza Military Operation NATO's standing maritime group arrives for exercises in Black Sea US, Taliban Scramble to Finalize Draft on Troop Withdrawal UAE Building Huge Militia Army in Yemen to Undermine Govt Turkey's S-400s to be loaded on planes Sunday in Russia - Haberturk Chinese nuclear submarine spotted on surface close to Taiwan-held Matsu islands
• War on Iran Trump Administration Argues Legal Pretexts for Attacking Iran Gibraltar obtains order extending detention of Iranian tanker by 14 days Iran threatens British shipping in retaliation for tanker seizure UK-flagged tanker reported 'safe and well' after stop in Gulf
The UK-flagged supertanker Pacific Voyager that halted in the Gulf on Saturday is "safe and well," a British official told Reuters, after Iran dismissed reports its Revolutionary Guards had seized the vessel. France, Iran agree to seek conditions to resume nuclear talks by July 15: Macron IAEA Board to Meet Wednesday on Iran at Demand of US Stuxnet, American Sanctions, and Cyberwar Are Legitimizing Iranian Internet Controls
The anxiety about cyberattacks and the perceived need for greater control in the wake of American economic sanctions has led to a loss of internet freedom in Iran. U.S. sent message to Iran after drone downing, warning of limited strike: Iranian official
• War on Venezuela 'Weaponizing human rights': UN chief Bachelet's Venezuela report follows US regime change script

## Migrants/refugees ##
Malta says deal reached with Italy to take migrants from rescue boat Trump's undocumented former employees call on president to spare them from deportation
The stuff of nightmares: Inside the migrant detention center in Clint, Texas Canada pension fund quietly divests from US migrant detention firms ICE prepared to deport 1 million immigrants, enforcement leader says
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ## Homeless Rage in America
Flag burning in front of White House leads to scuffle amid 4th of July celebrations Police cite protesters blocking July 4th parade Thousands protest in Algeria capital, break police cordon Thousands in China protest against waste incineration plant Hong Kong protesters march again, this time taking their message to mainland Chinese tourists
Hundreds protest in Paris against deadly domestic violence

## Energy/resources ##
Can China's Rare Earth Monopoly Be Broken? What will the US defense industry do when China cuts off rare earth supplies? These concerns were often downplayed by free-trade theorists and policymakers who claimed that China would not take such aggressive action to upset the market. However, the NDRC statement shows that China is sophisticated enough to target critical sectors and supply chains in order to gain leverage in the ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations. Let's harness the muscle power of 54 million fitness center members to generate electricity Despite A Boost In Demand, Coal Demand Remains Well Under Its Peak Is This The Last Bottleneck For Nord Stream 2? In drought-hit Delhi, the haves get limitless water, the poor fight for every drop Why OPEC+ Will Outlive Shale Turkey says second ship set to drill off Cyprus
## Got food? ##
Yet Another Fresh Vegetable Recall, Multiple Brands and Stores
On Tariff Anniversary, Soybean Farmers Are Struggling Even as Prices Recover (US) Tipperary farm leader reveals farmers hit by €500m hike in costs in 2018 (Ireland) Stolen maize costs Free State farmers millions (South Africa) Unfair Food Pricing Is Killing Family Farms and Regenerative Farming (US) The Devastation of Farm Country Is Biting Us All on the Butt (US)
Today's catastrophe is far more desperate than outsiders know—and is caused by another perfect storm of corporate monopolization, financial manipulation and rigged ag policies. Coffee farmers meet in Brazil amid crisis, seek alternatives
Organizations representing coffee farmers from around the world will meet next week in Brazil as the sector faces one of its hardest times, with prices barely covering production costs and pushing farmers out of business.
## Environment/health ##
Deforestation of Amazon rainforest soars under Bolsonaro
Deforestation in Brazil's portion of the Amazon rainforest rose more than 88 percent in June compared with the same month a year ago under the rightwing president Jair Bolsonaro.
Jakarta residents sue Indonesia government over air pollution CDC: Pig ear dog treats are making people sick Irish youths have highest level of depression in Europe, according to new report
Insecticides that threaten bees also harm damselflies, study finds Hundreds of sharks snarled by plastic in the world's oceans, scientists warn
New research suggest previous studies have underestimated the number of sharks and rays entangled in plastic. The problem is likely much worse than scientists realized.
Planet's largest seaweed bloom just keeps getting bigger
It weighs 20 million tons, stretches from western Africa to the Gulf of Mexico, and washes up on beaches creating a malodorous stench. Toxic caterpillar infestation plagues Germany Scientists urge climate protesters to save planet by planting trees
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
US is losing the 5G war to China "The country that owns 5G will own many of these innovations and set the standards for the rest of the world. "That country is currently not likely to be the United States." Privacy-first browsers look to take the shine off Google's Chrome Google still keeps a list of everything you ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete all your emails Border Patrol Agents Tried to Delete Racist and Obscene Facebook Posts. We Archived Them. "Good Guys" And "Bad Guys" Are A Hollywood Illusion CrowdStrikeOut: Mueller's Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims US Foreign Policy Is A War On Disobedience
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Trump Facebook ads used models and Japanese scenes to depict U.S.
• War on Julian Assange Julian Assange and the Real War on the Free Press
Don't be fooled: those attacking him want censorship powers not seen since the Nixon administration.
As You Celebrate Your Freedom, Remember Julian Assange
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
How costly manufacturing drives tech industry consolidation Elites' preference for maize led to the collapse of the Maya civilization The Rust Dialogues So what has happened to the U.S. Navy? A service that once prided itself on looking sharp and being sharp has fallen by the wayside. Bizarro World: The Herd Has Truly Gone Mad
## Japan ##
Russia protests marking of islands as Japanese Grannies in Running Shoes Are Delivering Ramen for Uber in Japan Time to end BOJ's grand experiment? 7-Eleven Japan shut down its mobile payment app after hackers stole $500,000 from users Japan Is Once Again Inflating A Massive Real Estate Bubble
## China ##
China says pork production recovering as swine fever cases decline GM, Ford quarterly China sales slide again amid economy woes Thousands protest in central China over waste incineration plant China could feel swine fever blow for next decade, Cargill says China Won't buy US Soybeans Until White House Clarifies Position; Prices Down Hong Kong's anti-extradition law protesters march to China express rail station to 'spread message to mainlanders'
• War on Huawei U.S. asks federal court to throw out Huawei lawsuit
## UK ##
Metropolitan Police's facial recognition tech not only crap, but also of dubious legality – report
Just 8 out of 42 matches correct, say uni researchers Help Steven Leelah (Craig Murray)
With a callousness that defies belief, the British government continues to pursue and persecute Chagossians in pursuit of the genocide they initiated on the community in 1971. Planned growth of UK airports not consistent with net-zero climate goal Police break up huge 'modern day slavery' ring in UK Diesel Death-Spiral Drives UK Auto Sales to Five-Year Low
"Decline in buyer confidence," collapsing sales of diesels & plug-in hybrids. But EV sales soar. Bought Politicians
Between just 28 May and 10 June Boris Johnson received £235,500 in "private" donations, to himself personally, as he prepares to become the UK's unelected Prime Minister.

## US ## US May Trade Deficit Widens to 2019 High Despite Tariffs
1 in 4 US teachers under the age of 30 has a second job Dealers are Bumper-to-Bumper With SUVs: More Coming as Sales Decline Battered by months of flooding, Midwest states face billions of dollars in damages US sees most layoffs since the financial crisis, many in retail jobs Another Big Retailer Threatens Bankruptcy (Dressbarn) This Major Auto Brand Sold Only 31 Cars a Day Last Month (Fiat Chrysler) State Of Indiana Argues In Supreme Court For Right To Seize Any Car For Speeding 5 people shot, 1 fatally, in Chicago on July 4th I Just Hope the Fed Doesn't See This Jobs Report
Wall Street's fervent hopes and prayers for rate-cut ammo were not fulfilled. Chicago Boosts Pension Payments, Only to See Debt Keep Growing A Paradigm Shift: The End Of Inheritance For The Middle Class 2 dozen Dallas officers disciplined over offensive posts Trump administration 'uniquely dysfunctional,' British ambassador to US reportedly says The Myth of the Tight U.S. Labor Market (Bloomberg) U.S. diesel consumption hit by economic slowdown
U.S. consumption of diesel and other middle distillate fuels is decelerating in line with the wider slowdown in manufacturing and construction activity.

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[l] at 7/4/19 6:54pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## Forget the G20, global manufacturing recession is here
When the Music of the "Wealth Effect" Stops
The phenomenon has reached historically huge proportions in the Everything Bubble era. But it comes in cycles – with a big impact on the real economy.
New Orders For U.S.-Made Goods Fell For A Second Straight Month May
US vs. China: From Tariff War to Economic War
China appears to be the winner of the Trump-Xi meeting at G-20, experts say Sun, Sand, and the $1.5 Trillion Dark Offshore Economy Central banks, bullion banks losing control of gold, GATA chairman says The quiet campaign to reinstate the gold standard is getting louder President Trump Said To Weigh Potential Aluminium Tariffs For Australia After G-20 Michael Hudson Discusses the IMF and World Bank: Partners In Backwardness Long, but a very good read. -- RF
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Vivendi's pay-TV Canal Plus to cut 500 jobs in France: Les Jours

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Hoping to boost spending, Japan tries to sell shoppers on cashless purchases
Hong Kong Protests Show Dangers of a Cashless Society
Many digital payments can be tracked, potentially assisting an authoritarian crackdown. Cuba 'Studying Cryptocurrency' to Dodge US Sanctions, Says Gov't Ultimately, cryptocurrencies are fated to disappear when the internet and power grids fail. But in the meantime, small countries suffering under repression by large powers can use them to good advantage. -- RF

## Airline death spiral ##
U.N. aviation agency to review global pilot training in shadow of 737 MAX crashes The Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crash could warrant historic punitive damages against Boeing Boeing pledges $100 million to those affected by Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crashes Ethiopian crash families criticize Boeing over donation plan I Opted Out of Facial Recognition at the Airport—It Wasn't Easy Federal agencies and airlines claim that facial recognition is an opt-out system, but my recent experience suggests they are incentivizing travelers to have their faces scanned—and disincentivizing them to sidestep the tech—by not clearly communicating alternative options.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ukraine, NATO Allies Conduct Black Sea Drills
US Upgrades Ukrainian Ports To Fit American Warships
As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine on the Black Sea, the US is upgrading several Ukrainian naval bases to give American and NATO warships the ability to dock just miles from Russia-controlled Crimea. Russian Troops Will Be Getting Tactical Bomb Drones
Having learned from ISIS attacks in Syria, Russia is rushing to put armed drones on the front lines. Turkey Says S-400s To Arrive Next Week; Erdogan Slams F-35 Cutoff As US "Theft" Russia Willing to Provide Hypersonic Air Defence Systems to Iran - S-400 Missile Batteries Could Soon Defend Tehran New Cannon Developed for Russia's Elite T-14 Armata Tanks
• War on Iran ''Maximum Pressure'' Campaign Fails To Kill Off Iran's Oil Exports As a result, the Trump administration's stated desire of its "maximum pressure" campaign – to constrain Iran's nuclear ambitions – is predictably having the opposite result. On Eve Of 4th Of July Parade U.S. Attempts To Lure Iran Into Shooting Down Another U.S. Plane Bolton Pushing Trump to Force Iran Out of Nuclear Deal Before 2020 Election Iran summons British envoy for "illegal seizure" of an Iranian oil tanker: TV
• War on Venezuela Reading Reuters between the Lines: Why the US Puppet President of Venezuela Is Toast
A critical reading between the lines of a Reuters article confirms that Washington has failed to cobble together a united opposition in Venezuela that is popular enough to win in the polls, likely signaling the end for Juan Guaido. On April 29 I wrote, " Keep watching Guaido. I bet that once he's outlived his usefulness, he gets a close look at the underside of a bus." Is the bus already on its way? -- RF
• War on Cuba Cuba Feels Heat Of U.S. Sanctions On Venezuela
## Migrants/refugees ##
Amnesty group accuses U.S. of intimidating migrants' supporters 'Help': Photos show hundreds of migrants squashed into cells, appealing for assistance 'Help, 40 days here': Photos show migrants crammed into U.S. border facilities Mexico deports 33% more migrants after deal with US Sites in 3 states eyed for permanent child detention centers "Intentional Massacre": US-Backed Libyan Warlord Blamed For Migrant Center Airstrike That Killed 44 More than 80 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Tunisia Democrats Are Complicit in Trump's Fearmongering About Immigrant Youth

## Energy/resources ## The United States A Net Oil Exporter? The Dirty Little Secret
Coal company, affiliate file for bankruptcy; about 1,700 jobs at risk (US) Venezuela Oil Exports Rebound In June As China Takes Most Crude Oilfield firm Weatherford International files bankruptcy plan Why solar power can't save us from the coming energy crisis Pemex Pursues Deepwater Oil Despite Pledges To Play It Safe 'Don't get used to it': OPEC's free pass for US shale will be short-lived, JP Morgan says Russia wields growing influence over OPEC oil cartel
## Got food? ##
Here's Why There Are So Many Food Recalls Lately
Our centralized, industrialized food system is at the heart of the increase in food contamination and recalls. Modern farming and modern food manufacturing methods are breeding grounds for bacteria. In Water-Stressed India, Farmers May Be Asked to Irrigate Less China fast outstripping PHL fish catch in EEZ, maritime experts warn
China's increasing demand for food will deplete marine resources in the West Philippine Sea and wreak havoc on the country's fish supply in the near future, an expert has warned.
Too many humans. -- RF
## Environment/health ## How We Keep Destroying the Things that Make us Live: The Biotic Pump and the Raw Power of Science
Austrian parliament approves total glyphosate ban Researchers tried (and failed) to kill cockroaches for six months: 'We thought something was going to work' Researchers have eliminated HIV in mice for the first time. Is a cure for humans next? Declining monarch-butterfly populations may be hard to restore Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into 'new industrial frontier' Leave your shoes at the door: Science says they're covered in poop and could make you sick There's an incentive to do as the Japanese do: Remove your footwear in the entryway. -- RF Last month was the hottest June ever recorded — as climate groups warn of an 'ecological emergency' Hot Weather in Greek Capital Shuts Down Acropolis Beer, wine bottles contain toxic substances: Study U.N. report: 'Human rights might not survive' climate crisis

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are 'being buggy,' users report outages around the world Amazon Admits It Keeps Alexa Voice Recordings Indefinitely Mueller Report Gets the Trump Tower Meeting Wrong; Promotes Browder Hoax Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller Security flaws in a popular smart home hub let hackers unlock front doors
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ## How To Spot A Twitter Troll (Craig Murray)
It is a matter of simple fact that the British government employs a very large number of people whose full time job is to influence the political narrative on social media. The 77th Brigade of the British Army, the Integrity Initiative, MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ all run major programmes of covert online propaganda. These information warriors operate on twitter, facebook, and in comments sections across the internet. Just imagine how much tax money is spent by governments on propagandizing their own citizens! -- RF
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Vested Interests in Charge = Guaranteed Failure Outages hit Facebook, Instragram, WhatsApp users worldwide When President Trump Was Asked About The Epidemic Of Human Feces On Our Streets, Here Is How He Responded…
## Japan ##
790,000 in southwest Japan ordered to evacuate as rain threatens to cause landslides Heavy Rains Cause Landsides in Japan Bank of Japan Stealth-Tapers Further
Bank stocks crushed by negative interest rates, broader market goes nowhere in 4 years and is down 44% since 1989 despite BOJ's equity purchases. Latest security cameras placed on paths to Olympic venues South Korea says may retaliate against Japan high-tech export curbs
## China ##
U.S. Considers Allowing China To Import Oil From Iran Very nice of Washington, even though China is already importing Iranian oil in defiance of the sanctions. -- RF Samsung and other South Korean companies' exodus from China sets an example to Western firms fleeing trade war tariffs New Vehicle Emission Standard Goes Into Effect in Parts of China China warns UK's foreign secretary over Hong Kong remarks
China lodges official protest, saying British foreign secretary 'fantasising in the faded glory of British colonialism'. The Great Firewall of Chinese Academia China's academics join calls for reform and opening up China Looks To Launch Low-Sulfur Fuel Oil Futures Contract
China says existing U.S. tariffs must be removed for a trade deal China's Buildings Are Watching How People Shop, Cook and Steal
• War on Huawei U.S. government staff told to treat Huawei as blacklisted
## UK ##
In Memory of Dawn Sturgess More on the Skripal incident. Contradictions and absurdities abound, and the official story looks more laughable every time you look at it. -- RF In Brexit Britain, battling home lenders chase risk and pensioners Asbestos found in nearly half of local authority run primary schools, new figures  UK construction industry suffers worst month in a decade Police face calls to end use of facial recognition software Britain confirms envoy to Iran summoned over oil tanker seizure Mortality rates are still rising in the UK – and everyone is ignoring how many more people are dying

## US ## U.S. trade, services industry data underscore slowing economy The Manufacturing Sector is Rolling Over But Inventories Keep Piling Up
Trump's Fed pick Judy Shelton is a fan of the gold standard and other unusual economic policies
Trucking is Infamously Cyclical, But This is a Tad Extreme
After truck manufacturers eat up their backlogs, then what?
Navy 'Salute to America' Flyovers Come as Service Faces Aviation Budget Shortfall The flights, which can run tens of thousands of dollars per aircraft each hour, come as Navy leaders grapple with a $100 million-plus shortfall in its aviation budget for the final quarter of fiscal 2019. That has left leaders facing decisions about cuts to flight hours, shutting down an air wing, reducing helicopter operations or stopping additional flyovers. Army Now Offering Recruits up to $40,000 to Join the Infantry U.S. Stock Market Hits a New Record High, but What's Really Going On?
As Americans head off to Independence Day celebrations, they'll be greeted with a plethora of headlines about record highs in the U.S. stock market. What I find most interesting about the latest bout of exuberance is the fact that priced in gold, stocks remain far below last fall's peak. Job creation has another rough month in June as private payrolls rise by just 102,000 More Winning: Trade Deficit Deepens Much More Than Expected The average millennial's net worth is shockingly low The average net worth of Americans aged 18 to 35 is less than $8,000, according to a new Deloitte study. The reason, however, very much boils down to increased costs over the past decade. Jingoistic Military Fetishization Is As American As Bald Eagle McNuggets American Pride Hits New Low; Few Proud of Political System (Gallup) New-Vehicle Sales Fall to 1999 Levels: How to Grow Revenues After 20 Years of Stagnation
And finally... 'Difficulties on the road to AI': man pours water on Baidu chief at conference

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## Global Manufacturing PMI Crashes To 7-Year Lows As New Orders Slump
Asia's factories falter in June, trade truce fails to brighten outlook Asia's Banks Must Brace for Worsening Storm, McKinsey Says UK economy feels the strain of global slowdown as well as Brexit BIS warns of Diminishing Returns of Monetary Policy, Zombies, Junk, Complacency 10-year Treasury yield falls back below 2%, global yields sink deeper into negative territory 40% of Global Debt Now Delivers a Negative Yield Central Banks Increased Gold Purchases By 74% in 2018 (Up 68% in Q1 2019) – Do They Know Something We Don't? Housing Affordability Report Shows Only 12% Of Vancouver Families Can Afford An Average Home The trade war is over — and China won New ECB President, Christine Lagarde, Praises Negative Interest Rates
Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, will become the head of the ECB. Already, she has made a fool out of herself. Grim Earnings Forecasts Are Getting Worse by the Week (US)
More than 80% of companies have cut their earnings outlook Weak economic data, tariff concerns weigh on stocks globally Australia's central bank cuts key interest rate 0.25% to 1%
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Journalism jobs cut at highest rate since 2009 French gov't "extremely" vigilant about impact of Conforama's massive jobs cut
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Is Libra the West's response to China's payments empire?
Coinbase Hit With Outage As Bitcoin Price Drops $1.8K in 15 Minutes
## Airline death spiral ##
'Drunk' Airline Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Punch Female Airport Official Nordica sees €5.4 million loss despite turnover, passenger and flight rises IndiGo operations hit; airline's passenger system server down for more than 30 minutes
Airline passengers welcome facial recognition technology

