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Join us on Wednesday, June 7 at noon Pacific for the Getting Started in Ham Hack Chat with Mark Hughes and Beau Ambur! If you were to scratch any random read more

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Generating videos for projects can be difficult. Not only do you have to create the thing, but you film the process and cut it together in a story that a read more

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The future, as seen in the popular culture of half a century or more ago, was usually depicted as quite rosy. Technology would have rendered every possible convenience at our read more

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The caterpillar drive in The Hunt for Red October allowed the sub to travel virtually undetected through the ocean, but real examples of magnetohydrodynamic drives (MHDs) are rare. The US read more

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Having acquired some piece of old electronic equipment, be it a computer, radio, or some test gear, the temptation is there to plug it in as soon as youve lugged read more

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[l] at 6/4/23 11:00pm
If you want to start a heated discussion in 3D printing circles, ask people about the requirements to print safely. Is ABS safe to print without ventilation? Can you drink read more

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Characterizing the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle usually requires a wind tunnel since its difficult to control all variables when actually driving. Unless you had some kind of perfectly straight, read more

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A report released this week suggests that 50 flights into its five-flight schedule, the Mars helicopter might be starting to show its age. The report details a protracted communications outage read more

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A recent experiment showed that parrots seem considerably enriched by the ability to video call other parrots. Its important that the activity be done in a healthy and ethical way, read more

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Sometimes, all it takes to learn something new is a fresh perspective on things. But whats to be learned from reversing your perspective completely with a hypercentric lens? For one read more

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[l] at 6/4/23 8:00am
We all love PCB artwork, but those who create it work under the restriction of having a limited color palette to work with. If its not some combination of board, read more

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[l] at 6/4/23 5:00am
Although the world of embedded software development languages seem to span somewhere between ASM and C89 all the way to MicroPython, there is a lot to be said for a read more

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When one thinks of art, a birdbath may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is no denying that the La Fontaine aux Oiseaux (The Bird read more

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[l] at 6/3/23 11:00pm
When youre putting together a computer workstation, what would you say is the cleanest setup? Wireless mouse and keyboard? Super-discrete cable management? How about no visible keeb, no visible mouse, read more

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[l] at 6/3/23 8:00pm
When a computer crashes, it usually doesnt leave debris. But when a computer happens to be descending towards the lunar surface and glitches out, thats a very different story. Turns read more

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[l] at 6/3/23 5:00pm
Any good bike ride should have a big climb to push your fitness, and a nice descent for the joy of careening down at high speed. [Glen Akins] has been read more

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[l] at 6/3/23 2:00pm
Over Apples decades-long history, they have been quick to adapt to new processor technology when they see an opportunity. Their switch from PowerPC to Intel in the early 2000s made read more

[Category: computer hacks, Retrocomputing, 80's, apple, Apple Silicon, aquarius, arm, cray, development, powerpc, risc, supercomputer]

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Solid-state drives (SSDs) were a step change in performance when it came to computer storage. They offered incredibly fast seek times by virtue of dispensing with solid rust for silicon read more

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We were talking about [Christopher Barnatt]’s very insightful analysis of what the future holds for the Raspberry Pi single board computers on the Podcast. On the one hand, they’re becoming read more

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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guardians are a primitive form of sentry turret that tracks the player with a watchful eye. Inspired by this, [npentrel] decided read more

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[l] at 6/3/23 2:00am
Making a traditional glass lens requires a lot of experience, skill, and patience grinding a piece of glass to the required shape, and is not for the casual experimenter. Making read more

[Category: green hacks, fresnel, lens, optics]

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