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Peru Thirty Years On: 1989-2019 — By Natascha Scott-Stokes  © — We arrived in Chiquián in the dark and it was still pouring with rain. As soon as the truck stopped, people began climbing over each other in search of their luggage; while outside, men in brown ponchos watched in […]

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[l] at 10/8/19 11:13pm
Pedro Olaechea, president of Congress at the time of the dissolution 10 days ago, is scheduled to be in Italy this week for the plenary session of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe. The Commission, which sees democracy issues now for nations worldwide, is to issue its draft […]

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[l] at 10/4/19 12:04pm
As the dust begins to settle this week following the closing of Congress, President Martin Vizcarra swore in his new cabinet on Thursday, with 10 new ministers and eight remaining from the previous cabinet.   The previous cabinet, headed by premier Salvador del Solar, was forced to resign when Del Solar’s […]

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[l] at 10/1/19 12:10am
Parliamentary elections set for January 2020 — President Martin Vizcarra dissolved the Congress Monday afternoon, and has called for parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020. He announced the decision just hours after Premier Salvador del Solar’s request for a vote of confidence failed to muster sufficient […]

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[l] at 9/26/19 11:19pm
President Martin Vizcarra has called an extraordinary cabinet meeting for Friday, the second meeting since his return on Thursday from the UN General Assembly and Pacific Alliance meetings in New York. Early Thursday, the Constitution Commission in Congress announced its decision to shelve the  President’s proposal for a constitutional reform […]

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[l] at 9/25/19 8:41pm
Peruvians’ distrust of government institutions has increased over the past year, according to polling data released this week in the Global Corruption Barometer for Latin America and the Caribbean, published by Transparency International. The survey, which provides the largest and most detailed polling data in the region, was taken between […]

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[l] at 9/24/19 10:23pm
Peru Thirty Years On: 1989-2019 By Natascha Scott-Stokes  © — I arrived in the Callejón de Huaylas, eight hours north-east by bus from Lima, to a pink sunset reflecting off the snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, and my heart thumped as much for the 3000m altitude as for the […]

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[l] at 9/24/19 7:54pm
The organized crimes division of the Superior Court has ordered the seizure of two of ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s properties, in a new phase of the District Attorney’s investigations into Kuczynski’s alleged links to Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction firm mired in corruption scandals across the continent. The properties are a […]

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[l] at 9/19/19 9:25pm
By Pitamber Kaushik The fires raging in the Amazon Rainforest won’t severely reduce the Earth’s oxygen supply. This is precisely because the Amazon Rainforests are not the lungs of the Earth. They indeed produce about a fifth of the Earth’s oxygen but they contribute hardly a fifteenth to the net […]

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[l] at 9/19/19 8:54am
A Four Points by Sheraton hotel, under construction in Cusco since 2015, is to be torn down following a decision by a three-judge panel in Cusco’s Superior Court.  The company building the hotel has been fined 7.56 million soles (about $ 2.3mn) for damages to national heritage. Justice Wilber Bustamante […]

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[l] at 9/12/19 10:39pm
Several members of the national miners union broke windows and forced their way into the Ministry of Labor on Thursday, and reached the fifth floor before police removed detained them.  Outside on Av. Salaverry, police used tear gas to disperse about 100 protestors. The National Federation of Mine, Metallurgy and […]

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[l] at 9/12/19 10:53am
By Natascha Scott-Stokes © Photographs by the author Part One: Rediscovering Downtown Lima “Obviously you’re going to go, whatever I say,” said Jim Bartle, the author of a well-known trekking guide to the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash. But that was thirty years ago.  It was 1989, at the height of […]

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[l] at 9/10/19 5:20am
By Tony Darrington “Art in the Park” is usually a winner: a stroll through Central Park before a Sunday visit to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. In London, a jog across Hyde Park before entering the annually-changing Serpentine Gallery and in Lima’s San Isidro it’s a quick hop through […]

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[l] at 9/4/19 2:03pm
The fourth court of appeals in the city of Arequipa turned down a petition to release Keiko Fujimori from prison.  The petition, for a writ of habeas corpus, was filed by a Fujimori supporter, Julio Jove Vilca, arguing that Fujimori’s constitutional rights have been violated because there is no final […]

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[l] at 8/28/19 9:23pm
As protests continue in Arequipa against the Tia Maria copper mine project, the government this week authorized military support to the police who are guarding the Petroperu fuels terminal in Mollendo, in the province of Islay in northern Arequipa. Early in August, military troops were sent to guard the nearby […]

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[l] at 8/27/19 11:34am
By Paul Goulder — Special to the Peruvian Times — The author returns to his focus on Peru’s history with this and upcoming chapters.  The previous 12 chapters are listed at the end of this article.  “Bienvenido al norte” they said. On presenting credentials from the Peruvian Times, the regional office […]

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[l] at 8/23/19 9:50pm
Ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will remain under house arrest , following a court decision today to rule against sending him to prison. District attorney José Domingo Pérez charged Kuczynski with breaking the rules of conduct related to his house arrest, and filed to send the former president to serve the […]

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[l] at 8/16/19 10:47am
By Jorge Smith The Austrian artist Johannes Stöger has inaugurated a new sample of his work under the subtitle, “The art of marquetry taken to the extreme.” Both the title and subtitle of the exhibition do justice to the work, which can be fully appreciated in the generous space of […]

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[l] at 8/9/19 4:38pm
Keiko Fujimori’s defense suffered a defeat today when the Supreme Court was unable to reach a consensus on the plea for her immediate release from the 36-month pre-trial imprisonment. Fujimori has been at the Chorrillos women’s prison for nine months now, since November 2018. Fujimori’s defense attorney, Giuliana Loza, had […]

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[l] at 8/8/19 11:53am
A general strike and protests against the Tia Maria mining project in Arequipa began Monday with acts of vandalism in the city of Arequipa, highways blocked by truckloads of rock, and protestors marching through the streets. But towards the end of the week, although the general strike continues, much of […]

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[l] at 8/5/19 4:21pm
U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton and the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, are arriving in Lima to attend an international conference on the Venezuela political crisis, organized by the Lima Group.  Also expected to arrive is Elliott Abrams, head of the White House team for the Venezuela issue. […]

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