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Mexico inaugurates its new National Guard force Navy Calls In Outsiders To Fix Troubled Ford Carrier
Increasingly concerned over technological problems plaguing its new $13 billion nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Navy has dispatched a unique team of civilian and government experts to the USS Gerald R. Ford in a new attempt to understand what is happening. Powerful Bomb Blast Rocks Afghan Capital, Scores Wounded Trump Tells Saudi Crown Prince He's Done a 'Spectacular Job' Hope for a Breakthrough in Korea (Ray McGovern) Russia's New S-500 Hypersonic Missile System Could Break Western Air Power; Expanded A2AD Zone a Significant Game Changer in Europe US Navy Wants To Mount Hypersonic Missile On Combat Ships U.S. Duty Free Americas Owners Give Millions to Israeli Settlements These 4 technologies are big problems for US military space
A recent report from the Pentagon highlights that several technologies impacting military satellites, from improved solar arrays to precision gyroscopes, are not being adequately provided in the domestic commercial sector.
Pentagon Eyes Military Space Station
• War on Iran Europe, Defying Trump, Implements New Currency Exchange with Iran No, Iran Does Not Break The Nuclear Deal (MoA) Iran FM: Uranium Stockpile Growth Doesn't Violate Nuclear Deal Iraq sets up 'loophole' in US sanctions to buy Iranian power
Iraq is establishing a financial "loophole" to continue buying vital gas and electricity from Iran despite US sanctions, AFP has learned, mirroring a European mechanism that came into effect Friday. Europeans urge Iran to abide by nuclear pact; Israel says preparing military No, Iran Is Not Rushing To Build A Nuclear Weapon
## Migrants/refugees ##
Sea-Watch captain defends 'disobedience' as backers raise 1mn euros Border agents feared riots by migrants at overcrowded station: U.S. government documents #NeverAgainIsNow: 36 Arrested As Hundreds of Jewish Protesters Block Road to Migrant Detention Center
Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters, police clash on 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China Hong Kong protesters smash windows at legislature in fresh chaos Sudan protesters call for civil disobedience on July 14
Nationwide protests demand closure of migrant detention centers Activists get permit for 'Baby Trump' balloon at July 4th events on National Mall Activists scale Israel arms manufacturer building, demand end to UK complicity in rights violations
Protesters target Amazon in France calling for action on climate change
Catalan protesters demonstrate in front of EU parliament against exclusion of MEPs
## Energy/resources ##
Oil prices jump over 2% as OPEC set to extend supply cuts Lawsuit challenges US approvals of Keystone XL pipeline After explosions, Brazil power transmission companies remove GE equipment Tensions ratchet up in Cyprus gas dispute Workers evacuated from Highland nuclear power station after radioactive contamination discovered

## Got food? ## Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over The Globe
India's farmers are getting desperate over a 33% shortfall in June rains Salmonella outbreak linked to fresh papayas from Mexico has sickened 62 people On a tiny, isolated island, USDA scientists race to prep for the pork-pocalypse

## Environment/health ## 'If Grandma Is on the Table, No One Will Blink at the Price': A Former Drug Company Manager Explains Industry Price-Setting
Expert: Don't blame beetles for killing forests, blame climate change Record-smashing heat wave bakes Alaska, worsening wildfires Insect Species Are Rapidly Going Extinct Across The Globe – All Insects Could Be Gone "In 100 Years" Report Shows Corporations and Bolsonaro Teaming Up to Destroy the Amazon
"Bolsonaro has overseen the most significant rollback, and full-on assault, on human rights and environmental protection in Brazil since the fall of the country's military dictatorship." Climate Change is Devastating India With Heat Waves and Water Shortages A Heat Wave Tests Europe's Defenses. Expect More. Microplastics and colourants found in mussels from India's southeast coast Floating Antarctic ice goes from record high to record lows Plastic Watch: G20 Issues Pathetic Declaration Rare black rhino dies on flight from UK to Africa, where he was due to be released into wild The Earth Strikes Back – 10 Signs That Nature Has Turned Against Humanity

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ## The Infrastructure Mess Causing Countless Internet Outages Cloudflare's outage sends quake through global internet
You No Longer Own Your Face
Students were recorded for research—and then became part of a data set that lives forever online, potentially accessible to anyone. Chinese border guards put secret surveillance app on tourists' phones Here We Go Again: Trump Administration Considers Outlawing Encryption Russian opposition leader Navalny sentenced to 10 days in jail: spokeswoman Three arrested over central Sydney 'terror plots' Georgia court system struck by ransomware attack Google and University of Chicago face lawsuit over shared patient data

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Did climate change cause the fall of the Roman Empire? No, but what may have actually happened is amazing. Heat stress to cut productivity, jobs: ILO Sears outage lasting 3 days left some shoppers unable to pay for purchases and waiting on deliveries that never came The F-35: Poster Child for Pentagon Boondoggles
## Japan ##
Schools shuttering pools to save on costs, labor
Japan Big Manufacturers' Sentiment Worsens for 2nd Straight Qtr Japan to import Ebola virus for research Japan airports to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors Japanese companies' inflation expectations stagnate
Japan resumes commercial whaling after three decades; at least two taken on first day
## China ##
China's 'tremendous' tech progress could see trade tensions rumble on: Bain & Co China Slumps Into Full-Blown Manufacturing Contraction Following "Awful" Asian PMI Prints Nepal's CG Group ties up with Huawei to launch 4G services No Huawei ban in Dutch 5G rollout: government China calls Xinjiang camps training centres, but government's own documents say otherwise, researcher finds Chinese military conducts anti-ship ballistic missile tests in the hotly contested South China Sea Tech war with US is spurring Chinese firms to develop their own chips, says VC A homegrown Chinese semiconductor industry will likely hurt American chip makers as China will aggressively push their chips not just domestically but to other markets. China wants to create a tech landscape where the US can no longer hurt it
• War on Huawei Huawei founder downplays effect of promised Trump reprieve: FT

## UK ## Activists shut down UK-based Israeli arms factories 'in solidarity with Palestinian people'
Brexit and global slowdown hit UK factories in second quarter: BCC MPs call for five-year fund to tackle potholes Britain must live within its means, Hammond warns PM contenders Zoos starve birds of prey to make them perform circus-style tricks, investigation finds UK housing market stuck in slow gear as Brexit weighs - Nationwide
## US ## America's Concealed Crisis: Fifty Years of Economic Decline, 1969 to 2019 Rent Is Becoming Unaffordable For Many U.S. Workers Rich get richer, everyone else not so much in record U.S. expansion Construction Spending Unexpectedly Weak -0.8%: Single-Family Down Every Month Companies are warning that earnings results are going to be brutal US Manufacturing Surveys "Paint A Worrying Sign Of Marked Declines"
AI Isn't Making The Criminal Justice System Any Smarter
We've covered the increasing reliance on tech to replace human judgment in the criminal justice system, and the news just keeps getting worse. The job of sentencing is being turned over to software owned by private contractors, which puts a non-governmental party between defendants and challenges to sentence length. 12 US States Are Boosting Their Gasoline Tax Today, But Illinois' Is The Biggest It's not just foreigners who should fear crossing the US border Chinese scientists guilty of 'researching while Asian' in Trump's America Soaring Manhattan real estate sales could be a mirage American Concentration Camps, Then and Now
When human beings are framed as a national security threat, barbed wire is the next logical step. Survey: 'Extreme' American pride hits new low in U.S. Ahead of the Fourth of July, new research shows that the number of citizens extremely proud to be American has hit a new low. Longest Expansion in History? Excuse Me, Not So Fast
Hooray! Numerous headlines on Monday proclaimed the US is set for the longest expansion in history. How do they know? There's a Retirement Crisis Brewing in the U.S. and It Won't End Well Is Kamala The Chosen One? Top Harris Lawyer Is Same Operative Who Hired Fusion GPS For Hillary

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Factbox: From phone makers to farmers, the toll of Trump's trade wars Bad News for the World's Poorest
The weak state of the global economy conceals an even gloomier story: the worsening plight of the world's poorest people. Chipmakers Face a Harsh Reality After Optimism-Fueled Rally Deutsche Bank considers cutting up to 20,000 jobs France sinks deeper into debt Mahathir's Gold-backed Currency – Loose Talk or pan-Asian Plan?
It was in this context that Mahathir suggested a gold-based currency that could be used for international trade and investment between Asian economies, and that would serve as an alternative to dependency on the US dollar. Gold Just Had Its Biggest One Day Influx EVER
Massive Losses & Tens of Billions Of Dollars In Debt Means Tesla Is A Zero
Ceasefire: US, China Trade Talks "Back On Track" After Trump Folds On Huawei Trump says 'there will be no reduction in the tariffs' currently imposed against China Nothing Was Resolved Between The US And China, Meanwhile Global CapEx Has Ground To A Halt
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Deutsche Bank Plans to Cut Up to Half of Global Equity Jobs
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Says Fortune Inaccessible
It's Now Harder to Mine Bitcoin Than Ever You've Got to See What Edward Snowden Just Said About Bitcoin Crypto Exchange And XRP Refuge Bitsane Vanishes, Scamming As Many As 246,000 Users
## Airline death spiral ##
Boeing 737 Max likely grounded until the end of the year after new problem emerges Boeing Outsourced Its 737 MAX Software To $9-Per-Hour Engineers DOJ extends Boeing investigation to 787 Dreamliner production, report says Aviation's dirty secret: Airplane contrails are a surprisingly potent cause of global warming
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Why Would Russia Spoof Israeli GPS? F-35 & Iran Rushed to the Frontlines; Russia Accelerates Induction Plans for New Su-57 Fighters for the Second Time in Two Months Turkey's Erdogan says no setback in missile deal with Russia; Trump voices sympathy Kremlin says S-400 deal with Turkey envisages partial technologies handover: Ifax Canada still shipping LAVs to Saudi Arabia despite human rights concerns Thousands of guns, grenades mailed to South America are seized in crackdown on Florida ring
US, Russia Agree to Try to Avoid an Arms Race American Missiles Found in Libyan Rebel Compound Trump crosses into North Korea in historic meeting with Kim Jong Un at DMZ A new cold war in Africa
Increasing tensions between China and the US will be detrimental to African prosperity and peace.

• War on Iran US Gets No Commitment from NATO for Help on Iran Threat
Iran says Vienna meet is 'last chance' to save nuclear deal: agency Ball in Europe's court on nuclear deal's future: Iranian state TV Special envoy: United States will sanction any countries that import Iranian oil Iran says progress at last-ditch nuclear deal talks 'not enough' Trump To Unleash Hell On Europe: EU Announces Channel To Circumvent SWIFT And Iran Sanctions Is Now Operational Dozen US F-22 Stealth Jets Arrive In Qatar To Counter Iran Have You Heard of the CIA's Iran Mission Center? Senate shoots down attempt to curb Trump's Iran war powers US Special Envoy Tells Europe: Choose Between Us and Iran

• War on Venezuela U.S. puts sanctions on Venezuelan President Maduro's son
## Migrants/refugees ##
Migrants, homeless seek shelter in sizzling France 'Appalling,' Unhealthy [sic] Menu Served in Immigrant Detainee Centers Sea-Watch 3 migrant ship enters Lampedusa, captain arrested
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protest in Madrid as conservatives suspend ban on most polluting cars Swiss police fire water cannon, tear gas at Cameroon protesters
Tens of thousands demand civilian rule in Sudan, at least seven killed
## Energy/resources ## Junk energy: Shale oil and gas: Destroying capital one well at a time
Shale Executive Sees "Another Round Of Bankruptcies" Looming Why are drillers still wasting money and "destroying capital" on shale? The obvious explanation is that they have nothing better to do. That is testimony to the dire straits of the oil industry. -- RF 3,000 Jobs in Canada's Oil Industry Gone in a Month Will Beijing weaponise its rare earth supply in the US-China trade war? As Chennai Runs Out Of Water, 9 Million Pray For Rain World crude production outside US and Iraq is flat since 2005 Russia agrees with Saudi to extend OPEC deal by six-nine months: Putin Is This The Beginning Of A New Oil Crisis In Canada?
## Got food? ##
Swine fever hits big farms in Vietnam, 2.8 million pigs culled Corn prices plummet as USDA shows far more acres planted than predicted However, the USDA has warned that that numbers may not be accurate. Farmers will plant fewer soybean acres than expected after Midwest storms These are the first genetically modified animals approved for U.S. consumption Botswana declares drought Zimbabwe moves to keep a lid on maize prices after drought
## Solutions ##
Extreme Frugality — A needed mindset for the age we live in "Austerity" is treated as a dirty word by those who insist that our current extravagance is sustainable. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by those who are just after your votes and money. Always be prepared for the post-SHTF world of brutal austerity. -- RF
SELCO: The 5 Things That Will Surprise You Most When the SHTF
## Environment/health ## Spike In Autism May Be Linked To Preservative In Processed Foods, Study Suggests
Big energy discussion 'scrubbed from record' at UN climate talks Iceland will skip whaling this year: company France fries: Record heat hits tourists, schools, hospitals All-time June Heat Records Fall in 5 European Nations Wildfires and power cuts plague Europeans as heatwave breaks records Canada moves to ban 'inhumane' shark fin trade The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined UN world population report predicts slowing growth rate, 10.9 billion peak by 2100 Seriously, in view of climate change, desperate water shortages, rising global conflicts, unmitigated human greed and stupidity, and the grave threats facing energy and food production, do you think this is a realistic prediction? My prediction is a precipitous drop in global population, and it's going to be ugly. -- RF Sweet, fatty foods could remodel the brain to drive overeating Air conditioning is the world's next big threat Ship carrying waste arrives back in Canada from the Philippines Humans destroyed 10% of wilderness in just 25 years Lyme Disease Cases Are Exploding. And It's Only Going to Get Worse.
Climate change and human sprawl have triggered a pandemic
Vultures are eating animals alive on Kentucky farms
Warmer winters may have increased the number of vultures in the U.S., said Wayne Long, the Jefferson County extension agent for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Vultures, he said, take advantage of climate change and hang around more in a spot they like. UN chief warns Paris climate goals still not enough
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Five Things We Found In The FDA's Hidden Device Database After two decades of keeping the public in the dark about millions of medical device malfunctions and injuries, the Food and Drug Administration has published the once hidden database online, revealing 5.7 million incidents publicly for the first time. What Russia Rightfully Remembers, America Forgets How Russia's President Putin Explains The End Of The 'Liberal' Order U.S. Meteorologists 'Deeply Concerned' Over 5G Roll-Out
U.S. weather forecasters are the latest group to sound the alarm that the race to introduce 5G technologies may have adverse consequences. Slack Technologies down 1% after service outage The Military Industrial Complex Loves Left Wing Hawk Adam Schiff
If there was any doubt at all that Adam Schiff is in the grip of the military-industrial complex, one doesn't have to rely just on his stated positions on Iran, Venezuela, and China to make the situation any clearer. Just take a look at his donors. Facebook Is Daily News Source for 21% of Adults in Philippines Recreational Drug Use Surges Worldwide, UN Study Reports Face-Reading AI Will Tell Police When Suspects Are Hiding Truth Florida City Pays $462,000 In Ransom After Second Cyberattack Cripples City's Infrastructure How Israeli spies are flooding Facebook and Twitter Aggression Detectors: The Unproven, Invasive Surveillance Technology Schools Are Using to Monitor Students
• War on Julian Assange Demasking the Torture of Julian Assange (Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture)
Power Versus the Press: The Extradition Cases of Pinochet & Assange
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Pot calls kettle black: Trump tells Putin: Don't meddle in US elections The Danger of Getting Sidetracked
What this story really shows is how the corporate media derails meaningful debates and draws us all into a modern version of bread and circuses. The Forever War Is So Normalized That Opposing It Is "Isolationism"
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
On Bases in Germany, Air Conditioning a Rare Luxury as Temperatures Near 100 Degrees Climate-change stresses affect military forces and everyone else. Cf. following article. -- RF War, empire and racism in the Anthropocene (Nafeez Ahmed; long read) With the war zone expanding into space, military forces are hungering for even more energy to scale up and to develop ever more high-tech weapon systems. Be advised that governments and their military forces are well aware that they must have the concentrated energy of fossil fuels to prevail. If Military-F runs on fossil fuels and Military-R runs on renewables, and they go into battle against each other, which do you think is going to win? There is no question that Military-F, whose juggernaut is powered by the concentrated energy of fossil fuels, will crush Military-R, which must struggle to extract its power from the dilute soup of energy in sunlight and wind. And everybody knows it. That's the primary factor behind the current assaults on Venezuela and Iran. He who controls the oil is King of the Mountain. -- RF Following in Rome's Footsteps: Moral Decay, Rising Inequality A top US Navy engineer says the fleet needs to get out and bust the rust
## Japan ## Shortage of high-strength bolts hammers maintenance, construction projects in Japan
Taking a Closer Look at Japan's Futuristic Attack Submarine
Seeking a bite of big data, banks to act as brokers of personal info Bank of Japan board's debate of more easing at June meet signals possible early action
Japan's Lasting Stagnation Is Hidden Behind Government Statistics
Abe, Putin make little progress on territorial dispute Japan to tighten export rules for high-tech materials to South Korea: media
Japan plans to tighten restrictions on the export of high-tech material used in smartphones and chips to South Korea from July 4 in connection with a dispute over a South Korean ruling on war-time forced labor, the Sankei newspaper reported on Sunday. After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling
## China ##
Faces for cookware: data collection industry flourishes as China pursues AI ambitions The additive at the center of the banned Canadian pork dispute
China has demanded that Canada suspend all meat exports after Chinese officials said they found traces of ractopamine, an animal feed additive banned in their country in a batch of pork products. Apple moves its Mac Pro production from the US to China German rail group bets on Belt and Road with more trains to China
The freight unit of Germany's state-owned railroad group Deutsche Bahn plans a major increase in capacity for China-bound shipments, counting on continued support for overland transport under Beijing's Belt and Road connectivity project. Swine fever toll in China may be twice as high as reported, industry insiders say
• War on Huawei Trump skips Huawei security issue in South Korea
Trump's decision to let Huawei buy US products is 'not a general amnesty,' Kudlow says The 70-Year Spy Alliance the U.S. Says It May Cut Off
## UK ##
Glasgow students visit UN to spread the word on UK child poverty Uber Eats allowed deliveries from fake restaurant man set up in front garden
Inspectors 'almost speechless with horror' upon discovering firm was collecting from man cooking on filthy barbecue in front of home Tired of London: thousands flee capital for a quieter life London is now the only region of England where more people are leaving than arriving from other parts of the country – only international arrivals are keeping the population steady. UK holds largest Baltic naval drills in century to deter Russia

## US ## "Surveillance Scores": America's Social Credit System Welcome to the United States of China. -- RF Price of insulin forcing diabetics to head to Canada
More than 7–million people in the country depend on insulin, but the cost of treating diabetes has skyrocketed, leading many to resort to desperate measures to stay alive.
No, Autos Are Not "Cheaper Now"
Official claims that grossly understate real-world inflation is a core feature of debt-serfdom and neofeudalism: we're working harder and longer and getting less for our earnings every year, but this reality is obfuscated by official pronouncements that inflation is 2%--barely above zero. A Democratic Think Tank Is Promoting Pushback Against Climate Lawsuits Here's how many Americans have nothing saved for retirement Average Age of Vehicles Sets Record, New-Vehicle Sales Drop to Where They Were 20 Years Ago. What Are Automakers Doing? Chicago PMI falls to 49.7 in June, first time in contraction territory in two years Russell rebalance: Large U.S. companies are getting bigger while the small wither away Tulsi Gabbard Wrecks Dems With Powerful Anti-War Debate Answers Kamala Harris Is An Oligarch's Wet Dream 2020 Democratic Party Debates Encircle Sanders with Wall Street's Political Dogs Wall Street wants Harris, Buttigieg, and Biden to dominate the floor and shut down Sanders. The Democratic Party Can't Escape Its Own Militarism Average Miles Driven per Vehicle Drop to 1992 Level: Automakers Not Amused
More cars and trucks on the road in the US than ever. But usage drops. Saturation everywhere. "Wealthy" Chicago Households On Hook For $2 Million In Debt Each Under 'Progressive Solution' To Pension Crisis 74% Of US Housing Market Unaffordable For Average American

