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Martyr Mohammed Abdul Jalil Yousif, leads New Round of Protests against Saudi Backed Regime


Death of activist sparks fresh protest in Bahrain
13 September, 2013 – PressTV

People in Bahrain have held yet another demonstration to protest the killing of a young opposition activist by Saudi-backed regime forces.

The protesters chanted anti-regime slogans during the rally in the village of Nouedrat on Saturday.

The rally was held in protest at the killing of Mohammed Abdul Jalil Yousif on Wednesday at the hands of the regime forces. Activists say Yousif was run over by a vehicle belonging to the security forces.

On Friday, several protesters were arrested in the north of Bahrain after Yousif’s mass funeral turned into a rally.

The situation has been volatile in the Persian Gulf country since anti-regime protests began in 2011.

Bahrainis primarily demanded political reform and a constitutional monarchy, a demand that later changed to an outright call for the ouster of the ruling Al Khalifa family following its brutal crackdown on popular protests.

Manama also called in Saudi-led Arab forces from neighboring states.

Scores of people have been killed, many of them under torture while in custody, and thousands more detained since the popular uprising in Bahrain began.

Protesters say they will continue holding anti-regime demonstrations until their demand for the establishment of a democratically-elected government and an end to rights violations are met.

On September 9, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) that she was frustrated with reports of human rights violations by Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain. …source

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What now Hamad, another investigation, more lies, another police show trial?

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No Policemen Detained in Latest Murders of Village Residents n Bahrain

Bahrain: Two martyrs as UK Government is criticised for pro-Alkhalifa stands
By davidswanson – 19 October, 2012 – War is a Crime.org

Two martyrs fell during the week. First was Huda, eleven year-old girl who was suffocated by chemical gases that has become the main tool of repression against the people. She developed breathing difficulties leading to the deterioration of her health until she succumbed to painful death. The second was Hajji Mahdi Ali Al Marhoon, 60. Few months ago he was subjected to intense inhalation of chemical gases deployed by regime’s forces against the people of Ma’amir Town. He was hospitalised but his condition deteriorated until he passed away on Wednesday 17th October. His funeral yesterday was attended by thousands of people who chanted anti-regime slogans calling for an end to the Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship.

The repression has continued unabated. The security apparatus, commanded by John Timoney and John Yates has intensified its attempts to suppress dissenting voices or anyone attempting to uncover the truth. It is now illegal to tweet anti-Alkhalifa news. Anyone who criticises the dictatorship or its human rights abuses is liable for arrest, torture and imprisonment. Four people have now been targeted for tweeting anti-regime news. The situation has now deteriorated to levels far worse than in previous times. Instead of opening up freedoms, the Alkhalifa, encouraged by the Saudi occupation, Anglo-American military and security support, has become notorious for its human rights violations. It has made mockery of the recommendations by the Bissioni Commission and the Human Rights Council.

While Nabeel Rajab’s trial earlier this week was postponed other human rights activists have been targeted and warned of severe consequences if they continued criticism of the Alkhalifa bleak record of human rights. Mohammad Al Masqati, the President of Bahrain Youth for Human Rights was arrested, threatened and ill-treated for criticising the Alkhalifa. No word of condemnation has come from the UN bodies responsible for protection of human rights defenders. Nabeel Rajab’s ill-treatment has stained the human rights world which has failed to protect the most prominent human rights activist in the Gulf region from arbitrary arrest, torture and imprisonment. Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr Rajab. AI has confirmed that at least one international observer was denied entry to Bahrain to observe the appeal against Mr Rajab’s conviction. Since John Timoney and John Yates were seconded by USA and UK to support the the Alkhalifa criminal regime last year international human rights activists were banned from entering the country. The Alkhalifa have kept an iron-fist policy against Bahrainis with tight grip on police, intelligence, army, judiciary and media. …more

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Under Intense International Criticism, Bahrain Regime Charges Murderous Policeman – conviction doubtful

Clearly the regime caved into international pressure as they prepare another ruse to placate the US State Department in a bid to preserve their friendly” relationship. The real crime lies in the MOI arming derelict police officers with lethal ammunition for ‘riot control’. The images of Hussam’s wounds clearly indicate the use of illegal, metalized shot – probably #5. Arming a largely illiterate, foreign national police force that has no tie or accountability to the communities they police, while not criminal, is a recipe for police violence with impunity. The MOI lays naked in hypocrisy with yet another ‘charge’ against police officers in a system that directs, rape, murder, torture and false imprisonment. The charade of compliance and pretense of accountability fools no one, except perhaps a complicit or at best a horribly naive US State Department. Phlipn – out.

