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[l] at 8/8/19 4:42pm
Apple wants everyone to know that it's taking security seriously, and it's willing to pay for it. The company announced today that it is launching a new bug bounty program that will pay people up to $1 million for discovering and disclosing security...

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[l] at 8/8/19 4:04pm
Players can get their first look at the world of No Man's Sky: Beyond, the long-awaited update to the popular space exploration franchise. Hello Games just released the first trailer for Beyond, which will include even more MMO-style gameplay and sup...

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[l] at 8/8/19 3:11pm
Human beings must change the way we eat and grow our food in order to avert climate change, says a new report from the UN released today. The study breaks down how much harm increased agricultural production -- from farms to cattle ranches to plantat...

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[l] at 8/8/19 2:39pm
Uber might seem ubiquitous, but the ridesharing company is still growing, it reported in its quarterly earnings. In July, more than 100 million people took Ubers or used the company's services. That's the first time it hit that monthly milestone. Tri...

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[l] at 8/8/19 2:30pm
This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read Wirecutter's continuously updated list of deals here.

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[l] at 8/8/19 1:56pm
Please enjoy this guide to the best smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for students, just one part of our larger 2019 back-to-school series. In addition to top picks in 11 categories -- everything from laptops to smartphones to gaming and dorm gea...

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[l] at 8/8/19 1:26pm
Facebook users now have the green light to sue the company over its use of facial recognition tech. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in their favor 3-0 after Facebook tried to block a class-action lawsuit which claimed it il...

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[l] at 8/8/19 1:09pm
DeepMind has joined the ranks of those using AI to save fragile wildlife populations, and it's doing that on a grand scale. The company is partnering with conservationists and ecologists on a project that uses machine learning to speedily detect and...

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[l] at 8/8/19 12:43pm
While Samsung's Unpacked event was mostly about the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, a new S Pen and a Galaxy Book S laptop, plenty of observers expected some news on the fate of Galaxy Home. Samsung announced the smart speaker a year ago, but it's been...

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[l] at 8/8/19 12:12pm
Until now, people who stream their gameplay or lives on Twitch have done so through a PS4, Xbox One, Twitch's mobile app, Twitch Sings or third-party software. As of today, there's another option for those hoping to become the next Ninja, Dr. Disresp...

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[l] at 8/8/19 11:56am
Cuphead isn't the only hand-drawn game to have a years-long birthing process. Lab Zero and 505 Games have announced that their action RPG Indivisible will reach PCs (via Steam), the PS4 and Xbox One on October 8th. The Switch version is "coming soo...

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[l] at 8/8/19 11:08am
Apple's removal of a parental control app has now made it the target of an anti-trust probe in Russia. The nation's Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) is investigating a complaint by Kaspersky Lab over the rejection of its Safe Kids app from the App...

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[l] at 8/8/19 10:39am
Between releasing speakers in collaboration with IKEA, adding long-awaited Google Assistant support, updating its most popular speaker and launching a partnership with architectural speaker-maker Sonance, Sonos has had a busy 2019. However, it looks...

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[l] at 8/8/19 10:27am
Journey made a surprise debut on iOS this week and you'll soon be able to play another indie darling on the go. The Chinese Room says its exploration-focused Dear Esther will be available for iPhone and iPad later this year.

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[l] at 8/8/19 10:00am
Watching the Galaxy Note 10 keynote, it became clear that the whole Note series has run out of runway. When it first launched, it was a wacky experiment to see if there was a market for an over-sized phone. But times have changed, and what was once t...

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[l] at 8/8/19 9:54am
Just after shutting down its Trips travel-planning app, Google has announced a raft of travel-related features for other products, including a flight price guarantee. For a limited time, when it tells you prices won't drop on a trip you book through...

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[l] at 8/8/19 9:42am
If you own a radio network, how do you promote your podcasts? By calling back to the roots of podcass and airing them on the radio, of course. iHeartMedia has unveiled a Sunday Night Podcasts initiative that will air podcasts on 270 of its radio st...

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[l] at 8/8/19 9:31am
Please enjoy this guide to the best desktops for students, just one part of our larger 2019 back-to-school series. In addition to top picks in 11 categories -- everything from laptops to smartphones to gaming and dorm gear -- we went big on tips and...

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[l] at 8/8/19 9:30am
The original Airpods from 2016 had issues with sound quality and fit, but the second generation packed in a few upgrades, including a H1 chipset that bolstered Bluetooth connection speeds and a wireless charging case. In his review Senior Editor Chri...

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[l] at 8/8/19 9:00am
If you're looking for a portable way to play Nintendo Switch games on a big screen, a new Kickstarter project from accessory maker Human Things, creators of a Switch Bluetooth audio dongle, might be just what you need.

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[l] at 8/8/19 8:14am
It's been a few days since Cloudflare stopped providing security protections to 8Chan, which led to the notorious site going offline. While 8Chan's leaders are still trying unsuccessfully to bring the site back, some of its users have found a way to...

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