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Eric Zuesse

At the start of the day on May 2nd , the U.S. had 4.2% of the world’s population and 33.3%, or one-third, of all coronavirus-19 cases.

At the start of the day on May 10th, the U.S. had 32.9% of cases. The decline from 33.3% to 32.9% is .4% down, or a decline of slightly over 1% of the 33.9%, in 8 days. It’s virtually certain never to go down to the 4.2% of global coronavirus cases which would match America’s 4.2% of the global population.

America will therefore probably, for a long time to come, have a larger number of coronavirus-19 cases than any other country. America has, furthermore, been adding new cases at around 20 to 30 thousand per day since around April 1st and therefore still continues rising, but as the virus spreads and takes hold in more and more countries, America’s percentage of the global total is probably now declining, from the peak of one-third (33.3%), which it had reached on May 2nd.

The libertarian Mises Institute headlined on May 7th, “How Many Lives Will Politicians Sacrifice in the Name of Fighting COVID-19?” and argued for do-nothing governmental policy, and for relaxation of the “lockdowns” that are in place. Mike Whitney at the libertarian Unz Review   headlined on May 4th, “Sweden Is the Model” and wrote that “Herd immunity is the only path that is currently available.” This means there should be no “lockdowns.” He asserted that “After 6 weeks of this nonsense, many people are getting fed-up and demanding that the lockdowns be ended”:

As we said in last week’s column, the lockdowns must be lifted gradually, that is crucial.

“You have to step down the ladder one rung at a time”, says Senior Swedish epidemiologist and former Chief Scientist of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Johan Giesecke. In other words, slowly ease up on the restrictions and gradually allow people to get back to work. That is the best way forward.

Sweden has, indeed, taken a remarkably libertarian approach to dealing with Covid-19. As I wrote on April 22nd under the headline “Why Post-Coronavirus America Will Have Massive Poverty” , comparing Sweden’s policies versus the more socialistic Denmark’s policies on this:

    The daily number of Denmark’s new Covid-19 cases peaked on April 7th, and has been declining since that time . Its neighbor Sweden peaked on April 8th. Sweden’s emergency legislation is less strict about lockdowns, but relies more on individual discretion. However, since Sweden, like Denmark, is a democratic socialist country, individuals needn’t worry about paying medical bills, nor about being paid while on sick-leave. So, employees aren’t desperate to return to their places of work, such as in America ; and, therefore, these countries don’t spread the infection as readily as in the U.S. and are thus far less likely to have recurring peaks and delayed terminations of the coronavirus crisis. (By contrast: in America, where losing one’s job can mean losing one’s health care, even sick employees may be inclined to stay on the job and perhaps infect customers.) And there are no corporate bailouts in either Denmark’s or Sweden’s legislation. Denmark’s Finance Minister, the Social Democrat (or democratic socialist) Nicolai Wammen was interviewed for 15 minutes on March 27th, by Christiane Amanpour, and he explained Denmark’s emergency law, which was overwhelmingly bottom-up, not top-down (such as America’s is).

    Here, therefore, is the actual performance [number of cases per million population], thus far , of both of those two countries:

DENMARK = 1,329 peaked April 7th

SWEDEN = 1,517 peaked April 8th

    Both of them are reasonably comparable to Germany, UK, Turkey, and Iran, but not as good as S. Korea, and not nearly as good as the two best, China and Japan.

As of the start of the day on May 10th , those numbers are:

DENMARK = 1,782 (up 34%)

SWEDEN = 2,567 (up 69%)

Consequently, as more time passes, Denmark’s policy is considerably more effective at keeping down the number of cases than is Sweden’s.

Furthermore: whereas Sweden had tested only 14,704 persons per million (which is a very low percentage), Denmark had tested 53,345 per million (which is an extremely high percentage), and this fact likewise indicates that whereas Sweden, which has been reducing its socialism and increasing its libertarianism, is pursuing a remarkably libertarian approach to Covid-19, Denmark, which remains socialistic, is pursuing a remarkably socialist approach. And Denmark’s approach is increasingly better than Sweden’s in terms of keeping down the percentage of Covid-19 cases.

As regards the economies of those two countries: The unemployment rate in Denmark at the end of March 2020 was 4.1% and that was 170,000 unemployed; and as of May 5th there are 180,000 unemployed Danes ; so, Denmark’s productivity hasn’t been much affected yet by Covid 19.

By contrast: Reuters headlined on April 14th, “Swedish unemployment rate could reach 10% by summer – Labour Board” , and reported that “Unemployment in Sweden could reach 10% in the coming months if the current wave of lay-offs due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues, the Labour Board said. … Unemployment was 7.4% in February, but many companies have since shut down and sent workers home due to supply chain problems and measures to prevent the spread of the virus.” On May 7th, the Wall Street Journal bannered “Sweden Has Avoided a Coronavirus Lockdown. Its Economy Is Hurting Anyway.”

Consequently, the newly libertarian Sweden’s coronavirus policies, as compared to the still-socialistic Denmark’s, are actually a disaster — like America’s are (though America, being more libertarian than Sweden, is doing even worse).

In other words: the supposed either-or choice (trade-off) that the libertarian U.S. regime and its propagandists assert, between either controlling the epidemic (continuing the “lockdowns” etc.) or else preventing economic collapse (“reopening the businesses” etc.), is fraudulent. The exact opposite is the actual case: in order to minimize the economic damage, controlling the epidemic is basic — whatever is sound policy for the public’s health is also sound economic policy. (America’s libertarian President takes on faith the opposite viewpoint; and, so, on May 10th, the Washington Post reported that, “Trump has expressed confidence that lifting public health restrictions will jump-start the economy.” The only basis for accepting libertarianism is faith, because the empirical evidence disproves it — and not only on this matter .)

What, then, is the situation regarding the three major countries that are doing the most effective job of keeping down the percentage of their population that’s Covid-19 infected: China (58 cases per million), South Korea (211) , and Japan (123) ? (Note those stunningly low numbers — and each one of those countries is well past its peak of daily new cases, which the libertarian countries are not.)

America’s propaganda organizations blame China for the coronavirus-19 and criticize anyone who publicly advocates China’s model on this , but as more time passes and the U.S. regime’s accusations against China continue to be ‘documented’ only by half-truths and outright lies, a public need increases that what China’s policies actually have been regarding controlling this epidemic become accurately understood. On May 9th, the South China Morning Post bannered “Coronavirus response: China’s military may have filled the gap left by the US but it’s only temporary, experts say” , and ignored even touching upon what China’s policy is and has been regarding coronavirus. On May 8th, they headlined “Coronavirus: China to revive special ‘off-budget bonds’ as pandemic stokes debt dilemma” and said little more than that the Government’s debts were increasing due to the virus: “‘Off-budget doesn’t mean it can be excluded from the overall debt level,’ said David Wang, head of China economics at Credit Suisse.” How that money is being spent is not discussed, other than “increasing the limit for local governments to issue bonds for infrastructure spending.” To the extent that there is specifically a coronavirus policy-response, rather than merely a continuation or amplification of pre-existing economic policies, that’s not mentioned. There are merely ‘filler’ statements, such as “The central government has not announced how the proceeds from the special treasury bonds will be used, but analysts warn they will be wasted if funneled to projects that do not make economic sense.” Whatever China’s specific coronavirus-19 policy-responses are is non-public information.

Back on 28 March 2017, the America-based SupChina site headlined “How Does Healthcare In The U.S. Compare With China’s?” and reported that “More than 97 percent of people in China use public health insurance systems” and patients who had experienced both America’s and China’s said that “receiving treatment in the U.S. is less efficient” but “that sometimes patients in China simply can’t see a doctor without the help of a scalper.” At least a reasonable assumption would be that China is more socialistic in its coronavirus policies than are the vast majority of other countries, which have dramatically worse coronavirus results.

South Korea has done remarkably little coronavirus-19 testing , but remarkably much coronavirus contact tracing (if that can even be effectively done with such little testing). So, the situation there isn’t much clearer than it is in China.

Japan has, apparently, been socialistic in its policy-response but relying far more on the public’s voluntary compliance than on law-enforcement in order to reduce to a minimum the number of coronavirus cases. Of course, in a country such as the U.S. and throughout Latin America — lands where the government is widely distrusted — any compliance whatsoever relies necessarily upon law-enforcement, and so the Japanese method would almost certainly not work.

All three of those countries are, of course, culturally Asian; so, their vastly superior handling of the coronavirus maybe isn’t due ONLY to their being more socialistic than the U.S. and other failing countries are. They are all non-Western nations.

As of May 10th , two countries that have approximately half the population-size of the smallest of those three (which is the 52 million population in South Korea) also have stunningly low Covid-19 infection-rates and seem likewise to have passed the peak in the number of their daily new cases: Taiwan has a population of 25 million, and has only 18 cases per million; Venezuela has 30 million and only 14 cases per million. Both nations also have socialized the healthcare function and (like all of the countries mentioned here except U.S.) 100% of the people there have health insurance. (It’s a right, not a privilege, in all of the countries except America.) As regards the percentage of people who have been tested for Covid-19, that percentage is 2,819 per million in Taiwan, and 18,012 per million in Venezuela. (For a few comparisons: it’s 1,676/M in Japan, 54,873/M in Denmark, 14,704/M in Sweden, and 28,452/M in U.S. So: the percentage who have been tested seems not to correlate with a nation’s success or failure in dealing with Covid-19.) 

The indications, thus far, are that the libertarian approach (which is exemplified especially in today’s U.S., UK, and most of Latin America) is catastrophic, and that whatever may have been its alleged benefits in a pre-Covid-19 world, only intensification of its propaganda (such as by the ‘news’-media in those more-libertarian countries) can continue it into the post-Covid-19 world. Libertarianism is, now, more clearly than ever before, a failed model.

Why would that be? Perhaps it’s because, in reality, the only people who have more liberty under libertarianism are the controlling owners of corporations, the wealthiest 1% (who fund the politicians and the media), whereas everybody else has less actual liberty, and more insecurity, under libertarianism — the fact is, libertarianism is liberty ONLY for the richest, and the opposite for everybody else: it is aristocracy, instead of democracy. It’s for only the big-corporate owners, and especially for the international-corporate owners.

The economic future for the world, and especially for the U.S., is bad, and not only because of this plague. On April 14th, I headlined “Why at Least America Will Be in Another Great Depression” , and explained it there in one way; on May 1st, The Saker headlined “The Saker interviews Michael Hudson about the current economic crisis” , and Hudson explained it there in another way — these are different sides of the same phenomenon, but our analyses are the same (except that he is more optimistic than I: he said “The current depression is the worst since the 1930s,” whereas I expect it to be the worst ever). My article was simply focusing on the way that the coronavirus-crisis is going to expedite what I expect to be the biggest economic crash in world history. Hudson said that “We are at the end of the 75-year upswing that began in 1945 when the war ended.” I agree with that, too, and have elsewhere identified 26 July 1945 as the commencement of this pillaging by the Deep State , via its millions of employees and other agents. This will be the ultimate near-term catastrophe of libertarianism, otherwise called “neoliberalism,” and in international affairs this pillaging is called “neoconservatism” and “imperialism.” America therefore stands now at the precipice, facing a grim new world, and that is how we got here. Coronavirus merely expedites the fall off this cliff. But the ascent to such an extremely bad end started, actually, on 26 July 1945. That’s when the fateful decision was made, from which the post-WW-II world became irrevocably shaped — the foundation was laid at that time, for America’s Deep State (America’s billionaires, not the CIA and not the think tanks , but themselves, who actually pull the strings behind the curtain ) to take over the country and almost the entire world, and for an even worse Depression than the one that FDR had inherited from Herbert Hoover. America’s taxpayers now pay around half of global military expenditures, and the bill for its billionaires to use their government so as to grab and hold control over that vast American empire is now coming due. Nothing like this has ever existed before. And Covid-19 simply expedites the coming American free-fall.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010 , and of   CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity .

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Originally published on Vineyard of the Saker

As today’s world teeters on the brink of a financial collapse greater than anything the world experienced in either 1923 Weimar or the 1929 Great depression, a serious discussion has been initiated by leaders of Russia and China regarding the terms of the new system which must inevitably replace the currently dying neo-liberal order. Most recently, Vladimir Putin re-initiated his January 16, 2020 call for a new emergency economic conference to deal with the looming disaster based upon a live session with representatives of the five nuclear powers of the UN Security Council.

While Putin’s commitment for this new system is premised upon multi-polar principles of cooperation and respect of national sovereignty, the financial oligarchy and broader deep state structures infesting the western nations who have initiated this crisis over the course of decades of globalization have called for their own version of a new system. This new system as we have seen promoted by the likes of the Bank of England and leading technocrats over the past year, is based upon an anti-Nation State, unipolar system which typically goes by the term “Green New Deal”. In other words, this is a system ruled by a technocratic elite managing the reduction of world population through the monetization of carbon reduction practices under a Global Government.

No matter how you look at it, a new system will be created out of the ashes of the currently dying world order. The question is only: Will it benefit the oligarchy or the people?

In order to inform the necessary decision making going into this emergency conference, it is useful to revisit the last such emergency conference that defined the terms of a world economic architecture in July 1944 so that similar mistakes that were then made by anti-imperialist forces are not made once more.

What Was the Bretton Woods?

As it was becoming apparent that the war would be soon drawing to a close, a major fight broke out during a two week conference in Bretton Woods New Hampshire where representative of 44 nations convened to establish the terms of the new post-war system. The question was: Would this new system be governed by those British Imperial principles similar to those that had dominated the world before the war began or would they be shaped by a community of sovereign nation states?

On the one side, figures allied to American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vision for an anti-Imperial world order lined up behind FDR’s champion Harry Dexter White while those powerful forces committed to maintaining the structures of a bankers’ dictatorship (Britain was always primarily a banker’s empire) lined up behind the figure of John Maynard Keynes[1].

John Maynard Keynes was a leading Fabian Society controller and treasurer of the British Eugenics Association (which served as a model for Hitler’s Eugenics protocols before and during the war). During the Bretton Woods Conference, Keynes pushed hard for the new system to be premised upon a one world currency controlled entirely by the Bank of England known as the Bancor. He proposed a global bank called the Clearing Union to be controlled by the Bank of England which would use the Bancor (exchangeable with national currencies) and serve as unit of account to measure trade surpluses or deficits under the mathematical mandate of maintaining “equilibrium” of the system.

Harry Dexter White on the other hand fought relentlessly to keep the City of London out of the drivers’ seat of global finance and instead defended the institution of national sovereignty and sovereign currencies based on long term scientific and technological growth. Although White and FDR demanded that U.S. dollars become the reserve currency in the new world system of fixed exchange rates, it was not done to create a “new American Empire” as most modern analysts have assumed, but rather was designed to use America’s status as the strongest productive global power to ensure an anti-speculative stability among international currencies which entirely lacked stability in the wake of WWII.

Their fight for fixed exchange rates and principles of “parity pricing” were designed by FDR and White strictly around the need to abolish the forms of chaotic flux of the un-regulated markets which made speculation rampant under British Free Trade and destroyed the capacity to think and plan for the sort of long term development needed to modernize nation states. Theirs was not a drive for “mathematical equilibrium” but rather a drive to “end poverty” through REAL physical economic growth of colonies who would thereby win real economic independence.

As figures like Henry Wallace (FDR’s loyal Vice President and 1948 3rd party candidate), Representative Wendell Wilkie (FDR’s republican lieutenant and New Dealer), and Dexter White all advocated repeatedly, the mechanisms of the World Bank, IMF, and United Nations were meant to become drivers of an internationalization of the New Deal which transformed America from a backwater cesspool in 1932 to becoming a modern advanced manufacturing powerhouse 12 years later. All of these Interntional New Dealers were loud advocates of US-Russia –China leadership in the post war world which is a forgotten fact of paramount importance.

In his 1944 book Our Job in the Pacific, Wallace said: “It is vital to the United States, it is vital to China and it is vital to Russia that there be peaceful and friendly relations between China and Russia, China and America and Russia and America. China and Russia Complement and supplement each other on the continent of Asia and the two together complement and supplement America’s position in the Pacific.”

Contradicting the mythos that FDR was a Keynesian, FDR’s assistant Francis Perkins recorded the 1934 interaction between the two men when Roosevelt told her: “I saw your friend Keynes. He left a whole rigmarole of figures. He must be a mathematician rather than a political economist.” In response Keynes, who was then trying to coopt the intellectual narrative of the New Deal stated he had “supposed the President was more literate, economically speaking.”

