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The next generation web — Web3 — has been hailed as more secure than the current incarnation of cyberspace, but a new report warns that may not be so. The post Forrester Report Cautions About Web3 Security appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Known as Space-BACN, the project seeks to create a low-cost, reconfigurable optical communications terminal that adapts to most optical intersatellite link standards, translating between diverse satellite constellations. The post DARPA Moves Forward With Project To Revolutionize Satellite Communication appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Concerned over the growing complexities of security operations, 77% of infosec pros would like to see more industry cooperation and support for open standards promoting interoperability. The post IT Security Pros Push for Consolidated Standards, Vendor Products appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Let’s look at how Nvidia and Disney can, and should, showcase their strengths at the forefront of the metaverse. Then we’ll close with the product of the week: the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 laptop. The post Nvidia and Disney Can Breathe Life Into the Metaverse appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Keeping safe in cyberspace is increasingly difficult as crooks try to exploit uninformed users every chance they get. Add to that, virus and malware threats are never-ending. Here are five things in your control to help keep your digital activity safe. The post 5 Cyber Safety Tips To Survive the Internet, Hackers and Scammers appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Fake social media accounts are usually associated with bot networks, but new research shows that many social media users are creating their own fake accounts for a variety of reasons. The post A Third of US Social Media Users Creating Fake Accounts appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Some analysts contend that Netflix made a big mistake getting into gaming in the first place, and the initiative is destined to fail. Others are less concerned, calling the move "cautious and measured." The post Stat Firm Reports Less Than 1% of Subscribers Playing Netflix Games appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The ability to use AI and human digital twins will enable us to create our own worlds where we dictate the rules and where our AI-driven digital twins will emulate real people and animals. Let’s explore the capabilities of the metaverse, then we’ll close with the product of the week: the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. The post The Metaverse Future: Are You Ready To Become a God? appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Svaha USA is an STEAM-themed clothing and accessories brand whose online store is changing the face of women’s and children’s apparel. Svaha celebrates women in all fields of endeavor and confronts gender stereotypes with bright, fun clothes to allow kids’ imaginations to soar. The post Science, Art Inspire Women in Tech Entrepreneurship appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Nearly all the top 10 universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are putting their students, faculty and staff at risk of email compromise by failing to block attackers from spoofing the schools’ email domains. The post Top Universities Exposing Students, Faculty and Staff to Email Crime appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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If you’re looking for the best digital quality of life in the world, Denmark appears to be the place to go. South Korea finished second in the overall rankings, although it captured the top spot in internet quality and both broadband and mobile speed growth. The post Denmark Tops in Digital Quality of Life, US in Fifth Place appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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We're coming up on another school year, so it's about time to start shopping for supplies. Let’s talk about some tech-related considerations. Then we’ll close with the product of the week, a new vacuum from LG. The post Sensible Tech Advice for Back to School appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is asking its Oversight Board for an advisory opinion on whether measures taken to squash dangerous Covid-19 misinformation should continue or be modified. The post Meta Moves To Back Off Removing Covid Misinformation From Platforms appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Despite promising growth, accurate detection of security threats remains a problem. False alarms threaten user satisfaction with their systems, with about two out of three security system owners having paid a fine for a false alarm. The post Home Security Market Thriving Despite Dread of False Alarms appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Companies have a long road ahead to protect privileged identities and access, despite corporate leaders’ good intentions. Less than half of the organizations surveyed by Delinea have implemented ongoing security policies and processes for privileged access management. The post Unprotected Machine Identities Newest Enterprise IT Security Concern appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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The Lucid Air and the coming SUV code named Gravity, due in 2024, appear very different from every other car on the road, including Tesla. Let’s talk about the future of electric cars. Then we’ll close with my product of the week: an update on the Bartesian robotic bartender by, no kidding, Black+Decker. The post Lucid, Nvidia and the Rapidly Changing Future of Electric Cars appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Amazon alleges that the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups have attempted to orchestrate the placement of bogus reviews on Amazon in exchange for money or free products. The post Amazon Lawsuit Fingers Facebook Groups Recruiting Fake Reviewers appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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At this year's RSA Conference, Kevin Orr, president of RSA Federal met with leaders in government and enterprise cybersecurity. TechNewsWorld discussed with Orr key takeaways from the event and his observations on the state of cybersecurity. The post Cybersecurity Pros Preach Constant ID Challenging, Attack Readiness To Defeat Threats appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Last week was a crazier than usual in the tech world — which says a lot. Let’s walk through some of this apparent insanity and see what’s going on. The post Musk-Twitter, Qualcomm-Apple, Netflix-Microsoft: Deciphering the Insanity appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Leapwork is used by Global 2000 companies — including NASA, Mercedes-Benz, and PayPal — for robotic process automation, test automation and application monitoring. We asked its Co-Founder and CEO Christian Brink Frederiksen to reveal more details about the inner workings of the company's no-code solution. The post Leapwork CEO: No-Code Platforms Democratize Testing Automation appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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Be suspicious at the first sign of your phone behaving oddly. Both the Android and iOS smartphone platforms present the same set of common symptoms to indicate malware may be at play inside your device. The post 6 Signs Cybercriminals Infected Your Phone and How To Fix It appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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For most of us the metaverse is mostly hype about the promise of a new internet that we could explore virtually. As its currently implemented, the metaverse is reminiscent of the networked world pre-internet. It is represented by a bunch of very different and unique attempts to create what seems much like a walled garden […] The post The Importance of the Metaverse Standards Forum appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

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