Bahrain police charged over Shiite teenager death
30 August, 2012 – Lebanon Now

A Bahrain policeman has been charged over shooting dead a Shiite teenager when a group of protesters attacked security forces with petrol bombs, an investigator said.

The public prosecution “accused the policeman who opened fire on one of the attackers of premeditated murder,” said official, Nawaf Hamza, late on Wednesday, according to BNA state news agency.

He said the accused was released but has been banned from travel. His name and nationality have not been revealed.

But the public prosecution issued a later statement saying the charge against the policeman was “preliminary”, pending an investigation which so far shows the killing was “likely a case of self-defense.”

Sixteen-year-old Shiite Hussam al-Haddad died of his injuries on August 17, after police opened fire under attack from petrol bombs in Sunni-dominated Muharaq, close to the capital, according to the interior ministry.

The Sunni-ruled kingdom, home to the US Fifth Fleet and strategically situated across the Gulf from Iran, has continued to witness sporadic Shiite-led demonstrations mostly outside the capital since it crushed a pro-democracy uprising in March last year.

Hamza said the investigation revealed that police fired warning shots at 25 to 30 protesters attacking their patrol with petrol bombs, and that the defendant shot Haddad as he was about to hit him from close range with a Molotov cocktail.

The ministry had said at the time that security forces acted in self-defense.

The main Shiite opposition group, Al-Wefaq, condemned the “barbaric” attack on the teenager.

It posted pictures on its Facebook page of Haddad’s injuries, including shotgun wounds to his back and right arm. Bahraini security forces have widely used shotgun pellets and tear gas to disperse protesters.


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Dear President Obama, never mind your not going to do anything but keep the murderers and assassins in power anyway…

Letter to President Obama regarding the June 22 attack on protesters in Bahrain
25 June, 2012 – Mary Fletcher Jones

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for your previous comments on human rights and your support for the people of Bahrain.

I am writing to you to respectfully request that you or one of your staff issue a White House statement condemning the unprovoked June 22, 2012 attack on protesters by Bahrain riot police, which was widely reported by the news media, including The Washington Post.

On this day, a small group of men faced riot police, stating that they came in peace and bearing roses. They were fired on with deadly force, even as they fled. They were shot in the back. Several members of Al Wefaq were injured, and one man has sustained serious brain injury and is in critical condition.

They committed no crime; the police say they were trying to “prevent traffic congestion.”

I understand the strategic alliance between the U.S. and Bahrain, and the challenges that presents, but as the leader of a country that respects human rights, I know you will not let this event pass without comment.

President Obama, you can see the video that portrays the attack on YouTube ” target=”_blank”>HERE

I know our State Dept. is trying to improve the situation in Bahrain — but this is beyond the pale, even given past events in that country.

I know what you say holds great weight with the Kingdom — please do what you can to help.


Mary Fletcher Jones

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How would you defend your village from Security Forces who turn homes into murderous gas chambers?

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The contagion of Obama’s murderous foreign policy spreads from Bahrain to UAE

Emirates Step Up Efforts to Counter Dissent
By ANGELA SHAH – 30 May, 2012 – NYT

ABU DHABI — The United Arab Emirates have intensified their effort to quell political dissent, with 15 men now being detained by the security forces, according to human rights groups and family members.

All but two are members of Al Islah Reform and Social Guidance Association, which holds beliefs similar to those of the Muslim Brotherhood, the mainstream Islamic organization. The men have called for a more democratic political system in the country, a group of seven principalities ruled by hereditary emirs.

Christopher Davidson, a lecturer at Durham University in Britain who is an expert on Gulf issues, said the Emirates were following the example of Bahrain, which has cracked down harshly on dissidents. Leaders of the Emirates are “emboldened” by the Bahrain government’s actions against protesters “and the lack of any significant condemnation of the Bahrain regime by the international community,” he said.

“The U.A.E. authorities want to govern over a nonpolitical country and a depoliticized population,” he said. “They want to be guardians of an economy that makes money for everyone.”