In his 1936 German edition of his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Keynes wrote: “For I confess that much of the following book is illustrated and expounded mainly with reference to the conditions existing in the Anglo Saxon countries. Nevertheless, the theory of output as a whole, which is what the following book purports to provide, is much more easily adapted to the conditions of a totalitarian state.”

While Keynes represented the “soft imperialism” for the “left” of Britain’s intelligentsia, Churchill represented the hard unapologetic imperialism of the Old, less sophisticated empire that preferred the heavy fisted use of brute force to subdue the savages. Both however were unapologetic racists and fascists (Churchill even wrote admiringly of Mussolini’s black shirts) and both represented the most vile practices of British Imperialism.

FDR’s Forgotten Anti-Colonial Vision Revited

FDR’s battle with Churchill on the matter of empire is better known than his differences with Keynes whom he only met on a few occasions. This well documented clash was best illustrated in his son/assistant Elliot Roosevelt’s book As He Saw It (1946) who quoted his father:

“I’ve tried to make it clear … that while we’re [Britain’s] allies and in it to victory by their side, they must never get the idea that we’re in it just to help them hang on to their archaic, medieval empire ideas … I hope they realize they’re not senior partner; that we are not going to sit by and watch their system stultify the growth of every country in Asia and half the countries in Europe to boot.”

FDR continued: “The colonial system means war. Exploit the resources of an India, a Burma, a Java; take all the wealth out of these countries, but never put anything back into them, things like education, decent standards of living, minimum health requirements–all you’re doing is storing up the kind of trouble that leads to war. All you’re doing is negating the value of any kind of organizational structure for peace before it begins.”

Writing from Washington in a hysteria to Churchill, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden said that Roosevelt ”contemplates the dismantling of the British and Dutch empires.”

Unfortunately for the world, FDR died on April 12, 1945. A coup within the Democratic establishment, then replete with Fabians and Rhodes Scholars, had already ensured that Henry Wallace would lose the 1944 Vice Presidency in favor of Anglophile Wall Street Stooge Harry Truman. Truman was quick to reverse all of FDR’s intentions, cleansing American intelligence of all remaining patriots with the shutdown of the OSS and creation of the CIA, the launching of un-necessary nuclear bombs on Japan and establishment of the Anglo-American special relationship. Truman’s embrace of Churchill’s New World Order destroyed the positive relationship with Russia and China which FDR, White and Wallace sought and soon America had become Britain’s dumb giant.

The Post 1945 Takeover of the Modern Deep State

FDR warned his son before his death of his understanding of the British takeover of American foreign policy, but still could not reverse this agenda. His son recounted his father’s ominous insight:

“You know, any number of times the men in the State Department have tried to conceal messages to me, delay them, hold them up somehow, just because some of those career diplomats over there aren’t in accord with what they know I think. They should be working for Winston. As a matter of fact, a lot of the time, they are [working for Churchill]. Stop to think of ’em: any number of ’em are convinced that the way for America to conduct its foreign policy is to find out what the British are doing and then copy that!” I was told… six years ago, to clean out that State Department. It’s like the British Foreign Office….”

Before being fired from Truman’s cabinet for his advocacy of US-Russia friendship during the Cold War, Wallace stated: “American fascism” which has come to be known in recent years as the Deep State. “Fascism in the postwar inevitably will push steadily for Anglo-Saxon imperialism and eventually for war with Russia. Already American fascists are talking and writing about this conflict and using it as an excuse for their internal hatreds and intolerances toward certain races, creeds and classes.”

In his 1946 Soviet Asia Mission, Wallace said “Before the blood of our boys is scarcely dry on the field of battle, these enemies of peace try to lay the foundation for World War III. These people must not succeed in their foul enterprise. We must offset their poison by following the policies of Roosevelt in cultivating the friendship of Russia in peace as well as in war.”

Indeed this is exactly what occurred. Dexter White’s three year run as head of the International Monetary Fund was clouded by his constant attacks as being a Soviet stooge which haunted him until the day he died in 1948 after a grueling inquisition session at the House of Un-American Activities. White had previously been supporting the election of his friend Wallace for the presidency alongside fellow patriots Paul Robeson and Albert Einstein.

Today the world has captured a second chance to revive the FDR’s dream of an anti-colonial world. In the 21st century, this great dream has taken the form of the New Silk Road, led by Russia and China (and joined by a growing chorus of nations yearning to exit the invisible cage of colonialism).

If western nations wish to survive the oncoming collapse, then they would do well to heed Putin’s call for a New International system, join the BRI, and reject the Keynesian technocrats advocating a false “New Bretton Woods” and “Green New Deal”.

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , a BRI Expert on Tactical talk, is regular author with Strategic Culture, the Duran and Fort Russ and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation and can be reached at matt.ehret@tutamail.com


  1. You may be thinking “wait! Wasn’t FDR and his New Deal premised on Keynes’ theories??” How could Keynes have represented an opposing force to FDR’s system if this is the case?This paradox only exists in the minds of many people today due to the success of the Fabian Society’s and Round Table Movement’s armada of revisionist historians who have consistently created a lying narrative of history to make it appear to future generations trying to learn from past mistakes that those figures like FDR who opposed empire were themselves following imperial principles. Another example of this sleight of hand can be seen by the sheer number of people who sincerely think themselves informed and yet believe that America’s 1776 revolution was driven by British Imperial philosophical thought stemming from Adam Smith, Bentham and John Locke. 


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Submitted by M.A. Richardson…

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen” – Macbeth – Shakespeare 1606

A toxic mix of politics, science and media. 2020, a vision of the future, a new era where humanity has brought pestilence on itself,

’Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’. It has become one of the most comprehensive, exhaustive, and cynical advertising campaigns in modern British history, imposed on a captive audience confined to their homes, under surveillance.

The British population have been bludgeoned, bullied and recruited into compliance by images and slogans in a multi-million pound advertising campaign, paid for by the British taxpayer and actioned to cover up the catastrophic unpreparedness and indecision of government.

It is the same parliamentary and media management of the electorate that delayed Brexit for 3.5 years.  It saw the rise of ‘woke’ diversity politics to fill the void, whilst infrastructure, immigration, fishing and manufacturing industry, regional investment in jobs, things that truly effect the lives of ordinary people, were sidelined by white noise and globalist corporate ideology.  It is a centralised governmental attempt to re-frame the narrative, to exert control over a population by obscuring the real issues by any means. History repeats itself. Parliament and the mainstream media are once again hiding in plain sight.. The government is not listening to the people and the people have to search through alternative media to find the facts.

With the rise of populism and the cry for the return to the sovereign nation state, the British people thought that through the ballot box they had won.  They were wrong.  This technocratic elitist government are far more embedded, they truly are deep state. They will readily kill a country’s spirit and sacrifice lives. The science they called upon to protect the people has proved to be a failure, the UK has the highest death rate in Europe. This government will keep its people under lock and key for as long as it takes to break them.

Britain is a country whose economic policy has lived in the pockets of China for many years. Now, a toxic combination of an ideologically driven globalist mainstream media, science and ‘big government’, lives at the heart of Westminster. People Management has replaced manifesto, ethics has been exchanged for ideology and dogma. This parliament are presiding over the managed decline of a nation, it ushers in an age where freedom of speech and free choice will be exchanged for big tech, de-platforming, dogma and tyranny.


Mullenlowe Group is a global integrated marketing communications network, headquartered in London, IPG New York its parent company. Mullenlowe are the government’s preferred ad agency creators of the NHS campaign whose slogans include, ‘Stay home, save the NHS’.  A multi-billion dollar media machine. Last year IPG’s net revenue increased 7.4% to $8.63 billion, they have over 90 branches, including their London headquarters. Mullenlowe China were named Agency of the Year 2018 by IAI International Awards.

‘We are the NHS’. ‘Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.’ – MullenLowe:

“We use creativity to get our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention.”

“You need a short, informative message to get the public’s attention, certainly to resonate with younger audiences today,”. ‘Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’ is like a wartime version.”

– Jeremy Hine, chief executive of MullenLowe Group UK.

Other recent campaigns are voiced in short, simple language, tailored to the younger generation used to multiple platform soundbites. Recent MullenLowe slogans include: ‘Healing Hero’s’ – Bayer Medical, ‘Home is Good’ – Persil / OMO, ironically, an extension of the Persil campaign, ‘Dirt is Good’.

Re-branding the NHS is rather like changing deckchairs on the Titanic, you can change as many times as you like, but it’s still going down.

On 26th March new ‘Heath Protection Regulations’ were signed and lockdown began. It was also the beginning of a propaganda exercise to ensure compliance of the public to a dystopian authoritarian norm.

Mainstream media became enablers-in-chief of this government’s myopic, misjudged deceit. In return, the government have allowed the press to push their ideologically driven woke politics. A globalist agenda of open borders and corporate governance by elites,  beaten into the electorate even at the cost of British lives. It was a trade-off, and the government took the deal. It is mutually exclusive, it provides money generated by advertising space and click-bait around coronavirus news to be fed back to corporates and the media giants, while promoting government policy. With Covid-19, advertising revenue plummeted and media groups were happy to have that revenue stream picked up by the government. The government are their best clients, in good times and in bad.

A new £35 million ad campaign was launched on the 17th April, ‘Stay at home for the NHS, your family, your neighbours, your nation the world and life itself.’, it is due to run for 3 months, ‘All in, all together’.  Many people will have lost their homes and businesses before this campaign has run its course. The biggest loser will be the middle class, whose businesses will be picked off in M&A’s and buyouts by corporates.

In the meantime, elective surgeries have been cancelled, people that have been waiting for months, sometimes years for operations, such as hip replacements and cataract removal, were told to stay at home, and most have no idea when those operations will be rescheduled.  Mullenlowe have done an excellent job promoting the NHS, whilst Parliament have crippled a nation.


To stop overload on A&E and ICUs with virus cases, Mullenlowe were given the task of modifying public behaviour and sentiment to alleviate unnecessary strain on an already overstretched NHS. The government chose to ‘Protect the NHS’ not the public. It has been an exercise in crowd control.

Early in March, banks, financial trading firms and Whitehall government employees were asked to take their PCs home with them. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) was to be tested to see if it could cope. Many went into self-imposed lockdown asking staff to work from home. Weeks before the government announced its herd immunity strategy, investment brokers, big banks, international stock traders had already closed their central London offices. Large sections of the City were emptying. The rest of the population were in a two week ‘no mans land’ of probable infection. There was a two-tier system of information, big business and corporate elites were protected, while the rest of population were not. This two-tier system is still in operation. The government does not trust the public.

By the second week of March, people in London began to stock-pile food. Warnings were coming in from Italy, it was clear to the public they were totally unprotected and unprepared. The government had given no guidance at all, and when it did come, it was in the form of ‘herd immunity’. There was confusion.

NERVTAG meeting  (New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group) made up of scientific advisors to the British government 13th Jan 2020:

“WHO’s update on 12 January reported symptom onset of the 41 confirmed Wuhan Novel Coronavirus cases ranges from 8 December 2019 to 2 January 2020. No additional cases have been detected since 3 January 2020”

“Current reports describe no evidence of significant human to human transmission, including no infections of healthcare workers. Cases of pneumonia possibly linked to Wuhan City have been assessed in Hong Kong and some of the surrounding countries. WHO have stated that according to Chinese authorities, the virus in question can cause severe illness in some patients and does not transmit readily between people.”

China, using the WHO (World Health Organisation), peddled false information.  Neighbouring countries were already dealing with the virus and person to person transmission. Scientists noted:

“There are already some sequence discrepancies between various Chinese groups releasing virus sequence information.”

At the same meeting, a report from Taiwan about a woman who had flown into Taiwan from Wuhan:

“Symptom onset was on the 5th January 2020, she developed fever with a chill, sore throat and headache. She then went to the local health facility and received some medication.  On the 8th January, she took a direct flight from Wuhan to Thailand together with her 5 family members in a tour group of 16 tourists. She was transferred to Bamrasnaradura, Infectious Disease Institute for isolation. “

“Reports suggest airport entry screening has been introduced by Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Singapore. There is a direct flight from Wuhan to the UK three times a week.”

By 13th January, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore were screening incoming flights from China, by February they were already successfully dealing with the virus; they had no need for lockdown neither did they advocate herd immunity.

The CCP were involved in a concerted effort to spread disinformation using the WHO. Leaked footage from Wuhan early in January, showed people being dragged to quarantine centres or locked in their apartments by operatives in Hazmat suits and breathing equipment, whilst the authorities were struggling to remove these images from the internet. The wet markets and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were ‘bleached’ of evidence. Key scientific personnel, researchers and doctors were ‘disappeared’ or silenced. Dr Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, who leaked information on Covid-19 person to person contagion, was arrested by the Chinese authorities and forced to sign documentation that his claims were false. He was eventually released, but died of Coronavirus in January. The CCP now describe him as ‘a Martyr’.

“I think there should be more than one voice in a healthy society, and I don’t approve of using public power for excessive interference,” – Doctor Li – born 1986 – died January 2020

In the two weeks from January 9th, at least 2000 people arrived on direct flights from Wuhan City into London with no checks on arrival. Chris Whitty, scientific advisor to the British government, was asked why incoming flights were not screened or flights halted:

“Every country does this slightly differently, that’s always been the case. The screening would not really provide any appreciable increase in benefit for the UK public.”

In China, 56 million people in Hubei province were already in quarantine, yet China’s external borders were open for international flights out of Wuhan.

The government failed to act to protect the public. They appear myopic when dealing with the CCP, viewing them as a benign, rather than a malignant partner. The government chose to ignore the CCP’s human rights abuses, including concentration camps, racial and religious discrimination, organ harvesting from prisoners. It has instead, turned the UK into a conduit through which the CCP can conduct its business and firm up their grip on the worldwide tech market, and, from an important strategic position within the West.

In mid-February Boris Johnson spoke to Xi Jinping, they were;

“resolved to work together across a range of issues including strengthening the economic partnership, to benefit the people of both China and the UK.”

One month later Prime Minister Johnson along with half of his cabinet were ill with Covid-19.


‘Save the NHS’, adverts, bill boards, an internet blitz. It was no longer lockdown to save lives, it was lockdown to save the NHS. A mass recruitment scheme for which 750,000 members of the public signed up to volunteer to help in the first week.

Between 13th January and 17th March, when the government and their scientific advisors had two months to prepare for coronavirus, a different scenario was being played out, one of deception and deceit. The public were being kept in the dark.

At a hearing of the Commons Health Select Committee, March 17th, when questioned by Jeremy Hunt, (former Health Secretary to the government), Sir Patrick Vallance (Government Chief Scientific Adviser) was asked why there was not more comprehensive testing:

Vallance:  “We simply don’t have mass testing available. What can I tell you.”

Hunt:  “Looking at other countries, the one that people think has had the most success is South Korea, they are testing 10 times more people a day.”

Vallance:  “I think we need a big increase in testing, and that’s what I am pushing it for very hard”.

In the second half of the Commons Health Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt quoted from a message he had received from a doctor on the front line treating coronavirus patients in a major UK hospital:

“One week ago I was wearing full personal protective equipment, now we’ve been told not to bother with any of that, contradicting WHO guidance. I am terrified, I can’t bear the thought of infecting other patients with a disease that could kill them.”

Vallance:  “That’s a question that needs to go to the NHS as they organise a response to this. It is important that we get the proportionality right in terms of where protective equipment is needed and where it is not, because one of the things that is a risk, is if we go to the wrong place on protective equipment it hampers all those or other parts of healthcare delivery. That is not a question I am in a position to answer, that is one that the NHS need to.”

Hospital staff were sent to work without PPE under the most extreme conditions. They were asked to treat patients not knowing if they themselves had the infection, or whether they would catch it and potentially pass it on to their patients.

South Korea not only had the disease under control, they had implemented track and trace and were successfully treating symptoms. In addition, their infection rates were falling, despite no lockdown having been imposed. Their Deputy Minister for Health and Welfare, Kim Gang-lip, said of lockdown methods of virus control:

“Such an approach is close-minded, coercive, and inflexible.”

British scientists appeared unwilling to talk about the success of South Korea and Taiwan or follow their example. Perhaps this was the diplomatic line from the British government who did not want to appear to endorse regimes not approved of by the PRC  There was a reluctance to take advice or look at the models from non-Western democratic nations who had successfully dealt with the most important initial stages of infection. The UK seemed more worried about souring its relationship with China, one of its major business partners, rather than saving the lives of its electorate.

Britain has become the conduit through which all things Chinese travel. The British government had no choice other than to tailor their policy to their lack of PPE, firstly choosing herd immunity to buy time, then imposing lockdown because they were struggling to get PPE for hospitals and care staff. The government decided the best country from which to acquire these supplies was China.

