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Regime forces attack, arrest Bahrainis

Regime forces attack, arrest Bahrainis
22 October, 2011 – Shia Post

Bahraini regime forces have attacked and arrested several peaceful anti-regime demonstrators in a number of villages on the island of Sitra, Press TV has learned.

Activists said that some eight people were detained and many more were injured after protesters took to the street across Bahrain as part of the so-called “Arrows of Dignity” event on Saturday.

Arrows of Dignity has been organized by activists to show solidarity with an unknown number of female prisoners behind bars in the Persian Gulf sheikdom.

Regime forces surrounded several towns in an attempt to block the event from spreading.

Since mid-February, thousands of anti-government protesters have been staging regular demonstrations on the streets of Bahrain, calling on the US-backed Al Khalifa family to relinquish power.

On March 14, troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates invaded the country to assist Bahraini rulers in their brutal crackdown on peaceful anti-government protesters.

Scores of people have been killed and hundreds more have been arrested in a brutal Manama-ordered and Riyadh-backed crackdown in the country, which hosts a huge American military installation for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf. …source