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AMD, Nvidia, and Intel are in this highly competitive space, and all three have come to market lately with distinctive strategies, each with unique benefits, risks, and opportunities. The post GPU Wars: Assessing the Contrasting Strategies of the Market Leaders appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Streaming video content from non-mainstream providers might make you an unwitting victim of content piracy. If you get a bargain pricing offer, you risk becoming the victim of scammers and hackers, losing personal data, and having your financial assets stolen. The post Piracy Expert Sees Weaponization of Legit Video Providers on the Rise appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Running a business without some cloud support is a rarity these days. Still, when formulating a cloud strategy, companies seem to make some common mistakes. Here are several of them. The post Moving to the Cloud? Avoid These Strategic Errors appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Qualcomm last week announced its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The significant improvement is enhanced AI that will operate behind the scenes to improve the user experience significantly on phones The post Anticipating the Evolution of AI-Enhanced Smartphones and Laptops appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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MediaTek's brand is often associated with affordable, budgeted, Android phones. However, the company has made incremental inroads into the more premium, high-performance models. The launch of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset is a potent step in that direction. The post MediaTek Ups Its Mobile Game With the Dimensity 9200 SoC appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The 2022 edition of Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide has privacy reviews of more than 75 popular consumer electronics gifts. The post Mozilla Releases Gift Guide With Privacy in Mind appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The accounts can be used to run multiple pages and ad campaigns, creating new opportunities for online scams, disinformation, and election interference, according to the investigation by the Tech Transparency Project, a Washington, D.C.-based information and research organization that focuses on the influence of major technology platforms on society. The post Watchdog Finds Flourishing Black Market on Facebook for Fraudulent Ad Accounts appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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What AMD announced was truly striking and impressive in several ways. It's also a testament to how AMD's return to silicon glory, primarily due to the stewardship of CEO Lisa Su, has turned the company into an execution juggernaut since her arrival in October 2014, only eight years ago. The post 3 Big Takeaways From AMDs RDNA 3 Announcement appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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This week, I'll share some tips on how to survive traveling over the holidays. We'll close with my product of the week: my favorite suitcase from Solgaard, which is like a rolling dresser. The post Airline Travel Hacks To Avoid Holiday Excursion Headaches appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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As a technology publicist running her own PR firm, U.S. Army veteran Tiffany Pilgrim works with top leaders and startups to build their brands and social media outreach. The post Female Army Veteran Uses Tech To Help Create a Better Future appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Mozilla believes the high-tech industry has lost its soul by putting profits ahead of people and is going to try and do something about it. It has announced Mozilla Ventures, a US$35 million venture capital fund to finance early-stage startups producing products and technologies that advance values such as privacy, inclusion, transparency, and human dignity. The post Mozilla Antes Up $35M To Save the Soul of High Tech appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Matter is a royalty-free home automation connectivity standard that simply requires manufacturers to fund certification costs. Despite several delays over the past three years, Matter has attracted support from several smart home heavyweights, including Amazon, Google, Comcast, and the Zigbee Alliance. The post Is the Matter Smart Home Initiative Finally Happening? appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Schools are spending a flood of money on security products. Still, a new report says not enough thought is given to how those products can be leveraged to better respond to violent events. The post Schools Must Leverage Tech To Boost Response Time to Violence: Report appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Arm is in trouble primarily because it depended on Nvidia acquiring it to fund its future growth and success. Now it's hungry for revenue. I think we are beginning to see the end of Arm, and it will only have itself to blame. The post Arm vs. Qualcomm Litigation Makes No Sense appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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It's the time of year when I'm fortunate enough to evaluate new tech products that I believe merit attention. Keep in mind that my comments are not intended as deep-dive reviews but as initial impressions to spur you to do further investigation and research. The post Compelling Tech Products To Put on Your Holiday Shopping Radar appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Compromised credentials provide an easy way for threat actors to get their hands on valuable data possessed by governments. Phishing attacks on civil servants jumped 30% from 2020 to 2021, with one out of every eight workers exposed to phishing threats during the period. The post New Report Finds Nearly 50% of 2021 Phishing Targeting Govt Workers Aimed at Credential Theft appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Compromised credentials provide an easy way for threat actors to get their hands on valuable data possessed by governments. Phishing attacks on civil servants jumped 30% from 2020 to 2021, with one out of every eight workers exposed to phishing threats during the period. The post New Report Finds Nearly Half of 2021 Phishing Attacks Targeted Civil Servants appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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In the coming year, lawmakers will be paying increased attention to workplace monitoring, and whistleblowers may also be demanding monitoring information to support complaints about labor law violations, according to the predictions put together by 10 Forrester analysts. The post CEO Fired Over Employee Monitoring Among Forrester Privacy Predictions for 2023 appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Let's explore the unique security dynamic between Ukraine and BlackBerry this week because it should reaffirm BlackBerry as the go-to company for cybersecurity. Then we'll close with my product of the week, my new favorite laptop, the incredibly unique Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 dual-screen laptop. The post BlackBerry: How Ukraine Is Making Us More Secure appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Many of the executive presentations delivered at the OktoberTech event highlighted Infineon's efforts to fight global warming. The post Infineons OktoberTech Event Zeroes In on Decarbonization, Digitalization appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Kids who play video games three hours or more a day performed better in cognitive skills tests involving impulse control and working memory than kids who never play video games, according to research released Monday. The post Research Finds Potential Benefits for Pre-Teen Video Game Players appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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