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[l] at 6/27/19 6:03pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## Asia's Student-Debt Time Bomb
Trump Warns of 'Plan B' on China Trade: Billions More in Tariffs Trump calls India's tariff hike 'unacceptable,' demands its withdrawal A housing market slump could drive global growth to a decade low, economists warn Robots could take over 20 million jobs by 2030, study claims What if They Run Out of Juice: Biggest Share-Buyback Queens
Five companies blow $55 billion in Q1 to prop up their own shares. US at the Top of the Heap: Global 10-Year Bond Yield Comparison UBS: World economy 'one step away from global recession'
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Carmageddon: Ford to cut 12,000 jobs in Europe

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Bitcoin soars to 17-month high, but drops by $1,000 after US markets close Bitcoin sell-off accelerates, breaking below $11,000 Iranian Government to Cut Off Power to Crypto Mining Until Approval of New Energy Prices Iran seizes 1,000 bitcoin mining machines using subsidized power Could a Cryptocurrency Become a Global Reserve Currency?
## Airline death spiral ##
FAA says it identifies new potential risk on 737 MAX
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has identified a new potential risk that Boeing Co must address on its 737 MAX before the grounded jet can return to service, the agency told Reuters on Wednesday. Pilots Flagged Software Problems on Boeing Jets Besides the Max
Pilots flying Boeing aircraft in recent years have reported flight-control problems they blamed on malfunctioning software -- not on the company's maligned 737 Max jets, but widely used earlier versions of the plane that are still in the air. Boeing's Software Fix For The 737 MAX Problem Overwhelms The Plane's Computer U.S. telecom outage leaves hundreds stranded at Billy Bishop Airport United Airlines extends 737 MAX cancellations until Sept. 3 Boeing eyeing 737 MAX approval by October, some crash victims refuse to settle How airlines should tackle bad passenger behaviour Airline profits fall in Q1 – IATA Air India plane makes emergency landing in UK after hoax bomb threat Alcohol the biggest cause of unruly passenger behaviour, says aviation expert
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Pompeo: U.S. prepared to remove troops from Afghanistan, no timeline set
North Korea says US extension of sanctions is 'hostile' act US Navy eyes shipyard in Philippines as repair and maintenance facility
Palestinians reject economic solutions from 'punitive' U.S. Is Jared Kushner's 'Deal' a Way for Israel to Annex the Palestinian West Bank? Israeli Ambassador: Palestinians Must Surrender Despite need for Sinai funds, Egypt unlikely to join Kushner plan US Combat Ship Collides With Canadian Freighter In Montreal A new report on why military space is so expensive
A new Pentagon report finds that critical components needed for the military's efforts in space are not commercially viable due to low production runs and high requirements. US Air Force general: No pause in drone operations amid Iran tension Israel accuses Russia of interfering in airspace GPS Why Indian-Turkish Embrace of Russia's S-400 Is So Important for Global Affairs

• War on Iran
McConnell open to Iran war authorization vote As US sanctions hit Iran, residents complain of medicine shortages American Assault Carrier USS Boxer Deploys with Marines to Reinforce Carrier Strike Group Near Iran Trump on Iran War: 'I Don't Need Exit Strategies Iran Set to Overshadow G-20 as Leaders Try to Save Nuclear Deal "Not Enough": UAE Rejects US "Proof" Of Iran's Role In Prior Tanker Attacks Western News Agencies Mistranslate Iran's President Speech - It Is Not The First Time Such 'Error' Happens And here's another famous translation error. -- RF
Iran still short of nuclear deal's enriched uranium cap - diplomats
## Migrants/refugees ##
Sea-Watch 3: Refugee ship defies Italy's far-right leader Matteo Salvini by taking rescued migrants to port

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
'Boycott Wayfair': Employees walk out, hundreds protest over sales to migrant detention center The Time is Now: Thousands descend on Westminster for mass protest over climate change (UK) "I Think About Taking My Life": NYC Cab Drivers Protest, Begging For Financial Relief Fresh protests rock Hong Kong as activists seek a voice at G20
## Energy/resources ## Weaning U.S. power sector off fossil fuels would cost $4.7 trillion: study Trouble At The Bakken: Oil Production Finally Peaking?
The No.1 Trade-Off For U.S. Shale Companies The Golden Asteroid That Could Make Everyone On Earth A Billionaire A Water-Stressed World Turns to Desalination Desalination requires vast amounts of energy, which in some places is currently provided by fossil fuels. Kiparsky warns of a feedback loop where more de-sal is needed as the planet warms, which leads to more greenhouse-gas emissions. In addition, there are serious concerns about the damage to marine life from the plant's intake systems and extra-salty wastewater. When desalination plants shut down — as they inevitably will — it's going to be a catastrophe for the populations which now depend on them. -- RF After fire, Philadelphia Energy Solutions to permanently shut oil refinery Renewables Overtake Coal In U.S. Electricity Mix For The First Time Decommissioning a nuclear reactor How to Make Wind Power Sustainable Again
## Got food? ## "It's A Scary Picture": Midwest Farming Turmoil Being Compared To 2008 Housing Crisis And it's not just farmers that are bearing the brunt of the flooding, it's the entire agricultural economy. Those that provide supplies like seeds, fertilizer, equipment and services are also struggling.
USDA identifies unapproved GMO wheat growing wild in Washington
## Solutions ##
The Next Revolution by Murray Bookchin

## Environment/health ##
More walking may bring long-term cardiovascular benefits to older adults UN: Opioids cause two-thirds of global drug deaths Organic farming aids honeybee colony health No swimming! No seafood! Toxic bacteria afflicting coast causes rashes, diarrhea, vomiting Intense heat wave hits northern Europe Air pollution raises risk of high blood pressure Fire in northeastern Spain burns over 12,000 acres Bayer lifted by new plan to tackle glyphosate lawsuits, Elliott approval
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
US Cyber Attack on Iran Shrouded in Digital 'Fog of War'
A claim by U.S. officials that a retaliatory cyber attack ordered by the White House crippled Iranian missile launching systems will remain almost impossible to substantiate, experts say. NSA improperly collected US phone call data after saying problem was fixed Western intelligence hacked 'Russia's Google' Yandex to spy on accounts - sources Future Tense Newsletter: Fully Automated Luxury Surveillance Dutch minister to consider second provider for 112 emergency number after recent outage City ransomware attacks and huge payouts mean a once-private corporate problem has gone public Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time Social platform Reddit quarantines major pro-Trump community over violence threats
Social media site Reddit restricted access to a major forum for supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, citing threats of violence against police and public officials. Here's how hackers could hijack America's Wireless Emergency Alert system Russian Government Demands All Foreign Press Outlets Register For The Privilege Of Delivering News To Russia Trump Thinks That The Government Can And Should Sue Internet Companies Because He Doesn't Like The People Who Work There Facebook To Start Handing User Info To French Government So It Can Start Punishing People For Being Stupid North Korea's Nuclear Bomb Is Much Bigger than Previously Thought
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
When NPR Is More Dangerous than Fox News MSM Silent After Google Election Meddling Bombshell; Video Scrubbed From YouTube Project Veritas Banned By Vimeo After Uploading Undercover Google Exposé This Is How You're Being Manipulated The seven deadly sins of the 2010s: No, not pride, sloth, etc. The seven UI 'dark patterns' that trick you into buying stuff Taiwan set for pro-mainland fake news deluge before its elections
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Local Government Is an Engine of Inflation The Dying Days Of An Empire (What happens to a militarized USD?)
As the wealthy flee New York, poorest will be most affected Crime-Ravaged Mexico City Deploys 140,000 National Guard Troops To Enforce Order That said, Reuters notes that Mexico City is still safer than some US cities - including the Democratic strongholds of Baltimore, Detroit and St. Louis.
## Japan ##
Commercial Whaling Back in Japan Yokota Air Base had 134 fuel, other spill incidents, but only 3 reported to Japan by US No injuries reported as Japan MSDF minesweeper and cargo ship collide off Hiroshima Apple and China fund offer Japan Display $485m lifeline Trump reassures Tokyo he will stick with security pact - Japan government

## China ##
China Imports First Iranian Oil Since U.S. Ended Sanction Waivers Russia leads as top crude supplier to China, overtakes Saudi
Anti-extradition law protests: One arrest and 60 people ID'd amid second siege on Hong Kong police HQ Trump: A trade deal with China is 'absolutely possible' this week Chinese Consumers Shun All American Products As Nationalism Soars China's farm imports from US dive from Jan to May
• War on Huawei Micron says some Huawei shipments resumed, shares rise Huawei enters Israel's solar power market, hours after quitting US
As Chinese telecom giant announces new move, deputy US energy secretary, in Israel, warns that data collected off solar panels could be used by Chinese 'for other things' Huawei employees worked with China military on research projects: Bloomberg
Huawei Technologies Co employees worked on at least 10 research projects with Chinese armed forces personnel over the past decade, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, collaborations the Chinese company said it was not aware of.
## UK ##
Lloyds freezes 8,000 offshore bank accounts after money laundering crackdown Protesters gather at Britain's parliament to urge climate action Bathstore goes into administration, putting 500 jobs at risk
## US ## The Pain Of This New Economic Downturn Is Starting To Show Up All Over The Country
Protracted Trade War Inflicts Lasting Damage To U.S. LNG 'Unprecedented levels': CBO projects federal debt to reach 144 percent of GDP in 30 years Labor market softening may be the next shoe to drop What happened when this prison couldn't hire enough guards? It put gangs in charge Bank of America to stop financing operators of private prisons, detention centers US durable goods orders fall 1.3% in May with aircraft down U.S. auto sales seen dropping in June: J.D. Power, LMC Automotive New Home Sales Plunge 35.9% in the West, 7.8% Overall, Prices Down 8.1% Expect More Government Secrecy in Business Relationships, Thanks to Supreme Court Amid budget talks, remember that America's defense-industrial base is indispensable Did you realize the extent to which our extravagant and unsustainable lifestyles are dependent on war and preparations for it? Depending on how you read the article, there's a sobering message here. -- RF $4.5-Trillion: The Price Tag of A Fossil Fuel-Free U.S. Hard Working Americans Sure Do See The Economy A Lot Differently Than The "Experts" Do Media And Public Disagree On Tulsi Gabbard's Debate Performance

And finally... 'God, Guns and Freedom': Alabama Dealership Offers Bible, Shotgun, And US Flag With Every Purchase

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[l] at 6/25/19 5:37pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Anti-dollar trade makes outlook for gold much more bullish
Gold climbs towards six-year peak on dovish central banks, Iran tensions Russia Bought Another 200K Ounces Of Gold Right Before The Rally Leonid Bershidsky: Putin's big bet on gold is paying off America's Adversaries Are Buying Gold Like A Nuke Is Going Off Tomorrow Importantly, China just raised its gold purchasing pace from 10 tonnes per month to 15 tonnes for April and May as it aims to diversify its reserve holdings. 
German business sentiment lowest since November 2014
India's tariff on U.S. apples delivers major blow to US fruit industry
'Don't ask my age': Ageing South Koreans begin a new chapter on the catwalk, YouTube
'Storm approaching': firms fear for deliveries in shipping shakeup
U.S. furniture company RC Willey Home Furnishings is so concerned that new global clean air rules will cause transport disruption that it brought forward the shipment of arm chairs and sofas from China by two months. iPhone X Sales Collapse Triggers Serious Breach Of Contract With Samsung The slow return of Eurosclerosis
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Sompo Japan to Cut 4,000 Jobs

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Facebook's Libra must be stopped
## Airline death spiral ##
Hundreds Of 737 Max Pilots Sue Boeing Over 'Unprecedented Cover-Up"
Japan Airlines bans pilots from drinking ahead of flights for 2nd time
Drone sightings disrupt Singapore flights for second time in a week Boeing Now Parking Grounded 737 MAX Planes In Car-Lots
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ## Council of Europe assembly authorises Russia's return
Congress wants the US military to challenge Russia with a new Arctic port
Iran says U.S. Middle East peace plan is 'shameful' and 'doomed to failure': Fars Experts: A unified Taliban could bolster peace talks in Afghanistan Syria says sabotage damaged underwater oil pipelines Defense bill calls for military port on Arctic Ocean Greek armed forces on standby for Turkish moves in East Med, Aegean West Africa Is Becoming The World's New Piracy Hotspot Europe's air forces risk falling behind as US and China bulk up In Israel the Push to Destroy Jerusalem's Iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque Goes Mainstream
This ancient site that dates back to the year 705 C.E. is being targeted for destruction by extremist groups that seek to erase Jerusalem's Muslim heritage in pursuit of colonial ambitions and the fulfillment of end-times prophecy. NATO chief threatens response if Russia doesn't comply with nuclear treaty Russian Warship Docks In Havana As Kremlin Sees New Cuban Missile Crisis
• War on Iran Accelerating Imperial Decline (Consortium News)
Washington's foreign policy towards Iran is driven by desperation rather than a reasoned understanding of a world in historically significant flux. That can lead only to a continuing succession of failures. US secretary of state seeks global coalition in the Middle East against Iran amid rising tensions The US outguns Iran, but it faces painful realities in the event of a war As Iran Warns, US Officials Mum on Launch of Cyber Attack U.S. does not respect international law, atmosphere not right for talks: Iran's U.N. envoy Trump Sanctions Iran's Supreme Leader in Provocative Move Iran — Message Sent, Message Delivered US Troops in Iraq See Surge in 'Indirect Fire,' Some Look to Blame Iran Trump Seeks 'Coalition Of The Willing' Against Iran
New US sanctions on ayatollah mean the end of diplomacy, Iran says Trump responds to Iranian insults with threat of 'obliteration'
Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Attacking Iran Why the State Department Let a Terrorist Cult Gather on its Doorstep
How did the MEK go from terrorist cult to State Dept partner in pushing regime change in Iran? MintPress went to their DC rally to find out. Divine Missions of Destruction: Why a US War with Iran is Virtually Inevitable
• War on Venezuela How Sen. Rick Scott became Big Oil's point man on Venezuelan regime change
The US oil cartel has given Florida's Rick Scott 500 million reasons to be one of the Senate's most fanatical cheerleaders for toppling Venezuela's leftist government.
## Migrants/refugees ##
Doctor compares conditions for unaccompanied children at immigrant holding centers to 'torture facilities' Migrants describe overcrowded Mexican detention centers as Trump ratchets up pressure Migrant children removed from 'inhumane conditions' at overcrowded Texas detention facility Mexico deploys 15,000 troops to US border to slow migration Seven migrant deaths reported in 'extreme heat' at U.S. border As the EU Refuses More Migrants, Thousands Trapped in the Balkans Are Overwhelming the System
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Georgian protesters slam 'Putinism' as Moscow tensions soar Huge crowds of protesters demand Czech PM step down Over 100 Hong Kong anti-extradition law protesters occupy Revenue Tower foyer Honduras protests: Military police open fire on students injuring four Protesters set another bus alight during protest on N2 in Philippi

## Energy/resources ## Junk energy: Shale Pioneer: Fracking is an "Unmitigated Disaster" There's your "energy independence" and "new Saudi Arabia." -- RF
Unit at Philadelphia refinery completely destroyed in fire: sources Trump: We Won't Protect Foreign Oil Tankers For Free Here's How a Bird Started a Fire at a California Solar Farm Nuclear Energy Just Isn't Competitive In The U.S. Why oil's outlook could be even bleaker than expected
## Got food? ##
Shocking Before And After Photos Reveal The Truth About The Widespread Crop Failures The U.S. Is Facing In 2019 Surging Corn Prices Put U.S. Wheat Back in the Feed Trough
## Solutions ##
The Stuff of Our Lives: The Seneca Collapse of Relocating

## Environment/health ##
Flying insects in hospitals carry 'superbug' germs We evolved to exercise and need high levels of physical activity to be healthy A $5 million wildlife overpass in Utah has just one problem: humans Too many humans. -- RF Road construction accelerates deforestation in the Congo, study shows
New research suggests the proliferation of new roads in the Congo is encouraging an ecological catastrophe. Vital habitats are disappearing and vulnerable animal populations are declining. CDC: U.S. measles cases climb to 1,077 Countries see Japan's trash-to-energy plants as solution to garbage woes As I've commented previously, there is no future in something that feeds on the detritus of industrial society. -- RF 'Climate Apartheid' Is Looming, UN Warns
Because of relentless global warming, the world risks plunging into a 'climate apartheid'—a scenario in which the rich will buy themselves out of the worst effects of climate change, while the poor will be left to suffer the greatest consequences, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, said in a report released on Tuesday. Trump EPA OKs 'Emergency' Use of Bee-Killing Pesticide on 13.9 Million Acres
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Review: Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It's time to switch. The numbing experience of living through Africa's growing internet shutdowns Dutch telecom KPN confirms outage hits fixed line, mobile services nationwide Dutch emergency services restored after major telecoms outage Google Using AI To Meddle In 2020 Election, Prevent 'Next Trump Situation': Veritas
A new undercover exposé by Project Veritas reveals that the company is programming its machine learning algorithms in order to avoid the "next Trump situation." The 5G Dragnet: What You're Not Being Told
The dark truth is that 5G networks may represent the greatest threat to freedom in the history of humanity. CIA Seeking More Impunity
The agency is trying to get a pass on crimes even before they're committed and it represents a threat to press freedom. Hackers hit telecommunications firms in possible Chinese espionage campaign, researchers say U.S. senators say social media letting algorithms 'run wild' In a world first, Facebook to give data on hate speech suspects to French courts
In a world first, Facebook has agreed to hand over the identification data of French users suspected of hate speech on its platform to judges, France's minister for digital affairs Cedric O said on Tuesday.