In August 2019, CGNPG (China General Nuclear Power Group) a Chinese state owned company and 3 of its subsidiaries, were placed on ‘The Entity List’, a blacklist of companies the US has prohibited business with, citing that they may be “engaged in or enabled efforts to acquire advanced U.S. nuclear technology and material for diversion to military uses in China.” and further, “Acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

No such caution has been adopted by the British government. The CGNPG has a 33% stake in the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant development, the 635 acre site in Somerset (UK) has continued construction throughout lockdown. Hinkley gives Beijing access to the UK’s power system and will supply 7% of the UK’s electricity, and costs are now estimated to overrun to £22.5 billion. In Suffolk, amid huge local opposition, a planning application for ‘Sizewell C’ a replica plant, is about to be sent in by the same partnership of French firm EDF and CGNPG. The West are in an economic and propaganda war with the CCP, the British government is China’s useful idiot.

On 17th March in the same Commons Health Select Committee, Jeremy Hunt questioned NHS chiefs, including Sir Simon Stevens (Chief Executive, NHS England and NHS Improvement). Hunt had received two messages from doctors, the first, working in a London hospital A&E read:

“it’s absolute carnage in A&E utter chaos, we don’t have any proper PPE, we’ve been given paper masks, not the gowns, not the FFP3 masks we need and not everyone even gets those. Literally, the doctors are seeing the sickest patients, the ones with suspected heart attacks, PE, sepsis, and all they have to protect themselves is a bit of paper across their mouth, I’m in shock, I feel like they’re being thrown to the wolves here. Some of us are going to die.”

Another doctor from Luton and Dunstable:

“I’m treating patients who are perhaps presenting for a broken ankle and then suddenly start coughing all over you, you’re breathing in an aerosol spray of droplets and not even wearing a mask, just scrubs and a plastic apron.”

Jeremy Hunt:  “Sir Simon, should the NHS have a policy that all staff should be wearing PPE equipment in hospitals where there is a reasonable chance they are going to come in contact with a Covid -19 patient?”

Simon Stevens: “We are guided by the specialists of Public Health England. We have 28 million face masks in production.”

Policy was that only NHS staff members that were ‘symptomatic’ would be tested. There were neither the supplies nor the logistical skills to distribute the PPE available.  Matt Hancock, the current Health Secretary was not present at this meeting.

The NHS had only 3,700 critical care beds and were at 90% capacity. It was the government’s intention to test, but they did not have the capacity. They had an intention to supply PPE, but no capability.

Vallance was waiting for an antibody test to be developed, magically they became available from China,  £20 million was spent on ordering these tests from the first Chinese firm that had the capacity to licence, produce and export.  Unfortunately on arrival in the UK, those tests proved not to be viable. The UK are still chasing their money, along with refunds for 250 ventilators that arrived from China described as ‘dangerous’ because of having problems with oxygen flows, and other PPE bought from China was also found to be faulty.

Covid-19 fatalities – South Korea vs United Kingdom.

South Korea – Population 50million Deaths so far: 256

United Kingdom – Population 67million Deaths so far: 32,000


Whilst many NHS staff where feeling desperate and abandoned without PPE protection, the government requested there be a show of solidarity and appreciation. Citizens were requested to stand on their doorsteps to ‘Clap for NHS’. There was general compliance. ‘Engine’ an ad agency, designed an emoji for it. Once a week, the sound echos round empty streets, a demonstration of the public acknowledging their own existence, the cheering and bashing of pans goes on for just a little too long until it becomes something like desperation.  In a mental awareness initiative by ITV media, NHS staff were encouraged to clap the public.

Stalin, Mao, Xi Jinping, now the British government. It is a natural progression. In 2017 the Chinese developed an app called, “Clap for Xi Jinping”.

“It is really revolutionary in the sense that it induces people to participate in an act of adulation. The individual becomes a part of propaganda – and even, potentially, enjoys the experience,” – David Bandurski, co-director University of Hong Kong, China Media Project.

Engineer Yang Kaiwen on the clap app:

”it looks like a kind of entertainment propaganda.  It’s just a tool of the cult of Xi.”

The army were called in to help with NHS logistical management of PPE, it described what they found as “appalling”,

‘We know how knackered their systems are, but we’ve been surprised we’ve not been called in to help more, and we’ve been surprised by their failure to ration.”

The NHS was founded in 1948 by the then Labour Government Health Minister Aneurin Bevan. It is firmly embedded in that party’s consciousness as their creation. In 1997 New Labour won a landslide victory in the general election. One of their campaign slogans was ‘Save the NHS’. Two years later this became ‘competition and choice’ as Tony Blair implemented a pro-business agenda, introducing competition through private industry. Large corporations and big pharma began providing services.

“The NHS is being softened up for privatisation which, all along, was the real purpose of the NHS act 2012. Last year seven out of ten NHS contracts have gone to the private sector.”

– Kailash Chand – Vice President of the BMA (British Medical Association)

This year government spending on the NHS is coming in at £134 billion. The NHS has been under strain for decades. Since 1948, the population has increased by 25%, from 47 million to now near 67 million. Of all jobs in the public sector the NHS employs over 30% of them.

The campaign has turned NHS staff into demigods, gladiators being sent into the Coliseum, an arena of death and sacrifice. Posters, press, even NHS staff themselves have been used to promote and propagandise. There is managed ‘pandemic-speak’, mistakes have become ‘mis-steps’, lies have become ‘mis-information’.

Boris Johnson’s ‘story’ was cleverly coupled with that of the NHS. It is difficult to criticise someone who is recovering from a life-threatening virus, even if they did seem to bring it on themselves by shaking hands with patients. That’s the spirit Boris. It would be interesting to learn what medicines were used to treat the PM and if they are readily available for other patients on the NHS. On leaving hospital the Prime Minister declared, “The NHS saved my life”.

Most years the NHS is unable to cope with the average flu epidemic and is often described as overstretched and underfunded. In 2016 the government carried out a stress test to see if the NHS could deal with a pandemic. It concluded that if an outbreak were to occur, the health service would have a shortage of PPE and critical care beds.  These findings proved to be correct.

In a speech in the House of Commons in January, Matt Hancock Health Secretary announced:

“The Chief Medical Officer continues to advise that the risk to the UK population is “low” and has concluded that while there is an increased likelihood that cases may arise in this country, we are well prepared and well equipped to deal with them.”

The government considered themselves equipped for a flu epidemic, they were however ill-equipped for a pandemic. In the UK the statistics are bleak, once you are on a ventilator with Covid -19, the chances of not making it out of the ICU are around 80%, higher than in most other countries. Doctors and scientists in South Korea practice early intervention to alleviate symptoms. From one of the most highly regarded peer to peer journals in the US – ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’;

“Social distancing, isolation, and reluctance to present to the hospital may contribute to poor outcomes.”

Scientists are always getting their fingers burned, it’s a hazard of the profession, so don’t be surprised if politicians throw them under a bus after this is all over.


The press has been relatively muted and cautious in criticism of the government, as have the opposition Labour Party. Mainstream woke media did not want the government to close borders, this goes against their pro-immigration, globalist corporate agenda. There is no longer talk of removing the BBC licence fee charged to the public, the government need the press, the press need the government’s advertising revenue.

Since lockdown, the only recourse to the public to regain human rights is through the courts. This becomes difficult when you can be arrested for being outside. The court system is expensive and time consuming and only available to the few who can afford it or can raise capital through crowd-funding. Challenges are already being attempted against the government lockdown.


The nation has been sent to the naughty corner. Worse, it has been asked to inform on friends and neighbours in order to ‘Save the NHS’.  The public are not allowed to sit down in a park anymore, the police move them on. Even the Stasi would be embarrassed by these tactics. This cuts down on crime statistics so it’s a win win for the government. Luckily, for the most part, the great British public ignore the instruction to ‘inform’,  it defies logic that it could possibly be dangerous to take a walk, alone.

The government has a primary weapon. Fear. Fear and enforcement. It has even threatened a ‘second wave‘ of fear, if the first were not enough. This ensures the population stay in their homes as much as possible, and more importantly, stay off the streets; the public can’t demonstrate or ask questions, and thousands have been fined because they have.  There are multiple clips on social media of over-zealous policing.  A demonstration at Whitehall, London, was quickly dispersed with the help of the ‘Emergency Powers Act’ which has a two-year timeline.


Divide and rule. The nation is divided into those who can work and those who can’t.  Those who can’t are divided into those who are getting money for not doing much, and those who are getting no money at all, and either going bankrupt, or asking friends for loans. The government has over-hyped a brand and manipulated the public so it can walk through its flawed policies. Covid-19 is political, it is weaponised. This is a highly charged environment and Covid-19 will be spun to obscure and to obfuscate what governments cannot control or deal with when their policy fails. Politicians have used the NHS as leverage.

The longer this lockdown continues the more politicised this virus will become, and the more power the government will take from the population through over-regulation. They have turned the NHS, a sacred cow, into an icon.

In reality, this ship was launched with a hole in it, and has been sinking ever since, intermittently patched up and set adrift, this time bailed out by government spin doctors and an ad agency. Cult NHS will allow the government to keep the lockdown in place as long as it wants, or reimpose it without too much public unrest. It has encouraged power without responsibility, the public were blindsided by a government who turned the virus into a weapon against its own population.

The British public have been played, and the CCP have played the British government. Neither the government, Mullenlowe Group, nor mainstream media represent the peoples’ voice however much they try to convince the public that they do. The people have been silenced. It is how the CCP silences their population, through propaganda, enforcement and ultimately imprisoning their citizens. The damage done by lockdown will far exceed any done by the virus itself, because it has shown just how easily democracy can be turned on its head. This is not about health, it is about power. You begin to understand why American citizens don’t want to lose their 2nd Amendment rights.

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Authored by Gilbert Mercier, via News Junkie Post…

This is a partial transcript of an interview of Gilbert Mercier with Kollibri Terre Sonnenblum, host of Radio Free Sunroot, on May 5, 2020. The following excerpt was transcribed by Kollibri.

Kollibri: We’re at a point now with this pandemic where capitalism is facing a crisis, perhaps an existential crisis.

Gilbert: To me, this is excellent and it’s an opportunity for people like you and me, and a bunch of other people worldwide, to raise the consciousness level of the population… What people do not realize in Europe is that in the US — as revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic because of the levels of victims — there is a third world country within what is supposed to be the number one power in the world. Which is only the number one power in the world because it’s an empire and because of its military. So we need to do some serious thinking.

The economy is completely shot. It’s only surviving because there was a massive injection of money that doesn’t exist. Money that is printed. Money that is not backed by anything… The US is in the hole another $6 trillion, to be added on to what was already $22 trillion. Now that’s some serious money. China is doing the same thing. Japan is doing the same thing. Europe just announced that they’re going to go up to the tune of of 2 trillion euros. That is a lot of money. And it’s money that’s not there…

There is the billionaire class, and they are very specific people. The list is given every year by Forbes and Fortune magazines. Right now, maybe it has changed, maybe some of them have lost some of their money. It’s 2,019 people worldwide. Those are the people that are holding 60 percent of the wealth of humanity. So people in the middle class or slightly upper middle class, unfortunately for them, have their retirements in the stock market as a 401k. And there are countries that have their pension plans on the stock market, like the UK and Canada and other countries. They are going to be the victims. But they still think it’s a good system. Why? It’s completely irrational.

Kollibri: It is completely irrational. And it sounds like you what you’ve described to me are three different classes: the billionaire class, the middle class –- what could be called the managerial class –- and then you talked about a third world within the US, which would be another class. Did I get that right?

Gilbert: Yes, absolutely. The thing is, with that third class, there is always –-and you know this because you are American –- there is always the color divide. Even though this country had a black president for eight years, it’s still a racist country.

In 2016, I overheard a little conversation between a hillbilly redneck in the Trumpistan part of the country where I live at the moment. The conversation went as follows. They were laughing, and they said, “well, we wouldn’t want that b-word, Clinton, to win, but at least we will not have an n-word president in the White House anymore.” And they thought that was hilarious.

There’s a lot of very poor white folks who, in order to make ends meet, need to have two or three minimum wage jobs. So you see, to me, it’s a subterfuge. To me, there’s a lot more in common between Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos, than between ordinary people, in terms of wealth. The real divide is really wealth. It’s a capitalist divide.

There’s something very stale, unfortunately, about Karl Marx. But there’s something extremely valid in a socialist approach to things, in terms of social organization, which of course has to be done in terms of the climate crisis, which is still very much around. Last month was the warmest April on record worldwide. The ice caps are still melting. We have the COVID-19 crisis, but that’s only one aspect of things. To me, what is valuable about this COVID-19 problem and the lockdown is that it gives people time to reflect on the way they want their life to go, the kind of world that their children might have to deal with. It’s interesting and hopefully some good things will come out of it.

Kollibri: I think about this partly in terms of, for example, the physical equipment of our system, too. An oil well is not something you can just shut down and then start up again. If you shut an oil well down, it might not be able to get started again. That’s just how these things work. So it strikes me that the longer our system is down, or disabled at least partially, the less of a chance there is that it’s going to be able to start fully up again, and that would be good news.

Gilbert: Absolutely. The thing is, oil has become worthless as a commodity, and maybe it’s time for people to realize that the oil should be left underground, where it belongs. And that all the corn that is used to make ethanol to add to gas, that should be a polyculture, which is obviously the way to go. It’s always been the way to go. But the origin of the problem is the Industrial Revolution, which got Capitalism going at a speed that has been so destructive…

Kollibri: I want to read a quick sentence out of one your recent essays here. You wrote: “The COVID-19 Great Depression upon us might be Capitalism’s end game and the birth of a new global ecosocialist era, based on social equality, real democracy with sound governance, zero economic growth, zero global military spending and respectful harmony with what is left of the natural world.”

Gilbert: This is meant to be a kind of call for what could be a global eco-socialist manifesto… The Green New Deal is completely bogus. It mimics the New Deal of WWII: FDR was no socialist. Also, it echoes the absurdity of Jeremy Corbyn, who is supposed to be a Marxist but is not. He talks about a Green Industrial Revolution. Talk about an oxymoron. It cannot be industrial… We need a global movement… We need a combination of red, which is socialist, and green, which is ecological, as a real green movement. The principles are really simple. As a matter of fact, the motto of the French Revolution of 1789 is liberté, égalité, fraternité, which is easy to understand. In English, it is is liberty, equality, brotherhood. To me, those three principles are completely valid.

Kollibri: That would have to be at the heart of however we move forward and it seems as those values are, I would dare to say, instinctual to humans.

Gilbert: Completely. But the way that government is reacting to this crisis is very disturbing… Why can’t everybody get tested? Why can’t we divest from all the military in the world, invest in health care, and give free health care to all? Why can’t we invest money in education: not only high school level, but also university education? Free, like it is in France! Why can’t we do that?

Kollibri: In the United States, the military is the biggest expense on our books that prevents us from doing anything sensible.

Gilbert: Between the Pentagon and the hidden budgets like the CIA, the military sucks away $1 trillion a year. The US is not alone. Russia is bad. China is getting there. It’s bad everywhere… What gets manufactured in the US? Weapons systems and what else? Oh, some poisons, like Round-Up. That’s what gets manufactured in the US. The other stuff that is manufactured, which profits US companies like Apple and so on, is manufactured where labor costs less: China, India, Vietnam. This is the problem with globalization and global capitalism. But the good news is, right now, COVID-19 has put a really nasty wrench into this….

Editor’s Notes: Gilbert Mercier is the author of The Orwellian Empire. This partial transcript courtesy of Kollibri Terre Sonnenblume was originally published on his website Macska Moksha. Photographs one, two, five and six by Jeanne Menjoulet; photograph three from the archive of Chris Devers; photograph four by Adam Cohn; and photograph seven by Gilbert Mercier.

Listen to the full interview below.


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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the stunning involvement of former US President Barack Obama in the Russiagate hoax that paralyzed the US government for more than three years.

The forced release of under oath, interview transcripts, by corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff, reveals a plot by the DOJ, FBI and Obama White House to prevent President Trump from executing his duties as the newly elected United States President, starting with the destruction and defamation of Michael Flynn, and extending to a bogus Russia election interference investigation.

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Via Sara Carter…

“This is a cabal of liars of the Obama administration senior officials,” said Sara Carter, a Fox News contributor and host of “The Sara Carter Show” on Fox News’s show “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday.

“And you have to ask yourself one question. They all stuck with the same exact propaganda, the same exact his information, that the Trump administration, that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia, even though they had no evidence whatsoever, and they manufactured that evidence against the president.”

