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[l] at 9/26/22 3:54pm
Procedures applying to foreigners will disrupt family life for thousands of Palestinians.

[Category: right to entry, apartheid, HaMoked, family unification, academic freedom, Visa Waiver Program]

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[l] at 9/24/22 1:49pm
Senior party officers shared fantasies about murdering Jeremy Corbyn.

[Category: Labour witch hunt, Jeremy Corbyn, Halima Khan, Mike Creighton, Claire-Frances Fuller, Al Jazeera]

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[l] at 9/24/22 3:25am
A weathervane politician, Truss can nevertheless do great damage to Palestine.

[Category: Liz Truss, UK foreign office, UK embassy move, US embassy in Jerusalem, UN Security Council Resolution 478, UN Security Council Resolution 2334]

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[l] at 9/22/22 5:10pm
The ADL has a long history of anti-Palestinian racism.

[Category: Jonathan Greenblatt, Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, Rashida Tlaib, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, israeli apartheid, B'Tselem, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Martin Luther King, Americans for Justice in Palestine Action, Democratic National Committee, McCarthyism, Adalah, Jim Crow, Donald McEachin, Ritchie Torres, Juan Vargas, Ted Deutch, Democratic Majority for Israel, Archie Gottesman, Jerrold Nadler, anti-semitism, anti-Palestinian racism, Marie Newman, The Squad, Jake Tapper]

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[l] at 9/22/22 2:01pm
Al Jazeera obtains huge leak of internal documents revealing dirty tricks.

[Category: Labour witch hunt, Becky Massey, Luke Akehurst, Luke Stanger, Ella Rose, Jewish Labour Movement, Peter Kyle, Jeremy Corbyn, Ivor Caplin]

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[l] at 9/21/22 7:08am
Slain journalists family submits complaint to International Criminal Court.

[Category: Shireen Abu Akleh, Forensic Architecture, Al-Haq, International Criminal Court, Ned Price, Joe Biden, Ali Samoudi, Sharif Azab, Yair Lapid, Impunity, accountability, European Union, Chris Murphy, Ben Dery, Defense for Children International-Palestine, Nadim Siam Nuwara, Shawan Jabarin]

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[l] at 9/21/22 4:49am
Palestinian American activist has long been target of Israel lobby.

[Category: Linda Sarsour, Russia, Russiagate, Islamophobia, New York Times]

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[l] at 9/20/22 4:04pm
Man killed as Palestinian security forces do Israels dirty work in Nablus.

[Category: Nablus, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces, collaboration, Mahmoud Abbas, King Abdullah of Jordan, Yair Lapid, Jordan]

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[l] at 9/20/22 11:58am
Poverty, unemployment and hopelessness are some of the reasons why Palestinians in Gaza are dying by suicide.   

[Category: suicide, mental health, Israeli siege, depression]

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[l] at 9/20/22 11:28am
APA Images had its office bombed during Israeli 2021 aggression. Now it is getting back on its feet.

[Category: APA Images, 2021 May attack on Gaza, Al-Jawhara Tower, freedom of expression]

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[l] at 9/19/22 5:20am
Even if we live in an open-air prison, it is our duty to sow hope.

[Category: Indiana University, August 2022 attack on Gaza, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Mahmoud Darwish]

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[l] at 9/18/22 9:57am
Author and longtime activist Donald Wagner gives his testimony of the massacre.

[Category: Podcast, Donald Wagner, Christian Zionism, Sabra and Shatila massacre, Sabra and Shatila, church activism] [Link to media]

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[l] at 9/16/22 10:12am
For Biden, slain Palestinians are a PR problem and little more.

[Category: Oday Salah, Kafr Dan, Jenin, Joe Biden, Shireen Abu Akleh, Chris Van Hollen, Yair Lapid, Benny Gantz, Tom Nides, US State Department, Mary Lawlor, Patrick Leahy, Leahy Law]

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[l] at 9/15/22 5:11am
Activists facing court in October could spend years in prison but remain undeterred.

[Category: Palestine Action, Elbit, Elbit Systems, Huda Ammori]

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[l] at 9/14/22 12:34pm
Two Palestinian fighters who gave their lives celebrated as heroes.

[Category: Ahmad Ayman Abed, Abdulrahman Hani Abed, Jalameh checkpoint, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Bar Falah, Hamad Mustafa Abu Jalda, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces]

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[l] at 9/12/22 1:23pm
“Israel must be held accountable for war crimes like any other state.”

[Category: Germany, universal jurisdiction, war crimes, August 2022 attack on Gaza, Benny Gantz, Yair Lapid]

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[l] at 9/12/22 10:02am
A new anthology by Palestinian writers aims to break the intellectual blockade and imagine a liberated future.

[Category: Podcast, American Friends Service Committee, Gaza, Jehad Abusalim, Yousef Aljamal, Asmaa Abu Mezied] [Link to media]

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[l] at 9/9/22 1:14am
Layan al-Shaer was among 17 child victims of the August attack on Gaza.

[Category: Layan al-Shaer, August 2022 attack on Gaza, Defense for Children International-Palestine, Al-Haq, International Criminal Court, Nawwar Educational Center, Najwa al-Fara]

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[l] at 9/8/22 10:48am
Six Palestinians killed in the first days of September.

[Category: Jenin, Nablus, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Authority security forces]

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[l] at 9/8/22 9:55am
Writer and scholar Refaat Alareer describes ongoing violence of siege after another round of attacks.

[Category: Podcast, Refaat Alareer, Israel 2022 Gaza assault, Gaza, children] [Link to media]

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[l] at 9/8/22 8:18am
The Aged Care Association provides vital services despite its financial constraints.

[Category: education, Literacy, elderly, Seniors, Gaza]

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