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Reddit suspends Project Veritas after the release of Google whistleblower report NY Times admits it sends stories to US government for approval before publication
The New York Times casually acknowledged that it sends major scoops to the US government before publication, to make sure "national security officials" have "no concerns." Online game helps fight the spread of fake news: study
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Human Cost of "Recovery": We're Burning Out Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco Are Comparable To "The Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jarkarta, And Manila" Burning Down the Future

## Japan ## Trump reportedly said he wants to end decades-old defense treaty with Japan
Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart
Japan wants to become Southeast Asia's trash manager Abe's speech met with protests at Okinawa war memorial ceremony Heat-resistant rice varieties becoming more common
Govt. to provide funds to help develop 5G network
Three Million Plastic Bags in Osaka Bay Cloud Japan's Anti-Waste Push
## China ##
China's pork imports rise to highest since 2016 Hong Kong teeters on edge of US sanctions Beijing Slams Pompeo As Trade Talks Loom: "He Can No Longer Play Role Of Top US Diplomat" Beijing launches China-Japan stock connect scheme, showcases it as a move to defy rising protectionism Forced organ harvesting has been carried out 'for years throughout China' – report China approves SWIFT subsidiary as demand for yuan rises
Interbank messaging provider says unit will allow Chinese language transactions
• War on Huawei FedEx says 'operational error' prevented Huawei package delivery
FedEx could reportedly be added to China's 'unreliable entities' list. Huawei's overseas smartphone business 'recovering rapidly' despite US tech ban, says founder Ren Zhengfei
In push to replace Huawei, rural U.S. carriers are talking with Nokia and Ericsson
## UK ##
UK consumer spending growth in 2019 to be slowest in six years - EY ITEM Club UK weather forecast: Heatwave could see temperatures hit record this week, Met Office says Steve Bannon discusses links with Boris Johnson in newly revealed video clip Britain warns of accidental war between United States and Iran No evidence Russia influenced Brexit via Facebook, says Clegg 'Shameful' number of people sent to prison in England and Wales, report says
Southern Water handed £126m penalty over 'shocking' failures
## US ##
A Brief History of US Concentration Camps Trump Unleashes On Uber-Hawk Bolton: We'd Be Fighting "The Whole World At One Time" Beto Pushes "War Tax" For Non-Military Households
Sounds like an idea that would just lead to more wars. -- RF Duh! Trump appears to name the wrong Iranian leader when announcing sanctions on Iran FedEx sues US government over shipment restrictions 'Decade of negligence': Feds fail to protect Americans' info, report says
Several major federal agencies, which collect vast amounts of personal data about American citizens as part of their work, have routinely failed to adequately protect that information for years, according to a congressional report. The Seattle suburb where Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both live is running out of money
New York City Has Seen Declining Real Wages This Century
Majority Of U.S. Citizens Would Approve Preventive Nuclear Strike On North Korea

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[l] at 6/23/19 6:50pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Russia Will Help Iran With Oil, Banking If Europe's SPV Payment Channel Not Launched The Coming Sino-American Bust-Up (Nouriel Roubini)
Whether or not US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, agree to another truce at the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, the Sino-American conflict has already entered a dangerous new phase. Though a negotiated settlement or a managed continuation of the status quo are possible, a sharp escalation is now the most likely scenario. Trade wars in the global value chain era
The nature of global commerce has changed dramatically over the past 40 years, with the meteoric rise of global value chain trade. This column, taken from a recent Vox eBook, builds on insights from recent research to identify three critical dimensions of global value chain trade that promise to make today's trade wars more economically costly and more politically complex than previous trade wars.  'Somebody' Finally Cares About Gold Why are central banks buying gold and dumping dollars? Latest Act in the Crisis of the Enormous Korean Shipbuilders
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Politicians need to move fast as Facebook & Co move into finance: BIS

## Airline death spiral ##
UAE civil aviation authority instructs airlines to take necessary safety measures: WAM Saudi Airlines shift flights away from Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz RAF jets intercept Jet2 flight after passenger 'assaults' people on board
Man Storms TSA Airport Security Checkpoint, Injures Five
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
VIPS Memo to the President: Is Pompeo's Agenda the Same As Yours?
VIPS says its direct experience with Mike Pompeo leaves them with strong doubt regarding his trustworthiness on issues of consequence to the President and the nation.
Palestinians reject Kushner 'economy first' approach to Mideast peace India "Risks Triggering Sanctions" Over Russian S-400 Deal, US Warns Eight people wounded in attack on Saudi Arabia's Abha airport: Al-Arabiya TV U.S. arms makers see booming European demand as threats multiply Starvation Sanctions Are Worse Than Overt Warfare China No Match for Japan in Southeast Asia Infrastructure Race It's a race to win the hearts, wallets, and the when-push-comes-to-shove loyalty of beneficiary nations. I don't know about China, but Japan should be using its money to fix its own poorly maintained roads at home. -- RF
• War on Iran
Ten Minutes to War Iran goes for "maximum counter-pressure" US Carries Out Cyber-Attacks on Iran Trump says US will impose 'major additional sanctions' against Iran on Monday Iran foreign minister tweets map with detailed coordinates of drone As Trump Wants To Avoid A Shooting War, Iran Will Use Other Means To Pressure Him Risk of Shooting War with Iran Grows after Decades of Economic Warfare by the U.S. The Exceptionally American Historical Amnesia Behind Pompeo's Claim of '40 Years of Unprovoked Iranian Aggression'
From a CIA coup and supporting the Shah's brutality to enabling chemical attacks, shooting down a civilian airliner and training terrorists,'aggression' between the US and Iran is overwhelmingly one-sided U.S. Intel to Congress: No Evidence al Qaeda Is Helping Iran Northrop Grumman used a fictitious war with Iran to sell its Global Hawk drone to the Pentagon US-Iran military conflict will be a 'lose-lose situation,' analysts say
• War on Venezuela Trump gets fed up with Venezuela, slamming his own officials for failing to oust its government Dead on Arrival – A Brief Post-Mortem on the US' Regime-Change Operation in Venezuela

## Migrants/refugees ##
U.S. cities brace for immigration raids, say they will not participate Want asylum? Take a number: Juarez waitlist grows to 5,500; Cubans make up the majority Texas Sending Another 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Police arrest 70 climate change protesters outside New York Times Climate Protesters Storm Open-pit Mine in Western Germany

## Energy/resources ##
General Electric to scrap California power plant 20 years early Indian cities are running out of water Pemex No Longer Interested In Deepwater Oil Projects Wild Weather Is Endangering World's Oldest Form of Clean Power Can Artificial Intelligence Save The Nuclear Industry? Shipping rates for Middle East oil are surging
Rates for transporting 2 MM-bbl cargoes from Saudi Arabia to China jumped to almost $26,000 a day on Thursday, more than double where they were at the start of June, according to Baltic Exchange in London. Zambia starts electricity rationing for non-mining industry
## Got food? ##
Fake Meat: Big Food's Attempt to Further Industrialize What We Eat (Vandana Shiva) Millions of pigs culled as swine fever spreads through Asia Taiwan fighting losing battle against fall army worm: South Korea may be next
## Solutions ##
Lawns to the Rescue Sooner or later, all lawns will return to nature. -- RF
## Environment/health ##
Bill Gates and Big Oil back this company that's trying to solve climate change by sucking CO2 out of the air India's Decaying Health System Sees 140 Children Die in Outbreak Medicine shortages feared as Trump backs Florida, Colorado laws to import Canadian drugs in bulk Study: Lethal plastic trash now common in Greece's whales SE Asia's tigers hit hard by tourism, captive breeding
Life is bleak for tigers during 'selfie era' when trade in bone and parts has caused an explosion in captive-breeding and a plunge in numbers in the wild Great Pacific Garbage Patch: giant plastic trap put to sea again The Inconvenient Truth Of Electric Cars
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Veteran Navy Officer Exposes Flaws in US Version of Iran Oil Tanker Narrative
According to Dr Gwynne Dyer who has served as a Reserve Naval Officer in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, US Naval Reserve, and British Royal Navy Reserve for a total of 17 years, alleged US intelligence about the incident does not add up. Amazon gets U.S. patent to use delivery drones for surveillance service Iran and US Officials Attend a Russian Security Forum but Nobody Is Talking About It MH17: Compromised From The Start The war over who won World War II
In the years since Hitler's downfall, Hollywood's victory has been history's defeat – and recent events point to churlish politics in the West A Florida city paid a $600,000 bitcoin ransom to hackers who took over its computers — and it's a massive alarm bell for the rest of the US When software rules the world

• War on Julian Assange Tech journalists troubled by Assange computer intrusion charge

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
US Cyberwar on Russia? New York Times Does Psyops

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Insulin Rationing Is a Global Problem, But at Its Worst in the United States Green New Deal, Part III: How? Latest Suicide Data Show the Depth of U.S. Mental Health Crisis
## Japan ##
Japan Post Bank to cap int'l transfers to counter money laundering Xi Jinping to make first visit to Japan Xi might visit Japan next spring, China's new ambassador Kong Xuanyou reveals BOJ's Kuroda says extra stimulus an option to boost inflation Russia has no plan to hand over disputed isles to Japan, Putin says Urban jungle Unsustainable. -- RF
## China ##
China likely to tread carefully on North Korea as power dynamic shifts ASEAN masses behind China as it pushes world's biggest free trade pact The Trade War Is Exposing What Little U.S. Tech China Still Needs China Aims For 30 "New Silk Road" Nuclear Reactors By 2030
• War on Huawei You're Huawei off base on this, Rubio: Lawyers slam US senator's bid to ban Chinese giant from filing patent lawsuits Trump administration mulls requiring 5G equipment for domestic use to be manufactured outside of China: WSJ

## UK ##
1-in-10 households in Wiltshire are living in fuel poverty Plastic pollution: Beach cleaner quits 'losing battle'
## US ## The Lessons of Rome: Our Neofeudal Oligarchy
Our society has a legal structure of self-rule and ownership of capital, but in reality it is a Neofeudal Oligarchy.
"Quietest Season In 20 Years": Truckers Turn Apocalyptic As Sentiment Crashes Most On Record
Elon Musk Is Gaslighting America U.S. College Grads Are In For An Unpleasant Surprise The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs and the Politics of Fear Public Pension Funds Moved Into Riskier Assets
And Exempted Themselves from Accounting For That Risk Ivey signs law allowing church to hire police force The Shadow Cabinet: How a Group of Powerful Business Leaders Drove Trump's Agenda 'Quietest in 20 years': Truckers feel chill of slowing US economy
And finally... Man Throws His Own Feces At Judge During Burglary Trial, Jurors Acquit Anyway

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[l] at 6/21/19 5:42pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Gold spikes above $1,400 per ounce to prices not seen in nearly 6 years Berlin to freeze rents for five years Chip stocks fall after Commerce Dept bars 5 more Chinese companies from buying US parts Trump Blacklists More China Tech Companies Days Before Xi Summit
Turkish Financial Crisis Hammers Home Sales & Mortgages
Global Negative Yielding Debt Soars By $700 Billion In One Day To Record $13 Trillion

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Germany's Siemens to cut 2,700 jobs Dressbarn announces first store closures as part of plan to shutter all 650 locations

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Global money-laundering watchdog launches crackdown on cryptocurrencies
France creates G7 cryptocurrency task force as Facebook's Libra unsettles governments Central banks will want oversight of Facebook's Libra: Bank of England's Carney
## Airline death spiral ##
FAA prohibits 'all US carriers' from flying over Iran as tensions rise
The U.S. Airline Industry Is Hit With Monthly Computer Outages – But Nobody Is Tracking Them

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
USAF testing its new hypersonic missiles on a B-52
Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm Palestinian village, prevent prayers
These Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Countries in the World in 2019 (Where the US Ranks May Shock You) • War on Iran
For Iranians, The War Has Already Begun
In Iran, U.S. sanctions are producing a level of suffering comparable to that of wartime. House Speaker Pelosi calls on U.S. to de-escalate tensions with Iran President Trump ordered military strike on Iran, but reversed at last second: Sources White House Pushes 'Trump Pulled Back' Story - He Likely Never Approved To Strike Iran (MoA) Who Survives the Iran Counter-Offensive? GOP lawmaker says some Trump officials contradicting Pompeo on Iran and al Qaeda
The Drone Iran Shot Down Was a $220M Surveillance Monster
## Migrants/refugees ##
Border Patrol: Military Has Contributed to 100,000 Apprehensions on Border Border Patrol Rescues 17 Migrants Lost on Yuma Bombing Range Spanish coastguard reports 20 migrants missing in Mediterranean More than 40 migrants left in limbo on rescue boat off Italy African Migrants Are Becoming A New Face Of The U.S. Border Crisis What is a 'climate refugee' and how many are there?
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hong Kong protesters swarm police headquarters, tensions over extradition bill escalate

## Energy/resources ##
Chennai water crisis: City's reservoirs run dry Giant explosion rocks largest refinery complex on the East Coast, sends gasoline prices higher The worldwide helium shortage affects everything from MRIs to rockets — here's why Argentina's Blackout and the Storm-Battered Future of the Grid
## Got food? ##
Laos confirms first cases of African swine fever Ravenous armyworms are eating their way across China Ohio farmland is underwater. That's big trouble for the corn industry
Millions of pigs culled as swine fever spreads through Asia

## Environment/health ##
Groundwater rise. Yet another climate change threat. 18,000 pieces of balloon waste found in Great Lakes
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Australian Home Affairs Minister Says Government Still Considering Spying On Its Own Citizens Amazon wants to sell "surveillance as a service"
As The DOJ Continues To Complain About Encryption, Cellebrite (Again) Announces It Can Crack Any IPhone
Sweden won't appeal decision not to arrest Assange
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Will AI Swing the 2020 Election?
Lies They Told Us: A Long History of Being Manipulated Into War
Before we retaliate over drone and oil tanker attacks, take a look at all the times we've been duped.
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The smart home remains frustratingly dumb Electronic Health Records at 26 Hospitals Hit by Two-Hour Outage
## Japan ##
Russian bombers violated Japan's airspace twice in one day, defense ministry says Japan is trying really hard to persuade women to start having babies again In today's grossly overpopulated world, a low fertility rate is one of the best things that could happen. Unfortunately, political and economic systems in all countries are still under the control of brain-dead growth advocates who can't see that they're running their own countries — and their own planet — into the ground. -- RF
## China ##
Black-clad protesters demand full withdrawal of Hong Kong extradition bill
Hong Kong democrats urge gov't to finally axe extradition bill, as protesters swarm around police HQ • War on Huawei Huawei may demand more royalties from US firms that rely on its patented tech
Huawei owns the highest number of so-called "standard essential patents" for 5G in the world.
German mconomy minister : It's up to Huawei to show it meets our security requirements China's Huawei to start talks with Russia on using Avrora OS: RIA
## UK ##
Climate protesters interrupt speech by UK finance minister IQE shares plunge as Huawei ban hammers tech suppliers

## US ##
High levels of arsenic in bottled water sold at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, study says How will the Philidelphia oil refinery fire affect gas prices? Dressbarn announces first round of closings set for June and July. Is yours on the list? US Manufacturing PMI Plunges To 10-Year Lows, Services 'Hope' Lowest On Record

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Happy summer solstice!
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## Value of debt with negative yields nears $12 trillion
Austrian and French 10-year bond yield tipped into negative territory for first time in history.
Trade tensions kick Asian business confidence to 10-year low Dear Central Bankers: Prepare to be Swept Away in the Next Wave of Populism No, Rate Cuts Were Not Discussed: ECB Insiders Out Draghi as Fabricator & Schemer, and Talk to Reuters Global Oil Market Surprisingly Oversupplied Wave of Retiring Baby Boomers to Test Australian Pension Funds Japan exports slide for 6th month as trade troubles knock demand, weaken outlook Global Economy Propped Up By U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme Gold Surges To All Time Record Highs At $1,974/oz In Australian Dollars Why an Epic Bull Market in Gold Is About to Begin Finally… Gold Breaks Out Through Key 5-Year Resistance Level It's official. Governments and businesses are trashing 100 years of progress. 760,000 people live below poverty line in Ireland and 'radical action' is needed to fix that, says major charity Whether It's the New NAFTA or the Old NAFTA, It Serves the 1 Percent Car dealerships in Delhi wear a deserted look as there's no end to India's auto blues Italy's Public Debt Hits New High Of $2.66 Trillion In April - Central Bank Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Currency war is next phase of global conflict and Europe, the chief parasite, is defenseless
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
U.S. government should consider halting Facebook cryptocurrency project: lawmaker What's the future for cash? Target register outages prove physical loot still has its place He Says He Invented Bitcoin and Is Suing Those Who Doubt Him
Lots of people dispute claims that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin. Now he's accusing several of them of defamation.
## Airline death spiral ## Delta warns of flight delays after technical problem snarls check-ins and boarding
American Airlines' pilots union 'concerned' about fixes for Boeing 737 Max after crashes Boeing's Newest Problem: Pilots Are Too Weak To Use The Cockpit Hand-Crank A hand crank... which requires great upper-body strength to turn... and this could be crucial in preventing a crash?! A 21st-century airliner depends on a hand crank and strong man. Do they also have duct tape, rubber bands, and stovepipe wire on board? -- RF Sully sounds off on what Boeing 737 Max needs to get back in the air Interested in TSA PreCheck? It might soon be cheaper and easier to sign up High airfares ruined summer vacation plans for many Indians
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Erdogan sees Russian S-400s delivery starting in July: NTV Nearly 71 million displaced by war, violence at home, UN report says Duterte crosses his armed forces to placate China Dramatic Video Shows Russian Fighter Intercept Of US B-52 Bomber Near Crimea Israel's Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes Annexation: Israel Already Controls More Than Half of the West Bank
Annexation would only formalize a situation in which almost two-thirds of Palestinian territory is controlled by Israel and settlers live as Israeli citizens. Iran at the center of the Eurasian riddle (Pepe Escobar) Russia's S-400: Turkey, India 'on same page' amid US pressure
• War on Iran Plan to Deploy 1,000 More Troops to Counter Iran Faces Growing Opposition Pompeo warns Iran about trigger for US military action as some in administration question aggressive policy The potential for a significant military response to even an isolated event has fueled a broader internal debate among top Trump officials about whether the administration's policy exceeds President Donald Trump's specific goal of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, the officials said. This doesn't make any sense. If the purpose is to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons, they already had the nuclear deal (JCPOA), which the US unilaterally ditched. This seeming contradiction can be resolved by assuming that welching on the deal is an attempt to gin up a casus belli. -- RF Russia to Washington: Drop Middle East troop plan and stop provoking Iran Fox's Tucker Carlson Privately Advising Trump Against War With Iran: Report Iran's Guards shoot down U.S. 'spy' drone in southern province: Iran media Iran Shoots Down Strategic U.S. Drone - Is Ready For War - Puts "Maximum Pressure" On Trump (MoA) Iran says will take drone incident to UN to show US 'lying' Trump says Iranian shootdown of US military drone may have been a 'mistake' Trump Tells Aides to Tone Down Rhetoric on Iran US Official Pressed to Say Iran Not Behind 9/11 as Congress Warns Against War
US special representative on Iran Brian Hook had a rough go in the House of Representatives today, where officials were pressing him to admit that Iran had nothing to do with 9/11 and he was really reluctant to answer.
• War on Venezuela Inside Canada's Outsized and Under-Scrutinized Bid to Overthrow Maduro
Canada has been a major player in orchestrating repeated coup attempts in Venezuela since Juan Guaido declared himself president in January. Did Venezuelan coup leaders pocket $70 million from Citgo's stolen US assets?
Venezuela's government has claimed the Department of Justice will investigate Citgo's opposition-appointed board for the theft of $70 million. But the board is itself the product of a massive theft – that of the elected government's wealth.
• War on Syria 'Wheat is a weapon': US gov-funded, Democrat-linked think tank proposes starving Syrian civilians to weaken Assad

## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexico's border crackdown sends some Central American migrants heading back south Poor nations hosting most refugees worldwide, need more Western help: U.N. Rich countries only took in 16% of the world's refugees in 2018 U.S. targets families for deportation to discourage migrants 20 migrants missing in Mediterranean: Spanish coastguard U.S. Border Faces 'Overwhelming' Strain, Agency Chief Says

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Anti-extradition row: Hong Kong gov't must respond to demands or protests will escalate on Fri, student groups say
Malawi protests turn violent after disputed election Greenpeace protesters storm Philip Hammond's speech shouting 'this is an emergency'
Albanian protesters clash with police in election dispute Protesters try to storm Georgia parliament in Tbilisi as thousands gather for anti-govt rally Protesters urge ASEAN leaders to ban trash imports
## Energy/resources ##
Two companies petitioned for Trump's solar tariffs—now they're both out of business India confronts unprecedented water crisis Americans are paying more than ever to store deadly nuclear waste Nuclear power: the gift that keeps on giving. -- RF Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion may start in September Waste crisis looms as thousands of solar panels reach end of life
California's Solar Energy Problem
Rocket Strikes Target Foreign Oil Firms in Southern Iraq
Oil jumps 5% on Iran tension, potential U.S. fed rate cut
## Got food? ## Torrential Rain Of Biblical Proportions Is Causing Immense Devastation For Midwest Farmers
'It was the yellow beak that gave it away': Pennsylvania woman finds dead bird in canned spinach Sprouts recalls frozen cut spinach leaves after listeria bacteria found in product After years of war and drought, Iraq's bumper crop is burning US Farmers Call For Third Farm Bailout If Trade War Intensifies: Lobby
## Environment/health ##
Ecuador: US Military Could Use Galápagos Island for Flights Is Big Oil's Plastic Bet Going Sour? Scientists amazed as Canadian permafrost thaws 70 years early
Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared. Glaciers, goodbye? Himalayan ice melt has doubled in recent years, old spy images confirm India may have curbed its fertility rate, but it is still too high A weekly goal of two hours of "nature time" improves health and wellbeing Palm Oil Importers Won't Meet Zero Deforestation Goals by 2020, New Report Finds Trudeau Declares Climate Emergency... Then Approves Major Oil Pipeline US beekeepers lost 40% of honeybee colonies over past year, survey finds $hithole Countries? 673 Million People Still Defecate Outdoors The cost of climate change: US seawalls to cost $416 billion

