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DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe Federal Government will make the nation’s largest ever investment in cyber security, with $1.35 billion over the next decade to enhance the cyber security capabilities and...

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[l] at 7/1/20 4:54am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkPresident Donald Trump has approved a plan to slash the US military presence in Germany by 9,500 troops, the Defense Department said Tuesday. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman...

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[l] at 7/1/20 4:51am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe NATO Western military alliance on Tuesday approved a new defence plan for Poland and the Baltic states after the allies reached a compromise with Turkey which had been...

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[l] at 7/1/20 4:48am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkWASHINGTON: The United States on Monday ended sensitive defense exports to Hong Kong, further ramping up pressure in a row over the financial capital’s autonomy from...

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[l] at 7/1/20 4:06am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkChina’s new-generation fighter jet is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2021, an aviation industry report revealed on Monday. Analysts speculate that it will be...

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[l] at 7/1/20 3:33am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkAustralia will invest in new long-range strike capabilities to maintain regional security and deter or respond to aggression in the Indo-Pacific, as part of the 2020 Defence...

[Category: Missile News, anti-ship, Anti-ship missiles, australia, LRASM, missiles]

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[l] at 7/1/20 3:15am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkMissile defense has gone from pie-in-the-sky Star Wars technology in the 1980s to a proven military capability in the 21st century, and the Missile Defense Agency is looking to...

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[l] at 7/1/20 3:03am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkAtos announces a new contract with Dassault Aviation to support the integration of the Rafale aircraft into the European Future Combat Air System (SCAF, Système de Combat Aérien...

[Category: Air Force News, Fighter Aircraft, future combat, rafale]

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[l] at 7/1/20 2:17am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkMBDA is joining with 13 partners and subcontractors from 5 countries to develop a new capability based on the MMP missile system that will be unique for mounted and dismounted...

[Category: Missile News, Anti-Tank missiles, European defence, MBDA, MMP missile]

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[l] at 6/29/20 8:25pm
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkSecurity forces killed four terrorists who attempted to storm the Pakistan Stock Exchange compound in Karachi in a gun and grenade attack on Monday morning. According to a...

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[l] at 6/29/20 4:29am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkDefense Secretary Mark Esper will present President Donald Trump with a series of options Monday to withdraw thousands of US troops from Germany, with many moving to eastern...

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[l] at 6/26/20 5:53am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkAustralia’s spy agency and police raided a lawmaker’s home Friday as they probed alleged Chinese influence operations and Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the...

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[l] at 6/26/20 5:45am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe Pentagon has published a list of 20 Chinese companies it says are backed by the military, in the latest instance of a running tit-for-tat economic battle between Washington...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, chinese military, Huawei, pentagon, US military]

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[l] at 6/26/20 5:41am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkJapan has scrapped the deployment of a multi-billion-dollar US anti-missile system, the government confirmed Thursday, days after saying the program had been suspended....

[Category: Missile News, AEGIS, air defence, japan, missile defense]

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[l] at 6/25/20 6:14am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkOver the past few decades, computers have seen dramatic progress in processing power; however, even the most advanced computers are relatively rudimentary in comparison with the...

[Category: Technology News, artificial intelligence, material design]

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[l] at 6/25/20 5:59am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe United States could be willing to extend its last remaining major nuclear weapons treaty with Russia but only under strict conditions, a senior official said Wednesday. The...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, arms treaty, nuclear weapons, russia]

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[l] at 6/24/20 7:57am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkSOUTH CHINA SEA: Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Kashima class-training vessel JS Kashima...

[Category: Navy News, china, exercise, japanese navy, LCS 10, US navy]

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[l] at 6/24/20 7:42am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkSAN DIEGO: The Navy’s first CMV-22B Osprey for operational use arrived at Naval Air Station North Island, June 22. The aircraft is assigned to the “Titans” of Fleet...

[Category: Navy News, CMV-22B, US navy]

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[l] at 6/15/20 8:07am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe UK Coastguard launched a search and rescue operation Monday to find the pilot of a US fighter jet that crashed during a training mission in the North Sea. The US Air Force...

[Category: Air Force News, crash, F-15, Fighter Aircraft, fighter jets, UK]

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[l] at 6/12/20 6:27am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkAll four of Future Vertical Lift’s signature modernization efforts now have approved requirements, as the Army strives to rapidly develop new aircraft to achieve overmatch, its...

[Category: Army News, drones, Future Vertical Lift, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, v bat]

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[l] at 6/12/20 6:16am
DefenceTalkDefenceTalkThe US Defense Department announced Thursday it was resuming military assistance to Ukraine after a freeze forced by the scandal at the heart of President Donald Trump’s...

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