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[l] at 5/23/22 12:20pm
American leftists need an internationalist vision that universally and effectively joins anti-imperial and anti-authoritarian ethics.

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[l] at 5/20/22 1:48pm
Organizers of unionization efforts at Amazon, Starbucks, and the New York Times discuss how their experiences as women shape their work.

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[l] at 5/18/22 8:40am
If the conflicts of interest are real, and the stakes are felt to be high enough, then war between the United States and China is a real possibility, and our foreign policy must be oriented toward avoiding it.

[Category: Article, Show on Homepage, A New Cold War?, Belt and Road Initiative, China, cold war, Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China, Nuclear War, Obama, pivot to Asia, taiwan, Trump, U.S. Politics, Xi Jinping]

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[l] at 5/18/22 7:52am
Mao and Xi’s historical projects couldn’t be more different, and it is high time to move beyond the bad history that conflates them.

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[l] at 5/17/22 9:57am
Cold War metaphors have crept into the public discourse about Taiwan. These analogies mislead more than they illuminate.

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[l] at 5/17/22 9:51am
For those whose hyphenated identities straddle a divided world, life is a series of compromises.

[Category: Article, Show on Homepage, A New Cold War?, Beijing, China, cold war, Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China, Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, Immigration, Science, scientists, taiwan, U.S. Politics]

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[l] at 5/17/22 8:51am
American rhetoric during the first Cold War relied on an idealized image of U.S. institutions. Today, political elites are more likely to emphasize their vulnerability.

[Category: Article, Show on Homepage, A New Cold War?, alignment, China, cold war, Communist Party, Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China, economic competition, non-alignment, Soviet Union]

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[l] at 5/17/22 7:52am
Anti-China politics are providing cover for xenophobic and anti-democratic forces in the United States.

[Category: Article, Featured Item, Show on Homepage, A New Cold War?, Authoritarianism, biden, China threat, Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China, COVID-19, Democratic Party, Hong Kong in Revolt: The Protest Movement and the Future of China, opposition to China, Populism, Republican Party, Trump]

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[l] at 5/16/22 9:30am
Six short pieces on conflict between China and the United States, from Tobita Chow, Patrick Iber, Yangyang Cheng, Brian Hioe, Rebecca E. Karl, and Ted Fertik.

[Category: Blog, Featured Item, Show on Homepage, A New Cold War?, cold war, forum, Spring 2022]

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[l] at 5/13/22 7:51am
Commemorations in Derry were a reminder that all of the issues at the heart of the Irish struggle for freedom against the British state remain very much alive.

[Category: Article, Featured Item, Show on Homepage, Bernadette Devlin, Bloody Sunday, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Derry, Eamonn McCann, grief, IRA, Ireland, Northern Ireland, social movements]

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[l] at 5/11/22 7:51am
Why is China’s internet industry putting an end to the grueling schedules that have fueled so much of its growth?

[Category: Article, Show on Homepage, 1065, 996, Alibaba, bullshit jobs, China, Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China, fengkou, hunshui moyu, internet boom, Involution, lie flat, startups, tangping, tech, tech crackdown, tech work, tech workers]

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[l] at 5/9/22 1:37pm
On November 2, 1993, Rudolph Giuliani defeated David Dinkins to become New York Citys third Republican mayor in this century. Although the 1993 election closely paralleled the 1989 race between the two, small shifts in turnout and preference produced a …
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[l] at 5/9/22 1:32pm
The concept of the official secret is the specific invention of bureaucracy, Max Weber wrote, and nothing is so fanatically defended by the bureaucracy. Democratic politics requires a public informed about government decisions, policies, and actions; yet government officials everywhere …
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[l] at 5/9/22 1:23pm
The Fall 1993 issue of Partisan Review was entirely filled by a symposium on The Politics of Political Correctness to which twenty-seven people, most of them professors, contributed. Unlike several famous earlier PR symposia, this one can hardly be said …
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[l] at 5/9/22 1:14pm
No more information available.
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[l] at 5/9/22 12:40pm
The story of how William F. Buckley Jr. defied expectations and showed mercy to a death-row prisoner.

[Category: Know Your Enemy, Podcast, Show on Homepage, Edgar Smith, National Review, Sarah Weinman, Scoundrel, William F. Buckley]

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[l] at 5/9/22 10:20am
Global economic sanctions have shocked the Russian economy. But can they halt Russian aggression?

[Category: Featured Item, Online Articles, Show on Homepage, Energy, European Union, export, export embargo, finance, Kremlin, Putin, ruble, Russia, sanctions, SWIFT, Ukraine]

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[l] at 5/6/22 1:37pm
Economist J.W. Mason joins the podcast to talk about inflation and how to organize around price increases.

[Category: Belabored, Blog, Featured Item, Podcast, Show on Homepage, Amazon, Federal Reserve, inflation, j.w. mason, Labor, May Day, Roe v. Wade, Starbucks, starbucks workers, Tallahassee starbucks, tugboat workers, unions, workers]

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[l] at 5/4/22 10:28am
We cannot know how Ukraine will develop after the war. But we know there will be horrible consequences if Russia wins.

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[l] at 5/2/22 9:31am
Gabriel Winant joins the podcast to discuss what the populist right gets wrong about the history of the American working class.

[Category: Featured Item, Know Your Enemy, Podcast, Show on Homepage, Gabriel Winant, Oren Cass, PMC, Professional Managerial Class, Sohrab Ahmari, The Next Shift, working class]

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[l] at 4/29/22 7:52am
The Christian right fought a long war against Dungeons Dragons. With the role-playing game poised for superstardom, there may once again exist a temptation to bestow it with powers it doesn’t really possess.

[Category: Article, Books and Culture, Featured Item, Show on Homepage, Conservatives, Dave Arneson, Dungeons & Dragons, escapism, Evangelicalism, Game Wizards: The Epic Battle for Dungeons & Dragons, games, Gary Gygax, Jack Chick, right, satanic panic, the right]

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