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[l] at 11/28/22 10:02pm
Mr. Ornato, a former Secret Service agent and White House aide, is at the center of a dispute over competing accounts of President Donald J. Trump’s actions.

[Category: Ornato, Anthony M, House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack, United States Politics and Government, Storming of the US Capitol (Jan, 2021), Conway, Kellyanne, Trump, Donald J, Hutchinson, Cassidy, Secret Service]

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[l] at 11/28/22 9:08pm
The unrest that has gripped Iran for the past two months has heightened what would already have been a tense encounter at the World Cup in Qatar on Tuesday between the two geopolitical foes.

[Category: Politics and Government, United States International Relations, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Soccer, National Anthems, World Cup 2022 (Soccer), Qatar, Iran]

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[l] at 11/28/22 9:00pm
Thousands of Russians are crossing the U.S. southern border to claim asylum. Many are ending up in immigration prison. “I left Russia for a place just like Russia,” said one.

[Category: Immigration Detention, Asylum, Right of, Immigration and Emigration, Russian Invasion of Ukraine (2022), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (US), Navalny, Aleksei A, Delhi (NY), Louisiana]

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[l] at 11/28/22 8:29pm
Supporters who looked past the former president’s admirers in bigoted corners of the far right, and his own use of antisemitic tropes, now are drawing a line. “He legitimizes Jew hatred and Jew haters,” says one. “And this scares me.”

[Category: United States Politics and Government, Anti-Semitism, Jews and Judaism, Right-Wing Extremism and Alt-Right, Republican Jewish Coalition, Trump, Donald J, West, Kanye, Fuentes, Nicholas J]

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[l] at 11/28/22 7:51pm
Republican local officials are threatening to disrupt the final tally of midterm votes in one more sign of the politicization of elections.

[Category: Midterm Elections (2022), United States Politics and Government, Voting Machines, Fringe Groups and Movements, Elections, Attorneys General, Elections, Governors, Republican Party, Hobbs, Kathleen M, Lake, Kari A, Cochise County (Ariz)]

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[l] at 11/28/22 6:35pm
The demonstrations over Covid lockdowns present a challenge for President Biden, who has insisted he will call out abuses by authoritarian governments.

[Category: United States Politics and Government, United States International Relations, Demonstrations, Protests and Riots, Democracy (Theory and Philosophy), Biden, Joseph R Jr, Xi Jinping, China]

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[l] at 11/28/22 6:23pm
After urging from President Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House would consider an agreement that could avert a shutdown of the nation’s freight trains.

[Category: Biden, Joseph R Jr, United States Politics and Government, Strikes, Organized Labor, Law and Legislation, Railroads, Supply Chain, House of Representatives, Senate]

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[l] at 11/28/22 5:42pm
Dining with a white supremacist, Trump demolishes another taboo.

[Category: Anti-Semitism, Discrimination, Jews and Judaism, Right-Wing Extremism and Alt-Right, Fuentes, Nicholas J, Trump, Donald J, West, Kanye, Leopoldstadt (Play), Stoppard, Tom, Republican Party]

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[l] at 11/28/22 5:00pm
Or is it here to stay?

[Category: United States Politics and Government, internal-sub-only-nl, Right-Wing Extremism and Alt-Right, Presidential Election of 2020, Midterm Elections (2022), Rumors and Misinformation, Voter Fraud (Election Fraud), Republican Party]

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[l] at 11/28/22 5:00pm
What the rest of us can learn from the zero-Covid disaster.

[Category: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Quarantines, China, Politics and Government]

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[l] at 11/28/22 3:50pm
The former president, who held two big rallies before the state’s two runoff elections two years ago — both of which Democrats won — will steer clear of Georgia before next week’s Senate election.

[Category: Trump, Donald J, Walker, Herschel, Republican Party, Midterm Elections (2022), United States Politics and Government, Elections, Senate, Georgia]

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[l] at 11/28/22 3:45pm
Growing protests in the world’s biggest manufacturing nation add a new element of uncertainty atop the Ukraine war, an energy crisis and inflation.

[Category: International Trade and World Market, Economic Conditions and Trends, China, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Supply Chain, Prices (Fares, Fees and Rates), Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline, Factories and Manufacturing]

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[l] at 11/28/22 1:53pm
Entire forests and enormous factories running 24/7 can barely keep up with demand. This is how the cardboard economy works.

[Category: E-Commerce, International Paper Co, Containers and Packaging, Supply Chain, International Trade and World Market, Amazon.com Inc, Trees and Shrubs, Georgia, Paper and Pulp, Shopping and Retail]

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[l] at 11/28/22 1:36pm
My father’s advice on how to deal with bullies would work great on Donald Trump.

[Category: Bullies, Children and Childhood, Reagan, Ronald Wilson, Trump, Donald J]

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[l] at 11/28/22 9:42am
Readers discuss the benefits and risks of puberty blockers. Also: Donald Trump’s dinner with antisemites; robots in the workplace.

[Category: Teenagers and Adolescence, Transgender and Transsexuals, Youth, Gender, Medicine and Health, Trump, Donald J, Obama, Barack, West, Kanye, Fuentes, Nicholas J, Anti-Semitism, United States Politics and Government, Robots and Robotics, Workplace Environment]

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[l] at 11/28/22 3:00am
Over the eight episodes of “All There Is,” the CNN anchor digs into his own family traumas as well as those of others.

[Category: Cooper, Anderson, All There Is With Anderson Cooper (Radio Program), Grief (Emotion), Podcasts, CNN, Content Type: Personal Profile]

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[l] at 11/27/22 3:00am
As many others chafe against employer mandates, creators on TikTok —  some new to the work force — are trying to show that the office can be fun.

[Category: Coronavirus Return to Office, TikTok (ByteDance), Social Media, Labor and Jobs, Workplace Environment, Employee Fringe Benefits, HarperCollins Publishers, Microsoft Corp]

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[l] at 11/24/22 11:00am
Vegan chocolate bars, dreamy cookbooks and more small luxuries to give this year, as well as some ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers.

[Category: Cooking and Cookbooks, Content Type: Service, Recipes]

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[l] at 11/23/22 2:00pm
They had agreed to have other romantic partners on the side. A tragic accident put their arrangement front and center.

[Category: Marriages, Dating and Relationships, Love (Emotion)]

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[l] at 11/23/22 1:00am
We are specifically interested in hearing from parents, people whose relationships were affected and those who quit because of burnout.

[Category: Labor and Jobs, Work-Life Balance, internal-open-access]

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