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Human Rights Groups Denounce Foreign Press Blockade in Bahrain

Bahrain: ANHRI Denounces Denying the American Journalist “Nicholas Kristof” Entry into Bahrain
30 December, 2012 – Arab Network for Human Rights Information

The Arabic Network for Human Rights (ANHRI), today, denounces the denying of the American journalist “Nicholas Kristof” entry into Bahrain.

New York Times journalist, Nicholas Kristof was also denied entry into Bahrain on December 17th, Kristof is an American citizen. He mentioned on his twitter account that “he is at Bahrain airport and the government is denying him entery”. He added that the airport officials acknowledged that US citizens are allowed to transit through Bahrain for 72 hours without a visa, but officials informed him that he is on a ‘blacklist’. He commented that “Bahrain which is our (ally) is terrified from human rights reporting”. Kristof visited Bahrain several times and met several activists, among them, the significant activist “Nabil Rajab” who is now in prison and the human rights activist “Zainb Alkhawaja”. He also wrote several significant reports related to Bahrain since the beginning of the revolution.

It worthy to be noted, that this is not the first time to deny entry of “Kristof”, as he was denied entry on the beginning of February after the authorities denied to enter Bahrain.

ANHRI said that “denying the journalists’ entry into the country, is not the only violation committed by the authorities against the press freedoms, as 2012 witnessed several violations against the journalists, which included physical assaults, murder and legal prosecution to number of them”.

ANHRI has called on the regime to respect the freedom of expression, the press freedoms and to stop harassing the journalists and media-professionals who support the Bahraini uprising. …source

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