One stick that the U.A.E. government is using against dissidents is the threat of taking away their citizenship. In December, a group of seven Emiratis, all of whom are members of Al Islah, were stripped of their citizenship. They were arrested in March when they refused to seek out alternative nationalities, their families say. A court ruling on the authorities’ actions is imminent.

“This is aggressive in nature and so vicious in a way that has never been done before,” said Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights activist and blogger. He was among the first group of Emiratis arrested and put on trial last year for calling for democratic reforms.

In November, Mr. Mansoor and four others were convicted of threatening state security and insulting the Emirates’ leaders and sentenced to three years in prison. But days after the verdict, the men were granted a pardon.

Many Emiratis say that their leaders’ governance has provided them a prosperous and easy life and that there is no need for political change. For many, public criticism of how the Emirates are governed or their rulers is unacceptable.

The Emirates’ Western-oriented business climate and position as a safe haven have lifted the local economy. Leaders want to preserve that status, even if it means a crackdown.

The authorities are monitoring the internet and social media closely. On May 21, the Emirates News Agency reported that four people were arrested by Abu Dhabi on charges of “tribal instigation and libel” through Internet postings. …more

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The torture and assassination of Salah Habib Abbas

Bahrain News – Peter Clifford Online
TIMELINE – 24th APRIL, 2012 – Peter Clifford

At the weekend, the Al-Khalifa Government returned to his family for burial the body of Salah Habib Abbas.

This video is believed to be one of police abusing and torturing Salah Habib Abbas with a rifle barrel the night before he was found dead HERE: It gets worse.

The pre-burial pictures show irrefutably that he has been shot with birdshot at close range and tortured by burning on his chest and stomach.

An examination by a doctor in the presence of lawyers and members of the Al Wefaq Party also revealed that his neck had been broken and there were bruises on his hand and leg.

The official death certificate listed “internal bleeding and gunshot wounds” as the cause of death.

There is a full examination report, HERE:

According to the official Bahrain News Agency, various members of the Al-Khalifa family and their sycophants have spent the last 2 days sending “cables” self-congratulating each other on the “success” of the Bahrain F1.

In one the antique Prime Minister, Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, sent to King Hamad, he “hailed HM the King’s firm determination and citizens’ efforts to project Bahrain’s civilized image and ensure economic, social and media dividends”.

Salah Abbas Showing Burns and Broken Neck

Well if what the King’s “police force” did to Salah Abbas is “civilised”, then there is no hope for legitimacy, judicial responsibility and accountability in Bahrain.

What they did to Salah Abbas has more in common with President Assad’s behaviour in Syria than anything else, a country whose government the Al-Khalifa’s are keen to remove.

The police officers involved in the death of Salah Abbas should be arrested immediately, charged with kidnapping, abuse and murder and prosected with the full force of the law, receiving the long sentences that the crime demands.

If not then the people of Bahrain have every right to demand the overthrow of King Hamad and his miserable self-serving family. They will never receive justice or democracy otherwise.

So far there has not been one single conviction of a police officer or security official in Bahrain following the reported deaths of as many as 80 people, a number of them while in police custody. …more

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Murderous use of birdshot reported – Over One Year Ago

editor: As “Three Days of Rage” ensue one can only hope the F1 teams that naively chose to attend the Bahrain “race of shame”, will come to realize the pack of lies fed them by the FIA, Eccleston and King Hamad. Complicit in the lies and greed are the media who have become the great enabler of such lies by their silence about the situation of torture, murder, rape and abuse by MOI polices and other hired security personnel. Bahrain is rapidly becoming the stain on the US State Department and UK Foreign Ministry. So shameful and egregious are the crimes and abuse against the Bahrainis that Western complicity as enablers of such abuse can longer be ignored or tolerated. Either the Western governments goal is to agitate violence from a restrained and largely peaceful opposition or in its ineptitude it is creating an environment and condition the preceded the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979.

One has to wonder if there is something more sinister aloft in Bahrain, perhaps agitation of a Gulf Crisis as a provocation for more aggressive response from Iran? What is even more curious is the lay-down, subservient behavior from the Western liberals and left. Aside from some seemly obligatory articles of support in the more progressive blogs, they seem to be cowed in some sort of “Fearful Stupor” or the less paralyzed seem caught-up as cheerleaders in the prelude to a civil-war in Syria being agitated by “friendly” Al Qaeda wings, that were restored after the killing of Osama Bin Laden and are working again at the employ of their previous Masters in the CIA. Phlipn.

