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Two Bahrain Policemen await affirmation of their impunity by Bahrain Courts of Injustice

Two policemen face trial for maltreatment of detainees
10 November, 2013 – 24×7 News

Public Prosecution

Two policemen allegedly involved in three cases of maltreatment will appear before the court on November 25, 2013 to face charges, Chief Prosecutor and head of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Nawaf Abdullah Hamza in a statement confirmed.

The Public Prosecution charged the first defendant with aggressing two detainees and demanded his trial under articles 4/75 and 1 and 2 /339 of the penal code.

It also charged the second defendant with assaulting one of the accused as he was arrested and demanded his trial under the provisions of the same articles.

The probe panel has also interrogated seven people accused of maltreatment.

Witnesses were heard into the complaints which were lodged in October, which triggered an official inquiry.

In another development, Al-Wefaq Society Liberties and Human Rights Chief Hadi Al-Mousawi appeared before the probe panel regarding the torture and maltreatment claims and alleged statistics he had posted online.

However, he failed to produce evidence corroborating his cyber allegations, claiming the complainants themselves retracted and refused to report the cases.

The investigation unit also summoned Yusuf Al-Mahafdha regarding his torture and maltreatment claims and alleged statistics, which he posted on social websites.

However, the claimant failed to appear before the probe panel to hear his allegations, although notified officially three times.

A (SIU) reported to the Dry Dock detention centre last Wednesday (November6) to hear a number of detainees and gauge their conditions in police custody.

These include Hussain Jaafar Ibrahim Hubail, who was remanded in custody by court order for his involvement in a criminal case.

The detainee, who is under treatment, admitted receiving medication regularly, reporting some delay at times.
The prison authorities were ordered to administer him the necessary medication on time and cautioned against any delay.

The Chief Prosecutor and head of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) said that the measures undertaken in this regard would be followed up closely. …source

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