…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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The torture and assassination of Salah Habib Abbas

Bahrain News – Peter Clifford Online
TIMELINE – 24th APRIL, 2012 – Peter Clifford

At the weekend, the Al-Khalifa Government returned to his family for burial the body of Salah Habib Abbas.

This video is believed to be one of police abusing and torturing Salah Habib Abbas with a rifle barrel the night before he was found dead HERE: It gets worse.

The pre-burial pictures show irrefutably that he has been shot with birdshot at close range and tortured by burning on his chest and stomach.

An examination by a doctor in the presence of lawyers and members of the Al Wefaq Party also revealed that his neck had been broken and there were bruises on his hand and leg.

The official death certificate listed “internal bleeding and gunshot wounds” as the cause of death.

There is a full examination report, HERE:

According to the official Bahrain News Agency, various members of the Al-Khalifa family and their sycophants have spent the last 2 days sending “cables” self-congratulating each other on the “success” of the Bahrain F1.

In one the antique Prime Minister, Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, sent to King Hamad, he “hailed HM the King’s firm determination and citizens’ efforts to project Bahrain’s civilized image and ensure economic, social and media dividends”.

Salah Abbas Showing Burns and Broken Neck

Well if what the King’s “police force” did to Salah Abbas is “civilised”, then there is no hope for legitimacy, judicial responsibility and accountability in Bahrain.

What they did to Salah Abbas has more in common with President Assad’s behaviour in Syria than anything else, a country whose government the Al-Khalifa’s are keen to remove.

The police officers involved in the death of Salah Abbas should be arrested immediately, charged with kidnapping, abuse and murder and prosected with the full force of the law, receiving the long sentences that the crime demands.

If not then the people of Bahrain have every right to demand the overthrow of King Hamad and his miserable self-serving family. They will never receive justice or democracy otherwise.

So far there has not been one single conviction of a police officer or security official in Bahrain following the reported deaths of as many as 80 people, a number of them while in police custody. …more

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