Bahraini security forces have frequently shown a reckless disregard for human life during crackdowns on protesters. Firing birdshot pellets at close range is not crowd control – it can be murder. Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch

Bahrain: Investigate Deaths Linked to Crackdown
29 March, 2011 – Human Rights Watch

(Manama) – The Bahraini government should urgently investigate the killing of at least 18 people during violent crackdowns since protests began on February 14, 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. Most were killed by security forces using excessive force, namely crowd-control equipment at extremely close range and live gunfire, Human Rights Watch said. Four government security officers were also killed, according to the Interior Ministry.

The authorities admitted holding four missing persons in the Bahrain Defense Force hospital only after they had succumbed to their injuries. This raises serious concerns regarding the missing persons’ treatment and whether authorities are holding other people without notifying their families, Human Rights Watch said.

“Bahraini security forces have frequently shown a reckless disregard for human life during crackdowns on protesters,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Firing birdshot pellets at close range is not crowd control – it can be murder.”

At least 15 people have died since riot police and troops initiated a second round of offensives against anti-government protesters on March 15, Human Rights Watch said. They include Ahmed Farhan, age 24, and Mohammed Eklas, a 50 year-old Bangladeshi citizen, who died in Sitra on March 15. Photographs of Farhan’s body show the back of his head blown open and an empty brain cavity, suggesting that he had been shot at close range. According to media reports, Eklas was run over by a vehicle while trying to help some women during the crackdown, but Human Rights Watch could not independently verify this account. …more

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Saudi-America Partnership for Middle East Apartheid

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F1 fund State sponsored murder in Bahrain as protester gunned down in street by plain clothes operatives

Bahrain protests flare against F1 after protester dies
02 April, 2012 – The Telegraph

Ahmed Ismael Abdulsamad was shot in the right thigh on Saturday as he filmed a protest in the Shia village of Salmabad that plainclothes security forces tried to break up with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Opposition groups blamed “militiamen” accompanying security forces fired live bullets at the protesters from a civilian car, hitting Abdulsamad.

Dozens of young protesters gathered in the village of Abu Saiba, west of Manama, and Tubli, south of the capital, according to postings by the Coalition of the Youth of the February 14th Revolution on Facebook.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the small gatherings and made some arrests, according to provided footage.

Activists have intensified their campaign to push Formula One to cancel the Bahrain round of the world championship, slated for April 20-22 at the Sakhir circuit, southwest of Manama.

The race was cancelled last year due to the unrest that gripped the Shiite-majority state after a mid-March brutal crackdown on protests demanding democratic reforms that would challenge the power of the Sunni Al-Khalifa ruling dynasty.

“We (object to) holding a sports race that belittles the sacrifices of our children and ignores our suffering and wounds,” said a statement read by a youth dressed in a white death shroud and a black hood, according to a video posted online.

“Do not tarnish the reputation of the respected auto sport with the blood of Bahrain victims.”

On Twitter, a whole campaign has been launched against the return of the Grand Prix to Bahrain.

“Stop, my blood is flowing” and “race over blood,” were two slogans posted by activists on Twitter, where hashtags like BloodyF1 and NoF1 generate scores of tweets.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has insisted that the outbreak of fresh violence will not affect this year’s grand prix.

Defending champion Sebastian Vettel and seven-time winner Michael Schumacher lately supported the return to Bahrain. …more

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Bahrain, King Hamad’s impunity for murder enabled by United States and United Kingdom

Bahrainis protest against use of tear gas
29 March, 2012 – Lebanon Now

Hundreds of Bahrainis staged on Thursday a sit-in outside the offices of the United Nations demanding action over the “excessive” use by police of tear gas against protesters.

Protesters gathered outside the UN house in Manama, in a rally organized by the Shia-led opposition, according to a statement by Al-Wefaq, the main opposition formation.

Police are regularly clashing with protesters who take to the streets in Shia villages despite last year’s brutal crackdown on a month-long protest that demanded democratic change in the Sunni-ruled Gulf monarchy.

