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Al Khalifa Regime Murders two more Protesters in violent gas assaults

Bahrain protesters Martyred by toxic gas assaults
25 January, 2012 – Shia Post

Two more anti-government Bahraini protesters have martyred from inhaling toxic tear gas and the other by sound grenade fired by al-Khalifa regime forces.

According to informed sources, Bahraini forces attacked houses in A’ali and al Diyah village by fiering tear gas and severely suppressed innocent civilians.

Today victims namely ’Haj ali al Sakri’ martyred from inhaling toxic tear gas in A’ali village and the other one ’Abbas Ja’afar Sheikh’, 22, by sound grenade from al-Khalifa regime forces, in al-Diyah village.

The number of Bahrain martyrs reached to 63.

Local sources said the demonstrations were held mainly in the village of Ma’ameer, about 15 kilometers (9.5 miles) south of the capital Manama, and the village of Dair, located on the northern coast of the Muharraq Island.

Many were also injured during the attacks, the sources said.

Regime forces also used toxic gas against a protest in the town of Sitra, A’alia and al-Dirah.

Saudi-backed Bahraini forces continue their violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in the country. …source