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Bahrain Regime uses denial of medical aid as torture of POC, Photojournalist, Hussain Hubail

Photojournalist in Bahraini Jail Denied Medical Treatment

TEHRAN (FNA)- Photojournalist Hussain Hubail is being denied adequate medical care and treatment in a Bahraini jail.

The regime uses such methods as retaliation against prisoners of conscience, political prisoners and other prisoners, Alwefaq.net reported Sunday.

Hubail is suffering from heart pain and shortness of breath but he has not yet been transferred to hospital. According to his family, the prison’s clinic has given him a non-prescribed medicine.

He was arrested on 31st July 2013 and is now facing accusations related to his media activism, such as using social media to incite hatred of the regime.

His family fears that his health condition may worsen and cause further complications. Nevertheless, the Government takes full responsibility for any possible complications Hubail may suffer due to its deliberate denial of providing him with the necessary medical treatment.

Younis al Hadher, another prisoner in Bahrain, is also being denied medical treatment, despite his deteriorating health condition. Al Hadher was arrested at the building of the Immigration and Passports Department when he went to renew his passport on 19th December 2012. Younis is suffering from chronic epilepsy. Sadly, due to the continuous denial of medical care he is subjected to, he has lost the ability to walk and move normally and is suffering from complications in hearing and eyesight. According to his family, he also suffers from heart cramps as a result of his epilepsy that is confirmed in his medical report.

Mohammed Sahwan, is detained and injured with Shotgun pellets –internationally prohibited arms – and needs immediate treatment due to his critical condition. But he too is being denied medical treatment in jail and only given painkillers.

These are three of many cases of denial of medical care in the Bahraini jails. Indeed, some prisoners have died in jail due to the absence and denial of medical care and treatment, like Mohamed Mushaima.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society demands the Authorities to provide full medical care and treatment to the political prisoners as a humanitarian right. Al Wefaq considers this issue in the hands of the international community since the regime has crossed the humanitarian lines by denying prisoners medical treatment as a punishment against dissidents and individual citizens.

Al Wefaq stresses that the Government of Bahrain has proven that it is irresponsible and is not able to maintain the safety and security of individual citizens and does not value their lives. As the Government does not only arbitrarily and vengefully arrest and prosecute citizens in trials based on coerced confessions under torture, it goes further to put their lives in danger. …source

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