Protesters, including men and women, wore medical masks and carried used tear gas canisters of the type reportedly used by police to disperse demonstrations, according to pictures provided by the opposition.

Dozens of used tear gas canisters were also piled up by the protesters outside UN offices, the pictures showed.

Protesters chanted slogans demanding the international community to “take a stance against those crimes, and dangerous violations by Bahraini authorities against unarmed” people, said the statement.

Representatives of the opposition delivered a letter addressed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon demanding action.

“This excessive use [of tear gas] is a daily flagrant violation to the UN’s Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials,” the letter said.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights last week criticized Bahraini forces for their “disproportionate use of force” as they sought to quell protests, saying their use of tear gas may have led to over 30 deaths.

“We have been receiving worrying reports of the disproportionate use of force by Bahraini security forces, including the excessive use of tear gas, the use of birdshot pellets and rubber bullets,” said spokesperson Rupert Colville.


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Bahrain’s MOI murderous use of “less-than-lethal” weapons

Tear Gas or Lethal Gas? Bahrain’s Death Toll Mounts to 30
by Richard Sollom – 16 March, 2012 – Physicians for Human Rights

Based on interviews with local physicians and analysis of news reports, the Government of Bahrain’s oppressive use of tear gas in recent months has reportedly killed both young and old civilians in their homes and in the streets of Manama, the Gulf Kingdom’s capital.

PHR has compiled a list of 30 reported tear-gas-related deaths in Bahrain (pdf) since the uprising began a year ago. Based on media and other accounts, most civilians who allegedly died from tear gas reportedly have suffered complications from gas inhalation; at least three civilians reportedly died after security forces fired metal tear gas canisters (nearly the size and half the weight of a can of Coke) from grenade launchers into crowds.

Government forces not only assault unarmed street protesters with tear gas during the day, they also attack innocent women, children, and the elderly with tear gas in their homes at night.

Fourteen-year-old Yaseen Jassim Al Asfoor reportedly died from tear gas inhalation after security forces threw three tear gas canisters into his home.

In another recent incident, an elderly woman named Sakeena Marhoon apparently died from repeated exposure to tear gas in her home.

The Government’s use of tear gas is so widespread and excessive that many families are now forced to stuff towels in doors and cracks in windows to protect them from the toxic clouds of gas outside.

Victims of these indefensible deaths and their families are not receiving the justice they deserve. Not only has the government failed to investigate or prosecute any law enforcement officials for employing such excessive force, but authorities also reportedly prohibit doctors from listing tear gas as a cause of death. Instead, coerced doctors have reportedly cited natural or unknown causes of death for some tear-gas related casualties.

While PHR has not analyzed tear gas in Bahrain, our report shows the use of it in confined spaces has deleterious and toxic effects (pdf).

The 1989 JAMA study found that detonating tear gas in small enclosed spaces creates a toxic concentration, which can cause permanent damage to the human body, including chemical pneumonitis, heart failure, fatal pulmonary edema, and death.

Last year PHR investigators in Bahrain found disconcerting evidence that Bahraini authorities may be using unidentified chemical agents in addition to tear gas. Doctors reported to PHR that they had treated patients exposed to tear gas who exhibited atypical symptoms, including non-epileptic seizures and hysteria. Further, Bahraini authorities at the Ministry of Health deny doctors’ requests to analyze the residue and chemical content of exploded tear gas canisters. …more

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Is this protester one of the “external threats” US weapons are supposed to stop US President Obama?

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Attempted Murder in drive-by by Security Froces – no one will be held accountable for obvious crime

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Bahrain brings in the New Year with the murder of 15 year old by the al Khalifa regime

Urgent appeal, 15 year old Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed killed today, areas under attack
31 December, 2011 – BCHR

On the eve of New Years, another child’s life was taken in Bahrain. 15 year old Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed was shot with a teargas canister in the face which caused his death. Picture of Sayed Hashim with 14 year old Ali AlShaikh who was shot in the neck with a teargas canister on August 31st.

According to eyewitnesses:

Sayed Hashim was shot in the head with a teargas canister by the riot police. When 3 boys and a woman tried to save him, they were shot at with teargas, some of the teargas was shot near Sayed Hashim were he lay. Then the riot police attacked those trying to save Sayed Hashim, beating some with batons, one may have a broken arm and another has a serious injury. When one woman said “you killed him” one of the riot police shouted “shut up and don’t you dare speak of this”.

