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UK Metropolitan Police complicit in “false flag” bomb Arrests, Torture, Illegal Detention in Bahrain

Silent Bombs and Tortured Victims
by Sayed Yousif – 29 August, 2013

The 27th June 2012 will not be erased from memory of many Bahrainis and their families. On that day Major General Tariq Al-Hasan announced discovery of 5 tons of highly-explosive bomb and 3 suspects were being sought, who were subsequently arrested, and convicted in public without any trial. Al-Hasan did not explain how such bomb works, and from what materials it is made of, because as he said “Unfortunately, due to the Ongoing investigation we are still limited in the amount of information we are able to release”, however, all suspects name and photos were published on Bahrain TV, without any consideration to their families, and to the principle that they are innocents until proven guilty.

Just like tens of other bomb discovered by Interior Ministry, this 5 tons bomb seems to be silent too, and with additional unique features that cannot be seen in any other bombs, it is, as photos suggest, made of very traditional components such as cooking utensils, plastic pipes, plumber tools and some stationary items.

Radhi Ali Radhi, 27, was one of those arbitrarily arrested citizens, who did not expect to spend his honeymoon behind bars for allegedly making this bomb. His family did not hear about his arrest until state media published his photo as criminal. Later on, on the first visit he could not speak any word because of torture he was subjected to. Masked security forces stormed his home 12 times, all without arrest warrant, during predawn period, at which his sisters got cursed with obscene words.

The second prisoner who was jailed on this issue was Jaffer Eid, whose suffering began in the early stages of the crackdown, when he had been dismissed from work on political background. Eid was thrown from the top of the stair, and his head was hit to the wall before being stabbed with knives on his leg, and now he cannot walk because of that. Before being arrested, his house was frequently stormed, and many of its belongings were vandalized and others were confiscated.

Mohammed Al-Mughanny was arrested from the airport returning from Dubai on the same charges, and received the same treatment of his mates. His family filled 26 complaints for Interior Ministry, Supreme Justice Board, Justice Minister, and many other people and entities, but he is still mistreated.Hussain Al-Aali, 27, was on the wanted list for illegal gathering charges, and both his house and his neighbors’ were stormed for more than 25 times. After his arrest, and because of sever torture he had been subjected to, he was transferred to the military hospital. Al-Aali did not get an access to a lawyer during his interrogation, and even his family did not see him during first month of detention. He is suffering from disk disease, and after being held in solitary confinement (2m x 2m) he is now suffering from psychological troubles.

On 29 May 2013, the judge Ebrahim Al-Zayed decided to arrest one of the witnesses in this case and fine him. The ruling authority does not face any pressure from influencing countries such as the United Stated and United Kingdom. On the contrary, British Metropolitan Police had sent team to help the dictatorship investigate the so-called “advanced bomb-making material”. …source

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