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[l] at 9/25/23 7:37pm
The Republican National Committee announced the lineup Monday night: Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy and Tim Scott.

[Category: Republican National Committee, Republican Party, Presidential Election of 2024, United States Politics and Government, Debates (Political), Christie, Christopher J, DeSantis, Ron, Haley, Nikki R, Pence, Mike, Ramaswamy, Vivek (1985- ), Scott, Timothy Eugene, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 9/25/23 5:15pm
As they ramp up attacks on occupied Crimea, Ukrainian forces are repeatedly targeting the fleet based there, a key to Russia’s attacks deep into Ukraine and its blockade of Ukrainian ports.

[Category: Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), Defense and Military Forces, Deaths (Fatalities), Missiles and Missile Defense Systems, Drones (Pilotless Planes), Black Sea, Viktor Sokolov, Crimea (Ukraine), Putin, Vladimir V, Zelensky, Volodymyr, Russia, Ukraine, Aleksandr Romanchuk, Oleg Tsekov]

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[l] at 9/25/23 4:01pm
Also, Ukraine said it killed Russia’s Black Sea Fleet commander.
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[l] at 9/25/23 3:16pm
Many federal agencies have plans in place to weather a shutdown, but a disruption would still affect critical government services.

[Category: Shutdowns (Institutional), United States Politics and Government, Food Contamination and Poisoning, National Parks, Monuments and Seashores, Government Employees, Factories and Manufacturing, Senate, House of Representatives]

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[l] at 9/25/23 10:27am
Jewish groups demanded an explanation after Anthony Rota, the speaker of Canada’s House of Commons, introduced a 98-year-old veteran of an SS unit as a “hero.”

[Category: Canada, Holocaust and the Nazi Era, War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), Legislatures and Parliaments]

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[l] at 9/25/23 6:35am
Consistency seems irrelevant to his scattershot populism.

[Category: Presidential Election of 2024, Books and Literature, United States Politics and Government, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ramaswamy, Vivek (1985- )]

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[l] at 9/25/23 3:01am
A prolific feminist turns her sights to the opposite sex.

[Category: Moran, Caitlin, What About Men? (Book), Books and Literature, Men and Boys, Women's Rights, Comedy and Humor]

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