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Russia warns of "cyberwar" following report the US attacked its power grid Overruling his experts, Pompeo keeps Saudis off U.S. child soldiers list 'Credible evidence' links MBS to Khashoggi's murder: UN report FacebookCoin is a Trojan Horse of Corporate Oligarchy Critics Lament as 126 House Democrats Join Forces With GOP to Hand Trump 'Terrifying' Mass Domestic Spying Powers
"The Democrats who voted against this common sense amendment just threw immigrants, LGBTQ folks, activists, journalists, and political dissidents under the bus by voting to rubberstamp the Trump administration's Orwellian domestic spying capabilities." DHS to Move Biometric Data on Hundreds of Millions of People to Amazon Cloud The department seeks a new platform to identify people using fingerprints, irises and faces, and eventually DNA, palm prints, scars and tattoos. The Omnipresent Surveillance State Incredibly, as the various nascent technologies employed and shared by the government and corporations alike—facial recognition, iris scanners, massive databases, behavior prediction software, and so on—are incorporated into a complex, interwoven cyber network aimed at tracking our movements, predicting our thoughts and controlling our behavior, the dystopian visions of past writers is fast becoming our reality. How John Bolton Controls The Administration And Donald Trump Top scientist slams OPCW leadership for repressing dissenting report on Syria gas attack Once Again Pompeo Displays Hopeless Ignorance of Sunni & Shiite, Iran and Taliban NY Times publisher says Trump 'escalated attacks' with treason claim
The unforeseen trouble AI is now causing Facebook can be used to learn a lot about you—including hints about your medical conditions EU leaders increase pressure on Russia over MH17 MH17 disaster: Mahathir Mohamad claims Russia was scapegoated for Malaysia Airlines plane crash that left 298 people dead "We are very unhappy, because from the very beginning it was a political issue on how to accuse Russia of the wrongdoing," Mahathir told reporters at a government event. Saudi Arabia buys $300m spyware from Israel The sources stressed that the Saudi intelligence services have sought to obtain advanced spyware in order to trace the Kingdom's citizens – both in the country and abroad – amidst increasing criticism of the Saudi royal family. Chinese Drone Manufacturers Pose Huawei-Like Threats, Expert Says Canadian lender Desjardins says personal data of 2.9 million members breached 10,000 Of The 'World's Best' Spies Operating In Washington DC
• War on Julian Assange John Pilger: Extradition Process a 'Very Long Uphill Road' for Assange UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Becomes One of Assange's Most Vocal Advocates

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
This celebrated Western-funded nonprofit collaborated with al-Qaeda to wage lawfare on Damascus
Mainstream reporting on Syria has relied heavily on the work of the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA), a Western government-funded regime change group whose investigators collaborated with al-Qaeda and its extremist allies to drum up prosecutions of Syrian officials.
Propaganda for renewables: a critique of a report by Oil Change International
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Toyota snub dents Saudi Arabia's manufacturing drive There's no future in manufacturing, anyway. KSA's grand oil-fueled cities of today are fated to become the sand-covered ruins of tomorrow. And this also applies mutatis mutandis to the rest of the world. -- RF What's Wrong With Modern Buildings? Everything, Starting With How They're Made But the biggest problem is that these buildings will become unusable without electricity. Further, all buildings need constant maintenance, but no one will maintain them once they're useless. Window panes, cladding, chunks of concrete, and other debris will start falling into the streets. -- RF
## Japan ##
Japanese businesses see economy peaking out, want more stimulus: Reuters poll Japan's exports fall for sixth consecutive month Japan posts first trade deficit in 4 months Bank of Japan maintains massive easing policy
Yikes! Japan has more people over the age of 80 than under the age of 10 Russian bombers violate Japanese airspace, prompting ASDF scramble
## China ##
Firms may consider moving out of Hong Kong amid protests and political uncertainty, experts say Fears of 'digital iron curtain' spread as US and China dig in
Pressure from Trump unites Chinese tech industry in self-sufficiency push China Unveils New Radar System To Detect US Stealth Jets Apple explores moving 15-30% of production capacity from China: Nikkei China Is Buying Iranian LPG Despite Sanctions, Ship-Tracking Shows Debt-Saddled China Railway Announces Restructure 'Special relationship' in focus as China's Xi visits North Korea
• War on Huawei Huawei CEO says banks knew about the company's allegedly criminal activities
## UK ##
Fifth of people in working UK households trapped in relative poverty Rough sleeping in London hits record high as 100 people become street homeless each week, figures show Bathstore faces collapse putting 700 jobs, 168 stores at risk Young adults have less to spend on non-essentials, study says British Army needs 'fundamentally different mindset' as it reforms to fight major battles again, report says
British government to seek appeal after Saudi arms ruling
Unruly social media no model for Facebook's Libra currency: BoE's Carney Cool weather hits UK retail sales in May in gloomy sign for economy
## US ## They Are Calling This A "Bloodbath" For The $800 Billion Trucking Industry As U.S. Economic Activity Dramatically Declines U.S. Steel Plants Are Going Idle, But The Fed Continues To Perpetuate The Myth That Everything Is Just Fine
As US-Iran tensions increase, Tulsi Gabbard calls her 2020 candidacy a 'threat to the foreign policy lies sold to  the American people' A Senator is introducing a bill that would blow up the business models for Facebook, YouTube, and other tech giants Conspiracy of silence: After atomic blasts, a dangerous cleanup scarred troops for life Boeing Out, Raytheon In: Shanahan Quits as Acting SecDef "Miracles Aren't Coming" - Surefire Recession Signals Everywhere Don't expect miracles. The next recession is baked in the cake. Amtrak Riders Report Mass Train Delays Across Northeast; Power Outage Blamed America's Suicide Epidemic Obama's Clean Power Plan To Never See Light of Day In rare rebuke, Senate votes to block Trump administration's weapons deal with Saudi Arabia The Fed's Casino Is Giving Away Free Gambling Chips (But Only to the Super-Rich)
The rest of us eat our losses, either all at once or in bitter bites as we trudge through the financial wasteland left after bubbles burst. Vowing Not to 'Demonize' the Rich, Biden Tells Billionaires 'Nothing Would Fundamentally Change' If He Was Elected Brick-and-Mortar Meltdown Gets Costly for Big Retailers, and Results May Vary

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## Combined Russia, China Treasury Holdings Hit 9 Year Low As Foreigners Keep Dumping US Stocks
How Much of Your "Wealth" Is Hostage to Bubbles and Impossible Promises? Deutsche Bank to set up 50 billion euro bad bank in revamp Bad Loans Still Too High at Eurozone Banks, ECB Warns
NPLs remain dangerously to catastrophically high in Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Cyprus. If Morgan Stanley Is Right, The World Is Now In A Recession These Asian economies may be most badly hit by slowing global trade
U.N.: World population expected to rise to 9.7 billion in 2050 Ain't gonna happen. -- RF Cesspool of Corruption Odebrecht Files for Bankruptcy, Largest Ever in Latin American History
The Brazilian conglomerate's rot was uncovered by Operation Car Wash that resulted in the imprisonment of political and business figures across Latin America, including Brazil's former richest man, Eike Batista.
The World Now Has Three People Worth More Than $100 Billion Each And billions worth $3 each? -- RF Gold Rises In All Currencies – Gains 1.6% To £1,079/oz In GBP, Near 7 Year High Carmageddon: JP Morgan: Forget About Auto Sales Rebounding In The Second Half Of 2019

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Kier Group to cut 1,200 jobs in attempt to avoid collapse
Construction and services company's shares hit record low as it struggles with debt

## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Israel's New Rules on Use of Cash and Tradable Checks
Facebook reveals Libra cryptocurrency, sparking new privacy concerns
## Airline death spiral ## Boeing Sells 0 Planes on First Day of Paris Air Show v. 123 for Airbus, Yet Boeing Still Pushing for More Weakening of FAA Standards Via Greater Use of Computer Testing
Slowing demand, rising costs squeezing airline profits - report
Paris Bound Delta Flight Diverts After Big Unruly Passenger Incident Turkish Airlines passenger smashes window and storms cockpit before being subdued by cabin crew Lufthansa lowers 2019 profit forecast, cites price competition Flights delayed as drones fly near East Midlands airport
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
CENTCOM confirms Yemen rebels shot down US drone US to withhold hundreds of millions in Central America aid The announcement comes after Trump blasted the three countries because thousands of their citizens had sought asylum at the U.S. border with Mexico. Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East Pentagon Sends 1,000 More Troops to Middle East as Iran Tensions Heighten Trump's Bipartisan Support for Eradicating the Palestinian Cause U.S. officials charged with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have demonstrated ever more blatant bias, such as the recent claims by David Friedman, the ambassador to Israel, that Israel is "on the side of God" and should have the "right to retain" much of the West Bank. Unless the US is a theocracy — something I increasingly wonder about — religious judgments such as "on the side of God" should have no place in politics. -- RF Rockets Land in an Iraqi Military Post Home to US Personnel Trump Fires Shanahan. Pompeo For Sec Def? Bolton To State? Bolton and Pompeo obviously want a war on Iran and they try their best to instigate it. They need a new SecDef in place as soon as possible. SIPRI: Israel owns 80-90 nuclear warheads
• War on Iran The Gulf of Credibility (Craig Murray)
Iranian Missile Misfires As Other Attacks Hit Home
Israeli sources expressed alarm that neither Israel, the US, nor allied Arab nations picked up any advance warning of what appear to have been well-planned, well-executed, and increasingly destructive attacks by Iranian and proxy forces. Israel "expressed alarm" about attacks that, as far as we know at this time, could well have been perpetrated by Israel, or the US or KSA or their proxies. All these parties have the means and strong motives for doing so. -- RF Iran hints US could be behind 'suspicious' tanker attacks Intel Experts Doubt Iran Video: US Track Record Is Not Good Iran To Exceed Some Nuclear Deal Limits - EU Under Pressure To Fulfill Its Commitments U.S. Oil Sanctions Trigger Recession In Iran Trump creates doubt over use of U.S. force to protect Gulf oil U.N. officials: U.S. planning a 'tactical assault' in Iran (Jerusalem Post)

• War on Venezuela Massive Embezzlement Scandal Threatens Juan Guaido's Political Future
The big event that was supposed to be Guaido's watershed moment has instead turned out to be a public-relations failure far worse than his quickly quelled attempted military coup. Venezuela receives second shipment of Red Cross aid
## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexico detains 791 undocumented migrants, National Guard starts to patrol southern border
Chinese raids hit North Korean defectors' 'Underground Railroad' Balkans: The Bulwark of Christianity?
Anti-immigration sentiment has created a new set of walls in the Balkans.
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Women in Switzerland Strike Over Pay, Harassment
## Energy/resources ## There's a looming waste crisis from Australia's solar energy boom Given Australia is struggling to recycle simple waste, such as cardboard and plastics, in a cost-effective way, we need to question our capability to deal with more complex solar PV and battery waste. Recall that one of the three requirements for any energy-supply system is self-replication. It's doubtful that we can even manufacture and install renewable energy hardware using its output alone. To make matters worse, equipment that lasts at best one generation must be removed, dismantled, and recycled. Those costs must be added to the self-replication column. As pointed out in the article, just recycling everyday trash profitably is a huge challenge. Do you think an all-renewable system will be able to pay all its own energy costs and still supply the socioeconomy with a large amount of surplus energy? -- RF
Why The Oklahoma Shale Boom Isn't Taking Off
Canada's Oil Patch Faces Investor Exodus Hunt for cause of massive South America power outage begins Scientists Race To Produce Hydrogen Out Of Air And Sunlight
## Got food? ##
Check your cabinets: Some Ragu pasta sauces recalled, may contain fragments of plastic African swine fever could drive up inflation in emerging markets as pork prices soar
## Environment/health ##
A rise in cases of flesh-eating bacteria may be linked to climate change, doctors say
Greenland Temps Soar 40 Degrees Above Normal, Record Melting of Ice Sheet Pharmacy warns FDA of cancer-causing chemical found in widely used heart pill
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Buried In Broad Daylight - The 'Free Press' And The Leaked OPCW Report On Douma
Trump calls newspaper report on Russia power grid 'treason' Russia Expert's 2017 Prophecy About The Nuclear Threat Of Russiagate Is Coming True FBI Never Saw CrowdStrike Unredacted or Final Report on Alleged Russian Hacking Because None was Produced
The FBI relied on CrowdStrike's "conclusion" to blame Russia for hacking DNC servers, though the private firm never produced a final report and the FBI never asked them to. Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an opposition front group became Western media's go-to monitor
Top media outlets turn to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) for figures on deaths and detentions, never noting the group's seamless connection to Syria's opposition, the support it receives from states that waged war on the country, or its open lobbying for US military intervention. Cyberattacks Make Smart Grids Look Pretty Dumb Vodafone coverage returns after company identifies cause of outage Ethiopia's unexplained internet 'rationing' continues, activists fume We're Apparently Scanning Our TVs For Viruses Now Facebook posts can be used to identify anxiety, depression and psychosis, new study suggests 'Bulk hacking' by UK spy agencies is illegal, high court told (UK) The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects (Craig Murray) New Clinton Email Review Reveals 'Multiple Security Incidents
• War on Julian Assange The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange 'Mirthless Laugh' - The Persecution And Torture Of Julian Assange

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Day after a nationwide register outage, Target's tech troubles continue on a smaller scale Gmail Goes Down In Second Sizable Outage To Hit Google This Month Google Calendar is back online after global outage This Civilisation is Finished: Conversations on the end of Empire – and what lies beyond
Prehistoric settlement in Turkey bears telltale signs of modern woes America's Managerial Elite Has Failed, But We Can't Get Rid of Them
Now that they've entrenched themselves at the top of the status quo, there's no way to dislodge them, even as their failure to address what's broken, much less actually fix what's broken, insures systemic breakdown.

## Japan ##
Work-related injuries, deaths increasing among elderly workers Japan pushes 300 North Korean boats out of fishing grounds Japan distancing itself from U.S. claims of Iranian involvement in tanker attacks Japan has world's lowest proportion of working-age people, U.N. report says
FSA estimates couples need retirement savings of up to ¥30 million More than half of Japanese young people not interested in studying overseas, survey shows How Japan turned against its 'bazooka'-wielding central bank chief
## China ##
Hong Kong tycoons start moving assets offshore as fears rise over new extradition law China warns US against opening Mideast 'Pandora's box'
Chinese Gasoline And Diesel Prices In Freefall As Fundamentals Worsen China's Running Out of Cold Storage as It Stocks Up on Imported Pork Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam 'sincerely apologises' for extradition row, but refuses to retract bill or resign China cuts U.S. Treasury holdings to 2-year low amid trade war
• War on Huawei Huawei prepares for 40%-60% fall in international smartphone shipments: Bloomberg U.S. chipmakers quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban: sources Microsoft resumes sales of Huawei laptops online Huawei says U.S. ban hurting more than expected, to wipe $30 billion off revenue Senator Rubio targets Huawei over patents Huawei Now Using Patent Claims To Demand $1 Billion From Verizon, As The US Tries To Chase Huawei Out Of The US Market The US government walked right into this. For years it's been demonizing Huawei without evidence, while at the same time demanding that China respect patents. So, of course, it opened itself right up to Huawei now claiming patent infringement against US companies.
## UK ## UK economic growth to slow to zero as Brexit stockpiling effect ends and businesses slash investment
Experts cast doubt over Highlands spaceport plan Heathrow reveals 'masterplan' as it launches public consultation over expansion Removal of homeless camps trebles as charities warn of 'out of control' crisis
Figures show camp clearances by local authorities across UK have surged in last five years Scotland urged to invest in nuclear to hit climate goals UK to resettle 5,000 more refugees in expanded scheme
## US ## Evidence That The U.S. Economy Could Be Plunging Into A Very Deep Recession Is Rapidly Mounting Market Mayhem is Due to Truly Perfect Storm for 2019 Recession
Department of Education Investigating Foreign Money Flowing to U.S. Colleges
Fed may cut rates near zero if U.S.-China trade worsens: Morgan Stanley U.S. firms say China tariffs will raise costs, see few sourcing alternatives A key manufacturing gauge just saw its biggest one-month decline in 18 years To fight Donald Trump's China tariffs, hundreds of US companies descend on Washington As homeless are suffering, risk of hepatitis, typhus and other diseases is growing Minnesota Will Pay Residents to Create Bee Friendly Lawns This looks like a sea change in thinking. One cannot overstate the significance of promoting environmentally beneficial plants over the monoculture lawn, which is held sacred in American culture. -- RF Trucking Swerves Deep into Slump, from Red-Hot Boom. Smaller Truckers Hit Hardest
Freight shipments across all modes of transportation dropped the most since Nov 2009.

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
India to impose retaliatory tariffs on 28 U.S. goods from Sunday Stockman Slams The "Deficits Don't Matter" Folly Gold Has Out-Performed U.S. Dollar for Nearly 50 Years
Competitive currency devaluation could prompt global financial chaos - ex-PBOC chief
The World Is Facing A $400 Trillion Retirement Shortfall By 2050 Don't get comfortable waiting for 2050. Everything will fall apart well before then. -- RF Inspired by Deutsche Bank Death Spiral, European Banks Sink to Dec 24, 2018 Level – First Seen in 1995
The benefit of NIRP: There's hell to pay – even the ECB admits it.
The Growing Risk of a 2020 Recession and Crisis
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Bitcoin causing carbon dioxide emissions comparable to Las Vegas or Hamburg
The use of Bitcoin causes around 22 megatons in carbon dioxide emissions annually -- comparable to the total emissions of cities such as Las Vegas or Hamburg.
Is Facebook's Libra the Dollar's Killer App?

