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[l] at 1/19/22 5:25am
DefenceTalkThe United States is worried that the arrival of Russian troops in Belarus for exercises could lead to a permanent presence that might introduce nuclear weapons into the country, a senior...

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[l] at 1/16/22 2:26pm
DefenceTalkMicrosoft security specialists have discovered malware on dozens of Ukrainian government computers that could prove more destructive than originally thought, the US company said late on...

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[l] at 1/15/22 5:09am
DefenceTalkNorth Korea fired two railway-borne tactical guided missiles, state media reported Saturday, the countrys third weapons test this month despite a volley of new United States...

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[l] at 1/14/22 4:38am
DefenceTalkKyiv on Friday reported a massive cyber attack on key government websites as tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine escalate following several rounds of unsuccessful talks. The...

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[l] at 1/14/22 4:37am
DefenceTalkRussia sees no reason to hold a new round of security talks with the West in the coming days following a lack of progress during ongoing negotiations, a top diplomat said Thursday....

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[l] at 1/14/22 3:39am
DefenceTalkNorth Korea has fired an unidentified projectile eastward, South Korean and Japanese officials said Friday, the nuclear-armed countrys third suspected weapons test in just over a...

[Category: Missile News, japan, missile test, north korea, south korea]

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[l] at 1/13/22 4:35am
DefenceTalkTwo Israeli commando officers were killed by friendly fire in the occupied West Bank overnight, the army said on Thursday. The two officers were on patrol around their base in the Jordan...

[Category: Army News, friendly fire, israel, west bank]

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[l] at 1/13/22 4:32am
DefenceTalkOver 2,000 Russia-led troops began withdrawing from Kazakhstan on Thursday after being deployed when peaceful protests over an energy price hike in the Central Asian country turned into...

[Category: War News, energy, kazakhstan, NATO, protests, russia]

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[l] at 1/13/22 4:27am
DefenceTalkDARPA has selected 10 industry and university research teams for the Enhanced Night Vision in Eyeglass Form (ENVision) program. Current night vision (NV) systems are bulky and heavy,...

[Category: Technology News, darpa, night vision, night vision goggles]

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[l] at 1/11/22 7:53am
DefenceTalkTaiwan grounded its F16 fleet as a search was underway to locate a fighter jet that plunged into the sea, the air force said on Tuesday. The F-16V, one of Taiwans most advanced...

[Category: Air Force News, crash, F-16, F-16 crash, fighter jets, taiwan]

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[l] at 1/11/22 7:43am
DefenceTalkIsrael will maintain unrestricted freedom to act against Iran regardless of any nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said...

[Category: Nuclear Weapons News, iran, israel, nuclear deal, nuclear weapons]

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[l] at 1/11/22 7:40am
DefenceTalkTaiwans parliament on Tuesday passed an extra spending bill of nearly $8.6 billion in its latest bid to boost defence capabilities against an increasingly bellicose China. The...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, china, defence budget, taiwan]

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[l] at 1/11/22 7:37am
DefenceTalkNorth Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea on Tuesday, with South Koreas military warning the second such weapons test in less than a week showed clear signs of...

[Category: Missile News, hypersonic missiles, missile test, north korea, north korean missiles]

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[l] at 1/10/22 5:06am
DefenceTalkNATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia on Monday of severe costs if it launches a further attack on Ukraine, saying he hoped crunch talks could chart a way towards a...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, NATO, russia, ukraine, war]

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[l] at 1/10/22 4:53am
DefenceTalkTurkey Saturday warned against provocative acts ahead of talks between Russia and the United States next week to quell tensions over Russias military buildup on the...

[Category: War News, russia, turkey, ukraine, war]

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[l] at 1/10/22 4:50am
DefenceTalkThe United States said Friday a diplomatic solution was possible with Russia but that it would not give in to its demands in talks next week, as NATO warned of real risks Moscow will...

[Category: War News, NATO, russia, ukraine, US]

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[l] at 1/10/22 3:09am
DefenceTalkEnhancements to the Australian Defence Force’s credible combat capability will be delivered by the Government through the purchase of evolved Abrams tanks and combat engineering vehicles....

[Category: Army News, ADF, armored vehicles, australia]

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[l] at 1/7/22 9:16am
DefenceTalkJapan moved ahead with an expansion of support to US troops as the allies held top-level talks on Friday over tensions with China and North Korea. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, china, japan, north korea, US military, war]

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[l] at 1/6/22 5:53am
DefenceTalkJapan and Australia on Thursday signed a landmark treaty to strengthen defence ties, saying the accord would contribute to regional stability, as China expands its military...

[Category: Defense Geopolitics News, australia, china, defence treaty, japan]

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[l] at 1/6/22 4:48am
DefenceTalkSwitzerlands army has banned the use of WhatsApp whilst on duty, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, in favor of a Swiss messaging service deemed more secure in terms of data...

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