“And this is why all of them need to be investigated” explained Carter. “What they did here is not only in effect of our national security, they basically told a lie across the globe and divided our nation for more than three years, and eventually someone is going to pay the price for this. And I think this is exactly why John Durham and Attorney General William Barr are conducting this investigation so thoroughly, because what they did was a crime against the American people.

“Why is it that Obama asks Comey and Yates, how should we treat Michael Flynn? Why does he ask that question to them in a private meeting in the Oval Office?” asked Raymond Arroyo, who hosted “The Ingraham Angle’ on Friday.

“I think that is pretty evident, because he along with Michael Flynn had a very divisive relationship,” responded Carter. “When Michael Flynn challenged him on the narrative that he was spreading that Al Qaeda was on the run and that ISIS was just this jayvee team, Michael Flynn was not going to accept that. He also was not going to accept the fact that there were serious problems within the intelligence community, and he challenged President Obama on that. I think in the beginning it was a good relationship. I remember that, they had a good relationship, and then it broke apart.”

“A lot of people don’t remember, was that meeting that President Trump, very first meeting he had with President Obama at the White House,” continued Sara Carter. “When President Obama put a seed in President Trump’s head, saying, I only have one person I want to warn you about, and that is Mike Flynn. And the reason they wanted Mike Flynn out was because he was the only one in the administration that really understood the intelligence community, and he was going to catch all of them and what they were doing, which was what they were trying to do was break the administration apart and remove President Trump.”


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This is a follow up to my recent article about David Icke and the spurious criticism it received. The best way to do this is to go through some of the comments. The following quotes are verbatim.

“Icke got banned for telling the truth.”

No, he appears to have been banned for ignoring repeated warnings about making ill-advised comments on the coronavirus.

“So The Duran now advocates for censorship?”

Not as far as I know, and neither do I, but many people don’t understand what censorship is, or free speech. David Icke and others like him have no problem branding the rich and famous child sex abusers, Satanists, even mass murderers, yet if you accused Icke of kicking his dog he’d probably sue you for defamation. Icke has in fact been sued for defamation, successfully. He alleged Canadian lawyer Richard Warman had sought to suppress his “exposure” of Satanic ritual child abuse.  That action was concluded in 2015 with Icke shelling out a tidy sum.

Defamation isn’t a free speech issue, although things can get complicated. The British politician Jeffrey Archer was awarded half a million pounds in libel damages against a newspaper that claimed he’d had sex with a prostitute. A decade later the truth came out, and Archer ended up in criminal court.

My own view is that in the age of social media, it is largely a waste of time and resources for anyone to sue for defamation unless the defamatory material is both extremely gross and is published by a mainstream source that is generally regarded as above reproach. We have seen with the years’ long lie campaign against Donald Trump that little if any of the American media can now be so regarded.

Another point here, when someone is the victim of an especially gross libel by a “fringe” source, the usual course of action is to ignore it. Some people, including David Icke, see this as vindication: “If Lord Rothschild really is not a blood-drinking lizard, why doesn’t he sue me?”

Yeah, right.

“The author is severly misinformed about the Hampstead child abuse case…”

No, he is not. I met some of the people who supported and still support this garbage. To a man and woman they are batshit crazy.

“re: Hampstead case. Below is a compilation of police interviews…”

The author goes on to link a YouTube video, one that should not be on YouTube because all these videos were ordered to be removed by the Family Court and later by the Crown Court.

Again, this is not a free speech issue. The two kids in these videos are supposed to be protected, not blighted for the rest of their lives.

The author of the same comment goes on to parrot the usual claims about the late Jimmy Savile. Like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, Savile is said to have been a serial rapist. A High Court judge found he had committed over thirty rapes. Yet like Cosby and Weinstein there was not one contemporaneous police report or medical report to validate even one of these allegations. What does that suggest?

“The protocols of the learned elders of Zion are genuine…”

No, they’re not.

“It saddened me quite deeply to read this article by ‘The Darkman’ on The Duran. Hurling accusations at Mr. Icke, without demonstrating precisely where he went wrong is without merit. “

No, your comprehension is wrong. Here is what I actually said about Icke:

“If your information about David Icke comes only from the mainstream media, don’t believe a word: he is no anti-Semite, no hate preacher, and no madman. Rather, he means well but is extremely gullible… Primarily, David Icke is a modern mystic, and should always be viewed as such.”

I also provide documentation on that. Is this what the mainstream media and powerful Jewish groups say about Icke, seriously?

“Banning Icke and others like him is a sign of weakness, not strength.”

I have never said Icke should be banned. I have suffered far more legalised persecution than he has. In 1996, an attempt was made by a powerful Jewish organisation to have me thrown in gaol for having the temerity to expose and document their lies. I was actually arrested. Has Icke ever been arrested?

Like most everyone else, I find the current situation troubling, but the governments of the world are caught between a rock and a hard place. If the coronavirus turns out to be the second coming of the Great Plague, tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, could die. On the other hand, if it turns out to be no worse than common or garden influenza, the global shutdown will do enormous economic damage. Clearly to take the extreme position is the lesser of evils.

The situation with the virus remains ambiguous, one group of experts contradicting another. Under those circumstances it is reasonable that someone like Icke who had a massive subscriber base on YouTube be asked to refrain from adding ill-informed speculation to the existing debate. He ignored that warning, and has now paid the price.

Don’t feel too sorry for him, this ban will only enhance his martyr status.

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss how Germany’s Constitutional Court upheld several complaints against the European Central Bank’s purchase of government bonds under a program started in 2015 and meant to boost EU economies and hold inflation to just below 2%. The ruling by Germany’s supreme court was the result of years of debate over the role of the eurozone’s central bank.

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Via DW…

The highest court in the European Union lashed out on Friday after Germany’s top court deemed one of its rulings to be not legally binding.

In a sharp rebuke of the German Constitutional Court (BVerfG), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) asserted that it alone had jurisdiction over the European Central Bank (ECB).

“In order to ensure that EU law is applied uniformly, the Court of Justice (ECJ) alone … has jurisdiction to rule that an act of an EU institution is contrary to EU law,” a statement said.

“Divergences between courts of the member states as to the validity of such acts would indeed be liable to place in jeopardy the unity of the EU legal order and to detract from legal certainty.

“Like other authorities of the member states, national courts are required to ensure that EU law takes full effect. That is the only way of ensuring the equality of member states in the Union they created.”

German ruling

The rebuke came after the German court controversially ruled that the ECJ had simply rubber-stamped ECB policy with confusing argumentation.

The BVerfG upheld several complaints against the ECB’s bond purchasing program started in 2015 that was meant to boost the economy and stoke inflation toward closer to 2%. It did not cover newer policies on the coronavirus. It said the program was beyond the mandate of the ECB and said the German central bank must quit the scheme within three months unless the ECB can prove its necessity.

The program is credited with having ended the eurozone debt crisis, however, some critics argue it flooded markets with cheap money and encouraged government overspending.

The German ruling stoked fears that it could be used for anti-EU efforts by the nationalist governments of European Union member states such as Hungary and Poland.

There are also fears the decision could help raise objections to a new bond-buying scheme meant to support Italy, Spain and others from economic ruin due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The policy of buying up government bonds is meant to push private investors towards riskier investments.

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Submitted by Paul Antonopoulos via Greek City Times…

“The Killing of a Migrant at the Greek-Turkish Border.” This was the title of Germany’s Der Spiegel article that had many ‘holes’ in its narrative, despite the insistence by one of its authors, Giorgos Christidis, that there is “little doubt he was killed by a Greek bullet.”

Little doubt? I would say that there is a big doubt.

So what is the claim?

On March 4 at the peak of Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s attempt to asymmetrically invade Greece with illegal immigrants, Muhammad Gulzar, a Pakistani who had previously lived in Greece and was told by his boss Nikolaos Tzokanis to not re-enter illegally, was shot and killed at Evros on the Greek-Turkish border. Der Spiegel claims the “evidence overwhelmingly suggests that the bullet came from a Greek firearm.”

So what is their evidence? Testimonials from immigrants from the Turkish side of the border and extremely blurry photos of Greek soldiers holding guns.

This is what Der Spiegel, in partnership with Light House Reports, Forenseic Architecture, and Bellingcat, which billionaire open borders advocate George Soros partially funds via the Open Society Foundation, could muster for “evidence.”

They used Turkish state-funded TRT World as part of their evidence. How could we forget that TRT World were already exposed for fake news and their claims debunked during the migrant crisis in February and March. This is the very same TRT World who published old photos from November 2019 and reported they were from March; released videos of illegal migrants laughing when TRT World reporter Semir Sejfovic pretended to be shot at by Greek police; and, who claimed illegal immigrants were stripped by Greek authorities, which later photos proved was a lie.

Turkish – Greek Border, Mar. 2020: A reporter for TRT WORLD, a Turkish public station, falls to the ground to “dodge the bullets” that are allegedly fired at him by Greek police, while the migrants around him laugh at his theatrics and just walk around! @SejfovicSemir pic.twitter.com/vbRtKCHi1D

— Mike Kevrekidis (@Makis_Kevrekidi) May 9, 2020

We remind our readers that Turkey is one of the lowest ranked countries for media freedoms in the world, is the second most susceptible country surveyed in Europe and the surrounding region to fake news, has the most journalists jailed in the whole world, and 90% of media is government controlled. But these facts went beyond the German media agency.

Der Spiegel uses testimonies from illegal immigrants, but even this must be questioned for an agenda.

For example, some illegal immigrants do not hide their disdain for Greece. One example is Ali Muhammad from Afghanistan, who proudly boasted “We love Turkey. We do not like Greece at all,” despite trying to enter Greece.

Let’s not forget that in the 1990’s, the then president of Turkey, Turgut Özal provocatively said: “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few million immigrants and finish with them.”

Some illegal immigrants did not know they were being used by Erdoğan to pressurise Greece. Just a day before the Der Spiegel article, The Guardian spoke with other migrants trying to enter Greece illegally. Rima, a 45-year-old Syrian, said that she “understood we were being used” by Turkey the moment she saw migrants were refused entry into Greece.

Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, an MP from the People’s Democratic Party and a member of the Human Rights Commission in Turkey, told the Guardian that refugees at Pazarkule had been used as political pawns.

However it must be kept in mind that while some migrants did not know they were political pawns, others were actively participating and were caught engaging in anti-Greek hoaxes with Semir Sejfovic and TRT World. Therefore the validity of testimonies collected by Der Spiegel, needs to be scrutinised since fake news has been well documented by TRT World and from the migrants.

Let’s move to the next issue.

Der Speigel says images from Greek television station Skai TV, show Greek soldiers near where Gulzar was shot and killed carrying an FN Minimi, M4 and/or M16 semi-automatic weapons, which fire 5.56-millimetre caliber bullets. The German news agency claims that  5.56-millimetre bullets were found inside Gulzar’s body.

The proof that Greek soldiers were carrying 5.56-millimetre bullet weapons? Extremely grainy and pixelated footage. Let’s examine the first one.

You can barely make out that this might be an M4 or M16 Rifle with 5.56-millimetre caliber.

Did Der Spiegel not consider that the rifle being held by the Greek soldier in their “evidence” is most likely a Heckler & Koch G3?

It is more probable that the soldier they took a screen grab of, is carrying the G3 – why?

Greek infantry were the overwhelming majority of Greek Army forces at the Evros border, and as the Greek Army website shows, the infantry do not use 5.56-millimetre caliber M4’s or M16’s, but use the 7.62-millimetre caliber G3 that is locally produced in Greece.

In fact, it is the main weapon used by the Greek Army.

The second screen grab that Der Spiegel uses is of a soldier supposedly holding an FN Minimi, which they had to acknowledge could also be a 7.62-millimetre caliber.

In addition, the gun could also be an FN MAG, an extremely similar looking gun to the FN Minimi, that is 7.62-millimetre caliber and also used by the Greek military.

Der Spiegel claimed that an M16 was held by the soldier in the screen grab based off an extremely blurry image, and did not consider that it is likely the Greek infantry standard Heckler & Koch G3 that is locally produced, was in fact being held.

They also claimed, again from an extremely blurry image, that a Greek soldier was holding an FN Minimi, which they had to acknowledge could also be a 7.62-millimetre caliber, but did not consider it could have also been an FN MAG 7.62-millimetre caliber.

What else did Der Spiegel not consider?

They did not consider the possibility that it could have been a Turkish soldier who shot Gulzar.

Why was this never considered?

Both Der Spiegel and Bellingcat insisted that a 5.56-millimetre bullet killed the Pakistani national. It is well known that the Gendarmerie (Jandarma) were the main Turkish force at the Evros border during the migrant crisis.

Turkey’s Gendarmerie mostly use the Heckler & Koch G41 and a locally produced Heckler & Koch HK33, among others, that use 5.56-millimetre bullets.

This makes a mockery of Der Spiegel’s claim that the “evidence overwhelmingly suggests that the bullet came from a Greek firearm.”

As Gergerlioğlu told The Guardian, “Those people who died, [were] wounded, became miserable, lost their belongings, are just casualties for Erdoğan. He can construct such a game again.”

Why did Der Spiegel not pursue this possibility? It appears they have an anti-Greek agenda.

It also raises the question, why did Der Spiegel not contact the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)?

Two days before the death of Gulzar, Frontex announced in a statement that it “has already increased surveillance capacity at the Greek borders.”

It would be assumed that any investigation into the death of Gulzar would also include Frontex’s account of that day.

When Greek City Times reached out to Frontex, they responded saying “We are not in a position to comment on this incident, we suggest to contact the Greek authorities directly.”

Although Frontex were unwilling to speak about the alleged shooting by Greek forces and felt confident enough to direct us to Greek authorities instead, it still raises the question on why Der Spiegel did not reach out to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency operating on the Greek-Turkish border region – one would imagine this would be a critical part of their evidence gathering.

Greek City Times reached out to Greek authorities, but at the time of publication they had not responded back – we will however report back if they do contact us.

The Greek government did release a statement though.

The Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesperson, Stelios Petsas, said “No new evidence is being presented today. So why is all this being replicated, two months later? Waging disinformation campaigns is nothing new for Turkey. Thankfully the international community understands the full extent of Turkey’s methods and practices.”

Corroborating Petsas’ account and as mentioned earlier in this article, TRT World were already exposed for producing fake news in regards to the migrant crisis.

There are of course the famous examples of the 1955 Thessaloniki bombing hoax that led to Turkey’s Istanbul pogrom against the Greek minority and the 1958 bomb hoax blamed on Greek Cypriots – among many, many others.

Att: @derspiegel & reporters of the Turkish border events
Hasn’t history taught you anything?
“September events” of 1955 for example, a Turkish usher planted a bomb at the </div></dd>
<dt id=Russiagate hoax blown wide open as Schiff’s lies compared with transcripts [Video]

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This news this piece carries is so important that we include two videos with it. The Russiagate hoax was blown to bits on Friday, May 8th. V-E Day in the West might well be also called V-T day for the United States. Honestly, it ought to be V-T day for the world, and for Russia in particular, because now, more than ever, the folly of sanctions is obvious.

The release of the FBI transcripts reveals a plot by the very real Deep State to prevent President Trump from being elected, and further, to impair or destroy his presidency, once elected by picking off anyone close to him, in an effort to eventually drive him out of office by innuendo over fabricated Russian “connections.”

The basic truth of the transcripts is that the very people that Adam Schiff, especially, insinuated as key witnesses TO the FACT of collusion actually stated very clearly – to a person! – that they had NO such evidence as the result of any interviews or interrogations conducted against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

This is not just the latest hype or political wordplay. This is as simple as determining a murderer’s guilt as positive while the supposedly dead victim walks alive into the courtroom. It is really that blatant. Tucker Carlson has the first video we refer to, because he outlines a great many of the truths that came to light when the transcript was released:

However, it does not stop there. Dr. Steven Turley also adds some tremendous insight as he chronicles the story of General Flynn from the beginning to where it stands now, with the US Justice Department having just dropped all its charges against the General. This of course follows the rescinding of Flynn’s own guilty plea.

The Left is playing this as usual, saying that this is President Trump manipulating the government like some sort of despot (“General Flynn admitted guilt, twice!” – The New York Times).

Talk about being selective.

Why is this important geopolitically?

It may seem rather spurious for us on a geopolitical magazine to be reporting positively about the “intensely disliked hegemony” of the United States. However, this is an extremely serious matter. It has geopolitcal ramifications. Think about all the sanctions that have been leveled against Russia for no good reason, but instead, based on the rumor of collusion and general scapegoating of Russia. Why did so many sanctions get put against Russia? Answer: The Russiagate hoax. But what else?