## Airline death spiral ## Boeing seeking to reduce scope, duration of some physical tests for new aircraft - sources Hundreds Of U.S. Flights Canceled As GPS-Based Aircraft Navigation System Fails
American Airlines asks court to end 'devastating' slowdown by unions
United Airlines jet skids off runway at Newark, disrupting flights Extinction Rebellion delays drone protest at Britain's Heathrow till after summer Boeing crisis, trade tensions cast pall over air show

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Trump presses Lockheed to keep open a Pennsylvania plant slated for closure Houthis Say US Reaper Drone Shot Down, Release Video, Pics
A day after two commercial tankers are hit in the Gulf of Oman, reports emerge the Houthis are firing -- and hitting -- US aircraft. Putin: US-Russia Relationship 'Getting Worse by the Hour' Is The US Preparing For War With Russia? Trump Thinks US Oil Is His Strength When It's His Achilles' Heel U.S. has 'no interest' in new conflict in Middle East - military Myanmar and India becoming brothers in arms
Myanmar's recent rout of an ethnic Naga rebel camp on its territory aimed to please India but is really part of a wider strategy to counter China. U.S. And U.K. F-35 Jets Include 'Core' Circuit Boards From Chinese-Owned Company America Is Stuck With a $400 Billion Stealth Fighter That Can't Fight
Here's something the public didn't know until today: If one of the U.S. military's new F-35 stealth fighters has to climb at a steep angle in order to dodge an enemy attack, design flaws mean the plane might suddenly tumble out of control and crash. Also, some versions of the F-35 can't accelerate to supersonic speed without melting their own tails or shedding the expensive coating that helps to give the planes their radar-evading qualities. Army Expects Delivery Of Directed Energy, Hypersonic Weapons In Early 2020s Russia, other key powers discuss Venezuelan crisis in Sweden Far-right wants to be involved in next Parliament's power-sharing (EU) 'Trump Heights': Netanyahu dedicates new settlement in Golan Heights to US president Trump talks about 'nations of terror'. Has he never met the United States? Why the S-400 Is a More Formidable Threat to US Arms Industry Than You Think
• War on Iran How Trump's "Maximum Pressure" Campaign Against Iran Now Works Against Him MoA further develops his theory. -- RF Did the B-Team Overplay its Hand Against Iran? Tom Luongo's analysis resonates with that of MoA. -- RF Twitter deletes thousands of accounts tied to Iran, seeks to end false info campaigns German FM: US Video Not Sufficient to Prove Iran's Guilt in Tanker Attacks Saudi Arabia blames Iran for tanker attacks but doesn't want war Pompeo says U.S. does not want war with Iran; pushes for international response Iran to further scale back compliance with nuclear deal Trump offered to suspend sanctions while negotiating with Iran, Khamenei rejected the offer: more attacks expected
## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexico detains 791 undocumented migrants, National Guard starts to patrol southern border

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands in Haiti renew protests, clash with police Senegal police detain protesters amid outcry over gas deal Use of anti-riot weaponry soars in France Millions of Brazilians Join General Strike and Protests Against President's Austerity Reforms Tens of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader steps down Hundreds rally in Moscow over journalist case

## Energy/resources ##
Climate change effects on hydropower in California Germany seeks to jolt its stalled wind industry with new offshore plan
Germany's wind sector is barely growing any more. To achieve its self-imposed 65% target for renewables, Germany has made the promise, for the first time, to heavily expand its offshore wind farms. Iraq fearful electricity failures could spark another long, hot summer of unrest Canada Can't Get Its Pipeline Problem Under Control Argentina Isn't Ruling Out a Cyberattack in Major Power Outage Argentina said it isn't ruling out a cyberattack after what President Mauricio Macri called an "unprecedented" power blackout struck five South American countries on Sunday.
## Got food? ##
Trump wants to start charging stores to accept food stamps
Separately, the Trump administration is proposing $191 billion in cuts over the next decade to the food stamp program.
Corn futures hit 5-year high as flooding, more rain could add to planting woes in heartland
Biblical plague of locusts is swarming over Italian farmlands. Could it happen in the US? 'Everybody's so down in the dumps': Illinois farmers give up on planting after floods and throw party instead "It's Going To Be A Train Wreck": Farmers Say Corn Crop Far Worse Than USDA Estimates
## Environment/health ## WHO Expected To Declare Ebola Outbreak "International Emergency" As It Jumps Borders
More dogs are getting sick as climate changes pushes diseases into new parts of the US Largest Animal Epidemic in History Is Due to Industrial Farming G20 energy ministers agree at meeting in Japan to outlines of framework to tackle marine plastic waste
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
America's Legacy of Regime Change
Review of Covert Regime Change: America's Secret Cold War, by Lindsey A. O'Rourke (Cornell University Press, 2018); 330 pages. U.S. Ramps Up Online Attacks on Russian Power Grid, NYT Says Internet blackouts: The rise of government-imposed shutdowns
Sudan's internet blackout has gained global attention, but it is not unique. Shutdowns are on the rise around the world. Pentagon Keeps Trump in the Dark About its Cyber Attacks on Russia US Govt's Entire Russia-DNC Hacking Narrative Based On Redacted Draft Of Crowdstrike Report
• War on Julian Assange Assange to Face 5-Day Extradition Hearing in February 2020
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ## Target customers are unable to make purchases at stores across the nation due to a systems outage It's a "systems issue"! As I've repeatedly said, "issues" are bringing down civilization! -- RF Waiting For The Black Swan — War with Iran would be the beginning of the end

## Japan ##
Japanese destroyer pays visit to Vietnam port 7-Eleven stores struggling in face of labor shortage There's no labor shortage, but there are too many convenience stores. Recall this recent article. -- RF Meanwhile, over on Planet Japan Obviously this is not an issue that exists solely on Planet Japan. Most of the world has insolvent pensions. Worldwide, the total public and private pension gap is tens of TRILLIONS of dollars. Nearly every government and corporate pension has made promises it cannot keep. Dairy farm numbers fall 60% in 20 years 80% say no change in work styles after reform
Japan Inc. to issue record $34bn in bonds in April-June

## China ##
'Deep sorrow and regret' – Hong Kong suspends controversial extradition bill after months of protest and criticism
China 'has overtaken Russia' as a maritime power, boosted by joint naval drills
Why the Putin-Xi bromance is a sign of things to come for Russia and China
'Nearly 2 million' people take to streets, forcing public apology from Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam as suspension of controversial extradition bill fails to appease protesters
## UK ## UK and Russia consider May-Putin meeting to thaw relations
Corbyn questions Iran accusations Charities call for end to greyhound racing after 1,000 deaths in a year Cash crisis forces children's hospices in England to limit respite care
Urgent reforms only way to save justice system from collapse, lawyers warn
## US ##
When Social Security Runs Out: What the Program Will Look Like in 2035 Many Americans say their financial situation is worse since the Great Recession California could become first to limit facial recognition technology; police aren't happy
Corporations Suddenly Realize That Once-Coveted Millennials Are A "Screwed Generation" But now, generational expert Alexis Abramson, who has 25 years experience in the field, is claiming that corporations aren't getting the ROI that they anticipated from millennials. Credit Card Debt Spikes In Hawaii As Economy Falters Trade War Nightmare Causes Collapse In Demand For US Industrial Space
As the US economy cycles down through summer with the threat of a full-blown trade war, industrial space demand is likely to drop further, which could suggest that the commercial real estate bubble is about to burst.

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Broadcom's $2 billion warning rattles global chip sector
Russia lowers rates as inflation slows, signals more cuts
Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach: 'I am certainly long gold'
Online shopping: why its unstoppable growth may be coming to an end The State of the Canadian Debt Slaves, and How They Compare to the American Debt Slaves Gold Breaks Above $1,350, €1,200 and £1,060 – Risk Of War In The Middle East Turkey Sinks Deeper Into Junk After Moody's Downgrades To B1, Warns Of Government Default Risk
$11.7 Trillion: Global Negative-Yielding Debt Back To All Time High Apple Smartphone Sales Crash In Europe As Huawei Outshines Competition

## Airline death spiral ##
TSA Braces For Record Airport Crowds During Summer Travel Season Weekend Sea-Tac security lines extended to airport parking garage
Norwegian Air expects Boeing 737 MAX fleet to remain grounded until end of August
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Poland Deal Lays Groundwork For Division-Strength Deployment
A division-scale exercise next year in Europe, Defender 2020, will be the largest in a quarter-century.
US, not UK, most threatened by Chagos row 'Flying objects' damaged Japanese tanker in Gulf of Oman: shipping company president Russia is Calling Trump's Bluff on Iran and Syria, and Winning Big War Crimes: Syria's Assad has Systematically Targeted Hospitals as a Battle Tactic In "New Era" Of Cooperation, Russia And China Form Alliance Against The U.S.
• War on Iran Trump admin aims to kill historic talks and strangle Iran with evidence-free accusations
Hell-bent on isolating and suffocating Iran, the Trump administration derailed Japan's historic talks by accusing Tehran without any evidence whatsoever of attacking oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Whatever Pompeo Says, there is no Certainty Iran mined the Tankers Japanese oil tanker owner disagrees with US military that a mine caused blast near Iran Britain blames Iran for attacks on tankers in Gulf of Oman US gov narrative blaming Iran for oil tanker attacks falls apart in hours
The Trump administration's claims Iran attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman were quickly debunked, with the ship's crew saying it "was hit by a flying object." But the US disrupted important Iranian diplomatic efforts at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Iran Decided To Put Maximum Pressure On Trump - Here Is How It Will Do It (MoA) A different take on the situation, suggesting the possibility that Iran's counterattack has begun. -- RF
• War on Venezuela US sanctions 'suffocating' ordinary Venezuelans
## Migrants/refugees ##
U.S. ramps up Mexico asylum returns, Trump confirms 'safe third country' plan

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Brazil's Oil Sector Joins Nationwide Strike Against Pension Reform Memphis Riot Over Fatal U.S. Marshal Shooting Injures 24 Police Officers

## Energy/resources ## Australian rare earth miners push development deals to counter China grip Tesla's Solar Roof Prices Are Shockingly High Brad Pitt and Laurene Powell Jobs are reportedly invested in a mysterious 'cold fusion' energy company Come to think of it, whatever happened to E-Cat? -- RF Tanker attacks reignite oil fear premium, prices could spike to $80
## Got food? ##
Midwest Flooding Will Cause Shortages of These Foods 3M has long known it was contaminating the US food supply It's Not Just Corn, U.S. Farmers May Forgo Near-Record Soy Acres
## Environment/health ##
In India, insects are slowly disappearing – and that is a cause for worry
Indian villages lie empty as drought forces thousands to flee Sick and elderly left to fend for themselves with no end in sight to water crisis
5 Alarming Reasons Americans Need to Pay Attention to Ebola Right Now Bayer says to invest 5 billion euros in new weed killers The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than many countries, study says The U.S. Is Purging Chinese Cancer Researchers From Top Institutions
The NIH and the FBI are targeting ethnic Chinese scientists, including U.S. citizens, searching for a cancer cure. Carnival Cruise Ship Fleet Pollutes Almost 10 Times More Than All Cars in Europe: Study
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Why AI Deepfakes Should Scare the Living Bejeezus Out of You Russia To Ban VPN Providers That Refuse To Aid Censorship Seven Reasons To Be Highly Skeptical Of The Gulf Of Oman Incident Court Transcript Exposes Facebook's View: User Privacy Is Legally Non-Existent
• War on Julian Assange UN Rapporteur on Torture Says Assange Could Die in Prison     
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
'Deaths Of Despair' In The U.S. Hit Record High – So How Bad Will Things Get When Society Starts To Completely Collapse?

## Japan ##
Tanker Attacks Spark Concerns among Japanese Companies
Major Coast Guard base planned at Kagoshima Port to counter Chinese activity around Senkakus
G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia

## China ##
The American Dream Is Alive and Well—in China China launches inquiry into FedEx parcel delivery errors: Xinhua

## UK ##
UK poised to give special forces greater Russia focus - BBC UK Government Blew Billions on "Help to Buy" Scheme that Enriched Home Builders and Drove Up Home Prices. Taxpayers on the Hook When Prices Sink, New Report Warns
But it helped high-income people buy homes.
UK to be left with five coal power stations after latest closure
Tree-planting in England falls 71% short of government target Harsher sentences 'failing' as knife crime surges to another new record, campaigners say
Death toll from UK hospital listeria outbreak rises to five

## US ##
Misplaced Pride: Most of the "Middle Class" Is Actually Working Class Dark side of reverse mortgage industry: Predatory lending hits seniors America Faces an Unprecedented Dental Health Crisis Congress Gives Trump Rump Space Force Study Shows Asset Forfeiture Doesn't Fight Crime Or Reduce Drug Use Cops are using citizens as ATMs while drug cartels thrive. Americans are not doing well at saving for retirement — and it's only going to get worse Elizabeth Warren will introduce legislation to cancel student loan debt for most borrowers

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Analysts: 2019 Oil Demand Growth Could Be Lowest In Years
While OPEC and Russia are busy calibrating a possible extension to their production cuts, analysts and traders have turned their attention away from oil supply concerns and are focused again on faltering economic growth and a downbeat outlook on oil demand growth. Australia's "Grim" Retail Sector "Clearly In Recession", Warns National Australia Bank Morgan Stanley says concerns about a US slowdown may be about to get a whole lot worse Retirees Might Run Out of Money 10 Years Before They Die If Gold Was Just a Barbarous Relic... US-China Trade War Damage May Be "Irreversible" Climate Change Could Trigger Global Financial Crisis There are so many unsold cars in India now that automakers are taking forced holidays Wal-Mart and Hundreds of Other Companies Call on Trump to Drop China Tariffs U.S. government posts $208 billion deficit in May Carmageddon: Auto Demand Facing a 'Sustained Downturn' in World's Two Biggest Markets Gold is the new gold Shanghai Gold Price Hits 6-Year High, Move to $1700 'Will Quickly Follow' Break of $1400
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Santander, Unions Reach Agreement on 3,223 Job Cuts in Spain Aviva set to decline 1,800 jobs globally French Government to Announce Budget Cuts in Early July
Coles sheds 450 head-office jobs as CEO Steve Cain cuts costs (Australia)
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Cash Is King In Hong Kong As Thousands Choose Financial Privacy
Hong Kong is waking up to the benefits of financial privacy using cash, reports claim, as protesters seek to hide their movements and identity.
## Airline death spiral ##
Boeing airliner deliveries falter amid 737 Max woes, falling 56% from last year
FAA says has no timetable for Boeing 737 MAX's return to service Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol (Japan)
Why Boeing May Never Recover From Its 737 Debacle Just don't expect any blowback from Washington. The whole episode provides yet another sick illustration of how our entire system of governance has degenerated into a fully-fledged "predator state." Southwest extends Boeing 737 MAX cancellations through Sept. 2
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ## America's Current War Plans for China, Russia Will Not Work, New Report Says
Officials: US to Send About 1,000 More Troops to Poland
Eye On Iran, Israelis Conduct Huge Two-Week Exercise On Cyprus Netanyahu Vows More Preemptive Attacks Against Syria New U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Can't Launch F-35s Until 2027: Report Less than 20% of B-1 Lancers are operational due to neglect from the Air Force The indigenous resistance against Jair Bolsonaro Jair Bolsonaro aides 'froth hate' for indigenous people, says sacked official
It's Time for Sweden to Admit Explosions Are a National Emergency

• War on Cuba Extending the US Embargo on Cuba & Hurting the People A secret State Department memo written in 1960 proposed making life so miserable for the Cuban people, they would overthrow the new Castro government. The memo advocated "a line of action which, while as adroit and inconspicuous as possible, makes the greatest inroads in denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government."
• War on Iran Two Tankers Attacked in Gulf of Oman False Flag? Iran Has Little To Gain From Oman Tanker Attacks Iran FM: "Suspicious Doesn't Begin To Describe" Attack On Japanese Tanker During Abe's State Visit Today's Attacks On Ships In The Gulf Of Oman Are Not In Iran's Interest - Or Are They?
## Migrants/refugees ##
ICE Is Cramming Immigrants Into Filthy, Overcrowded Facilities Siberian women want to come to Canada as environmental refugees In nearly 100-degree heat, migrants still packed outside in camp at international bridge
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters storm key road as extradition protests mount Hong Kong police fire rubber bullets as extradition bill protests turn to chaos
## Energy/resources ##
Hydropower can't help with the energy crisis Water tankers prove a lifeline for India's parched villages Oil Producer In Libya: It's A Day-To-Day Struggle To Keep Pumping Trump says he's considering slapping sanctions on gas pipeline from Russia to Germany Extreme Weather Could Send Global Energy Demand To Record High A hydrogen fueling station explosion in Norway has left fuel-cell cars nowhere to charge
## Got food? ##
US farmers swamped by trade war tariffs and unprecedented rains North Korea taking 'emergency' measures to contain swine fever The price of apples is soaring in China, and Beijing is showing concern Fall armyworms from China invade Taiwan USDA Slashes Corn Yield Estimates, Leaves Soybeans Unchanged
What Will the Farms of the Future Look Like? Like the farms of the past. -- RF E. coli risk leads King Arthur Flour to recall bags of its unbleached All-Purpose Flour
## Environment/health ##
Shocking decline in the health of US Millennials (Blue Cross Blue Shield report) Prime Minister of Poland Signs Global Appeal to Stop 5G Nearly 1,400 have died of Ebola in Congo. Now, the contagious disease has spread to Uganda Do you consume a credit card's worth of plastic every week?
People worldwide could be ingesting five grammes of microscopic plastic particles every week, equivalent in weight to a credit card, researchers said Wednesday. Zimbabwe demands right to sell $300 mn of ivory to fund game reserves New Testing Revealed Popular Kids Cereals Contaminated With Weedkiller Roundup India's 'Mount Everest' of Trash Is Growing So Fast, It Needs Aircraft Warning Lights Canadian Arctic island coast collapsing up to a meter a day Photos: Severe flooding prompts states of emergency, leaves 3 dead in North Carolina
Australia approves vast coal mine near Great Barrier Reef Sign the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
5G will result in a massive increase in inescapable, involuntary exposure to wireless radiation How modern life is transforming the human skeleton
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The CBP Theft Is Exactly What Privacy Experts Said Would Happen
The more information the government collects, the more attractive that information is to bad actors.
Russia frees detained journalist after public outcry and media pressure Russian police detain more than 500 at protest over journalist LG Elec's 5G phones in doubt as chip deal with Qualcomm set to expire Why Didn't Mueller Investigate Seth Rich?
The idea that the DNC email disclosures were produced by a hack — not a leak —makes less and less sense. Just When You Thought Surveillance Tech Couldn't Get Any More Orwellian… Social Media Platforms Increase Transparency About Content Removal Requests, But Many Keep Users in the Dark When Their Speech Is Censored, EFF Report Shows Facebook CEO may have known of questionable privacy practices: WSJ When you take a commercial genetic test, you opt your whole family into warrantless state genetic surveillance Mossad involved in anti-boycott activity, Israeli minister's datebooks reveal It Only Costs Google $20 Million A Year To Control The U.S. Government DOJ Bloodhounds on the Scent of John Brennan (Ray McGovern)
With Justice Department investigators' noses to the ground, it should be just a matter of time before they identify Brennan as fabricator-in-chief of the Russiagate story.
• War on Julian Assange US Justice Dept Formally Asks UK to Extradite Julian Assange Julian Assange to appear in court after Javid signs US extradition request
Home secretary opens way for court to consider whether Assange should be sent to US

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Vietnam ramps up pressure on Google's YouTube advertisers
Vietnam has asked companies not to advertise on videos hosted by Google's YouTube that contain "anti-state propaganda," state media said on Wednesday, as the Southeast Asian country ramps up pressure on global tech giants. Propaganda Is The Root Of All Our Problems Jordan Peterson Close To Launching "Anti-Censorship" Social Media Platform Secrecy and Lies: Chernobyl and the U.S. Government
Cover-Ups and Truth Tellers
Lawrence Davidson finds a reversal of values — in who gets punished and who does not — when whistleblowers and publishers expose immoral behavior by governments.
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Self-Destructive Trajectory of Overly Successful Empires
It's difficult not to see signs of this same trajectory in the U.S. since the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1990. 'Deaths of despair' from drugs, alcohol and suicide hit young adults hardest (US)
Young adults were more likely than any other age group to die from drugs, alcohol and suicide over the past decade, underscoring the despair Millennials face and the pressure on the health care system to respond to a crisis that shows little sign of abating.
## Japan ##
Why are Japan's famously reserved citizens becoming more violent? Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. Japan's ties to Iranian oil Japanese business sentiment falls to lowest point in two years 43% of Japanese 'don't want to eat' genome-edited farm produce: Univ. of Tokyo poll Japan's largest warship joins U.S. carrier for military exercises in disputed South China Sea 'Don't drink and drone,' say Japanese MPs
Japan's Economy Is In A Negative Interest Rate Environment
## China ##
The Mental Health Camp Treating China's Troubled 'Gaokao' Kids Tens of thousands of protesters force delay in Hong Kong extradition bill debate Seven Reasons Why We Should Not Depend on Imported Goods from China China Auto Sales Just Posted Their Worst Month Ever Google moving hardware production out of China A year ago, China's electric vehicle sales grew 126%. Now they're at 2% China set to produce first locally designed DRAM chip China chip industry insiders voice caution on catch-up efforts Police face mounting brutality claims after Hong Kong clashes

• War on Huawei Huawei says it's scrapping laptop launch because of US blacklisting Huawei asks Verizon to pay over $1 billion for over 230 patents: source White House says it will meet two-year deadline to ban business with Huawei contractors Huawei protests FCC actions to block it in the U.S. on national security grounds
Huawei files to trademark mobile OS around the world after U.S. ban Canada rejects idea of halting extradition of top Huawei executive to United States UK tells telecom firms to be cautious over Huawei after U.S. warnings
## UK ##
Forget Russiagate, Now it's US-gate! US Election Meddling Extends to Britain Mass UK protest demanding second EU referendum planned days before Brexit Britain's refusal to hand back Chagos Islands has echoes of colonial-era arrogance Burst Thames Water pipe cuts off up to 100,000 London homes Young people to advise UK on hitting net zero emissions by 2050
Chinese ambassador warns Britain over blocking Huawei - BBC
## US ## A Morgan Stanley reading on the economy collapses by the most ever
America first? How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel
Several U.S. tech giants including Google, Microsoft and Intel Corporation have filled top positions with former members of Israeli military intelligence and are heavily investing in their Israeli branches while laying off thousands of American employees, all while receiving millions of dollars in U.S. government subsidies funded by American taxpayers. Bolton's Long Goodbye
John Bolton's days as national security advisor are apparently numbered—for reasons that have all played out in the press. US Government Spending Soars To All Time High As Deficit Hits Record For Month Of May Trade War Nightmare Causes Logistical Hell For Los Angeles Ports Trump: Nothing wrong with accepting dirt from foreign governments on opponents Nearly every American is on their phone or tablet while watching TV The size of the undocumented workforce is shrinking in the US Social Security Is Staring at Its First Real Shortfall in Decades A $45 billion public works plan and what does Illinois get? Deeper in debt. Nearly 40% Of Americans Don't Ever See Themselves Retiring New Survey: 69% Of U.S. CFOs Believe That A Recession Will Start "By The End Of 2020"

