…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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al Khalifa releases 100 hostages to score PR points and make “national dialogue” more palatable for participants seeking political capitial

Bahrain releases more than 100 detainees
By shiapost – July 2, 2011Posted in: Bahrain
Manama: Bahrain on Saturday released more than 100 people who were detained on security-related charges.

No official statement has been issued about the number or names of those who have been allowed to go home.

The release coincides with the launch of the national dialogue, a forum for more than 300 Bahrainis from political societies, NGOs, the media, the parliament, the municipal councils, the trade unions and the business community, to discuss the future of Bahrain following weeks of deep divisions sparked by the country’s worst crisis in its modern history. …more