The answer is not because Russia actually did anything wrong. It is because Russia has nothing that the United States’ powerful elite want. Russia has one thing that the elite in the US don’t want, though, and that is an ascendant and re-emerging Christian empire. While Russia has no resources that the United States deems economically valuable, it has its feet ever more firmly planted in a Christian traditional worldview and that doesn’t fly in the wishes of baby-sacrificers like Hillary Clinton (that is not a wild allegation, either!), and anti-Christian-dedicated leaders like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and even regrettably some GOP folks, Lindsey Graham possibly for example.

It should be emphasized that the Deep State may fool many Americans into believing it is right, but Americans who think for themselves usually have zero agreement with elitist policy ideas. Americans do not want war with Russia, or Iran, or North Korea or anywhere else. We are tired of wars over oil or trifles of power.

Real Americans are largely unconcerned about gay rights and abortion, but they are incensed by government interference in their lives, by high taxes, intrusion into the family home and school and they want to be free to worship and pray as they wish.

The Deep State is the opposite notion. Remember when Obama’s Adminstration determined that standing bodies of water in a farm no longer belonged to the farmer? That is just the beginning.

The relationship most Americans have with their government is that they wish for it to leave them alone, and the Constitution of the United States was drafted specifically with that end in mind. The Deep State has largely succeeded at bypassing this founding document and its principles. There are reasons this happened and we will look at that in future works.

Russiagate was the Deep State’s premier attempt to stop President Trump from taking apart the “new world order” the elite had been cobbling together for fifty years. It was effective in hamstringing the President for a time.

At risk is the direction of the American nation. For fifty years the US was nudged closer and closer to a real state of war against Christianity. Even now with the COVID pandemic we see some of the results of this brought to fruition, as Church attendance is deemed “non-essential” and people get arrested (unlawfully in the linked article’s case, as Florida’s governor never issued an order to close churches in his state), or fined for going to services even when they follow the COVID guidelines to the letter. 

However, the risk goes beyond that. The fact that General Flynn was denuded of his personal wealth in fighting false charges (and how will this be amended?) speaks to the great power of corrupt people within the one nation in the world whose government is supposed to be accountable to the people of that nation.

This event and others paralleling it shows that there is indeed a Deep State, a cabal of powerful elites who do not care about the US and its people except as expedient tools for the cabal’s own personal gain.

If such a group can manipulate and dominate American citizens, especially through falsehoods like the Russiagate hoax, there is no limit to the kind of corrupt power they can project. The United States is still the most powerful country in the world. A nuke in the hands of madmen…

The current developments show us that the madmen are among us.

The rest of the world already knew that, but this marks the best chance for the American people to face this facts for themselves.

Of course, many of them will not do this, but the hope is that enough of them will realize that President Trump, like him or not, was savagely targeted by people who have no right to do such a thing. Imagine the outrage if there had been such a conspiracy against President Obama, or President Clinton?

The outrage should be because the US is a nation whose government owes obedience to a document, not a person, nor a political party. Responsible leadership in the United States means being accountable to God the Creator and to the Constitution as the expressed will of the American people.

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Originally published on the Strategic Culture Foundation

75 years ago Germany surrendered to allied forces finally ending the ravages of the Second World War.

Today, as the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of this victory, why not think very seriously about finally winning that war once and for all?

If you’re confused by this statement, then you might want to sit down and take a deep breath before reading on. Within the next 12 minutes, you will likely discover a disturbing fact which may frighten you a little bit: The allies never actually won World War II…

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am eternally thankful for the immortal souls who gave their lives to put down the fascist machine during those bleak years… but the fact is that a certain something wasn’t resolved on the 9th of May, 1945 which has a lot to do with the slow re-emergence of a new form of fascism during the second half of the 20th century and the renewed danger of a global bankers’ dictatorship which the world faces again today.

It is my contention that it is only when we find the courage to really look at this problem with sober eyes, that we will be able to truly honor our courageous forebears who devoted their lives to winning a peace for their children, grandchildren and humanity more broadly.

The Ugly Truth of WWII

I’ll stop beating around the Bush now and just say it: Adolph Hitler or Benito Mussolini were never “their own men”.

The machines they led were never fully under their sovereign control and the financing they used as fuel in their effort to dominate the world did not come from the Banks of Italy or Germany. The technologies they used in petrochemicals, rubber, and computing didn’t come from Germany or Italy, and the governing scientific ideology of eugenics that drove so many of the horrors of Germany’s racial purification practices never originated in the minds of German thinkers or from German institutions.

Were it not for a powerful network of financiers and industrialists of the 1920s-1940s with names such as Rockefeller, Warburg, Montague Norman, Osborn, Morgan, Harriman or Dulles, then it can safely be said that fascism would never have been possible as a “solution” to the economic woes of the post-WWI order. To prove this point, let us take the strange case of Prescott Bush as a useful entry point.

The patriarch of the same Bush dynasty that gave the world two disastrous American presidents (and nearly a third had Donald Trump not annihilated Jeb at the last minute in 2016) made a name for himself funding Nazism alongside his business partners Averell Harrimen and Averell’s younger brother E. Roland Harriman (the latter who was to recruit Prescott to Skull and Bones while both studying at Yale). Not only did Prescott, acting as director of Brown Brothers Harriman, provide valuable loans to keep the bankrupt Nazi party afloat during Hitler’s loss of support in 1932 when the German population voted into office the anti-Fascist General Kurt von Schleicher as Chancellor, but was even found guilty for “Trading with the enemy” as director of Union Banking Corporation in 1942!

That’s right! As demonstrated in the 1992 Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, eleven months after America entered WWII, the Federal Government naturally conducted an investigation of all Nazi banking operations in the USA and wondered why Prescott continued to direct a bank which was so deeply enmeshed with Fritz Thyssen’s Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart of the Netherlands. Thyssen for those who are un-aware is the German industrial magnate famous for writing the book “I Paid Hitler”. The bank itself was tied to a German combine called Steel Works of the German Steel Trust which controlled 50.8% of Nazi Germany’s pig iron, 41.4% of its universal plate, 38.5% of its galvanized steel, 45.5% of its pipes and 35% of its explosives. Under Vesting Order 248, the U.S. federal government seized all of Prescott’s properties on October 22, 1942.

The U.S.-German Steel combine was only one small part of a broader operation as Rockefeller’s Standard Oil had created a new international cartel alongside IG Farben (the fourth largest company in the world) in 1929 under the Young Plan. Owen Young was a JP Morgan asset who headed General Electric and instituted a German debt repayment plan in 1928 that gave rise to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and consolidated an international cartel of industrialists and financiers on behalf of the City of London and Wall Street. The largest of these cartels saw Henry Ford’s German operations merging with IG Farben, Dupont industries, Britain’s Shell and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The 1928 cartel agreement also made it possible for Standard Oil to pass off all patents and technologies for the creation of synthetic gasoline from coal to IG Farben thus allowing Germany to rise from producing merely 300 000 tons of natural petroleum in 1934 to an incredible 6.5 million tons (85% of its total) during WWII! Had this patent/technology transfer not taken place, it is a fact that the modern mechanized warfare that characterized WWII could never have occurred.

Two years before the Young Plan began, JP Morgan had already given a $100 million loan to Mussolini’s newly established fascist regime in Italy- with Democratic Party kingmaker Thomas Lamont playing the role of Prescott Bush in Wall Street’s Italian operation. It wasn’t only JP Morgan who loved Mussolini’s brand of corporate fascism, but Time Magazine’s Henry Luce unapologetically gushed over Il Duce putting Mussolini on the cover of Time eight times between 1923 and 1943 while relentlessly promoting fascism as the “economic miracle solution for America” (which he also did in his other two magazines Fortune and Life). Many desperate Americans, still traumatized from the long and painful depression begun in 1929, had increasingly embraced the poisonous idea that an American fascism would put food on the table and finally find help them find work.

A few words should be said of Brown Brothers Harriman.

Bush’s Nazi bank itself was the spawn of an earlier 1931 merger which took place between Montagu Norman’s family bank (Brown Brothers) and Harriman, Bush and Co. Montague Norman was the Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944, leader of the Anglo-German Fellowship Trust and controller of Germany’s Hjalmar Schacht (Reichsbank president from 1923-1930 and Minister of Economy from 1934-1937). Norman was also the primary controller of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) from its creation in 1930 throughout the entirety of WWII.

The Central Bank of Central Banks

Although the BIS was established under the Young Plan and nominally steered by Schacht as a mechanism for debt repayments from WWI, the Swiss-based “Central Bank of Central Banks” was the key mechanism for international financiers to fund the Nazi machine. The fact that the BIS was under the total control of Montagu Norman was revealed by Dutch Central Banker Johan Beyen who said “Norman’s prestige was overwhelming. As the apostle of central bank cooperation, he made the central banker into a kind of arch-priest of monetary religion. The BIS was, in fact, his creation.”

The founding members of the Board included the private central banks of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium as well as a coterie of 3 private American banks (JP Morgan, First National of Chicago, and First National of New York). The three American banks merged after the war and are today known as Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

In its founding constitution, the BIS, its directors and staff were given immunity from all sovereign national laws and not even authorities in Switzerland were permitted to enter its premises.

This story was conveyed powerfully in the 2013 book Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World.

A Word on Eugenics

Nazi support in the build up to, and during WWII didn’t end with finance and industrial might, but extended to the governing scientific ideology of the third Reich: Eugenics (aka: the science of Social Darwinism as developed by Thomas Huxley’s X Club associate Herbert Spencer and Darwin’s cousin sir Francis Galton decades earlier).

In 1932, New York hosted the Third Eugenics Conference co-sponsored by William Draper Jr (JP Morgan banker, head of General Motors and leading figure of Dillon Read and co) and the Harriman family. This conference brought together leading eugenicists from around the world who came to study America’s successful application of eugenics laws which had begun in 1907 under the enthusiastic patronage of Theodore Roosevelt. Hiding behind the respectable veneer of “science” these high priests of science discussed the new age of “directed evolution of man” which would soon be made possible under a global scientific dictatorship.

Speaking at the conference, leading British Fascist Fairfield Osborn said that eugenics:

“aids and encourages the survival and multiplication of the fittest; indirectly, it would check and discourage the multiplication of the unfitted. As to the latter, in the United States alone, it is widely recognized that there are millions of people who are acting as dragnets or sheet anchors on the progress of the ship of state…While some highly competent people are unemployed, the mass of unemployment is among the less competent, who are first selected for suspension, while the few highly competent people are retained because they are still indispensable. In nature, these less-fitted individuals would gradually disappear, but in civilization, we are keeping them in the community in the hopes that in brighter days, they may all find employment. This is only another instance of humane civilization going directly against the order of nature and encouraging the survival of the un-fittest”.

The dark days of the great depression were good years for bigotry and ignorance as eugenics laws were applied to two Canadian provinces, and widely spread across Europe and America with 30 U.S. states applying eugenics laws to sterilize the unfit. Eugenics’ successful growth was due in large measure to the fierce financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation and the science magazine Nature which had been created in 1865 by T.H. Huxley’s X Club. The Rockefeller Foundation went onto fund German eugenics and most specifically the rising star of human improvement Joseph Mengele.

The Nazi Frankenstein Monster is Aborted

Describing his January 29, 1935 meeting with Hitler, Round Table controller Lord Lothian quoted the Fuhrer’s vision for Aryan co-direction of the New World Order saying:

“Germany, England, France, Italy, America and Scandinavia … should arrive at some agreement whereby they would prevent their nationals from assisting in the industrializing of countries such as China, and India. It is suicidal to promote the establishment in the agricultural countries of Asia of manufacturing industries”

While it is obvious that much more can be said on the topic, the Fascist machine didn’t fully behave the way the Dr. Frankensteins in London wished, as Hitler began to realize that his powerful military machine gave Germany the power to lead the New World Order rather than play second fiddle as mere enforcers on behalf of their Anglo masters in Britain. While many London and Wall Street oligarchs were willing to adapt to this new reality, a decision was made to abort the plan, and try to fight another day.

To do this a scandal was concocted to justify the abdication of pro-Nazi King Edward VIII in 1936 and an appeasing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was replaced with Winston Churchill in 1940. While Sir Winston was a life long racist, eugenicist and even Mussolini-admirer, he was first and foremost a devout British Imperialist and as such would fight tooth and nail to save the prestige of the Empire if it were threatened. Which he did.

The Fascists vs Franklin Roosevelt

Within America itself, the pro-fascist Wall Street establishment had been loosing a war that began the day anti-fascist President Franklin Roosevelt was elected in 1932. Not only had their attempted February 1933 assassination failed, their 1934 coup d’etat plans were also thwarted by a patriotic General named Smedley Darlington Butler. To make matters worse, their efforts to keep America out of the war in the hopes of co-leading the New World Order alongside Germany, France and Italy was also falling apart. A As I outlined in my recent article How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship, between 1933-1939, FDR had imposed sweeping reforms on the banking sector, thwarted a major attempt to create a global Bankers’ dictatorship under the Bank of International Settlements, and mobilized a broad recovery under the New Deal.

By 1941, Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor polarized the American psyche so deeply that resisting America’s entry into WWII as Wall Street’s American Liberty League had been doing up until then, became political suicide. Wall Street’s corporatist organizations were called out by FDR during a powerful 1938 speech as the president reminded the Congress of the true nature of fascism:

“The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power… Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing. This concentration is seriously impairing the economic effectiveness of private enterprise as a way of providing employment for labor and capital and as a way of assuring a more equitable distribution of income and earnings among the people of the nation as a whole.”

While America’s entry into WWII proved a decisive factor in the destruction of the fascist machine, the dream shared by Franklin Roosevelt, Henry Wallace and many of FDR’s closest allies across America, Canada, Europe, China and Russia for a world governed by large-scale development, and win-win cooperation did not come to pass.

Even though FDR’s ally Harry Dexter White led in the fight to shut down the Bank of International Settlements during the July 1944 Bretton Woods conference, the passage of White’s resolutions to dissolve BIS and audit its books were never put into action. While White, who was to become the first head of the IMF, defended FDR’s program to create a new anti-imperial system of finance, Fabian Society leader, and devout eugenicist John Maynard Keynes defended the Bank and pushed instead to redefine the post-war system around a one world currency called the Bancor, controlled by the Bank of England and BIS.

The Fascist Resurgence in the Post-War World

By the end of 1945, the Truman Doctrine and Anglo-American “special relationship” replaced FDR’s anti-colonial vision, while an anti-communist witch hunt turned America into a fascist police state under FBI surveillance. Everyone friendly to Russia was targeted for destruction and the first to feel that targeting were FDR’s close allies Henry Wallace and Harry Dexter White whose 1948 death while campaigning for Wallace’s presidential bid put an end to anti-colonialists running the IMF.

In the decades after WWII, those same financiers who brought the world fascism went straight back to work infiltrating FDR’s Bretton Woods Institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, turning them from tools of development, into tools of enslavement. This process was fully exposed in the 2004 book Confessions of an Economic Hit man by John Perkins.

The European banking houses representing the old nobility of the empire continued through this reconquering of the west without punishment. By 1971, the man whom Perkins exposed as the chief economic hit man George Schultz, orchestrated the removal of the U.S. dollar from the Gold-reserve, fixed exchange rate system director of the Office of Management of Budget and in the same year, the Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group of banks was created to usher in a new age of globalization. This 1971 floating of the dollar ushered in a new paradigm of consumerism, post-industrialism, and de-regulation which transformed the once productive western nations into speculative “post-truth” basket cases convinced that casino principles, bubbles and windmills were substitutes for agro-industrial economic practices.

So here we are in 2020 celebrating victory over fascism.

The children and grandchildren of those heroes of 1945 now find themselves attached to the biggest financial collapse in history with $1.5 quadrillion of fictitious capital ripe to explode under a new global hyperinflation akin to that which destroyed Weimar in 1923, but this time global. The Bank of International Settlements that should have been dissolved in 1945 today controls the Financial Stability Board and thus regulates the world derivatives trade which has become the weapon of mass destruction that has been triggered to unleash more chaos upon the world than Hitler could have ever dreamed.

The saving grace today is that the anti-fascist spirit of Franklin Roosevelt is alive in the form of modern anti-imperialists Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and a growing array of nations united under the umbrella of the New Deal of the 21st Century which has come to be called the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Had Prescott’s grandson Jeb (or Prescott’s spiritual grand daughter Hillary) found themselves in the position of President of the USA at this moment, it is unlikely that I would be writing this now, as I’m fairly certain WWIII would have already been launched. However, with President Trump having successfully survived nearly four years of Deep State subversion, and having called repeatedly for a positive alliance with Russia and China, a chance still exists to take the types of emergency actions needed at this moment of existential crisis to do what FDR had always intended, and win World War II.