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
In historic first, G20 weighs ageing as global risk Ballooning healthcare costs, labour shortages and financial services for the elderly: for the first time Sunday, the world's top policymakers are tackling economic issues relating to ageing and shrinking birthrates. A Chinese-style payment network to challenge Visa and Mastercard is taking shape in Europe China announces gold reserve increase for sixth straight month Gold To Reach 6 Year High Over $1,400 on Uncertain Outlook for Global Markets The Countries with the Most Monstrous Corporate Debt Pileups
## Airline death spiral ##
Spirit Airlines bans passenger whose e-cigarette set off a plane's smoke alarm: reports Pressure mounts on aviation industry over climate change
Under pressure from frequent flyers alarmed over climate change, the airline industry says it is "hellbent" on reducing emissions — but the technology needed to drastically reduce its carbon footprint is still out of reach.
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ## The Unipolar Moment is Over (Pepe Escobar)
The Russia-China strategic partnership, consolidated last week in Russia, has thrown U.S. elites into Supreme Paranoia mode, which is holding the whole world hostage.
Finnish and Russian comms giants shake hands on submarine cable across Arctic Sea
United Technologies expects regulatory approvals by early 2020 for Raytheon deal $34B = Biggest Procurement In History As Lockheed, DoD Handshake Deal for 478 F-35s
Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium, IAEA says
Palestinian minister hits back at Israeli annexation talk
America's attempt to 'get tough' with China could accelerate our own relative decline
In the end, China would suffer less than the U.S. over tariffs, bans on technology purchases and other trade-war policies House Prepares To Debate Low-Yield Nukes, $17B Gap in Defense Funding Turkey Lashes Out At US Pressure Over Russian Missile Deal, Lira Slides US, Poland Ready Major Troop Announcement at White House; MoD Watches F-35s
• War on Iran This Is How War With Iran Is Manufactured
• War on Venezuela How corporate forces are lobbying for a coup in Venezuela
A video report on the forces behind the Venezuelan regime change lobby in Washington, DC and the campaign of disinformation the opposition and its US backers have waged to gin up support for sanctions and even military intervention. (Includes transcript)
• War on Cuba Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need - The U.S. Wants To Stop Them
## Migrants/refugees ##
Only one aid group's rescue boat remains in the Mediterranean Sea to help shipwrecked refugees Mexico says to consider 'safe third country' status if migration does not slow This is how much it costs to be smuggled over the US border
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Sudan police fire tear gas as civil disobedience campaign begins Kazakhstan elects new leader as hundreds arrested in protests Over 100 Hong Kong employers pledge strike action against extradition bill, as Chief Exec. warns against 'radical action'
## Energy/resources ## Energy Dominance or Flatulence? Shale Drillers Bleed Cash Can Shale Survive Low Oil Prices?
SMC warns of rotating blackouts, water crisis (Philippines) Water shortages could make iceberg delivery routine Alarm bell on decline of nuclear power way too late
How The Sahara Desert Can Power The Entire World Looks good on paper. -- RF Libyan Oilfield Fire Adds To Oil Outages In Iran, Venezuela

## Got food? ##
Kroger recalls some of its frozen berries after FDA warns about possible Hepatitis A contamination
Why South Korea Is Sending $8 Million In Food Aid To North Korea
How to Harvest Seaweed What To Do About Predictions of Imminent Food Collapse Remember, there's no such thing as an "instant farmer." Don't wait until the high prices or actual food shortages to start gardening. You're going to discover that growing food is far more difficult than you thought. -- RF 31 Worst Food Recalls of All Time
Food recalls have become very common. So far in 2019 almost every other day a new item is listed on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts page. Trump Orders Federal Agencies to Ease Approval of New GMO Crops "The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak We've Ever Had On The Planet" Has Already Killed Millions – And  There Is "No Way To Stop It"

## Environment/health ##
Trump DOE to reclassify nuclear waste for easier disposal Is geoengineering the answer to the climate crisis? Near-record 'dead zone' predicted in the Gulf of Mexico this summer Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source U.S. senators target $1 billion a year coal subsidy, ask IRS for test results Americans Eat and Inhale Over 70,000 Plastic Particles Each Year According to a New Analysis Frogs are dying off at record rates — an ominous sign the 6th mass extinction is hitting one group of creatures hardest Antibiotics found in some of the world's rivers exceed 'safe' levels, global study finds 120 degrees in the shade?! Record-breaking, 'dangerous' heat wave bakes western U.S. During Record-Breaking Heat Wave, California Sees Nearly 240 Wildfires Within a Week Plant Extinction Is Happening 500x Faster Than Before the Industrial Revolution Promising Compelling Electric Cars Is Easy, Building Them Is Hard — Audi e-tron & Jaguar I-PACE Recalls Honey Bee Colonies Across Europe Plunge 16%, Says Study Saving the Planet With Electric Cars Means Strangling This Desert
Mining lithium and copper to supply the battery boom and fight climate change is wrecking a fragile ecosystem in Chile.
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook Suspends Natural News, Founder Calls for President Trump to Use Military Against Tech Giants Warning of 'Surveillance Capitalism' Nightmare, Big Tech Investor-Turned-Critic Pushes Toronto to Abandon 'Smart City' Waterfront Development
"It is a dystopian vision that has no place in a democratic society."
You're responsible for getting permission from subjects if you want to use Windows Photos' facial recog feature
Microsoft gets nervous, dumps burden of consent on users
Russian newspapers show solidarity with detained journalist Hackers Stole a Border Agency Database of Traveler Photos
North Korean leader's brother was CIA informant: Wall St Journal Amazon, Law Enforcement Joining Forces To Turn Your Front Door Into An Integral Part Of The Surveillance State
• War on Julian Assange First Assange. Then Us. (Chris Hedges) The arrest of Julian marks the official beginning of the corporate totalitarianism and constant state surveillance, now far advanced in China, that will soon define our lives.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
California's "Staggering" Homeless Count

## Japan ## Concern rising over fires caused by lithium-ion batteries
Hong Kong activist urges Japan to put pressure on city government to withdraw extradition bill Cruises to watch killer whales off Hokkaido a hit with tourists Top Japanese chip gear firm to honor U.S. blacklist of Chinese firms - executive
Japan's Tokyo Electron, the world's No.3 supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, will not supply to Chinese clients blacklisted by Washington, a senior company executive told Reuters.

## China ##
China's gold reserves rise for 6th consecutive month - Xinhua News Agency
Chinese Rare Earth Exports Tumble As Trade War Accelerates 'Paralyse the gov't': Hong Kong pledges more protests after million-strong anti-extradition march Apple's Prepared To Manufacture iPhones Outside Of China China's Rare Earth Monopoly Is Diminishing
• War on Huawei Some big tech firms cut employees' access to Huawei, muddying 5G rollout Here's how Huawei planned to build its own operating system Huawei's export ban is wider in scope than most people imagine
Wilbur Ross says Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE both present national security risks Factbox: Global tech companies shun Huawei after U.S. ban
## UK ##
Vandal who stole £2 worth of copper from substation left more than a thousand people without power One in five TV viewers phone in sick to binge-watch shows Heavy rain warning: Flooding causes travel disruption Uh… What Did Pompeo Mean When He Vowed To "Push Back" Against Corbyn? But don't call it meddling. -- RF About this Biggest Plunge Since 2002 in Manufacturing in the UK
Watchdog says MI5 spy agency mishandled snooping data for years
## US ##
16,000 people in L.A. now live in cars, vans and RVs. But safe parking remains elusive
Amazon launches a credit card for the 'underbanked' with bad credit At this point, how is getting more people to go into debt a solution for anything? -- RF
Trump Touts New Farm Trade Pact In Deal With Mexico That Doesn't Seem To Exist
50% Of Millennials Are Moving Back Home With Their Parents After College The US Cities Most Likely To Be Underwater By 2100 Homeless in College: Students sleep in cars, on couches when they have nowhere else to go
'This Is a Bombshell': Facial Recognition Data Collected by US Customs Agency Hacked

And finally... The Tree Symbolizing "Friendship" Between Trump And Macron Has Died

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[l] at 6/9/19 5:56pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
The risks are rising that the dollar could lose its special global standing EU states adopt 'panda bonds' in Chinese outreach
EU members Hungary, Poland, Portugal and soon Austria are strengthening ties with China by issuing attractive "panda bonds" that help Beijing raise its profile on international financial markets. Fed uses Chicago conference to signal it will use quantitative easing aggressively to fight next recession "If you thought you saw QE before, this is going to be QE squared," Posen said. Deflation alert in Europe as markets lose faith in 'powerless' ECB Trade war clouds outlook as finance chiefs meet in Fukuoka Fitch Cuts Pemex to Junk, on Track for Largest "Fallen Angel" in History. Cuts Mexico to Near Junk
President of Mexico not amused. No Pause In Central Bank Gold-Buying Greyerz Says We Are Now On The Cusp Of A Historic Breakout In The Gold Market Why You Should Not Underestimate The Severity Of The Coming Recession
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
IBM is laying off more than 1,000 employees
Job Cuts Soar 46% in May
Job cuts announced by U.S.-based companies jumped an unhealthy 46% between April and May to 58,577. It is another sign the job market is softening, and with that comes the threat of a sharp economic slowdown.
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
One In 10 Brits Now Live A Cashless Life

## Airline death spiral ##
British Airways passenger forced to travel on seat covered in dried vomit Airline passengers warned over disruptive behaviour Qatar Airways to seek compensation from Boeing for MAX aircraft Malfunctioning backup power system led to LAX travel nightmare
Boeing delayed fix of defective 737 MAX warning light for three years: U.S. lawmakers American Airlines extends cancellations from grounded Boeing 737 Max to Sept. 3 Software issue blamed for delays on Hawaiian Airlines' interisland flights Skies darken for African airlines over rising costs, falling demand UK airports launch campaign against drunk and disorderly behaviour
JAL unit cancels two flights after pilot fails alcohol test
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. will not accept more Turkish F-35 pilots over Russia defenses - sources US-Turkey Relations At Precipice; Turks Start S-400 Training
The Pentagon appears to be ready to take further action in the long-running saga over Turkey and the F-35.
US gives Turkey to July 31 to backtrack on Russian missile deal StanChart chairman: It's grown more likely that the world will split in two Congress Angered by 'Escalated' Ballistic Missile Program Amid Concern of a Saudi Nuke
Rather than preventing ballistic missile proliferation in the region, the U.S. seems more intent on seeing Saudi Arabia strengthen its military muscle against Iran. US and Russian Warships Almost Collide in Philippine Sea U.S. 7th Fleet Cruiser Ignores Rules At Sea - Nearly Collides With Russian Destroyer Ukraine's new president commits to EU, NATO membership
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy intends to keep Ukraine "on the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration." He also said he is ready to negotiate with Russia to end the war in Eastern Ukraine. Chinese ships near Senkaku Islands for 57th day Trump Deal Allows US Bomb Parts to Be Made in Saudi Arabia
Raytheon says nothing unusual about US technology transfer
Parting the Red Sea: Why the Chinese and U.S. armies are fortifying this tiny African country
In Djibouti, two superpowers have built heavily guarded bases only a few kilometres apart, watching the crossroads between Asia, Africa and the Middle East in an increasingly tense standoff for global supremacy. What could possibly go wrong? China targeting Pacific isles for strategic bases
Beijing's bid to project power in South Pacific is aimed at Vanuatu, the Solomons, Papua New Guinea 'We're at an impasse' with China, says Canadian Finance Minister Morneau America's Global Hegemony Could Be Coming to an End U.S. envoy, in interview, does not rule out Israeli annexation in West Bank Russia keen to sell yuan bonds to deepen ties with China and further reduce US dollar dependence Russia-China: a Strategic Alliance for the 21st Century The Pentagon's New Strategy For The Indo-Pacific Region Military-Industrial Blockbuster: United Technologies To Buy Raytheon, Creating One Of World's Largest Defense Firms Trump's delayed 'Deal of the Century' already dead
• War on Iran UAE probe of tanker attacks points to 'state actor' But the UAE cites no evidence linking Iran to the incident. Under the circumstances, Iran stands to lose a lot more than it would gain by perpetrating such an act. The US claims that Iran's aim is to raise oil prices, but the Iranians surely know that such minor damage would have no effect on oil prices, but if blamed on them would bring international opprobrium. On the other hand, the US and Israel stand to gain hugely by pinning the blame on Iran. -- RF The US is Waging a Quiet Scientific War Against Iran Hype the "threat"! U.S. commander says American forces face 'imminent' threat from Iran US hits Iran petrochemical group PGPIC with sanctions German minister lands in Iran in bid to save nuclear pact
• War on Venezuela U.S. Tighten Noose Around Venezuela's Oil Industry Guaido says no new talks planned on Venezuela crisis Venezuelan Opposition Leader Guaido Forges Forward, Bathes Using Buckets Of Water

## Migrants/refugees ##
Mexico national guard to deploy on southern border from Monday: minister Libya: 125 Europe-bound migrants rescued off western coast
At US-Mexico border, migrants from Africa, Haiti wait to seek asylum Mexico freezes bank accounts in widening migration clampdown
## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands protest price hikes, corruption in Liberia Sudan protest group calls nationwide 'civil disobedience'
Tens of thousands gather in Hong Kong for rally against China extradition bill
## Energy/resources ##
A "Gusher Of Red Ink" For U.S. Shale Oil Industry Banks On Shaky Plastic Bet
Even as oil demand is beginning to weaken this year due to a brewing economic slowdown, the oil industry faces a longer-term threat to oil demand as bans on plastic begin to multiply. The Madness of Fossil Fuel Subsidies American LNG exports threatened as China turns to Russian sources The global boom in natural gas demand is about to slow, the International Energy Agency says Water Day Zero Coming To A City Near You High-Tech can't last: there are limited essential elements California utility to cut power to 27,000 customers to reduce wildfire risk
## Got food? ##
U.S. Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis In A Generation – And Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm Midwest Flooding, the Corn and Soy Crops, and Knock-On Effects Genetically Engineered Wheat Found in Unplanted Washington Field

## Solutions ##
What Would It Take to Spark a Rural/Small-Town Revival?
Recent research supports the idea that this under-the-radar migration is already under way.
## Environment/health ##
Turns out there's more plastic pollution in the deep ocean than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Quarter of pesticides used in US are banned in EU Sri Lanka to ban chainsaws, timber mills: president Vietnam war: 44 years on, birth defects from America's Agent Orange are increasing As cases pass 2K, key facts about Congo Ebola epidemic How to Protect Sharks From Overfishing Heatstroke kills monkeys as India suffers in searing temperatures Junk food may be fuelling rise in food allergies, say experts

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ## Quantifying The Staggering Cost Of IT Outages
Key figure that Mueller report linked to Russia was a State Department intel source Russian reporter's arrest sparks outrage Give up your password or go to jail: Police push legal boundaries to get into cellphones Don't Trust the FBI to Properly Use Its Massive Facial Recognition Database What Will the E-Verify Program Be Used to Surveil Next?

• War on Julian Assange Actions For Assange: Ideas And Examples Of How To Help

## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Journalist and Educator Caught in Latest YouTube Purge
China Bans The Intercept and Other News Sites in "Censorship Black Friday" YouTube, Facebook Purges Are More Extensive Than You Think The Trust Project: Big Media and Silicon Valley's Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent
Given the Trust Project's rich-get-richer impact on the online news landscape, it is not surprising to find that it is funded by a confluence of tech oligarchs and powerful forces with a clear stake in controlling the flow of news. Internet Free Speech All but Dead
Unelected, unnamed censors are operating across the Internet to suppress "unapproved" content. Syria - Western Media Glorification Of Syrian Jihadist Is A Sign That The War Is Far From Its End MSM Mourns Death Of CIA-Backed Syrian Al-Qaeda/ISIS Ally Sky News and the Western Press Have Once Again Failed Syria
By whitewashing the role of the Idlib mercenaries and extremist groups, the Western press acts as de facto protection racketeers for the very forces exploiting civilians as human shields in Idlib and preventing their exodus via the Russian/Syrian-established humanitarian corridors.
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Green New Deal - Part II
Population problem? Oh, boy. As I keep saying, "Too many humans." -- RF "The Skid Is Everywhere", And We Just Received More Confirmation That The Worst Is Yet To Come And yet the authorities continue to insist that the economy is in good shape and that everything is going to be just fine. Los Angeles County seeks action from city on toilets, rats and trash to combat homeless crisis Typhoid Fever, Typhus & Tuberculosis: Are L.A.'s Medieval Diseases Coming To Your City?

## Japan ##
Japan's household spending, wage decline cloud economic outlook Japan's commercial whaling to restart on July 1 after three-decade hiatus No. of newborns in Japan hits record low in 2018 Ruling LDP Vows to Revise Japanese Constitution Early Server glitch disrupts Osaka City services Japanese firms to invest in Russian LNG project Human rights group asks for worker-safety probe at Tokyo Olympic venues
## China ##
But of course the US and China's trade war is making those godDRAM oversupply issues worse
The ongoing trade dispute between the world's largest economies is exacerbating the problems with DRAM supply to the point that memory printing might become a loss-making activity. Russia ready to fill China's food gap left by US in trade war fallout Western News Sites Blocked as Chill on Chinese Media Continues China to curb some technology exports to U.S.: Global Times editor 'No to China extradition' – Tens of thousands in Hong Kong protest against controversial new law Hong Kong police force back protesters trying to storm parliament
• War on Huawei Facebook suspends app pre-installs on Huawei phones Google flags U.S. national security risks from Huawei ban: FT Brazil will not bar Huawei from 5G network: vice president Europe's 5G to cost $62 billion more if Chinese vendors banned: telcos Pull trigger, shoot foot: The unintended consequences of Trump's ban on Huawei are starting to appear Now Google, which banned Huawei from updates of its ubiquitous Android operating system, is warning that the restriction could become a national security issue, according to the Financial Times (paywall). That's because Huawei, the world's No. 2 handset maker, will likely move quickly to develop its own parallel version of Android, which could have more software bugs and be more susceptible to hacking. Why should Google worry about bugs and hacking of a Huawei OS? That would just make Google look better and Huawei look worse, which would move customers from the Huawei column to the Google column. A simpler and more likely explanation is that Google stands to lose tons of money if Huawei dumps Android. Occam's razor, baby. -- RF White House acting budget chief seeks to delay Huawei restrictions: WSJ The letter, which the Journal obtained, says the provisions in the act would result in a "dramatic reduction" of the number companies able to supply the government.  China calls in foreign tech firms after Huawei sales ban: sources
## UK ##
Decarbonising UK economy will cost £1 trillion, cannot be delayed - Hammond Britain to launch new scheme to pay households for unused renewable power Revealed: 6,000 residential care workers suffer violent attacks Hosepipe ban needed immediately to prevent England's rivers drying up, campaigners warn 'Lloyds talked me into a pricey card reader, then shut down my branch': The baker caught up in Britain's race towards becoming a cashless society

## US ##
Tulsi Gabbard Pushes No War Agenda – and the Media Is out to Kill Her Chances Jobs creation slows dramatically with payrolls up just 75,000 in May, much worse than expected
Forget lower jobs growth, the number of people who've stopped looking for work is much more worrisome The Future Of School Safety Includes Round-The-Clock Surveillance Of Students Whitewashing War Crimes Has Become the American Way Walgreens cuts long-time health benefit for retired employees in 'unusual' move
Walgreens said in a September letter reviewed by CNBC that it would no longer subsidize medical benefits for its former employees who hadn't turned 64 by March 31, citing "rising and unpredictable healthcare costs." How the Great Recession Is Still Straining State Finances 10 Years Later Used-Car Wholesale Prices Surge, Retail Volume Drops. New Cars Sink Deeper into Carmageddon Millennials are unable to save the California housing market: Inflated prices and a labor force that is aging.

