…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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Hamad murders another kid – Protests? Do you think? WTF you waiting on Obama? Hamad’s gota go!

Potential Demonstrations in Bahrain, 7 Oct., 2011
by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command / U.S. 5th Fleet on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at 6:40am

The following potential or planned demonstrations in Bahrain should be avoided by all U.S. Forces, DOD civilians, DOD contractors and family members.

Friday, 7 Oct., 1400-1700 in the area between Boori and A’Ali.
Friday, 7 Oct., 1500-1800 in the vicinity of Nuwaidrat.

We continue to monitor events in Bahrain. There are no indications that U.S. citizens are being threatened or targeted.

Reminder: Spontaneous demonstrations can occur at any time. If you encounter a large public gathering, depart the vicinity immediately. Keep a cell phone with you at all times and share you travel plans with a friend, family member or chain of command.

American citizens and coalition partners should stay current with media coverage of events and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

The most up-to-date U.S. Embassy Manama demonstration notices are available at http://bahrain.usembassy.gov/demonstration.html

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Candle vigil for martyred Ali Al Sheikh Jawad

Candle vigil for martyred Ali Al Sheikh Jawad
Shiapost – September 3, 2011

Candle vigil was organized in Sitarah for martyred Ali Al Sheikh Jawad. Thousands took part in the candle vigil, several other candle vigils were organized in other villages at the same time as the one in Sitrah. Ali Al Sheikh Jawad, the 14-year-old boy was killed on Wednesday after Eid al-Fitr prayers. He was shot at close range, directly in the [face back of the neck], by a tear gas canister fired by Saudi-backed regime forces in the southern city of Sitra.

After the killing of a 14 year old boy, instead of turning to violence, people of Bahrain hold candle vigils. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across the Persian Gulf state since the incident to condemn the murder of Jawad.

Jawad was killed just three days after a televised speech by Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on August 28, in which he announced a decision to pardon the demonstrators arrested during the popular uprising that began in February. …source

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President Obama enabler of the murderous bastard that denies responsibility for his deplorable actions

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King Hamad miserable, dispicable, murderous bastard

Kingdom of Bahrain where “Royal Investigators” deny crime in plain sight and protect Murderers

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Bird shot victim of security forces – al Khalifa claims no resposnsibility

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Bird shot from “foreign security forces” Nabih Saleh village Aug30, 2011 – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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Pellets from Stinger Grenade used against protesters – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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Protester severly beaten by “foreign security forces” who remain unaccountable – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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Gas cloud envelops protesters in BaniJamra – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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Protester shot in stomach August 29 – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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Misfired and spent lethal ammunition found after Security Force drive by – al Khalifa claims not responsible

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14 year old Martyr Ali Jawad’s story

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Martyr Ali Jawad’s story, #Bahrain

Martyr Ali Jawad story

How the martyr Ali Jawad Al-Shaikh (14 years old) died on 31-08-2011 (the Eid day)

#Bahrain انقل لكم من شاهد عيان ماذا حدث في سترة في الساعة ٨،٤٠ كان الطفل المتظاهر علي جواد في سترة يتظاهر سلميا مع زملائة يتبع

Translation: I’ll recount what happened from an eye-witness, at 8:40 am Ali Jawad was protesting peacefully with his friends in Sitra.

#Bahrain وقام احد افراد الشغب و من مسافة ٥ متر باطلاق مسيل دموع مباشرة في راس الطفل بغرض القتل و ليس التفريق و استشهد حينها ، يتبع

Translation: one of the riot policemen and from 5 meters distance shot a tear gas canister directly to the child’s head in the purpose of killing him not to separate the demonstrators.

#Bahrain و بعدها تم نقلة الى مركز سترة الصحي و لكنة قد فارق الحياة و جائت بعدها قوات الشغب للمستشفى لاختطاف الجثة و اخفاء الجريمة ،يتبع

Translation: after that Ali Jawad was transported to Sitra health centre but he died there, and then riot policemen came to the hospital to kidnap his body to hide the crime.