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , a BRI Expert on Tactical talk, and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation and can be reached at matt.ehret@tutamail.com

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Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst…

It has been repeatedly stated that the management of the coronavirus pandemic will be a barometer of how capable leaders are handling unprecedented crisis. Think how U.S. President Donald Trump has been lambasted all over the globe for letting coronavirus get out of control with over 75,000 deaths, or how little and impoverished Greece is being used as an example of great handling and responses to the pandemic. Depending on the decisions they made, some leaders will be rewarded and some will be punished, either by fluctuations in their popularity or at the ballot box when the time comes.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has every reason to be happy. Although she has been in power for fourteen years, a total of four terms, she still remains the most popular politician in her country. This is admirable if one considers that just a few months ago it was uncertain whether she would complete this term.

Without having presented a particularly reformist project and without being a communicative leader, Merkel has proved to be the chancellor to handle difficult times. From the financial crisis to the immigration crisis, she continues to receive a vote of confidence from her compatriots – but for others in Europe, she is the very reason they have had to deal with millions of illegal migrants and a destroyed economy as a result of the Global Financial Crisis. This time things are more complicated, on the one hand because the whole world is affected, and on the other because there are serious health issues. But Merkel’s praise is limited to the domestic because abroad there is a lot of criticism against her, once again.

Germany holds the keys to a smooth economic recovery for the entire European Union, but stubbornly refuses to open the door. Merkel refuses to pursue a different policy, such as easing European debt or creating bonds. This will breathe new life into its European Union partners but has the risk of losing total control of the alliance. Berlin is taking advantage of all the privileges as the dominant force in the European Union and is suffocating the rest with its choices. Things, however, are now marginal, and the decisions Merkel makes may lead to the disintegration or weakening of the European Union project.

As the times are crucial with the coronavirus smashing international economy, Merkel must listen not only to her own constituents, but also to the rest of the European Union. Most countries in the European Union are far more damaged by the pandemic then Germany. She must stand up to the circumstances and realize that without a change of policy, the European Union is doomed as countries will begin questioning whether following Britain’s example of leaving the alliance might be in their best interests. What needs to be done now is to take drastic economic decisions that strengthen solidarity and, above all, growth for all.

So, Germany has some decisions to make.

Germany should give institutional priority to the European Stability Mechanism, which provides financial assistance, in the form of loans, to eurozone countries or as new capital to banks in difficulty. This could be a challenge though as Brussels has strong reservations about a Eurobond, and it could weaken Germany’s domineering position over the European Union.

However, if Merkel does not act in the interest of all European Union countries, she is only opening the door wider for other states to fill the void left. Trump might pursue a path of deepening U.S. economic isolationism, which means China could use this as opening to penetrate deeper into the European Union.

What Germany does not acknowledge is that its domineering position would not exist without the tolerance of the Americans and the generosity of all the victors of World War Two. The post-war fate Germany was judged, literally, in a turn of history. The so-called “Allies”, including major European powers, were the ones who allowed West Germany to stand on its own two feet and later, in favor of the situation from the disintegration of the Eastern bloc, to assimilate Eastern Europe into the so-called “European family.” The current German leadership is behaving as if all this is self-evident, but nothing was predetermined at the end of the Second World War that mercilessly bloodied the European continent and beyond.

If one looks back at the historical records of the time, one will find that the leading figures of the Allies flirted with the idea of ​​getting rid of the “German problem” once and for all. Precisely because some of them, such as Roosevelt and Churchill, firmly believed that the “German problem” was historically recurring and was not due to the “unfortunate parenthesis” of the Nazi period.

As Germany’s refusal to assist other European Union countries in their time of crisis, medical and economic, it has once again exposed that it wants to be the strongest in the European Union and rule as a dominant power. It is attempting through liberal means to conquer Europe via economic suppression and repression of other countries. However, this has the power to backfire and could see Germany itself destroy the European Union.

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Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Johanna Ross, journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland…

They said that it was because of the aged Italian population. They hypothesised that it was the tendency to have extended families, in which the elderly live together with their children and grandchildren. They suggested Italians weren’t used to social distancing, and couldn’t resist a kiss and cuddle. You name it, every reason under the sun was found for why Italy, a month ago, had such a high death rate to coronavirus; in particular in comparison with China, where the outbreak began.

The commentariat now has to think again, for Britain has overtaken Italy as the worst nation in Europe to be afflicted by Covid-19. The Department of Health on Tuesday announced a rise of 693 to 29,427, which then surpassed Italy’s official figure of 29,315.  The total since has risen to 30,076. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, council chair of the British Medical Association, said the figures gave cause for concern, particularly “given that the UK was originally affected by the outbreak later than many other nations, and with the government initially saying that a death toll of 20,000 would be a ‘good outcome’.”

There has also been an alarming number of deaths caused, it seems, indirectly by the pandemic. Experts, including Prof James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute at the University of Oxford, are calling for an inquiry to establish just how these other deaths came about. In the week ending 24th April, for example, there were an additional 3312 deaths to causes other than Covid-19. It has been suggested that they could be due to general disruption to NHS services, as a result of the pandemic, meaning delayed hospital admissions for life-threatening conditions.  In many instances, regular medical appointments were cancelled and patients themselves have avoided going to the doctor or hospital for fear of catching the disease.

For weeks we watched events unfold in China and then Italy, as if it was some hollywood disaster movie. Not till Boris Johnson uttered the words in his press conference of 12th March “I must level with you. Families are going to lose loved ones before their time” did the reality of what the UK was about to face really sink in. And yet even as the horror scenes in Italian hospitals were being played out, it was not until 23rd March that the Prime Minister announced that lockdown would commence.

The analysis has long begun of what went wrong in the UK’s pandemic planning. Scientists had warned the government as early as 26th February that as many as 33 million UK citizens could be affected in a coronavirus epidemic. They were told that as many as 541,200 people could be placed on ventilators. And yet, the pace at which the government acted was painfully slow – as Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has highlighted.  The opposition leader has accused the government of being ‘slow into lockdown, slow on testing, slow on protective equipment’ and is concerned that an exit strategy out of lockdown is not being prepared quickly enough. Starmer is calling for an inquiry into Downing Street’s handling of the crisis as he says the high death rate is a ‘real cause for concern’.

The Prime Minister has hinted that some lifting of restrictions may be announced on Monday, now that Britain has reached the peak of the epidemic, and is officially on the downward curve. Johnson has set a new target of 200,000 Covid-19 tests a day by the end of May, but with the country struggling to meet the current goal of 100,000 tests a day, it’s not clear how achievable this is.  The lack of testing in general is deemed to be one of the key reasons why nations such as South Korea dealt so swiftly and effectively with the virus. Its strategy of ‘test, trace, contain’ paid off. Almost as soon as the outbreak had began, the country had organised hundreds of drive-through testing centres which were assessing up to 20,000 people a day. The tests were carried out in the space of 10 minutes, and the results were sent to patients’ mobile phones within 24 hours. The country’s technological advancement and quick reaction time has set it apart in the competition of who has best dealt with this pandemic.

But even closer to home, there is another country putting Britain to shame in its handling of the crisis – Germany. Angela Merkel has now announced that the first phase of the pandemic is now over, and having lifted some lockdown restrictions recently, the Chancellor has gone further to say that all shops of up to 800 square metres may open from now on. The Bundesliga has also been given the green light to start up again and schools will open from the summer term. Social distancing is to be observed, but two households will be able to meet and eat together, and elderly people in care homes can have visits from one person at a time. The number of cases currently sits at 168,575 in Germany and continues to rise, but the country has experienced far fewer deaths than France, Spain, Italy and Britain – 7190 to date. This has also been put down to their efficient testing programme which was aided by a distributed network of testing through individual hospitals, clinics and laboratories, instead of relying on tests from a single government resource, like the way it is in the UK and US.

Comparisons are being made – although Boris Johnson doesn’t like it. He said at Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday that it was too early to make such international comparisons, but Keir Starmer hit back, saying that that was exactly what the government had being doing from the outset with its charts and graphs showing different countries’ trajectories. The reality is that questions will continue to be asked about the UK’s response to coronavirus. In what has been one of the worst pandemics ever, the British people have a right to know why the world’s 5th largest economy has struggled to cope. The case continues…

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Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro…

The effects of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus on large cities are well known and occupy the news all over the world. However, little is said about infection in rural areas and among isolated peoples. In South America, where a large part of the planet’s indigenous populations still live, the virus is posing a real threat to the existence of these peoples, with the rapid spread of the infection and a high mortality rate.

In the Brazilian state of Amazonas – the largest in the country and with the largest indigenous population – the pandemic is doing real damage. The state already has more than 10,000 confirmed cases and more than 800 deaths. More than 90% of the municipalities in Amazonas already have confirmed cases. It is speculated that there will be more than 1,200 dead by the next Tuesday. It is also worth remembering that Brazil has a very serious underreporting situation, according to which some scientists say there are 12 unidentified cases for each infected person reported. The scenario is truly catastrophic, with the state of Amazonas having already recorded the complete funerary collapse.

Official data point to “only” six deaths of Brazilian Indians by coronavirus so far, in addition to dozens of confirmed cases of infection – 95% of the cases recorded in Amazonas. However, the situation is a real time bomb. There is very little left to trigger the catastrophe. The state of Amazonas is home to the largest Brazilian indigenous city, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, where 23 different indigenous ethnicities live and where the infection has already arrived. The geographic conditions of the state and of the entire Amazonian forest are extremely unfavorable to the management of a biological risk, especially when we take into account the terrible public health structure in Brazil: the treatment unit closest to São Gabriel da Cachoeira – city that has the same size as Bulgaria – is more than 850 kilometers away from the municipality. Once the disease has reached the site, it is predictable that in a few days it will spread and jeopardize the survival of more than 20 indigenous ethnic groups, as they will not be able to count on close and accessible medical treatment.

The situation of Brazilian Indians is also dire in other states. The first death in indigenous communities was recorded in the state of Roraima; it has been the case of a young Yanomami Indian, only 15 years old, infected by white illegal prospectors who had invaded the lands of his people. The neglect with which the Brazilian State historically treats native peoples now has its highest point. This is not the first time that deadly diseases have been brought to indigenous communities by people from outside them. Previous epidemics, such as flu, malaria, yellow fever and dengue, have wiped out thousands of Indians over decades, having been introduced into indigenous villages through illegal invaders who were never punished for their crimes by the State, which remains inert in the face of the genocide of native peoples. These peoples have, in general, little immunity to diseases from outside their housing zones, being easily exterminated by small infections, such as the influenza virus. What about something as devastating as COVID-19?

The problem is not restricted to Brazil. In Colombia, there are more than 300 dead. In the municipality of Letícia, the southernmost city in the country, there are already 13 fatal cases, including António Bolívar, an internationally recognized indigenous actor. The infection reached the region through Brazil, due to the large flow of people on the border. As an answer, Colombia closed its borders, however, in practice, this is an extremely difficult measure, since, in the middle of the dense forest, the demarcation of the territory of each country is not perfect. In Ecuador, where 1,600 people have already died from COVID-19, the Siekopai ethnic group – which has about 700 members – has already confirmed dozens of cases, with two deaths of community leaders due to the disease.

The quarantine and social isolation measures have already reached indigenous communities; however, they are being imposed in an incorrect way, which can aggravate the situation. The Indians are being isolated in their villages, prevented by armed patrols from moving through the forest. The result of this type of policy is an increase in hunger and the emergence of a new difficulty, not the solution to the virus. The correct thing to do would be to eliminate the presence of mining companies, oil companies and all forms of foreign and non-indigenous presence in these regions, considering that the focus of the infection is still outside the Amazon and that the first cases among the indigenous people were due to transmission through contact with non-indigenous people. The presence of people from outside the villages should be restricted to essential medical and professional teams, however, the neoliberal governments of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia remain inert before the performance of exploration companies in the Amazon and thus contribute to the effectiveness of a genuine genocide against native populations.

In a few months, we will see the predictable outcome of the situation that is developing in the Amazon: a social catastrophe, with the extermination of entire ethnic groups by a virus which was carried to the forest by people from outside it. If governments continue to omit, they will be participating in genocide.

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One cannot resist thinking that this Victory Day scene is a bit post-apocalyptic. The sight of the yearly military air parade over Moscow was a welcome sight as I watched several formations of fighter planes and a single Tupolev bomber fly over my home in southeastern Moscow. Tuning in to RT’s “Ruptly” service online yielded a video presented here in full:

The seventy-fifth anniversary of the 1945 victory of the Soviet Union over the forces of Hitler’s Nazi Germany were planned to be be big, no doubt. However, no one planned on participating in a worldwide pandemic, indeed, a pandemic that may be to some degree fabricated and blown out of proportion by people desperately trying to prevent Donald Trump from being reelected this year, probably because he wants to develop good relations with Russia. We will have more on that later, of course.

However, the pandemic is real enough that most of the world is following restrictive measures as indicated by the World Health Organization or similar authorities, and Russia, China’s closest ally, is among the nations experiencing a severe and protracted shutdown. This helped change the organization of the event to a much more muted event, oddly very touching, as this year, President Vladimir Putin read his speech next to the Eternal Flame just outside the Kremlin walls, rather than on the stage before a huge crowd of military and civilian observers.

There were some very interesting sights, which no doubt the US intelligence services will try to study, such as four Kinzhal hypersonic weapons, each shown mounted to its launch platform, the super-fast MiG-31 interceptor:

Flight of MiG-31’s over Moscow on Victory Day, each plane carrying a Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

The air squadron planes were themselves laden with cameras for some stunning in-flight perspectives:

And this sequence, which is so amazing that the immediate question for many people might be the one I had: How did they DO this?

I looked over and over again for either a drone or some evidence of a camera being dragged that could do this. I could not see the apparatus used so I do not know how it was accomplished, assuming the images are real and not computer generated (If your video player starts at the beginning of the presentation, go to time marker [37:25]).

It is not possible to gauge the mood of all of Russia or even of Moscow. Since it is not possible to travel freely around the city right now, we are presented with these images in a real sense of at least “neighborhood” isolation. But the people visible outside my window seemed to be very interested as the planes flew over us (we are below the flight path of some of the fighter and bomber squadrons), and there seems to be a quiet optimism and pride about the nation keeping its yearly tradition in something like its usual form.

A large Russian military helicopter flies overhead on Victory Day with the symbol of Imperial Russia showing in the foreground.

The “real” Victory Day celebration has been delayed until sometime after the pandemic is considered “over” and the rhythm of life returns to normal. However, the air parade today was no doubt welcomed by a great many people. It is a sight many of us could physically share in common, and not just online, though the presence of this video material online was maximized to be a great patriotic inspiration.

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Authored by Cynthia Chung via The Strategic Culture Foundation:

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is one of the most influential books written on military strategy and philosophy. This is not confined to just Asians but Europeans and Americans alike have attempted to study The Art of War hoping its wisdom would be revealed to them.

However, it is clear with how the western intergovernmental military alliance, known as NATO, has chosen to conduct itself since its inception in 1949, that western understanding of long-term military strategy has left much to be desired.

The largest folly they continue to commit is that they think that it is through stubborn force and intimidation that one gets their way. True one may be successful to a certain extent using mainly force, one may achieve that assassination of a key figure, one may convince the people that their ally is their foe, and one may get that regime-change they were hoping for, but these have all proven themselves temporary orientations in the long-term scheme of things. One reason for this is that the truth almost always eventually comes out

It is a very tiring strategy one has to admit, to be always using stubborn force, and despite all this force that one is constantly applying to the subject they wish to bend it never quite behaves as one commands it to, at least not for very long.

Despite this strategy being the most inefficient and energy intensive, that has not deterred imperialists from mulishly using it over and over again. The world has been an unbending subject to such a strategy since Churchill’s announcement of the Iron Curtain in 1946. That is, the world has been subject to an ongoing cold war for 74 years.

However, this seemingly never ending war has been a complete failure.

Russia, China and India are much stronger in every way than they were in 1946, despite all efforts to prevent this, and have become veritable leaders in the world. The world population in 1946 was roughly 2.5 billion people. No doubt there was the thought that if war continued as it did during WWII (which caused roughly 85 million deaths), that with a few more rounds of those kind of numbers, the ‘subject lands’ would be nicely culled and obedient to their masters. Instead we have seen the world population increase to 7.8 billion people, most of this growth occurring in the so-called ‘subject lands’.