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[l] at 6/6/19 6:12pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ## World Bank Downgrades Global Growth To 2.6% For 2019 Trade war, tariffs pose risks to U.S. and global growth: IMF, Fed officials
Gold Makes Its Grievances Heard Gold settles at a 3 1/2-month high after ADP report reveals weaker hiring
Global Semiconductor Sales Plunge 24% from Peak, Deepest % Plunge since Financial Crisis, Deepest $ Plunge Ever. Here's Why
Another UK Outsourcing Giant Teeters, Collapsed Shares Add to Woes of Woodford Fund that Just Froze Withdrawals Australia's economy slows to levels last seen during the GFC Australia's central bank cuts rates to record lows as growth sags My bank in Denmark just offered me a NEGATIVE rate of interest to borrow money Russia, China Prepare To Dump Dollar, Agree To Bilateral Trade In National Currencies Singapore Has 24,000 Empty Apartments (And 44,000 More on the Way )
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Ford planning to close Bridgend plant, putting 1,700 jobs at risk
Aviva overhauls UK business, to cut 1,800 jobs
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
Outages reported in TransferWise online banking service
## Airline death spiral ##
IATA predicts yet another year of losses for African airlines Boeing 737 Max Seen as 'Airplane Non Grata' by Wary Travelers US airlines are bumping more travelers as Boeing 737 Max planes grounded CAAP apologized to all air passengers after the computer glitch
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Army Wants Hypersonic Missile Unit by 2023: Lt. Gen. Thurgood France Promises Presence in Pacific for Upcoming 'Global Confrontation'
Baghdad's Green Zone Reopens to the Public after 16 Years China and Russia to close ranks in united front against American pressure following Xi Jinping's meeting with Vladimir Putin China's power catching up to that of US, Asia ranking shows
Lowy's Asia Power Index reveals Washington's fading predominance in the region Russian Jet Buzzes US Recon Plane Repeatedly in Mediterranean, US Navy Says U.S. preparing to sell over $2 billion in weapons to Taiwan, testing China - sources Sailor shortage strands Australian warship HMAS Perth in dry dock for two years French weapons sales to Saudi jumped 50% last year Palestinian prime minister says PA is on brink of collapse, bankruptcy Yemen's Houthis claim seizing 20 positions in Saudi Arabia As North Korea Threat Grows, U.S. Anti-Missile Warhead Stumbles
Raytheon Co.'s project to develop a new interceptor warhead for the U.S.'s ground-based missile defense system is estimated to increase in cost by almost $600 million because of "major design concerns" since the contract was awarded, according to congressional auditors. A New Industrial Base Is Taking Shape. Call It the Military-AI Complex.
The most essential Pentagon suppliers will be the ones that master robotics and artificial intelligence.
• War on Iran Bogeyman Central: For the US and Israel, Iran Works Best as a Perpetual Threat
Both Israel and the U.S. need Iran: they need to be able to point to Iran as a threat, as a menace, as the source of terrorism and evil in the world. That threat is also an important part of any election campaign for politicians in both countries. The fact that Iran is none of those things is beside the point. Iran's Lifeline Against U.S. Sanctions USA Pressures Brazil on Iran and Nuclear Politics
Although the Jair Bolsonaro government (PSL) has declared itself pro-American, the USA has not been successful in pressuring Brazil to change its nuclear politics and adopt a posture more aggressive toward Iran. Why Trump now wants talks with Iran

• War on Venezuela Leaked Pompeo Recording Reveals Failed US Attempt To Co-Opt Venezuela Religious Institutions
• War on Cuba Cuba's private-sector workers say Trump's travel curbs will hurt them too
## Migrants/refugees ##
ICE will increase family deportations, according to acting director Mark Morgan Mexico meets migrants at southern border with armed forces

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Some 100,000 join demo to demand Czech PM's resignation Sudanese forces clamp down in capital, clash with protesters 'It's war': World's largest Nutella factory cuts production as workers strike in France
## Energy/resources ##
Russia Is Silently Preparing For An OPEC+ Deal Extension Tempers flare as oil-rich Venezuela starts to ration gas at the pumps Gas Flaring In The Permian Hits Record In Q1 Pentagon eyes rare earth supplies in Africa in push away from China Weapon of choice? China rare earth prices soar on their potential role in trade war Oil Sands Production To Hit 4 Million Bpd By 2030
## Got food? ##
African Swine Fever Is Spreading Fast and Eliminating It Will Take Decades
Lab engineered meat? How about lab-grown insect meat? Do We Face a Global Food Disaster?
Low prices, floods and trade wars plague American farmers, putting their survival at risk
## Solutions ##
The Cheapskate's Guide to Surviving without Air Conditioning

## Environment/health ## People Eat 50,000+ Microplastics Every Year, New Study Finds
A new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that the average person swallows about 50,000 pieces of plastic per year and inhales about the same amount. Microplastics — bits of plastic invisible to the human eye — are in our food, drinks, air, and increasingly in our stomachs and lungs.
Chop, baby, chop! Satellite data shows Amazon deforestation rising under Brazil's Bolsonaro 'No way to stop it': millions of pigs culled across Asia as swine fever spreads
Experts say region is losing the battle to stop the biggest animal disease outbreak the planet has ever faced Across Alberta, B.C. and northern Ontario, thousands displaced as wildfires rage Chimpanzees in the wild reduced to 'forest ghettos' Too many humans. -- RF
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook's new public policy manager for Ukraine is a nationalist hawk who volunteered with fascist party during US-backed coup
Facebook's new public policy manager for Ukraine Kateryna Kruk is a former government official, diehard nationalist, and anti-Russian jingoist who volunteered with the extreme-right party Svoboda during the 2014 US-backed coup. Bipartisan Support for Trump's Aggressive Iran Policy Reveals the Hollowness of Russiagate Twitter Is Making You Stupid: Study Are your street lights watching you? As Germany Floats The Idea Of Encryption Backdoors, Facebook May Already Be Planning To Undermine Its Own Encryption
• War on Julian Assange 'No One is Above the Law' (Except the U.S.A.)
Julian Assange's Australian lawyer and a European human rights lawyer argue that the conduct of the U.S. regarding the WikiLeaks publisher blatantly disregards numerous laws. A Swedish Court Injects Some Sense
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
More Police Raids As War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide After Assange's Espionage Act Indictment, Police Move Against More Journalists for Publishing Classified Material D-Day And The Myth Of A U.S. Victory European Court Of Justice Suggests Maybe The Entire Internet Should Be Censored And Filtered
The idea of an open "global" internet keeps taking a beating -- and the worst offender is not, say, China or Russia, but rather the EU.
Odd NYT 'Correction' Exculpates British Government And CIA From Manipulating Trump Over Skripal Novichok Incident The New York Times Tries to Get Itself Out of the Duckgate Hole Using a Spade New 'Call Of Duty' Encourages Support For The White Helmets
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Is the Tech Bubble Bursting? Gloomy social climate fueling suicide rate in Korea

## Japan ##
Japan's Abe may walk a tightrope between Trump and Tehran Measles quickly spreading in Japan, data shows Police shakedowns increasing in run-up to Tokyo Olympics Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern Japan eyes legislation to regulate global IT giants

## China ##
Tiananmen Square - What Really Happened China tests missile – but here's why it wasn't a next-generation JL-3 The World's Biggest Solar-Panel Maker Is Seeing a Slowdown in China Why is US dollar access so restrained in China as trade war rages on? Thousands of Hong Kong lawyers stage rare, silent 'black march' over controversial extradition bill

• War on Huawei PM candidate Hancock says UK can't ban Huawei until British replacement is found U.S. ambassador: Dutch should ban Huawei outright on 5G network Huawei cuts orders to key suppliers after U.S. blacklisting: Nikkei Huawei denies report that orders to key suppliers cut after U.S. blacklisting Huawei Digs In for a Drawn-Out Battle With Trump's White House Huawei signs deal to develop 5G in Russia, on sidelines of meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin
## UK ## Britain a 'United' Kingdom How Much Longer?
Kier shares plunge more than 40% after profit warning Ford confirms plan to shut UK engine plant in 2020 Home solar panel installations fall by 94% as subsidies cut High rents in English cities forcing young to stay in small towns Scotland to allow supersized salmon-farms if they pass pollution tests Homeowners forced to pay higher energy bills to subsidise Britain's nuclear submarines, MPs told
Aviva to cut 1,800 jobs in bid to save £300m a year UK costs to cut greenhouse emissions 40% higher than thought: FT
## US ## Job growth screeches to a near halt in May, with private payrolls up just 27,000 Nearly 1 in 3 American workers with a side hustle still struggle to make ends meet GOP & Dems Fight Trump To Stop $8B Saudi, UAE Arms Deals
Los Angeles homelessness rises sharply as housing crisis deepens Illinois Turns To Gambling And Weed Amid Hopeless Financial Picture 'Can't pay their bills with love': In many teaching jobs, teachers' salaries can't cover rent 52 Shot, 10 Killed as "Summer Violence Season" in Chicago Heats Up America's Path To A FIRE Economy Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10% Just Got Even BIGGER EV Owners In Illinois Must Pay $248 A Year To Make Up For Lost Gas Tax Revenue Flooding swamps central US (gallery)
What Collapsing Orders for Heavy Trucks – Down 71% from a Year Ago – Say about the U-Turn in Trucking
"When times are tough, the thinking switches to the short-term. Many fleets are just fighting for survival."
Auto loans hit record, pushing average monthly car payments to all-time highs Millennial Net Wealth Collapses, Study Finds Majority Of Recent College Grads Don't Have Jobs Lined Up, Survey Shows

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[l] at 6/4/19 5:47pm
## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards/global cooling/deflationary collapse ##
Global recession fears grow as factory activity shrinks in the US, Europe and Asia US Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants: Germany at Crisis Level. China, Japan, South Korea Contract
Exports-at-all-costs for economic growth comes home to roost. Brazil economy back in red Gold's Push Past $1,300 Has Legs As U.S. Threatens Mexico With Tariffs Month of May was a month of collapse
Collapse in bullish narratives, collapse in trade talks, collapse in yields, collapse in technical structures, collapse in rate expectations, collapse in growth projections and yes, collapse in stocks. Australia's homeless crisis: chance encounter highlights bugs in the system
More than 200 people are turned away from agencies each day and the situation in capital cities is worsening World's biggest firms foresee $1 trillion climate cost hit, report finds The Economic Cost Of Devastating Hurricanes And Other Extreme Weather Events Is Even Worse Than We Thought China's physical gold market still firing on all cylinders India could be next on Trump's investigate-and-tariff hit list
Venezuela Defaults On $750 Million Gold-Backed Swap With Deutsche Bank
## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Australia's Telstra planning to cut 10,000 contractor jobs in two years
## War on cash/cashless society/cryptocurrencies ##
War on Cash: UK Cash Deserts
There's little hope for cryptocurrencies in India as Modi returns to power Square Accidentally Sends Digital Receipts To Wrong Persons, Sometimes With Disastrous Consequences Bitcoin rally masks uncomfortable fact: Almost nobody uses it for spending
Hardly anyone is using the world's largest cryptocurrency for anything beyond speculation.
## Airline death spiral ##
Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage
## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The Pentagon's Spoiling for a Fight -- But With China, Not Iran Acting Defense Chief: Major Drills with South Korea Still on Hold Netanyahu Promises Permanent Occupation
In a speech commemorating the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will never leave those areas. Trump's Huawei Problem: Asia Doesn't Want U.S. to Kneecap China China-operated ports raise security fears for US, NATO China, Germany 'agree to uphold global multilateral order' in Berlin talks The US is to blame for global erosion of human rights, says top UN official New, More Usable Nukes for Trump? No.
Congress should use the new defense authorization bill to bar the deployment of new, dangerous, and redundant nuclear weapons.
## War on Venezuela ## Canada suspends operations at embassy in Venezuela Major Russian Defense Contractor Exits Venezuela In Huge Blow To Maduro
## War on Iran ## FDD Aligned with State Department to Attack Supporters of Iran Diplomacy Iran calls U.S. sanctions 'economic war', says no talks until they are lifted U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that the United States was prepared to engage with Iran without pre-conditions about its nuclear program but needs to see the country behaving like "a normal nation" first. Says the man with a log in his eye. -- RF CNN Sees Saudi Success In Disunited Gulf Summits That Made No New Statements The View From Tehran: America's Sordid History of Meddling in Iran Israel's Mossad Behind Allegations Iran Sabotaged Oil Tankers Pentagon's Phony Iran 'Evidence': New Rationale for US Intervention?
## War on Cuba ## Trump administration bans cruises to Cuba in clampdown on U.S. travel

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands rally in Mongolia to call for government to step down Two dead as Sudan military rulers try to disperse sit-in Trump protests: Children, rude placards and a 16ft robot of the president on the loo

## Energy/resources ##
It's Adapt Or Die For U.S. Refiners
Threats to America's oil pipeline grid Residential batteries are five times more expensive than electric car batteries Ethanol Industry Suffers Major Blow There's nothing to get worked up about. Even under the best conditions the energy return on corn ethanol production is barely positive. Since propping up industrial society requires fuels with high energy returns, ethanol is just a waste of the fossil fuels used to make it. It's nothing more than an adulterant for gasoline. -- RF Is there a way to counter the Chinese stranglehold on rare earth metals?
Iraq's Ambitious Oil Plan Faces One Major Problem Oilfield Services Feel The Pain As Crude Prices Drop
Heavy Crude Shortage Pushes Louisiana Export Loadings To Record High
## Got food? ## Due To Cataclysmic Flooding, Millions Upon Millions Of Acres Of U.S. Farmland Will Not Be Planted With Crops This Year
While US Farms Are Dealing with Natural Disasters, Trump Slapped Tariffs on the Countries We Import the Rest of Our Food From
Indonesia vs China in a fish fight at sea Too many humans. -- RF Bon appétit: PFAS Chemicals Contaminate U.S. Food Supply, FDA Confirms
## Environment/health ## The Great Insect Dying: A global look at a deepening crisis
Hurricane Season 2019: Global Warming, Forecasts and Probabilities Another Tick-Borne Disease To Worry About Drowning in waste, Russians fume over lack of recycling Feeling the Heat in Winter
This year in Alaska, an abnormal rise in temperature has, like in much of the north, disrupted isolated communities, upset subsistence hunting patterns, and even led to some deaths. Scientists edit chicken genes to make them resistant to bird flu India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius JAMA study: The cost of brand-name prescription drugs doubles every 7 to 8 years (US) China's Revolutionary Cancer Drugs Undercut American Competitors
Arctic Is Thawing So Fast Scientists Are Losing Their Measuring Tools
## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Google says issues affecting YouTube, Gmail, Google Cloud in U.S. resolved. If you want to sound cool, never say anything so pedestrian as "solve problems"; say "resolve issues." -- RF Russia demands Tinder give user data to secret services German Officials Think German Citizens Need Less Security, More Encryption Backdoors New Snowden Leaked Memos Show NSA Aided Israel's "Targeted Assassinations" U.S. moving toward major antitrust probe of tech giants Quest Diagnostics says data breach could have hit 11.9 million patients Hackers access student data at top Australian university going back 19 years U.S. shared nuclear power info with Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi killed: senator Newly Released Amazon Patent Shows Just How Much Creepier Alexa Can Get
## War on Julian Assange ## Swedish Court Rules Not to Extradite Assange for Rape Probe Assange won't face charges over role in devastating CIA leak Don't Be Fooled: Media Still Selling Out Assange
The media outlets that have suddenly rushed to Assange's cause are doing so out of self-protection. Abuses Show Assange Case Was Never About Law
Jonathan Cook says 17 glaring legal anomalies provide overwhelming evidence that the WikiLeaks publisher has been the victim of political persecution.
## Propaganda/censorship/fake news/alternative facts ##
Top US journalists spread fake news claiming North Korean official was 'purged' – then he shows up on TV
Virtually every major Western corporate media outlet and a who's who of pundits circulated a blatantly false report that North Korean nuclear negotiators were killed and imprisoned, exposing their non-existent editorial standards on Official Enemies. Manufacturing War With Russia CNN, Maddow Ratings In Absolute Freefall After Russia Narrative Collapses
Thirty-Two Tips For Navigating A Society That Is Full Of Propaganda And Manipulation
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Shoplifting and other petty-crime cases are being dropped by courts (Canada)
'Our justice system is crumbling both on a federal level and provincial level'
'High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end' by 2050, report finds This focuses only on climate change, and doesn't mention energy at all, which is a serious blind spot. Even without climate change, energy depletion spells the end of industrial civilization. -- RF
## Japan ##
Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society Japan to greenlight 5G base stations on 200,000 traffic signals Behind the scenes of 24/7 service: The realities of 'owning' a Japanese convenience store Improperly sorted electronics containing plastic possible cause of huge trash fires: gov't
Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution
## China ##
China vows military action if Taiwan, sea claims opposed Domino #2: Chinese Bank With $105 BN In Assets On Verge Of Collapse China Is Playing the Long Game, Says Charles Gave Washington is wrong about China's economy
The US economy is weaker, and China's stronger, than analysts believe China is ramping up its own chip industry amid a brewing tech war. That could hurt US firms China Warns Citizens Against U.S. Travel, Citing 'Frequent' Shootings

## War on Huawei ## U.S.-based engineers' body lifts curbs on Huawei employees Britain listens to the United States on Huawei, foreign minister says Britain has not made a decision on Huawei in 5G - security minister Huawei lawyer tells U.S. jury spelling errors, video show rival stole trade secrets Pompeo, Who Once Said The CIA "Lies, Cheats And Steals" Defends US Intel On Huawei Spying

## UK ##
The Incredible Disappearance of Shai Masot (Craig Murray) Guardian Editors Warn "Demagogue" Trump "Not Welcome" In UK As 10,000 Police Deployed In London Common UK plant now close to extinction after 'farmers thought it was a weed' and sprayed it with pesticides, Kew Gardens say Public expect police to be using facial recognition technology after seeing it in spy thrillers like James Bond, says Metropolitan Police Commissioner Retailers warn of fresh wave of job losses and store closures NHS staff quitting due to burnout and bullying, report says Chlorinated chicken: 'Dangerous' practices at major US plant stoke fears of contaminated food in UK after Brexit
Trump visit brings full spectrum of protesters to Trafalgar Square
## US ##
'Horrible scenes:' More rain threatens areas swamped by record floods in central, southern USA U.S. factory activity growing at weakest pace since 2016
"The Auto Cycle Has Peaked": Bank Of America Says Industry Now Faces Supply & Demand Mismatch
The number of Americans working in their 70s is skyrocketing
All-American Despair
For the past two decades, a suicide epidemic fueled by guns, poverty and isolation has swept across the West, with middle-aged men dying in record numbers A Quiet Revolution Is Brewing
Politics as practiced in a bygone era of stability no longer offers any solutions to these profound disruptions. Another Oil Pipeline Blow As Court Rules Against Enbridge Line 3 Filth from homeless camps is luring rats to L.A. City Hall, report says Nursing home negligence: Senate report names nearly 400 facilities with 'persistent record of poor care' St. Louis Fed Study Shows Rising Level of Financial Desperation Among the Poor, Hidden by Aggregates Texas struggles to keep pace as thirst for water intensifies 'Really astonishing': Average cost of hospital ER visit surges 176% in a decade, report says Goldman Sachs says Uber is needed because NYC parking spaces are $6,570 per household Millennials' habits are threatening countless industries — but a new report says it's only because they're poorer  than their parents

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