Lawyer Zahra Massoud went to the morque, she was prohibited from entering the area where Sayed Hashim’s body is being kept.

The marks of the canister where it hit Martyr Sayed Hashim near the face.

Video of when 15 year old Sayed Hashim after he was shot with a teargas canister, and at the hospital until he announced dead.

Official notification of cause of death confirm death due to bleeding caused by injury in the nick

Today we are receiving numerous reports of kidnappings, arrests and injuries in different parts of Bahrain. Several villages, as well as religious processions continue to be attacked as I write this email, in what has become the nightly routine of collective punishment.


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BIPD hails human rights strides in Bahrain, following attacks on funeral march

BIPD hails human rights strides in Bahrain
09/12/2011 – BNA

Manama, Dec. 9 (BNA)— Marking the Human Rights Day, Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) extended congratulations to the kingdom’s leadership and people hailing keenness of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to further boost human rights.

“Bahrain has known major strides in the human rights field over the past years, boosting its status at the international level. The kingdom has got a positive human rights record which has been confirmed by the UN specialized agencies,” it said in a statement commending the leadership’s keenness to preserve human rights while handling the repercussions of the recent incidents.
It also hailed rapid steps taken by the government to implement the recommendations cited in Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) Report.

BIPD announcement follows brutal attacks during funeral march for young Zahra Saleh who died from injuries inflicted by Police, shown in video below

The institute stressed the need to overcome the pitfalls of the recent unfortunate incidents and achieve national reconciliation which was initiated by the government through the National Consensus Dialogue and other measures.
It also underscored the institute’s pivotal role in promoting the culture of human rights among the Bahraini people.
“Respecting human rights heavily depends on instilling the political culture backing these principles,” it said. …source

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al Khalifa your lies have left you with no where to run – the people stand ready to tell the truth of the blood on your hands and the darkness in your heart

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Mother’s last time seeing her young son, Ali AlSatrawi

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Preparation of Ali AlSatrawi body for funeral reveals massive damage to body – likely he was repeatedly run over by police

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Murder Scene following the vehicle homicide by Police of Ali Al-Satrawi, 16 years old

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Police Running Down Protesters

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Bahrain’s latest Martyr – Ali Al-Satrawi, 16 years old Murdered by Security Forces

16 year old Ali AlSatrawi was run over tonight by Bahrain security forces and died at the scene. This comes after several videos emerged of attempts by riot police to run over protesters.

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Elderly Shiite, family member of Opposition Leadership, ‘beaten to death’ by Bahrain State Terrorists

Elderly Shiite ‘beaten to death’ by Bahrain police
The Shiite group Al-Wefaq declares the death of one of its prominent leaders after police forces attacked him, being one of many aggressions committed by the Sunni regime against the opposition Shiites
AFP , Thursday 3 Nov 2011

The elderly father of the second in command of Bahrain’s largest Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq died of his injuries on Thursday after riot police attacked him a day earlier, the organisation said.

“Ali Hasan al-Dehi, 70, was attacked by riot police forces Wednesday evening” and died early Thursday, Al-Wefaq’s website reported.

His son, Hussein al-Dehi, is deputy head of Al-Wefaq.

The statement said the elder Dehi had told one of his sons, who had arrived home to find him on the floor, that “he had been beaten by riot police.”

Al-Wefaq member and former MP Sayed Hadi Moussaoui told AFP police were dispersing a protest in the western village of Dehi, when the man was attacked.

Moussaoui said members of Dehi household were harassed several times by the authorities, adding that the dead man’s wife had been “insulted” in the past without giving further details.

Earlier this year, Bahrain’s Sunni monarchy crushed pro-democracy protests, spearheaded by the majority Shiites, with the help of troops from other Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia.

Twenty-four people died during the crackdown, between mid-February and mid-March, according to official figures from Manama.
Four protesters have since died in custody.

The Gulf kingdom is awaiting a report by an independent commission of inquiry into the crackdown, which is expected on November 23.

Though mass protests have ended, tensions remain high as the trials of dozens of opposition figures and protesters continue in the capital. …source

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Goodbye brave young Ahmed al-Jaber

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