Despite all the havoc and destruction, force has most clearly shown itself not to be the most powerful tool in weakening the ‘enemy’.

So what went wrong with a military strategy that seemed impossible to lose?

You must know yourself before you can know the ‘enemy’

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
– Sun Tzu

Despite the ridiculous amount of money that has been poured into the beast-man, otherwise known as the military industrial complex, the west is increasingly finding itself growing weaker and weaker against its said ‘enemy’.

So what are the ‘good guys’ doing wrong?

Ironically, while the west has been obsessively fantasising over all the things they relish doing to Russia and China when they have finally won this war, Russia and China have decided to actually focus on cooperation and the improvement of their nation states.

In other words, it is because Russia and China HAVE NOT been focused on war as their ultimate priority that their countries have been able to flourish and are prospering.

Here is an example.

Many in the west put anything to do with space, that is, the universe we live in, as the lowest priority on their list and I do mean lowest. There is more excitement and media coverage over a guy who broke the Guinness book of records for how many hot dogs he ate than astronauts going into space.

While the United States has been focused on tearing down its space program, Russia, China and India have been doing the very opposite. If you think the U.S. still has the best space program and will always be best, you may not be aware that American astronauts need to use Soyuz (Russian) rockets to go into space because the Americans shut down their own shuttle program in 2011.

While the U.S. State Department along with European nations, such as Britain, continue to mount a dangerous level of aggression against Russia, American and European astronauts need to fly to Russia so that they can ride in Russian Soyuz rockets to get to the International Space Station.

How boorish and ungracious is that?

That at the same time that there is hardly anything nice ever said about Russia by western politicians and press, these same countries then take for granted what Russia is doing in supporting their space programs. To showcase the grace of the Russians in all of this, Soyuz means ‘union’, and the Russians most evidently see this as a union not just for Russians but an international union.

In addition, the United States has banned any cooperation between American and Chinese astronauts and consequentially banned China from using the International Space Station, which ironically will be shut down by 2024. It was under Barack Obama’s presidency that this ban was implemented in 2011. The Chinese are planning on building a space station before the ISS is obsolete. And I think it is safe to say they will be open to American astronauts boarding their space station, in light of the fact that they have kept an open invitation to the U.S. to join the AIIB and the Belt and Road Initiative.

As a consequence to all the accomplishments Russia and China are making with their space programs, a wave of optimism for the future has swept their populace. Just ask anyone living in these countries what they think of their cosmonauts and taikonauts and they will all tell you the same, that they are heroes and a symbol for hope. When was the last time we in the west felt genuine optimism and hope?

This is a very indicative example of how the west’s priorities have caused themselves to look increasingly inconsequential on the world stage. They have viewed themselves as number one for so long that they really cannot fathom that this could ever change, despite it glaringly staring them in the face. The world is moving forward, no matter how much one beats their chest and stamps their foot, and the longer the tantrum the more time lost and the further back in the line one finds themself.

Increasingly the judge for success on the world stage in the 21st century, has not been shaped by the size of one’s military but rather on the growth of industry and science driver programs.

Warfare in the 21st Century

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the pinnacle of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the pinnacle of skill.
– Sun Tzu

There a many different forms of warfare, but namely there is warfare that exists in the physical domain of aggression vs defense and warfare that exists in the mental domain of ideas.

The majority of tyrants from the ancient times to present day, have always had a network of powerful people behind them (whether they were aware of it or not) that opened up a path for them to sit on the throne so to speak. For example, we now know that there was a very direct support of Hitler coming from the Bank of England amongst other very influential institutions. That is, Hitler did not arise to power ‘naturally’ or by his mere merit.

The desperation of that economic environment in Germany was predictably formulated as a direct consequence of the Treaty of Versailles which was essentially a death sentence to the German people. And Hitler who had started to make a small name for himself was selected and endorsed as the ‘face’ of what had already been decided would be the fate of Germany.

Wars have almost always been the result of funding and organising from powerful groups with geopolitical interests, often of empire, who create an environment of disinformation and desperation amongst the people through economic and military warfare along with color revolutions.

However, once there was the creation of nuclear bombs, geopolitical warfare was changed forever.

Though we still use much of the same old strategies today, war is ever more located on the plane of ideas, and along with this the ever increasing focus on the manipulation of information and the populace’s perspective of who is good and who is bad.

The war that needs to be fought against the present tyranny is thus increasingly a mental war. In the case of the populace, all together they hold more power than they realise. The real crisis of today’s western thinking is that the people have forgotten how to think. Attention spans have gone down drastically along with a functional vocabulary. People are becoming more and more dominated by image based messages rather than content that requires more than a 10 minute attention span. Articles in the news keep getting shorter and shorter because people seemingly cannot be bothered with too much reading. Along with the serious decline in reading in replacement for quick entertainment (more successful than any book burning in history), people no longer bother to work for a comprehensive viewpoint. Information becomes an annoying barrage of ad campaigns, each yelling louder and more frequently than the other.

The solutions to our problems such as the oncoming economic collapse (in case you haven’t noticed we are doing everything the same as pre-2008), have their solutions in what Russia and China are presenting. The initiation of war has almost always been presented as a false ‘necessity’, that is in response to the dominating geopolitical ‘balance’, which is basically meant to service the present system of empire, and the erroneous belief in zero sum game.

However, the idea that humans exist in a zero sum game, doomed to battle forever over a diminishing return of resources, was disproven time and again in modern history through the application of successful principles of national political economy. Notable examples of which include Colbert’s dirigisme of France’s 17th century (later revived during the presidency of Charles De Gaulle), the Hamiltonian system of America as exemplified by Abraham Lincoln’s Greenbacks, FDR’s New Deal, and JFK’s space program as well as its most recent expression of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

This system understands that fast money is parasitical and acts in direct opposition to the long-term investments required for projects that will revolutionise a nation’s infrastructure, including science-driver programs.

That debt for such long-term projects is not qualitatively the same as the present debt we see accruing today, and that debt towards investing for the future will always yield a higher return than the cost over time. This is why debt towards long-term investment on infrastructure and science driver projects, such as space exploration, will always be sustainable with a massive return quantitatively and qualitatively. Whereas, the gambling of fast money will very predictably lead to a collapse as was clearly indicated by the 2008 financial crisis, and which insanely has yet to be addressed with a serious bank reform.

The higher battle ground is being fought on the plane of ideas and which proposed ‘new system’ will replace the current collapsing one we are presently in. On the one side the hegemonic rule of a one world government who thinks that they can use force and oppression to rule and on the other side a multi-polar system of cooperating nation states committed to progress that will offer a real qualitative return for the future.

The 75th celebration of Elbe Day just occurred on April 25th, this is the day American and Russian soldiers met for the first time in WWII. Their handshake at Elbe River was a symbol for the end of the war against fascism and a strong comradery formed between these men who became united as defenders of liberty.

So who is the ‘enemy’?

The enemy is our lesser selves.

Our most base fears, desires and obsessions. The voice that whispers in our ears telling us not to believe in anything genuine or honest, that the world we live in will ultimately destroy itself and thus it is all about looking out for number one. That it is our fate to be the play things of higher powers.

This is the voice of a prisoner of Plato’s cave, neck shackled and looking at only shadows on a wall. This is not reality. This is the voice of someone who has been enslaved for most of their life. The voice of someone who has become so disempowered that they wholly accept whatever ugly condition is imposed upon them and will even work to defend it as necessary.

There is a way out of all of this, but you will have to become an optimist in order to see the solution.

President Putin has used The Art of War most skillfully and has shown that he not only knows himself but knows the said ‘enemy’. That it is not by force that one will win this drawn out war but by the ability to predict your opponents actions and circumvent them with something…positive.

And therefore, President Putin understands the most important lesson of all in this philosophy, that The Art of War is in fact The Art of Peace:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

– Sun Tzu

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Or perhaps that should be who is trying to brainwash young American women? First watch the video, then read the comments. As the reader will see, this one minute wonder was uploaded to Yahoo! (and several other websites) on April 28 and by May 7, late London time, had attracted well over two thousand comments, almost all of them hostile. Like the video, the comments page has been archived through the WayBack Machine, at least the first 123 A4 pages of it have been. You can access the original through the link at the bottom of each page, that’s if it isn’t soon deleted out of embarrassment.

This absurd video appears to have been produced by RAINN. If you aren’t familiar with the acronym, it stands for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. No, that is not an invitation, rather it is what the organisation professes to lobby against, or more specifically it claims to support victims of rape and sexual abuse, including incest, throughout the United States.

Like so many other campaigning organisations, especially those in and around the sexual grievance industry, RAINN pulls statistics out of thin air in order to bolster the importance of its work, and to lobby for more funding, from the public, from trusts, from national and local government. For example, visitors to its website are told that every 73 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. And the evidence for this is? Leaving that aside, a sexual assault can be a violent rape, a drunk touching a woman’s breast in a nightclub, or even a guy misreading the signals and putting his hand where it isn’t wanted.

There is much more flim-flam like that on the RAINN website, but let’s return to the video. The girls and women appearing therein appear to be models. And dumb with it. The first one is captioned as being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, but she didn’t realise it until years later. What didn’t you realise? That the two of you were in bed together? Then we have the ludicrous statistics again – one in six women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Again, what does sexually assaulted mean? This figure is also somewhat on the low side according to the President of the United States.  On January 22, 2014, he told a gathering that it had been estimated that 1 in 5 college students had been sexually assaulted during their time there. Three years later, Barack Obama sent his eldest daughter to Harvard. Either he didn’t give a stuff for her welfare, or he didn’t believe these ludicrous statistics anymore than you should. Which do you think is the most likely?

The video tells us that trauma often causes victims to repress the memories and details of their violation. Actually, such trauma often causes victims to fight back, to punch, kick, claw, or simply scream. If memories can be repressed, and this is a big if, they can also be embellished or confabulated. False memories are surprisingly common, indeed we probably all have them regularly, mostly they are trivial in nature, misplacing one’s keys and looking for them in the wrong place, that sort of thing.

RAINN is clearly trying to drum up custom – and financial support – with this ludicrous video. Now let us look at just half a dozen comments at random. Well, not entirely at random:

“What happened? Did his check bounce?” – Shame on you, sir.

“Never happened! You need to report it at the time, not years later! That means it didn’t happen and all you want is attention!” – Spot on.

“She should go back in time and break up with him.” – Who gave this advice,  Dr Who?

“If your an adult (and to be clear an adult not talking about children) and you did not know it was assault until years later, it probably was not assault.” – Again, spot on.

“Guess she had to wait for the women of the liberal left Me Too movement to tell her was assaulted.”

And this one, apparently from a woman:

“This entire movement and the expansion of the definition of sexual assault that it demands, does nothing but lessen the seriousness of true victims. An unwelcome hand around the waist or creep comment does not, hear me now, does NOT equate to being forcibly raped/penetrated or assaulted in any other such way as to make you feel helpless and in extreme danger. So do grow the f#%#@ up already and learn to deal with weird social situations. SO over this…..sincerely, someone who knows what she’s talking about.”

And that sums it up, the definition of sexual assault keeps expanding. Coupled with all this ludicrous rape culture propaganda, this cannot have anything but a deleterious effect on young, impressionable minds, but not thankfully on almost all the people who watched this video.

And don’t let’s forget the therapy, this can definitely help you come to terms with the sexual assault from years ago you didn’t think was an assault at the time. Heck, it may help you come to terms with being sexually assaulted even if you weren’t.

Sadly, this sort of rubbish is being peddled on both sides of the Atlantic, indeed the world over. The screengrab above appeared in a recent mailing from Rape Crisis Scotland. You can read a bit about this insidious outfit here.

Note at the bottom of the page, a list of 450 books for “survivors”, four hundred and fifty of them. One of these books is The Courage To Heal, and in this connection we can do no better than quote a comment to the RAINN video:

“So they are now going to do the false memory bit. I knew a guy who was accused of molesting his step daughter. It was only after a thorough investigation, testimony by his wife, and his son, my close friend, that finally revealed that the psychologist had interpreted her dreams and planted the idea in her. But it was hell for the guy until he was vindicated.”

That’s right, this sort of hysteria leads to terrible miscarriages of justice as well as destroying innocent lives. Teenagers of both sexes and young women can go through difficult phases. Our lives may be a lot easier physically than those of our ancestors, but our emotional problems appear to be a great deal worse, probably because someone who went off the rails in the Eighteenth Century would end up in a bedlam, or the river. Suicide is still a surprisingly common cause of death, including for the young; delusions about childhood sexual abuse are also quite common, they are based mostly on confabulation as in the case of Roseanne Barr. Instead of pointing this out to young women, the sexual grievance industry seems intent on creating even more victims. Which is yet one more reason the entire worldwide network should be totally defunded and if possible shut down.

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss how shifty, corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff folded and had to release information from 53 declassified transcripts of witnesses that testified before Congress regarding the FBI’s Russia probe into the Trump campaign.

The decision for Schiff to publish the 6,000 pages of transcripts comes after a showdown with Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who stated in a letter on Wednesday that if Adam Schiff does not make the transcripts public then he will release them himself.

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Via Zerohedge…

Following the standoff between Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Acting DNI Richard Grenell, the House Intelligence Committee published all of the Russia investigation transcripts Thursday evening.

Interview Transcripts:

NEW: former DNI James Clapper says : "I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/ conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election." — in transcript of interview with House Intel during its Russia probe.

— Brooke Singman (@BrookeSingman) May 7, 2020

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Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator

US President Trump has ordered the removal of two Patriot missile batteries from Saudi Arabia, and the withdrawal of 300 US troops.  When asked about the action, Trump replied, “Well, I don’t want to talk about it,” adding merely that his administration was “doing some things” and “making a lot of moves in the Middle East and elsewhere. We’re doing a lot of things all over the world militarily. We’ve been taken advantage of all over the world, our military.”

US troop withdrawal from Saudi Arabia

In 1973, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger considered landing US troops in Saudi Arabia and dividing up the oil fields. “It is ridiculous that the civilized world is held up by 8 million savages,” Kissinger declared in the face of the oil embargo which he saw as Saudi blackmail.  Now that the US is the world’s largest oil producer, many experts see the time is ripe for a change in the relationship.

On April 2 US President Trump phoned Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and delivered a humiliating demand: cut the oil production, or we order a complete US troop withdrawal from the Kingdom in the sand.  This was not the first time Trump has spoken harshly and to the point. “But I said ‘King – we’re protecting you – you might not be there for two weeks without us – you have to pay for your military,’” Trump said to cheers at a rally in October 2018.

“Withdrawing troops placed to protect others recognizes that friendship and support is a two-way street,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, who introduced legislation that would remove US troops in 30 days of enactment.

“Why would we put 2,500 troops in harm’s way and a whole bunch of missile defense systems in Saudi Arabia to defend their oil when they’ve declared war on our oil?” Senator Kevin Cramer asked.

On April 20, US oil prices went below zero for the first time in history, which prompted lawmakers in oil-producing states to accuse Saudi Arabia of waging “economic warfare”.  US Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska along with five Senators wrote Secretary of State Pompeo that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked upon economic warfare against the United States, and warned that by taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis Saudi Arabia “risks its bilateral relationship with the United States.”  The Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee stated that US aid and support of Saudi Arabia should never be offered perpetually and unconditionally.

Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign visit in May 2017.  Trump and his host, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, signed a nearly $110 billion agreement package of defense equipment and services, including a second defense pact valued at up to $350 billion over the next 10 years.

“The only thing holding the relationship together now is Trump—he has a peculiar affinity for Saudi Arabia,” said Bruce Riedel, a 30-year CIA officer, an expert on Saudi Arabia, and now a director at the Brookings Institution.  “But we don’t need the Saudis anymore—this comes in a very different geopolitical environment than previous crises,” said Reidel, and he added, “I think this time is different.”

Madea Benjamin, co-founder of “Code Pink”, published a book in 2016, “Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the US Saudi connection”.  She writes about the ‘odd-couple’ relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia which do not have shared values. She advocates for the re-evaluation of the ties between a democratic super-power, and the only absolute monarchy on earth, which despises religious freedom, women’s rights, free speech, and is the source of funding terrorism worldwide.


9/11 fundamentally changed American society.  It was the worst attack on US soil killing almost 3,000 people, and destroying the World Trade Center by an attack carried out mainly by Saudis, and it was later shown through documentation that some of the terrorists had contact with Saudi officials before the attack.  Congress unanimously passed legislation allowing the families of 9/11 victims to seek damages from Saudi Arabia.