#Bahrain و رفض الاهالي اعطائهم الجثة و قامت قوات الشغب بالتحقيق مع موظفي الامن يسالونهم من الذي احظر الجثة فنفى علمة فتم اعتقال ٢ منهم ،يتبع

Translation: his relatives refuse to give them the body, and the riot policemen interrogated the hospital security guards and asked them who brought his body, they said they don’t know and then the police arrested 2 of them.

#Bahrain و الان موظفي الامن معتقلين و قد يتعرضو للتعذيب لان القوات تريد منهم اسم من احظر الجثة لكي يعتقلوة و يخفو الشاهد على جريمتهم القبيحة

Translation: and now the arrested security guards may face torture because the police want from them to tell the name of the one who brought the body to arrest him and hide their ugly crime.

from Twitter Storified – source HERE or HERE

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Bahrain Security Forces using tear gas under guise of crowd control as murder weapon

POMED Wire: More Deaths in Bahrain
16 July 2011

Bahraini security forces have been increasing their use of tear gas against protesters, which have resulted in numerous deaths including the death of Zainab Hassan, 47 year old mother of two girls. In addition, riot police attacked people’s homes in Sitra on Friday and chased people out of the village.

An Irish group began a fact finding mission in Bahrain to determine the condition of detained medical workers and doctors that have been detained in Bahrain. The delegation arrived in unofficial capacity despite hesitation from Bahraini authorities to allow entry into the country. The group met with family members of detained medics and with some who have been released. Authorities did not allow the group to meet with detained medics. Currently, 47 medics have been arrested and detained, and the fact finding mission plans to remain in Bahrain till the conflict is resolved.

Human Rights First released it’s second fact-finding mission report that took place on July 6 to July 12 outlining the torture protesters and civilians have to endure from the security forces.

The National Journal met with Maryam Al-Khawaja, the 24-year-old director of foreign relations for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights on Capitol Hill to discuss reasons for her encouragement toward the U.S. to step up efforts to convince Bahrain to stop human rights violations. In response to Bahrain’s attempt of a national dialogue, Al-Khawaja, said that this is the government’s attempt to buy time and “get some positive media attention for what they are doing.” …source

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al Khalifa murders protestor on eve of “national dialogue” and against back drop of “investigation committe” in arrogant display of the regimes inpuity

One dies in fresh Bahraini clashes
By shiapost – July 1, 2011Posted in: Bahrain

As anti-regime demonstrations continue in Bahrain, one protestor has died of injuries on his head sustained by a stun-bomb thrown by the regime’s security forces.

Thousands of protesters marched in streets across the country on Friday, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Protesters renewed their call for an end to the Al Khalifa regime. They also demanded the release of all detained protesters, activists and opposition leaders.

Security forces of the Saudi-backed regime responded with tear gas and stun grenades, according to some activists.

Anti-regime protesters have been holding peaceful demonstrations across Bahrain since mid-February, calling for an end to the Al Khalifa dynasty’s rule.

In March, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have deployed some 1,500 military forces to Bahrain to help the government crush the nationwide protests. Yet, the protests have only grown more popular. …more

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Break the Silence – Free Bahrain

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U.S. Keeps Quiet over Repression

By Jim Lobe*

WASHINGTON, Apr 13, 2011 (IPS) – If President Barack Obama wanted to place Washington “on the right side of history” during the ongoing “Arab Spring”, his reaction to recent events in Bahrain will likely make that far more difficult, according to a growing number of analysts and commentators here.

While his administration has become ever more outspoken against repression in Syria and Yemen – not to mention Libya, where Obama has called for regime change – it has remained remarkably restrained about the escalating crackdown by the Sunni monarchy against the majority Shia population and prominent pro-democracy figures.

The strongest criticism in weeks came from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday night at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum here when she appealed for a “political process that advances the rights and aspirations of all the citizens of Bahrain” and asserted that “security alone cannot resolve the challenges” facing the government.

More than two dozen people have been killed by security forces since the government declared martial law Mar. 15, while more than 400 others have been arrested or are otherwise unaccounted for, according to international rights groups. Three detainees have died in custody, at least one apparently from “horrific abuse”, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Tuesday.

Last weekend, HRW accused the regime of creating a “climate of fear”, particularly in Shia neighbourhoods and villages where night-time raids appear designed mainly to instil terror among the mostly poor residents. …more

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