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Apple's Vision Pro, revealed at WWDC 2023, showcases an ambitious leap into mixed reality. Though critics question its high price, this headset's potential to revolutionize spatial computing and offer new user experiences could justify the cost. The post Will Apples Vision Pro Dent the Universe? appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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NumberEight and Odeeo have partnered to launch Women Don't Play, a platform aimed at boosting the visibility and prominence of women in the tech, gaming, and advertising sectors. The post Women Dont Play Confronts Gender Disparity in the Tech Industry appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Researchers reveal a novel security risk as hackers exploit generative AI's 'hallucinations' to deliver malicious code into a company's development environment, posing a growing threat to enterprise security. The post AI Hallucinations Can Become an Enterprise Security Nightmare appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The Apple Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,499, won't be available until next year but promises to usher in a new era of "spatial computing." The post One More ThingApple Unveils Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC23 appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Microsoft is at the forefront of turning users into programmers with its efforts to place increasing AI capability into Windows, Office, and the Microsoft Store. The post Windows 11 AI Integration Signals New Era for User Experiences appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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As supply chain attacks continue to pose significant risks, SBOMs have become a vital tool for secure DevOps and enhanced threat intelligence. Let's explore the six main types of SBOMs, their use cases, and how to select the most suitable one for your organization's needs. The post Selecting the Right SBOM for Your Enterprise appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Qualcomm is pioneering on-device generative AI and delivering remarkable innovation while also navigating complex ethical issues surrounding data privacy and the potential misuse of AI-created content. The post Qualcomms Gen AI: A Unique Opportunity Beyond Innovation appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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A new report has shed light on the risk of AI disruption, revealing that many jobs typically held by women are particularly vulnerable to automation advancements. The post Study Finds AI Threatening Many Womens Jobs appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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In the rapidly evolving world of AI, whom should we trust to govern its use? Microsoft presents intriguing answers in its "Governing AI: A Blueprint for the Future" report. Let's explore how they seek to balance this technology's potential with its risks. The post The Importance of Microsofts 5-Point Blueprint for Public Governance of AI appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Every six months or so, I re-evaluate the configuration of my home office workstation for improvements and enhancements. Admittedly, my specific requirements skew to the higher end of what the typical home office worker needs. I conduct a video podcast every week and need simultaneous and convenient access to both my MacBook Pro and Dell […] The post New HP and Sonos Devices Accentuate the Ultimate Home Office Workstation appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, privacy advocates have warned consumers about the potential threat to privacy posed by generative AI apps. The arrival of a ChatGPT app in the Apple App Store has ignited a fresh round of caution. The post ChatGPTs Arrival on iPhone Sparks Reprise of Privacy Concerns appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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A seismic shift in the PC industry looms as giants like AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm make strides to revolutionize the way machines operate, keeping pace with the rising generative AI trend. Amid this epic CPU confrontation, Nvidia emerges as a wildcard that could redefine the market landscape. The post 2024 and How the Coming CPU War Is Likely To Play Out appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The AMD Ryzen 7 7840U laptop chip is touted to outperform Apple's M2. Could this be the much-needed boost for the Windows laptop industry? The real test lies in practical application. The post AMD Could Rescue the Windows Thin and Light Laptop Market from Apple appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The Poly Voyager 60 Series Earbuds offer an unparalleled audio experience that is ideal for enterprise and remote workers, as well as for personal entertainment use. The post Poly Voyager 60 Series Earbuds Provide a Premium Audio Experience appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Google is coming to the foldable market late -- although not as late as Apple, which doesn't have a foldable yet -- but it's taking advantage of its timing by targeting some of the perceived deficiencies of the Galaxy Fold. The post Google Taking Pre-Orders for Its First Foldable Phone appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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At the center of the model is a dual-screen smart TV developed by Telly. One screen is a 55-inch 4K HDR Home Theater Television Display divided from a smaller smart screen by a five-driver sound bar. In addition to TV programming, the Free Telly hardware supports video calling, video games, an AI-enabled voice assistant, music services, and motion-tracking fitness programs. The post Telly Offers Half-Million Free 55-Inch 4K TVs, Advertisers To Pick Up Tab appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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In the face of economic hardship, companies are engaging in price wars to stay competitive, often at the risk of business survival. Traditional demand-generation marketing strategies are losing effectiveness in the digital era. Generative AI, capable of personalized, scalable customer interactions, may offer a solution to this market crisis. The post Fixing the Market Demand Problem With Generative AI appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The U.S. Department of Defense has another feather in its cyberwarfare cap after taking down the cybercrime network of Turla, a criminal gang linked to Russia called one of the world's most sophisticated cyber-espionage groups. The post DOJ, Five Eyes Nations Unite To Dismantle Russian Cyber-Espionage Network appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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CISOs' concerns grow as 68% anticipate a material cyberattack within a year, showing a shift in attitude toward future threats. Increased attack vectors and a wider attack surface contribute to this sentiment, while employee turnover raises data security risks. The post Cyber Chiefs Brace for Major Attacks in Next 12 Months appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Like a persistent piece of malware that your antivirus product just can't seem to eradicate, the annual RSA cybersecurity conference was back with a vengeance this year. But while the malware example is inherently malicious, the industry event seemed to be bustling with goodwill and a positive message for the cybersecurity industry, starting with its theme for the year: "Stronger together." The post RSA Conference Rebounds as Business Risks Soar appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The primary benefit of adhering to industry standards is that it ensures interoperability. Calix leverages several independent guidelines to ensure that its equipment works seamlessly with products from other manufacturers and hardware used by other broadband service providers. The post Calix Doubles Down on Genuine Industry Standards appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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