…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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King Hamad’s Grand Sham

cb editor: Quick Analysis – Of course King Hamad’s response is tailored for the politicians that are ready to sell him weapons and give him dispensation for crimes committed in the name of National Safety. On first pass, the report seems little more than a compilation of “alleged” crimes, incidents and other events. Clearly it is incomplete and is limited to a few weeks of events that occurred while King Hamad was “ruling by decree”. Bassiouni emphasizes the “rule by decree” often, which basically grants the King and his Security Forces exemption from accountability for atrocities. King Hamad’s action plan is already underway with the arrest of 20 “Security Forces” as fall guys. King Hamad’s action plan will remedy all that is necessary to return to “business as usual”. It will include a few expulsions of foreign security workers, maybe something more dramatic, a death sentence would add contrast to those he has handed down to the Opposition and it might make him appear even handed.

All the making of a Grand Sham as Bassiouni and crew collect their blood money. On first pass there is nothing in the 501 page document that seems it will facilitate any “real reform” or any other kind of remediation. There will surely be some money to go around to any takers who have been “unjustly” injured or otherwise offended, possibly a pardon or two for some of the detainees. A familiar phase for countries headed for a revolution.

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