…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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Killed in detention Rahdi Mahfoodh, 25 Years – 15 year old Raped by Police, Courts of Injustice and Prisoner Protests

Bahrain: New martyr as leaders boycott political trials
Bahrain Freedom Movement -1 June, 2012

A young Bahraini youth has been martyred after being hit by police vehicle a few weeks ago. Mohammad Rahdi Mahfoodh, 25, died as a result especially with the lack of care he had received at a hospital run by the military.

The martyr who is from Saar Town, received horrible injuries but the police did not notify his family until the following day. No details have yet emerged about the period he had remained at the scene before being taken to hospital. His funeral, attended by many people, was attacked viciously by the mercenary forces employed by the Al Khalifa.

Hassan Salman, father of fifteen year old Mohammed, has stated that his son was raped by police forces during his abduction and torture. The family from Jum’a have been left devastated by the ordeal that Mohammed described to them during his arrest. The government-employed torturers repeatedly raped him and threatened that if he did not sign a confession to the crimes that had been attributed to him, they would capture him again and torture him this time until death. The fifteen year old therefore submitted to the accusations made towards him in front of the prosecution out of immense fear for his life. Mohammed’s parents have confirmed the rape of their son who has been suffering severe pain and bleeding since his arrest by security forces.

The leaders of the revolution were taken to a “civilian” court one year after a “military” court sentenced them to life imprisonment for calling for change of regime and government. The thirteen men (out of 21 considered to be the leadership of the revolution) had been mercilessly treated after their arrest and during their earlier trial. On Tuesday 21st May the first session was held at the court which was presided by an Alkhalifa culprit who acted as the judge and the enemy of the accused. At that session Mr Abdul Wahab Hussain and Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja took turn to speak, presenting an accurate account of the horrific treatment they had been subjected to during their incarceration at the Alkhalifa dungeons. Their testimonies would dwarf the crimes attributed to Charles Taylor, the former President of Sierra Leone who has recently been sentenced to 50 years jail at the International Criminal Court. At the second session on Tuesday 28th May, the “civilian court” was addressed by Mr Hassan Mushaima and Dr Abdul Jalil Al Singace who also presented damning account of their ordeal. As soon as they completed their testimonies, they left the court and vowed not to return. They would rather be sentenced in absentia as the verdicts and sentences are a political decision by the dictator and his clique, supported by the United States.

The release of Nabeel Rajab and Zainab Al Khawaja from their incarceration at Alkhalifa dungeons marked one of the biggest blows to the pride of the ruling clique who have been condemned worldwide for arresting the four most senior human rights activist in the country. Both had challenged the torturers while in prison, urged the people outside to continue their peaceful protests and refused to abide by the rules of the torturers. They fought a war of wills; achieving victory against the Alkhalifa torturers.

Meanwhile Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja has ended his hunger strike after succeeding in drawing the attention of the world to the plight of Bahraini political prisoners and forcing the U-turn on the military trials conducted by the regime last year. …more

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Oppression Masquerades and Justice – witness the truth, do years in King Hamad’s torturous prisons – shorter unjust sentence on appeal

Mahmood Abdulsaheb: Author and Photographer detained and tortured in the Arab Capital of Culture for 2012
09 Janary, 2012 – BCHR

Charges related to freedom of expression dropped on the media, on reality detainees still in jail

While Bahrain has been selected to be the Arab Capital of Culture for 2012, talented and creative Bahraini individuals who have contributed to the enrichment of Bahraini culture are being subjected to torture and imprisoned for exercising their basic right to freedom of expression. Mahmood Abdulsaheb is a Bahraini writer, photographer, painter and a member of many regional and international organizations concerned with Arabian Horses. He has been detained since March 15 2011, and sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment which has decreased to 3.5 years after an appeal. The accusations against him are of participating in illegal assemblies and fabricating and disseminating photos of injuries.
Representing Bahrain and contributing to the enrichment of the Bahraini culture

Mohmood Abdulsaheb is a Bahraini father of three. He is a man of many talents and an active member of Bahraini society. He works in “Royal Equestrian Federation” and is an international coach and member in many organizations including World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO), Arabian Horse Registry of America (AHRA) and Arabian Horse Association (LAHA).

Mahmood Abdulsaheb is a researcher interested in History with a high diploma in History from Beirut University. He is a published author with published writings and researches about History in general and the history of Arabian horses in particular. Recently he wrote a book title “ “The Legend: The Story of an Arabian Bahraini Bay Mare: An influence in USA.””[1] , an illustrated book with photos taken by Abdulsaheb on Arabian horses and features the story of Bint El Bahreyn. In addition, he is also a painter and an amateur photographer. He participated in many photography courses and taught photography to his children. …more

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Bahrain judiciary a broken and unjust political tool for King Hamad – sham trials, misdirections, indefinte detention, legal masquerades, bogus charges and delays waiting on political opportunity

Bahrain Sham Trials, Attacks on Defenders Persist
9 January 9, 2012 – Human Rights First

Washington, DC – Today in Bahrain, 20 medics again appeared in court facing baseless charges and their appeal was delayed again until March 19. In September, a military court sentenced the medics to long jail terms based on confessions resulting from torture. They stand accused for treating injured protestors and telling the media about the nature and extent of injuries.

Rick Sollom of the U.S.-based nonprofit organization Physicians for Human Rights traveled to Bahrain to observe the proceeding, but was barred from entering the country.

“The Bahrain Government continues to undermine its stated commitment to human rights reform by holding sham trials, attacking human rights defenders and denying access to international observers,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “It’s time they start giving more than lip service to meaningful reform. Otherwise, the rest of the world must take action.”

In addition to the medics, 25-year-old Bahraini Policeman Ali Jasim Al Ghanmi, who was arrested for refusing to join the government in its violent crackdown, was also in court today. He was sentenced to 12 years and 3 months in prison for publicly proclaiming that he would no longer work for the nation’s repressive dictatorship. Al Ghanmi was also tortured in custody and has spent long stretches in solitary confinement after shouting “down, down Hamad” in the prison yard.

On Friday, Bahrain’s most prominent human rights defender, Nabeel Rajab, was hospitalized after being attacked and beaten by Bahrain police. Rajab is president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. He has spoken out against human rights abuses committed by the Bahraini government for years, including the recent spate of mass detentions, disappearances, deaths in custody, widespread torture, military trials, mass firings of Shias and the destruction of their mosques.

“The situation in Bahrain continues to deteriorate,” concluded Dooley. “This regime must be held accountable for these abuses.” …source

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