The Crown Prince, and the virtual ruler of Saudi Arabia, is commonly known as MBS. He was only 31 when he came to power in June 2017. The Saudi war against Yemen escalated in 2015, and MBS has since expanded it. Despite the best military hardware in the region, Saudi military incompetence has shown them to be a US security liability.  The Houthi militia is winning in Yemen, despite Saudi Arabia spending $4 billion a month on the war, which has killed 100,000 people in Yemen, including civilians killed by Saudi airstrikes. About two million children under five years old are suffering from acute malnutrition and require treatment, and the country faces wholesale starvation and a cholera outbreak.


MBS ordered the 2017 kidnapping of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri.  Hariri’s political opponents inside Lebanon, such as Hezbollah and President Michel Aoun, pressured President Macron of France to personally broker Hariri’s release from MBS. Hariri’s step-father was King Abdullah, who died in 2015, and his relatives and associates are distrusted by MBS.

Blockade on Qatar

MBS imposed a sea, land, and air blockade on Qatar in 2017, after hackers posted false statements attributed to Qatar’s emir.

Human rights violations

Saudi Arabia executed 185 people in 2019, including 37 people who were killed in a mass execution on April 23, 2019. At least 13 juveniles are awaiting execution. “The targeting of prisoners of conscience and children confirms the retaliatory and political use (of) executions,” the statement quoted Ali al-Dubisi, director of the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights, as saying.

The Ritz-Carlton Prison

The ‘Roundup at the Ritz’ in 2017 saw hundreds of Saudi royals, billionaires and senior government officials held captive in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel on orders of MBS. The detainees had to bail themselves out of the velvet-prison, which served up both psychological abuse and torture, with seventeen who were hospitalized. The Saudi government reported they had raked in $106 billion from the shakedown.

Khashoggi murder

The CIA in November 2018 briefed the White House that MBS ordered the killing of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. The US Senate also accepted the resolution on December 13, 2018, that holds MBS responsible for killing Khashoggi.

The numerous crimes and blunders of Mohammed bin Salman give a reason for a reassessment of the US-Saudi relationship. Total foreign reserve assets fell by almost $24 billion in March according to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority. Saudi Arabia is on track to be both a debtor and an oil importer within a decade.

Steven Sahiounie is an award-winning journalist

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Liars always get caught. It may take some time, even years or even longer. They may even die before they get caught, but they always get caught. Right, Adam (Schiff)?

However, it is also true that liars always try to get away with their lies. Enter one Democrat US Representative from California, Adam Schiff. For going on three-plus years, this man has been insisting that he possesses “direct evidence” that Candidate Trump’s campaign colluded with agencies of the Russian Federation to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections.

Not that this should matter, as it is now 2020 with a new presidential election on its way. Nevertheless, despite repeated conclusions by investigative committees in the House, the Senate and other places, the Special Counsel that ran for two years, headed by a team of Trump-hating investigators, none of which were able to get anywhere close to confirming Mr. Schiff’s claim, he held on to it.

Of course, he also did something that many liars also do. When asked to be shown the evidence, he refuses, or deflects the question to give them an answer like “I already told you how”, when he did nothing. Being a politician, the man is gifted with a few skills that make him surprisingly adept at the art of the lie. He has a pleasant speaking voice. He is slick with his rhetoric. And best of all, he has these bug-eyes that make people either think he really is emphatic about what he says (or that he is crazy, as the multitudinous memes of him show).

Fox News released a report about 11pm Wednesday (New York Time) that started with this simple lede:

Transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews that have been cleared for release show top law enforcement and intelligence officials affirming they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, senior administration and intelligence community officials told Fox News on Wednesday.

But it gets better:

This would align with the results of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — which found no evidence of illegal or criminal coordination between President Trump, the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016 — but the numerous transcribed interviews could raise further questions about committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s past statements saying that there was “direct evidence” of collusion.

“Schiff is in panic mode,” a senior administration official told Fox News.

This seems most evident because the article goes on to say that the hapless Schiff tried to throw this off track by investigating the acting Director of National Intelligence for being a Trump hack (The acting DNI, Richard Grennell is a Trump supporter), and therefore potentially obfuscating or twisting the release of the transcripts in the President’s favor. However, that also did not appear to work out so well:

A day later, acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell notified Schiff, D-Calif., that the redaction and declassification process was complete, and that the records were ready for release, putting the ball in Schiff’s court.

However, intelligence officials told Fox News on Wednesday that Schiff has had his subcommittee staff director reaching out to heads of intelligence community agencies asking how Grenell was involved and what role Grenell — a known Trump ally — may have played in the declassification and redaction process.

Fox News is told, however, that the redactions were completed before Grenell took the helm as acting director this past February.

Sorry, Adam. What was that thought about “the walls closing in”?

Another source familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that the people interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee during its Russia probe were asked whether they had evidence that Trump, himself, or the Trump campaign conspired, colluded or coordinated with Russia during the 2016 election.

Two sources familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that not one of the 53 witnesses could provide evidence of collusion.

“The transcripts show a total lack of evidence, despite Schiff personally going out saying he had more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion,” one source involved in House Russia investigations told Fox News.

Brooke Singman, who authored the Fox piece, has a solid piece here that just piles evidence on that shows that Adam Schiff appears to be in his own little world as far as his claims go.

Now, truth be told, I am a rather rabid Trump supporter. It began because when I heard him take the government to task for being stupid, in very plain language, it was what I and so many others had been saying we wished someone running would say, and of course that they would do something about it. The President has definitely been doing as well as saying. The chaos in Washington is evidence to that fact.

But the emotionalism behind the anti-Trump crowd comes from a lot of people who are not neccessarily rabid liberals, but people who have not come to terms with the reality of the United States at the present time. These folks talk about wanting to feel that the government takes care of them (which is a complete 180 from how the US government was envisioned), or that the Chief Executive should be “presidential”, rather like a nobleman in terms of how he speaks and how he acts. Donald Trump fails on both of these counts. While he uses the powers of the government to help people, his goal is to let people help themselves and to get the government out of their way.

This would make Americans truly free and independent once again, and that frightens a lot of folks who are afraid to be free and independent. It means they have to risk, and fail, and risk again.

The other issue, the “nobility” factor, went away a long time ago. President George W. Bush tried, very valiantly, to uphold the Office of the President as a noble office and a noble calling. Now, of course, many geopolitical wonks will take issue with this thought, but this is not my opinion. This was the President’s own opinion of how the Presidency ought to be approached. He particularly took issue with the prior occupants (the Clintons) ransacking of the White House before they left. He wanted to bring dignity back into DC. He failed.

Donald Trump understands reality. He punches because he gets punched and he knows that it is very important that he win. The people that put him in the White House expect nothing less, and he has been nothing but faithful to them.

We have reported again and again how this behavior is counter to the Washington establishment, which for many decades has excelled only in serving itself. Now, with the COVID-19 crisis in place, the government on all levels has vastly increased its level of control on American society. The Americans generally do not like it, either. The nanny state that some people want – well, it is here! This is the reality: Stay at home. Do not gather in groups. Don’t go to Church, because your government deems it ‘non-essential’, and so on. Now we hear stories about the food supply having difficulties.

Thanks to super-powerful government, the kind that Adam Schiff dreams of, perhaps, the United States is becoming Venezuela. While the crisis is a temporary factor that may indeed require draconian measures like this (we still do not really know), the evidence is amazingly clear that government control yields disaster. The question now is which is the bigger problem: Covid illnesses or a collapsed nation?

Trump has to fight to get the US back on a paying basis, and he is doing a good job at it. Is it messy? Absolutely. Independence is messy business. It is risky? Will his reopening of the country kill more people? Probably not. The virus was transmitted around the world despite all the quarantines (which is a subject of further investigation that is coming). COVID is now part of the endemic disease landscape. This is probably the best assumption. Because of this assumption, it seems to be time to get up, dust ourselves off, and get back to living. This appears to be the plan, not only in the US, but also here, in Russia, as the reality of our situation becomes more clear.

How does this relate to Adam Schiff and his apparent Russia collusion fantasies?

It doesn’t. That is the point. Representative Schiff seems to live in an alternate universe and while he does this, it is unlikely that he is successfully representing even the most liberal of liberals in his district in California. His crusade against the President takes energy and time away from solving real problems, and with this latest bit of news, his efforts are shown to be more and more irrelevant.

Political inertia is very high in the US, though, so one cannot be sure that he will be removed from his elected post come Election Day. However, an informed reader here might be able to discern for themselves and decide that perhaps someone who understands reality might be better suited to elected office.

Steve Turley gives his further, excellent commentary here.


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Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro…

The situation of the new coronavirus on the African continent worsens day after day. Although the pandemic has not yet reached its peak of infection in Africa, the figures remain alarming and without due attention from the media and authorities. Adding all the African countries, the number of infected people is already approaching 50 thousand, with almost 2,000 deaths registered in 43 countries (which means 80% of the continent). In fact, the situation has not yet collapsed and in some regions there has even been a little fall in infections – as we can see in the case of South Africa – but the scenario remains worrying, especially if we take into account the cyclical nature of the epidemics. There are, proportionally, only 10 hospital beds for every 10 million Africans, which reveals the total lack of structure to fight the disease.

However, infection itself is not the greatest challenge facing Africans, but an old problem already well known across the continent: misery. Structural hunger and extreme poverty tend to worsen in epidemic settings, being even more worrying in a context of a global pandemic, where food production and circulation are profoundly affected. Africa is the poorest continent in the world, with an extremely fragile food security structure, prone to collapse by any weather. The pandemic comes as the most profound disgrace for Africans, who remain divided between the dangers of infection and hunger.

Deprose Muchena, director of Amnesty International for East and Southern Africa, recently made a series of statements about the hunger situation on the continent in the midst of the pandemic. These are her words: “There are millions of people in South Africa who are at risk and vulnerable to hunger because their income is reduced due to confinement. (…) With such high levels of unemployment and inequality across the African continent, most people actually live on a daily basis, which means they can’t be isolated for another week”. The director stressed the danger that social isolation can pose for these countries, since these sanitary measures tend to take a long time and endanger the entire food production of a country.

As Muchena points out, malnutrition can greatly aggravate the effects of the infection, further weakening the sick and decreasing the immunity of the entire population. There is also the question of other infections that are already structurally plaguing Africa, such as HIV and tuberculosis, which present themselves as comorbidities to the new coronavirus, which can aggravate its effects and lead patients to death. Adding these infections to hunger, the population of all African countries finds themselves in a situation of extreme vulnerability.

Undoubtedly, Africa urgently needs pandemic control measures; however, such policies must be very well thought out and discussed, since the situation in Africa differs completely from the existing scenarios in other regions of the planet where lockdown measures have been adopted. According to Muchena, “it is important that African governments do not copy and capture what they are doing in European countries, but adopt specific response measures that meet the needs of their own population.”

On April 28, the World Food Program (WFP) reported that more than 40 million people in nine African countries are at risk of starvation in the next three months due to the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to the dangers caused by social isolation, there is also the issue of natural pests. Currently, several countries in Africa face a terrible infestation of locusts. These animals destroy all crops and deplete food stocks for the African population, destabilizing the economy and food security. The plague still seems to be far from over. The only way to quickly resolve the infestation is through strong pesticides; however, such products have circulation affected by the pandemic. According to locust expert Keith Cressman, “the plague will last at least until June in East Africa, and maybe even longer, depending on current and future rains (…) There should be (due to the coronavirus and isolation) small delays in delivery of equipment and pesticide”.

The biggest lesson that is clear for the African continent is the urgent need for industrial development, which provides countries in the region with true food autonomy, breaking the link of dependence on foreign relations. Being cruelly victimized by misery and hunger, many African countries survive primarily on donations and “humanitarian aid” by Western nations, which prevent the collapse of these states by awaiting certain benefits as a reward. Such resources have now ceased and the humanitarian aid is no longer provided to Africa. So what will Africans do? We only have to face the crisis and, when everything is over, undertake strong projects of industrialization and income distribution, in order to avoid a new collapse. Africa now realizes that the eternal receipt of humanitarian aid cannot be trusted and that there is no sovereignty without food autonomy.

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Submitted by InfoBrics, authored by Paul Antonopoulos, Research Fellow at the Center for Syncretic Studies…

On Tuesday, the Greek Foreign Ministry finally announced a restoration of relations between Greece and Syria and assigned former ambassador to Syria and Russia, Tasia Athanassiou, as a Special Envoy of Greece’s Foreign Ministry for Syria. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias confirmed this from his Twitter. The appointment of Athanassiou is extremely strategic as she was Greece’s ambassador to Damascus from 2009 to 2012, meaning she is already familiar with Syria and their authorities.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said that contacts will be made for the “international aspects of Syria and related humanitarian action, as well as coordination of actions in view of the ongoing efforts to rebuild Syria.”

Although the Foreign Ministry claims that the suspension of diplomatic relations “was dictated by the security conditions,” we know it was ordered by former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in December 2012 under orders from NATO and the European Union who were, and in some instances, still backing jihadists against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Greece became a country ruled by European banker, EU, and NATO puppets from 2010 onwards when on May 2 of that year, the so-called socialist government of George Papandreou signed the first of three bailout packages with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF. This caused a 25% contraction of the Greek economy, an unemployment rate of 27% and skyrocketed poverty. Any semblance of Greek independence in domestic and foreign policy was lost.

However, moving to 2020, the economic and geopolitical situation in Greece and its surrounding region has drastically changed. Diplomatic sources quoted by Kathemirini, one of Greece’s oldest and most respected newspaper, said that the decision to appoint a Special Envoy for Syria is part of Greece’s steady activity in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region. According to the sources, Greece’s increased desire in contributing to efforts in resolving the Syrian crisis was stated by Dendias in his meetings with the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Otto Pedersen.

Therefore, a major reason for the reopening of relations with Syria is to further tilt the balance of power in the East Mediterranean in Greece’s favor against Turkey, especially at a time when Ankara does not have a single ally in the region, with the exception of the besieged Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya that is nearly collapsed because of the Libyan National Army’s assault.

The reopening of relations between Athens and Damascus comes at a time when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is making a strong push for a “Blue Homeland” that aims to annex Greece’s Eastern Aegean islands and maritime space. Turkey for nine years attempted to oust Assad from power through various means, including an unsuccessful invasion attempt of Idlib province earlier this year, as well as its continued support for terrorist organisations. In addition, Erdoğan is propping up the Muslim Brotherhood government in Libya by importing jihadists from Syria to the North African country.

Although Erdoğan has failed in all of these endeavours, Turkey still remains a major threat, even at a time when it is facing economic catastrophe with the Turkish lira at a near record low to the U.S. dollar and Turkey’s three largest banks, Garanti, Akbank and İşbank, on the verge of bankruptcy. Even with this looming economic disaster, Turkey still manages to find the funds to violate Greek airspace on a daily basis, send weapons to Libya and fund terrorist organizations in Syria.

As the Eastern Mediterranean becomes a potential major warzone because of Turkey’s aggression, Greece is now renewing relations with old friends. Hafez al-Assad, previous president of Syria and father to Bashar al-Assad, pledged that if Turkey was ever to go to war with Greece, Syria would automatically open a new front in southern Turkey in support of Greece.

Athens however is not completely independent from NATO and the EU. This suggests that although renewing relations with Syria is absolutely critical in protecting its sovereignty, perhaps Greece has gotten approval from the EU and/or NATO to do this.  Greece is perhaps the most important of the very few European countries that have maintained or reopened relations with Syria because of its history of friendly relations, as well as thousands of years of religious, cultural, financial and ethnic ties.

It can be suggested that as the war in Syria begins to end, continued only by Turkey’s refusal to stop backing terrorist organizations in Idlib, the EU wants to try and take advantage of lucrative reconstruction contracts that will be on offer and investment opportunities. It is unlikely that European companies will win reconstruction contracts, but the reality is that Assad has survived the near 10-year efforts to have him removed, and is not going anywhere. Greece could be used as an outlet for the EU to open dialogue and relations with Damascus again.

This is only speculative, but what is for certain is that by reopening relations with Syria, Greece is consolidating the emerging East Mediterranean order and opposes Turkish hegemony in the region. Greece will always have close relations with Cyprus, and has also entered a military alliance with Egypt, supports the Libyan National Army against Turkish-backed forces, and has strong military and energy ties with Israel. Relations with Syria has essentially finalized the strangulation of Turkey’s attempted hegemony of the Eastern Mediterranean and made it the most isolated country in the region – despite Athens’ insistence on improving ties with Ankara if it finally abandons its aggressive foreign policy.

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